Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling

Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling

Developing specific skills and strengthening the physique aren’t the only goals of a sport. Nurturing psychological well-being and morale are integral parts of the sports philosophy. Coaches need to improve the emotional intelligence of youngsters to make them better athletes. Almenov Aibek is a freestyle wrestling coach who relies on this philosophy. Despite maintaining the physical abilities of his trainees, he implements the psychological element in the training process. The freestyle wrestling coach teaches young athletes how to deal with success and failure, find support in themselves, and find the strength to overcome challenges. 

The beginnings of his career as a freestyle wrestling coach

Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling

Aibek started his career in 2005 when he amazed everyone with his presence on the competition circuit. His outstanding performance earned him many accolades and certificates. He was dedicated to this sport from a very young age, making him a prominent wrestler who amazed the world wrestling area. However, there was one moment that restrained his wrestling career. Almenov had an injury which prevented him from taking part in competitions. Thanks to his philosophy of dealing with failure and overcoming challenges, he found a way to manage the situation and still be a part of wrestling. Although he didn’t participate in active competition, he joined some.

In 2010, Almenov decided it was time to share his extensive knowledge and experience in wrestling. He became a wrestling coach to teach a new generation of wrestlers who have won medals in competitions worldwide. 

His practical skills are supported by certification obtained at the Faculty of Training of Physical Education Teachers of the Taraz Innovation and Humanities University in 2014. Even though he got the official education, he never stopped learning. Almenov keeps track of the new data in this industry and extends this knowledge in methodology and pedagogy. 

The unique coaching style

Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling

Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling – According to Aibek, sports isn’t only about medals and wins. His unique coaching style extends to developing successful leaders that won’t only show their performance in sports, but also it will help their personal growth. 

The coaching approach does not only focus on coaching but includes various other aspects that support the individual on their journey. He has worked as a teacher in a high school, teaching the students the importance of physical education. He helps American students build healthy lifestyles and remain physically active with freestyle wrestling.

Almenov relies on hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance as his values. These qualities are essential for building a successful athlete, achieving personal growth, and improving in other areas of life. 

During his coaching sessions, Almenov relies on his unique and effective strategy. He aims to empower trainees and help them overcome the fear of failure. The philosophy does not only help sports but in all life areas. The training process focuses on thinking and objective perception of various situations. The losses and defeats aren’t a negative thing. Instead, they are considered as growth opportunities. 

In addition to this mindset, the coach teaches how to improve focus. He believes that the lack of focus is responsible for the mistakes. The process includes being present at the moment and focusing the attention on the process instead of daydreaming about the victories. 

The unique approach is what sets Aibek apart from the other coaches. He aims to teach the sport, inspire the students, and help them get into the achievement mindset. The stats show the effectiveness of his unique approach, as many of his students won many prizes and medals. 

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Coach Almenov Aibek Is Revolutionizing Freestyle Wrestling

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