Jungle Boy Wins Final Burial Match At AEW Revolution

Jungle Boy Wins Final Burial Match At AEW Revolution

Jungle Boy Wins Final Burial Match At AEW Revolution – Jungle Boy Jack Perry paid his final respects to Christian Cage by beating him in a “Final Burial” match at AEW Revolution.

The months-long feud between Christian and Jungle Boy came to a head in a Final Burial match, a combination of a Casket Match and a Buried Alive match. Perry ended up beating Christian by throwing him in a casket after hitting a Con-chair-to on the stage.

Check out a recap of the match courtesy of our live coverage page below:

No Holds Barred: Final Burial Match
Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry immediately goes after his rival as Christian Cage tries to escape away which leads to them brawling outside the ring. Cage decides he’s had enough and walks away into the fans but Perry chases him and the two men end up brawling on the stairs with Perry grabbing a fans drink to pout all over Cage’s head and they head back to the ringside area as he throws Cage back. 

The veteran then begins scrambling up the ramp but realizes he is heading toward the casket so goes back until Perry swipes his legs. The two of them end up brawling back to the ring where Perry nails a chop and then bites the head of Cage. Despite that, Cage regains control and ends up beating down on Cage with several punches as he drives his elbow into Perry’s head while Perry’s family are shown at ringside.

Cage then stands on Perry and pulls up the top rope, but as he aims for the traditional leap over the ropes for a slap, Perry avoids it and then dives out of the ring. He slams Cage into the steel stairs and bounces his head off them repeatedly. Cage is busted open but he trips Perry who slams onto the stairs himself while Cage gets the belt of Perry and begins whipping him all the way up the ramp. 

Cage opens up the casket and two chairs are inside, but Perry fights back only to be hit with a back body drop onto the dirt. Cage then aims for Killswitch onto the chair but he gets thrown off the stage instead as Perry then launches himself off to take him down again. Perry looks to hit him with a chair but he takes too long and Cage hits a low blow and then slams him onto the casket lid several times. Perry gets put in the cage but he blocks it when Cage tries to shut the lid and he fights his way out. 

However, as Perry tries to drag Cage, the veteran throws some dirt into his eyes and then hits Killswitch. Christian goes for a con-chair-to but Perry gets away and then swats the chair away with a shovel. He tries to choke Cage with it but he responds by putting his fingers in Perry’s eyes, however, the young star responds by taking Cage down, choking him with the shovel in Cage’s mouth. Perry then considers hitting a con-chair-to, and he nails it and places him into the casket, and slams the lid down. 

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Jungle Boy Wins Final Burial Match At AEW Revolution

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