What Are The Best Storylines From WWE Wrestling Simulators?

What Are The Best Storylines From WWE Wrestling Simulators?

What Are The Best Storylines From WWE Wrestling Simulators? – The popularity of wrestling and WWE at the end of the 20th century was something that made it an integral part of our culture today. Today, we see wrestling in products that are not even a bit related to the sport, such as popular slot games like WWE Legends Link Win, which you can play at Bruce Bet Casino. Would you believe us that this is a gambling game that even people who have never watched wrestling play a lot these days?

However, casino games are not the only ones that are based on the WWE — there have also been a plethora of wrestling simulators that come with storylines from the careers of the most popular wrestlers, as well as totally fictionalized ones. So, let’s cover them, but hey, if you are sensitive to classic WWE nostalgia, better get prepared for some.

The Best Fictional Storylines from WWE Wrestling Simulators

Buzz’s Climb to the Top (WWE2K19)

Let’s be real — one thing that we all love about WWE is the unexpected comebacks and underdog stories, and this is exactly why we’re going to start with Buzz’s storyline in WWE2K19.

So, Buzz starts as an underdog in the indie wrestling scene but gradually evolves into a top WWE superstar. This transformation feels authentic, with significant growth in both his skills and character. The entire story is full of intense drama and conflicts — from betrayals by key figures like Triple H and AJ Styles to high-stakes matches against legends like John Cena, Buzz faces continuous challenges. 

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And why do we compare it to online casinos? Well, we have action, adrenaline, and an element of surprise, but also the possibility of luck management. But in the background of all this, there is a story that we have a direct influence on as players.

The Friendship Storyline of Red and Tre (WWE2K20)

So, you know how there’s always that best friend who has your back through thick and thin? That’s Red and Tre in WWE 2K20’s “MyCareer” mode. This storyline follows their journey from high school into the crazy, intense world of WWE, and well, it gets crazy at times; this is a story that you can really only make up. If you like stories with ups and downs, backstabbing, and all the drama that comes with pro wrestling, this one’s got it all.

But here’s the thing — no matter what, Red and Tre always find a way to have each other’s back. Even when they face massive setbacks, they find a way to stick together and keep pushing toward their dreams. You can get thrown around a lot, but it’s the comebacks that really count, just like in actual WWE.

Best Real Storylines from WWE Wrestling Simulators

“The Streak” of The Undertaker (WWE2K14)

The Undertaker is a WWE legend, and his undefeated streak at WrestleMania has become a major aspect of his career, spanning more than two decades. In WWE2K14 we could try to break that streak, and doing so was nearly impossible (some consider it the toughest challenge of the entire series).

Wrestling Fight

WWE2K14 amazingly reflected how The Undertaker was unbeatable in his prime — he countered everyone and everything, and all that with style and incredible energy. But well, due to the nature of wrestling, we can’t get a feel for what The Undertaker’s streak might have actually tasted like for his opponents, and this video game allows us to feel just that.

And that’s not all — because you also feel how it is to end his streak. You see, when you try this challenge out, and you keep losing for a couple of hours, when you actually get him, it’s just… special, truly.

Stone Cold’s Attitude Era (WWE2K13)

Now, if we’re talking about WWE icons who defined an era, there’s no way we can skip over Stone Cold Steve Austin. And WWE 2K13 takes us back to the so-called “Attitude Era”, and well, it’s a wild ride. This mode is all about revisiting the rebellious late 1990s, when Stone Cold was flipping the script (and some birds, too). You get to experience the epic fights with wrestlers like:

  • Triple H
  • Vince McaHon
  • The Rock

The Attitude Era was a special time in wrestling history where rules were actually made to be broken — you couldn’t predict a thing during that time. And as it was a while ago, for some, it could be either a history or serve as a time machine that evokes a feeling of nostalgia. We especially appreciate the detail with which the story with Vince McMahon was rearranged — but again, no spoilers here!

What Are The Best Storylines From WWE Wrestling Simulators?

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