ECW Founder Says Paul Heyman Lied About WCW Mole Story

ECW Founder Says Paul Heyman Lied About WCW Mole Story

ECW Founder Says Paul Heyman Lied About WCW Mole Story – Tod Gordon, the founder of ECW, discussed a range of topics in an interview with Steve Fall from One notable topic was Paul Heyman’s fabricated WCW mole story in ECW. This narrative revolved around the idea that someone was recruiting ECW talent for WCW. Gordon shared insights into how this storyline unfolded within ECW, shedding light on the creative aspects of the promotion’s storytelling.

“You have to understand it was always us against the big guys. We were the Little Engine That Could, us against WWE, us against WCW. We were shooting at them and we’re trying to equate ourselves with them. So what happened was things got bad at a certain point around ’96, ’97 in the locker room. What used to be this great family loving atmosphere in his locker room had become a splinter group. There was a crew over here. Here was the Philly crew over here. Here’s a guy with his own he made up for himself, his own championship over here. The whole thing was really getting bad. Everybody’s coming to me saying, ‘Look, you helped Public Enemy. Can you help us? Can you get us a job somewhere? I can’t live like this any more worrying about whether or not I’m gonna get a check that clears and I can eat my dinner. I don’t want to buy anything as I’m definitely afraid.’ I said, ‘Paul. You’re losing these guys. I’m going to make the phone call.’ He goes, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve got a brilliant idea. You’re leaving anyway, right?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘How about there’s a mole in the company and I can get the locker back together again, all of us, against whomever and now we tighten the ranks again.’ I wanted the company to succeed. I wanted it to go on forever. I still get my money out of it and it wasn’t just the financial out of it. My best friends were there. They’re still my best friends, Sandman, Fonzie, Sabu, Scorpio. I mean these are people I talk to like religiously. Were that close as a group. So basically be went with that, and of course, you have to understand the way Paul operates like, ‘You will come back in a year as the greatest heel in the history of professional wrestling. You have no idea how big we can make this.’”

ECW Founder Says Paul Heyman Lied About WCW Mole Story

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