House Of Black Wins AEW Trios Titles At AEW Revolution

House Of Black Wins AEW Trios Titles At AEW Revolution

House Of Black Wins AEW Trios Titles At AEW Revolution – The group consisting of Buddy Matthews, Brody King, and Malakai Black defeated The Elite at this evening’s Revolution pay-per-view in San Francisco. As always, Julia Hart was in their corner.

The match was a wild back and forth that had the fans in the Chase Center going crazy. At one point The Elite (Kenny Omega & Young Bucks) hit the BTE Trigger on Malakai, but Matthews made the save on the pin attempt. In the end, House of Black managed to isolate Matt Jackson away from the group, and the trio hit their combination finisher to win the titles.

Highlights from the matchup can be found below along with a recap from our live coverage.

AEW World Trios Title Match
The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews) vs. The Elite (IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson) (c)

The video package runs for our next match of the evening, which will be our first championship contest of the evening, as the AEW Trios Championships will be on-the-line.

The theme for The House of Black hits. The trio make their way to the ring in wild masks accompanied by Julia Hart. They settle in the ring and remove the masks. Now the lights come back on and the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song for The Elite hits. The crowd pops as “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks make their way down to the ring for their latest AEW Trios Championship defense.

Don Callis joins the trio of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on the call for this one. The bell sounds as fans chant “Elite! Elite! Elite”.

Buddy Matthews instantly starts working the arm of Kenny Omega, and the two men go back and forth with several exchanges until they face off. Malakai Black then tags himself in and he catches Omega with a strike straight away, but as he goes for another kick Omega is quick to block it and hit an arm drag, but Black then takes Omega down to the mat and continues working the arm with a submission. 

Both men then tease their finishers with Omega backing off and falling to avoid Black’s as the House Of Black leader then hits his trademark sit, and Matt Jackson tags in and wants Brody King so the big man tags in. Matt then teases tagging out but Nick doesn’t want it. He does tag in eventually though but their double team doesn’t work as King hits a double shoulder tackle. The House Of Black then tease diving out of the ring but The Elite get back in and they all brawl.

Nick Jackson dives over the top rope and plants Matthews to the mat while his brother then dives with a crossbody to Black and Matthews, yet in the ring, Omega hits a hurricanrana to King, and he follows it by diving over the top rope to wipe out everyone. The brawl then continues outside the ring as King puts Omega on a chair and then hits a running crossbody that crushes him into the barricade. 

Back in the ring, King nails several chops to Nick as Matthews tags in only to be nailed with a kick. He tags King back in but Nick has no partners waiting and that allows King to launch him across the ring. He avoids the bigger man and brings Omega in who hits a crossbody and then takes out Matthews and Black. He aims for a discus clothesline but King doesn’t react only for Omega to dive over him and plant King to the mat as he drops down. 

Matthews then hits a shotgun dropkick and Omega’s impact knocks down The Young Bucks. The House Of Black then look to all run and take Omega out, but The Bucks hit superkicks on the apron while Omega avoids King’s collision. However, he then levels Omega with a short-arm lariat. Nick then comes in and sends King into Matthews, but Black deals with him and then nails Omega with a jumping knee strike. He locks in a knee bar but Matt Jackson nails an Elbow Drop to break it up as the brothers then hit stereo superkicks to take out Omega as Matt hits Matthews with one and then sliced bread off Black’s chest. 

Black and Omega then trade strikes, while Julia Hart distracts The Young Bucks for a moment but they fight back as Oemga hits King with a V-Trigger. But he turns around to several kicks from Black until Omega hits a couple of snap dragon suplexes. Hart gets on the apron again to distract Omega and while he doesn’t want to hit her, the fight continues and he accidentally knees her in the face. 

However, he turns around to Black Mass, but Nick Jackson breaks up the pinfall. However, they’re able to hit Dante’s Inferno, only for Matt to save the match, and that leads to King diving out of the ring to nail the tag team. Inside the ring, House Of Black surrounds Omega, but they take too long as the Bucks pull King and Matthews out, and they then nail superkicks to everyone. BTE Trigger is hit to Black, but Matthews manages to make the save only to be rocked by Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks aim for a Meltzer Driver but Matthews catches Nick with a huge knee strike and Matt is then dropped with Dante’s Inferno!

Winners and NEW AEW Trios Champions: The House Of Black

House Of Black Wins AEW Trios Titles At AEW Revolution

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