WWE RAW Results (12/12) Milwaukee, WI

WWE RAW Results (12/12)

WWE RAW Results (12/12) – We are live from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as members of Damage CTRL make their way to the ring for our first big match of the night.

Unfortunately for Bayley, Becky Lynch is here and she pulls Iyo Sky off the apron and sends her into the apron.  Becky sends Dakota into the ring post and then into the time keeper’s area.  Iyo is sent into the time keeper’s area as well.  Becky chases Iyo and Dakota away with a chair.

Alexa Bliss is out next. Bianca Balair joins the commentary team.

 Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley to determine the new #1 contender to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

The bell rings and they go at it, trading pin attempts and counters. Bayley rocks Bliss in the corner. Bayley runs into a boot. Bliss with a Destroyer from the corner for a 2 count. Bayley goes to the floor to regroup as the referee counts.

Bliss stops Bayley from coming back in. Bayley tries again and drops Bliss over the middle rope. Bayley goes to work on Bliss now, nailing a suplex in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Belair looks on as Bayley taunts her while working Bliss over. Bliss breaks free with a jawbreaker. Bliss mounts offense and hits a Thesz Press with punches, and another. Bliss slams Bayley and hits double knees to the gut, then a senton for a 2 count.

Bayley stomps on Bliss’ foot and turns it around against the ropes. Bliss with a crossbody for 2. Bliss steps on Bayley and goes to the top but Bayley rolls to the floor to boos. Bliss goes to the apron but they tangle and Bayley sends her face-first into the ring post. Bliss goes down on the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bliss is fighting but Bayley drops an elbow to the back for a 2 count. Bliss fights back but Bayley takes her into the corner. Bliss counters from the top with a botched hurricanrana but they both land hard. Bliss cradles Bayley for 2. Bayley rolls Bliss for 2. Bayley drops Bliss and stands tall to boos. Bayley with a TKO from her shoulders for another close 2 count.

Bliss counters a move and drops Bayley over the middle rope. They end up on the floor and Bliss gets sent into the barrier but she fights back. Bliss kicks Bayley from the apron, then leaps off the apron with a cannonball. Bliss brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Bliss goes on and drops Bayley with her DDT for another close 2 count. Bliss goes to the top but Bayley rocks her and climbs up. Bliss sends her to the mat but she keeps fighting. Bayley catapults Bliss back into the turnbuckles, then slams her into the turnbuckles again with a Sunset Bomb. Bliss kicks out at 2.

Alexa goes for a suplex but gets a near fall with an inside cradle.  Bayley with a rollup for a near fall.  Bayley with a clothesline.  Bayley gets Alexa on her shoulders for a side slam and she gets a near fall.  Alexa pushes Bayley away and hits a cutter in the ropes.  Bayley misses a knee against the ringside barrier.

Alexa with a round kick and she goes to the apron and hits a cannonball for a near fall.  Alexa with a kick and DDT for a near fall.  Alexa goes to the turnbuckles and Bayley stops her.  Alexa knocks Bayley to the mat.  Alexa goes for Code Red but Bayley counters and sends Alexa into the turnbuckles.  Bayley with a sunset flip power bomb into the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Bayley removes a turnbuckle pad and Bianca shows the referee the pad.  Alexa kicks Bayley to the floor and Bayley drops Alexa on the rope.  Alexa misses a baseball slide.  Bayley swings at Alexa and misses but Bianca stops Bayley.  Bayley with a back elbow to Alexa. 

Alexa with kicks and a drop kick into the exposed turnbuckle.  Alexa goes up top for Twisting Bliss and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Alexa Bliss

After the match, Bliss stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Belair enters the ring now with the title. She raises it in the air and offers her hand for a shake. Bliss offers a hug instead as we see the Bray Wyatt logo flash on the screen. They hug but Bliss suddenly puts Belair into position for Sister Abigail, but then stops and snaps out of it. Bliss apologizes to Belair as she exits the ring.

– We take a look back at what happened on Friday night with Kurt Angle and Alpha Academy.


We see Chad and Otis arriving at the building earlier and Byron Saxton ambushes them to ask if they were trying to hijack the Kurt Angle Celebration. Chad calls Kurt a dinosaur and he cannot compete with either of them. 

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Mia Yim walk past and are laughing.  AJ says he saw a video from Karl Anderson in Japan showing what happened on Friday. Chad says AJ is also a fossil.  They talk about how good he used to be.  Chad says he will embarrass AJ on the world stage. AJ accepts the challenge.

We go to commercial.

Chad Gable vs. AJ Styles

They lock up and Chad with a single leg take down into a front face lock and Gator roll.  Chad with a waist lock and he holds on as AJ rolls to the ropes.  Chad tells AJ to Shoooosh and he applies a side head lock.  AJ with a drop kick and he sends Gable into the turnbuckles.  AJ with a chop and he sends Chad into the turnbuckles.  AJ with a back breaker.  Chad with a double thrust to the throat and chops.  AJ sends Chad over the top rope to the floor but Otis catches Chad.  AJ goes for a sliding knee but Chad catches AJ and hot shots him on the apron.  Chad with a knee to the back and AJ goes into the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Chad punches AJ on the turnbuckles and goes for a superplex but AJ drops under and drops Gable on the turnbuckles.  AJ with clotheslines and a snap mare followed by a sliding forearm.   AJ with a forearm into the corner and an ushigoroshi for a near fall.  AJ sets for a Styles Clash but Gable escapes.  AJ with strikes but he misses the back fist.  Gable with a German suplex and he holds on for a second one.  Gable tries for a third one but AJ with an elbow and a Pele kick.  Gable with a German suplex and AJ lands face first on the mat.

Chad goes into the corner but AJ rolls out and tries for a Calf Crusher, but Gable counters with an ankle lock.  AJ with a Calf Crusher and Gable rolls through and counters into an ankle lock.  AJ rolls through to escape.  Gable with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.  Gable misses a moonsault and AJ with a jackknife cover.  AJ with a Styles Clash for the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles


Candice LeRae approaches Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis backstage trying to figure out how to spend the money they got from Miz but they’re having a hard time. Gargano wishes LeRae good luck in tonight’s match. She says maybe they’re having such a hard time because they have everything they need and it’s the holidays, a time for giving. She walks off. Gargano has an idea… he tells Lumis to follow him.

– We go back to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio with Rhea Ripley. They head to the ring together and Ripley stops to whisper something in Dominik’s ear. The Judgment Day poses on the apron as we go back to commercial.


Cathy Kelley is in the back with the Street Profits and Akira Tozawa. She asks why did the Street Profits help Akira Tozawa.   Ford says it is because it is Akira Tozawa.  Does anyone deserve to have salt poured on their wounds?  Dawkins says THE Judgment Day acted like they run the place but he says they run the place.  Tozawa says they want the smoke.

The Judgment Day vs. The Street Profits and Akira Tozawa

Dawkins and Priest start things off and Dawkins with a side head lock and shoulder tackle but Priest stays on his feet.  Priest blocks a hip toss and Dawkins with a drop kick.  Priest with an Irish whip and Dawkins floats over.  Priest with a forearm and Dominik tags in and he kicks and punches Dawkins.  Balor tags in and he connects with shoulders.  Dawkins with a drop kick to Balor and Ford tags in and Ford with a drop kick.  Tozawa tags in and hits a forearm off the turnbuckles.  Tozawa with a front face lock  Balor with shoulders in the corner and a chop.  Balor with a punch and Irish whip.  Balor with a chop in the corner.  Balor with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot.  Tozawa with a head scissors that sends Balor to the floor.  Priest stops Tozawa from setting up a dive to the floor. 

Tozawa chops Priest and then Balor hits Tozawa with a clothesline.  THE Judgment Day pose.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Priest stretches Tozawa and then goes for a hot shot but Tozawa escapes and he tags in Ford.  Ford with punches and a back heel kick.  Ford with a kick and he escapes South of Heaven and connects with a clothesline that does not move Priest.  Ford with a back first and Priest misses a spinning heel kick.  Ford with a blockbuster and a kick from the apron.  Ford with a forearm to Balor and he kicks Dominik.  Priest pushes Ford over the announce table into Kevin.  Rhea has some words for Dawkins before Angelo goes back to his corner.

Ford struggles to get back into the ring but he powers up at nine.  Priest with a clothesline for a near fall.  Dominik tags in and he punches Ford and chokes him in the ropes.  Dominik shimmies to pay tribute to his ‘father’.  Dominik with a suplex and he holds but he decides to tag in Balor.  Balor chokes Ford in the ropes.  Balor with a front face lock.   Ford tries to make his way to his corner to make the tag but Balor stops him.  Dawkins is tagged in but the referere was distracted by THE Judgment Day so the tag is not allows.  Balor with punches and kicks to Ford and then he knocks Tozawa off the apron.  Priest tags in and hits an elbow in the corner.  Balor with a slingshot boot and Dominik with a slingshot senton.  Balor tags in and hits a back breaker for a near fall.  Ford lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Ford with an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Dawkins tags in and he clotheslines Balor and then he takes care of Priest and Dominik.  Dawkins with a flying back elbow and a twisting splash into the corner and enzuigiri.  Dawkins with a butterfly neck breaker for a near fall.  Balor with an elevated elbow drop to Dawkins and both men are down.  Dominik and Tozawa tag in and Tozawa with punches.  Tozawa with a knee and a back heel kick.  Tozawa misses a spinning heel kick and Dominik with elbows.  Tozawa with a kick from the turnbuckles and a missile drop kick.  Ford with a cross body to Balor.  Priest with a kick to Dawkins and South of Heaven to Ford and a clothesline to Dawkins.  Tozawa sends Priest to the floor.

Dominik with a rollup for a near fall and then Dominik is sent to the floor.  Tozawa with a suicide head butt and he leaps over Dominik when Dominik moves.  Tozawa with a DDT to Balor and then to Dominik.  Tozawa goes up top and Priest with a Razor’s Edge from the apron.  Dominik gets the three count.

Winners: The Judgment Day

– We see Johnny and Dexter at a merchandise stand and Johnny says they will take it.  He says they will take all of it. Johnny says Candice is right.  It is the giving season and they are going to spread some holiday cheer.  Johnny says he needs something to carry them in and it is time to hand these out. Dexter gives a stuffed animal to a young fan.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis make their way to the ring with their presents.  Johnny says they have so much to be thankful for.  They came into a lot of money, Dexter got a contract, him and Candice came back after having a baby boy.  As a token of their gratitude, they want to give back to the WWE Universe by giving them some cool stuff.

Johnny is going to hand a shirt to Corey but he gives it to Kevin instead. Johnny gets on the announce table and Johnny is given a t-shirt cannon to shoot shirts into the crowd.

Miz attacks Gargano and takes the bag of money, but Adam Pearce comes out and he asks Miz where does he think he is going with that.  Pearce tells Miz to give Dexter his money back. Johnny tells Miz to give Dexter his money back. 

Miz wants a mic.  He says he wants to make this perfectly clear.  Miz says this is his money. Johnny says Dexter is going for the axe and Adam tells him to stop this before it turns into chaos. Johnny says that is what happens in WWE. Miz says he wants a rematch with Dexter to get his money back.

Johnny says that Miz is really desperate. Johnny whispers something in Dexter’s ear and Johnny tells Mike if Pearce is okay with it, Dexter will give Miz a chance to win his money back next week, but make it a ladder match.  Whoever climbs the ladder to collect both bags of money.

Miz wants to know what Johnny means. Johnny says double or nothing. Miz says he doesn’t have cash. Johnny says we are not going to believe that Miz is broke.  Miz says he is not liquid and he has money in his accounts that his wife controls.  Miz says he has an allowance and Maryse gives it to him. 

Johnny reminds Miz that the people say he has tiny balls. Johnny tells Miz to ask Maryse for an extension on his allowance. Miz says he will figure out a way to get the money. Johnny says he has one more SMALL thing.  Johnny says he wants Miz to help them give out the merchandise… dressed as an elf. Pearce says that sounds good.

– The Bayley Bunch is in the back as Iyo gets ready for her match.

We go to commercial.

Iyo Sky vs. Candice LeRae

Candice with a take down and bridge for a near fall.  Iyo misses a drop kick and Candice with a step up back senton for a near fall.  Candice with a head scissors but Iyo lands on her feet.  Candice with an enzuigiri.  Iyo with a flapjack.  Iyo with a kick to the back.  Candice with a slap to Iyo and Iyo kicks Candice.  Iyo with forearms.  Iyo sends Candice to the apron.  Candice with a knee to Iyo from the apron followed by a neck breaker on the middle rope.  Candice goes up top.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Iyo with a straitjacket choke.  We see Iyo hitting a double knee strike in the corner.  Candice escapes and Iyo goes for a Gibson Driver but Candice counters with a back body drop.  Candice with forearms and chops and slaps.  Iyo with an Irish whip and Candice with a clothesline out of the corner.  Candice with a hip into the corner and a snap mare.  Candice goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT and she gets a near fall.  Candice with a waist lock and Iyo backs Candice into the corner.  Candice with a boot and Candice goes to the turnbuckles.  Iyo with a springboard drop kick that knocks Candice off the turnbuckles to the floor. 

Iyo with a suicide dive and she tries for a sunset flip power bomb but Candice holds on.  Iyo gets Candice on her shoulders and Candice with a poisonrana on the floor.  Candice sends Iyo back into the ring and Candice gets a near fall.  Iyo with a Shotei and a dead lift German suplex for a near fall.  Iyo goes up top and Candice drops her on the top turnbuckle.  Candice goes for a swinging neck breaker off the turnbuckles but Iyo pushes her off.  Iyo with a moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Iyo Sky

– We take a look back at what happened last week with Solo Sikoa and Elias.


We go to Cathy Kelley in the back with Kevin Owens. She asks Kevin about what happened to Matt Riddle.  Kevin says Solo is a dangerous man.

Elias strums his way into the area and he wants to talk to Kevin. Elias asks Kevin if he can count on him being in his corner tonight. Kevin asks Elias if he forgot what he did to him earlier this year.  The months and months and months of mental torment. Elias says it was his brother Ezekiel. Kevin says if he believes that, the last time I was in the ring with you, I was smashed over the head with a guitar.  Why would I have your back? Elias says Kevin took out his brother while Elias took him out.  He says the past is the past and he says he needs Kevin. Kevin walks away and comes back and he walks away again.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break and Elias is in the ring for a Matt Riddle tribute concert. The spotlight is down and Elias is with his guitar. There’s a large photo of Riddle on display. Elias says he knew Riddle was aware of one universal truth – that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.

He says Riddle’s dream was to perform in this ring with him. Elias looks at Riddle’s bongo drums and says he won him over. He shows an item he found in Elias’ gear last week – it’s a rolled joint. The crowd laughs. No, it’s a rolled paper of lyrics, he says. He unrolls the lyrics and begins performing a new song – Elias You’re My Bro. The music finally hits and out comes Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn of The Bloodline.

Solo Sikoa vs. Elias

Solo Sikoa marches into the ring as Sami Zayn cheers him on from the apron. Sikoa poses in the middle of the ring and yells out as Sami plays to the crowd for cheers and a “Ucey!” chant.

Elias unloads to start but Solo man-handles him into the corner. Elias with an elbow. Solo with big strikes. Fans chant “Sami Uso!” as Solo beats Elias around the ring now. Solo with a big forearm to drop Elias as he runs.

Solo chokes Elias on the bottom rope now as fans continue to pop for Sami Uso. Elias fights out of the corner but Sikoa rocks him and delivers more big strikes. They trade shots and Elias knocks Solo to the apron, then to the floor. Elias runs and nails a dive, rocking Solo at the ropes. Solo is furious now. He smashes around and grabs a steel chair as Sami tries to calm him. Elias looks on from the ring and we go back to commercial.

We are back and Elias with punches but Solo with an Irish whip and Samoan drop for a near fall.  We see footage of Solo hitting a running hip into the corner during the commercial break.  Solo misses a diving head butt when Elias moves.  Solo misses a splash and hits the ring post.  Elias with punches.  Elias with punches and chops in the corner followed by an Irish whip and splash.  Elias with another splash.  Elias with a spinebuster.  Solo tries for a Samoan drop but Elias gets to his feet.  Elias with a jumping knee and a neck breaker for a near fall.

Solo with a rollup for a near fall.  Elias with a kick and Solo with an Irish whip.  Solo sends Elias to the apron and Solo with a super kick and Elias goes down.  Solo with a uranage for the three count.

Winner:  Solo Sikoa

After the match, Solo punches Elias and pounds on him.  Sami holds Elias for the Samoan Spike and he hits it.  Solo goes to the floor and gets a steel chair.  Solo hits Elias with the chair and then puts it around Elias’ head.  Solo sets for the running hip into the chair but Kevin Owens comes out and hits a stunner on Solo.  Sami escapes the ring.

Kevin takes the chair from Elias’ neck and he holds Solo and Sami at bay. Sami tells Solo it isn’t the time and good job. Elias comes up behind Kevin to thank him and he pats Kevin on the shoulder.  Kevin kicks Elias and hits a stunner. Kevin walks to the back with his chair.

– It is time to take a look at Tribute to the Troops which will take place on Saturday and it will be the 20th anniversary.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

They lock up and Rhea sends Asuka to the mat.  Asuka with kicks and she goes for the leg.  Rhea with a front face lock and Asuka with a waist lock.  Rhea with an elbow and Asuka with a drop kick and forearms.  Asuka goes for an arm bar and Rhea blocks it.  Rhea slaps Asuka and Asuka sends Rhea into the turnbuckles.  Rhea sends Asuka into the turnbuckles.  Rhea blocks a take down with one arm and she sends Asuka to the mat and kicks her.  Rhea slams Asuka’s face into the mat.  Rhea with knees to the midsection.  Rhea tosses Asuka to the mat.  Asuka rolls through into a cross arm breaker but Rhea gets to her feet and gets a near fall.  Asuka counters the one arm power bomb with the cross arm breaker.  Rhea gets to the ropes.

Rhea with a kick from the apron and Rhea pulls Asuka to the apron for a suplex but Asuka blocks it.  Asuka with a hip attack that sends Rhea into the ring post.  Asuka with a Codebreaker on the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhea with a kick to the back but she misses a drop kick.  Asuka with kicks but Rhea with a kick to send Asuka to the mat.  Rhea with a boot to the back and a waist lock.  Asuka with back elbows but Rhea runs Asuka into the corner.  Rhea with a bear hug.  Asuka with a sunset flip but Rhea rolls through and kicks Asuka.  Rhea sets for a package power bomb and Asuka blocks it.  Rhea goes for a suplex and Asuka with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Asuka with a back elbow and Rhea with a foerarm.  Asuka with an elbow and kicks.  Rhea kicks Asuka to the mat and both are down.  Asuka with kicks and a back fist.  Asuka with a back heel kick and a back kick for a near fall.  Asuka with a kick and slap and Rhea tells her to bring it.  Asuka with a round kick and a sliding boot to the temple for a near fall.  Asuka with a hip attack to send Rhea off the apron.  Dominik checks on Rhea and Asuka goes to the floor.  Dominik tells Asuka she has to go through him to get to Rhea. 

Dominik backs away from a kick and Rhea sends Asuka into the apron.  Rhea checks on Dom before returning to the ring.  Rhea goes for RipTide but Asuka counters into an Asuka Lock and Dominik puts Rhea’s foot on the rope and the referee has Asuka break the hold.  Asuka spits blue mist in Dominik’s face.  Rhea sends Asuka into Dominik on the apron and Dominik goes to the floor.  Rhea with RipTide for the three count.

Winner:  Rhea Ripley

After the match, Rhea checks on Dominik.

– We take a look back at what happened last week between Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. We see Lashley in the back getting ready for his match against Seth Rollins.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Dominik is in the medical room saying it burns.  Finn tells Dominik to go to his happy place.  Priest says it could be worse.  Something else could burn worse. 

– We take a look at Austin Theory’s actions against Mustafa Ali and then Dolph Ziggler’s interference.


Dolph Ziggler is in the back and he says the United States Championship is not just a championship or the workhorse title of Raw.  It means more than that.  That is why two of the best are going to war tonight for a chance at the United States Title.  It means that to everyone.  Austin Theory, you are the champion. . . on paper.

You have done it all.  You have come a long way in a short time.  A champion does not go off when someone calls you kid.  You need to put this show on your back.  You don’t know what that feels like.  The cocky arrogance to not being able to be knocked off your pedestal.  That will be your downfall.  Watch your back.

– We have a video package for Bobby Lashley.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and we see Miz handing out more presents in his elf suit.

– Next week, Miz faces Dexter Lumis in a Ladder Match. 

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins in a Number One Contender Match

Lashley with a forearm and he sends Rollins into the turnbuckles.  Lashley with punches and kicks.  Rollins with forearms and Lashley with a shoulder tackle.  Lashley clotheslines Rollins over the top rope to the floor.  Lashley sends Rollins into the ringside barrier.  Lashley gets Rollins on his shoulders but Rollins escapes and he sends Lashley into the ring post.  Rollins with a Harley Race knee off the apron to Lashley.  Rollins sends Lashley back into the ring and Rollins with a kick and he sets for a pedigree but Rollins is sent over the top rope to the floor on a back body drop.

We see Austin Theory in LOCKER ROOM watching MONITOR.

Lashley sends Rollins into the ring steps a few times.  Lashley picks up the ring steps and the referee warns him so Lashley throws them down.  Rollins is sent over the ringside barrier with a back body drop.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lashley with a punch and shoulders in the corner.  Lashley with a neck breaker.  Lashley sets for the delayed vertical suplex and he hits it.  Lashley gets a near fall.  Lashley puts Rollins on the turnbuckles and Lashley punches Rollins.  Rollins with punches to Lashley and he bites Lashley’s forehead.  Lashley goes to the mat and Rollins with a cross body for a near fall.  Rollins with an enzuigiri to Lashley.  Rollins drops down and Lashley goes over the top rope to the floor.  Rollins with a suicide dive and he returns to the ring for a second one.  Rollins with a super kick and he sets for a suplex but Lashley blocks it.  Rollins gets back to his feet and hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Lashley rolls to the floor to stop Rollins’ momentum.  Rollins goes to the floor and goes after Lashley but Lashley gets Rollins on his shoulders and he runs Rollins into the ring post.  They return to the ring and Lashley sets for a spear but Rollins with a leap frog and rollup for a near fall.  Rollins with a super kick for a near fall.  Rollins goes up top for a frog splash and hits it for a near fall.  Rollins sets for Black Out but Lashley powers out of it.  Lashley gets Rollins up for a power slam.  Lashley applies the full nelson and the referee rolls out of the ring to avoid Lashley and Rollins but the referee hurts his ankle.  Lashley with a spear for a near fall because of the referee’s injury.  Lashley has some words for the referee.

Lashley sets for a spear and Rollins counters with a Pedigree for the three count.

Winner:  Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins’ music hits as he stands tall and celebrates. We go to replays. Lashley is furious with the referee now. He yells at him, then elbows another. Adam Pearce runs down and they argue. Things get heated and Pearce says Lashley is fired. An angry Pearce storms off. Lashley is shocked. Lashley walks up the ramp as RAW goes off the air.

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WWE RAW Results (12/12)

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