NXT 2.0 Results (8/30)

8/30 NXT Preview

NXT 2.0 Results (8/30) – The Worlds Collide go-home edition of WWE NXT 2.0 opens up live on the USA Network, from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Vic Joseph welcomes us as fans chant “NXT!” now. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett.

Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller

We go right to the ring for tonight’s opener as Grayson Waller makes his way out while Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Waller grabs a fan sign and rips it up, then hits the ring. Waller takes the mic but before he can speak, the music interrupts and out comes Apollo Crews. We get a look at how Crews interrupted the debut of The Grayson Waller Effect last week.

The bell rings and they lock up as fans do dueling chants. They tangle some and Crews takes Waller down by his arm. They wrestle back up and Crews applies a headlock. Waller looks to capitalize but Crews lands on his feet and shows off, then takes Waller down into an arm bar. Waller counters with a takedown for a quick pin attempt. Crews drops Waller and runs the ropes, then blocks a hip toss to drop Waller with a clothesline. Crews keeps control with more offense as fans cheer him on. Crews with a big back-drop across the ring. Crews with more quick offense and more showing off to taunt Waller as fans cheer him on. Crews with a long vertical suplex now, holding Waller high in the air for a minute or two, then dropping him down.

Crews goes to the apron and launches himself in with a senton for a close 2 count. They tangle some more and Waller pokes Crews in the eye. The referee checks on Crews now as he rolls to the floor, holding his eye. A ringside trainer checks on Crews as Waller taunts him from the ring. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and fans are booing Waller while he dominates Crews in the middle of the ring. Crews blocks right hands and mounts offense of his own until Waller sends him to the floor. Crews fights back in and launches himself in from the apron but Waller catches him in a submission. Waller mounts Crews on the mat and unloads with a 2 count.

They go back and forth now. Crews mounts offense and yells out for a big pop. Crews drops Waller in the corner and hits a big second rope Blockbuster. Waller kicks out at 2. Crews presses Waller high int he air but Waller escapes to the floor from the hold. Waller rushes back in and drops Crews out of nowhere with a big Stunner for the pin to win.

Winner: Grayson Waller

– After the match, Waller stands tall as fans boo him. We go to replays, and see how Waller went for Crews’ eye once again when hitting his finisher. Waller talks some trash on the entrance-way and dances around as Crews recovers in the ring.

– This week’s Progressive-sponsored video looks at NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura

– The Diamond Mine is backstage warming up now. They are hyped up to face Gallus tonight. Roderick Strong walks in and says he knows they don’t trust him, but he pulled security footage from the ceiling camera to prove that he wasn’t lying last week. Julius Creed doesn’t care, and says it will just prove he doesn’t trust Strong, and he only wants to work with people he trusts. Damon Kemp also doesn’t trust Strong. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley walk up and tell them to get it together. Nile goes on about how she and Paxley are focusing on the tag titles. Damon Kemp and The Creed Brothers go back to working out.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

We go back to the ring and out come NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter for this non-title match. We get a look up at the Toxic Lounge and Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne and NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose are watching. Chance and Carter hit the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and NXT Champion Bron Breakker is in the locker room when RAW Superstar Finn Balor walks in. He asks Breakker if he knows who he is, and he does. Balor says he’s also the guy who has held the NXT Title more than anyone else, and who made the title the industry standard for who’s the best. Now it’s Bron’s responsibility to uphold that lineage. Balor says he likes Bron, so here’s some advice – Balor has beaten guys twice as big as him so on Sunday at Worlds Collide, don’t underestimate the moment, don’t underestimate the opponent, NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate. Balor taps Bron on the chest and wishes him good luck, then walks off. We go back to the ring and Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are wrapping up their entrances. The bell rings and Nile locks up with Carter. They tangle and Nile slams Carter for a quick pin attempt. More back and forth and quick offense with another pin attempt. Carter rocks Nile and tags in Chance for the double team.

Nile and Chance briefly go at it before Chance comes back in for the double team. Nile fights off Chance and slams her face-first into the mat now. Paxley tags in for the double team offense to Carter in the corner. Paxley scoops Carter and slams her in the middle of the ring. Paxley with a corkscrew splash for a 2 count. Carter counters for a pin attempt of her own.

Carter avoids Paxley on the ropes and rolls her for 2. Carter with a dropkick to the face for another 2 count. Chance comes in with more high-impact offense to Paxley. We see the Toxic Lounge again but this time Rose is all alone. Paxley fights off Chance but they both collide in mid-air and go down. Dolin confronts Nile at ringside now while Paxley works Carter over in the ring.

Jayne jumps on the apron to distract Paxley. This leads to a big superkick to the jaw and Jayne runs back over to the entrance-way to help Dolin double team Nile but she fights them off and sends them retreating. Chance tags in and hits a big 450 Splash while Carter holds Paxley for the double team. Chance covers Paxley for the win while Carter stops Nile from rushing back into the ring.

Winners: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

– After the match, Chance and Carter take the mics. They tell Nile and Paxley they will do this again. They go on about being fighting champions, and at Worlds Collide on Sunday, they plan to throw a party in the parking lot… the music interrupts and out comes RAW Superstars Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. to a big pop. Fans chant “welcome back!” now as Doudrop takes the mic. She loves a good party as much as anyone else but how about we dance in the ring instead of the parking lot on Sunday. Nikki suggests they dance for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles and fans pop. The two teams shake hands in the middle of the ring but the heels pull the champions close to them. The tense face-off continues to end the segment.

– Kiana James is in her office and she is on the phone. She says unlike Zoey Stark, she gets things done. She mentions that Zoey lost two weeks ago and then was unable to compete in the Tag Tournament. She says that Zoey suffers from adequacy. It will be a long time before Zoey gets another title match.

– Joe Gacy says there will be a chance for more branches to grow and to find more recognition. Cameron Grimes, you may be rich in wealth, but it is time for you to make the decision about your future.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams walking in the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment and Carmelo wants to know who his opponent is for Worlds Collide.

– Schism is in the ring and Tony says that great things happen when worlds come together. It is time for a recognition ceremony. Seven days ago, the Dyad proved their way of life in undeniable. By beating Legado last week, you won a victory for everyone who lives in harmony. For that, you will be rewarded.

Joe has pins to show the great strides that each of them have made and the great recognition each of you have earned as you climb higher into the Schism’s tree. Jagger says they are gracious. Together they are whole. Rip says together they have been recognized. His teachings have shown that there is inner strength when they are together.

Joe says he is inspired by their growth. This only allows more space for those to find their home under the Schism’s tree. Joe says he sees Cameron Grimes wandering aimlessly. He has reserved a special seat for Cameron to join them.

Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring.

Joe says it is good to see him. Cameron says he is not out here for this celebration but he has to talk to Joe. You have asked me to join and he says he has something to say. The more he thinks about it, he says he doesn’t need Joe. He does not need anyone to go TO THE MOON.

Joe says Cameron’s loneliness is killing him. He says he knows it is hard to go all in and lose. You are one of the toughest superstars in NXT, but you wear a mask that hides all of your insecurities. You lost the North American Championship. You fell victim to Bron Breakker. Admit that they are right and that you are lonely and they will leave him alone.

Cameron says Joe is right. He says he lost the North American Championship and to Bron Breakker. I got myself into those situations and I can do it again. Before things get worse, I am out of here. Joe says another night without a championship, a family, or a father. Grimes gets back into the ring and he punches Jagger and sends Rip to the apron. Joe hugs Grimes and then Rip and Jagger get back in the ring. They let Grimes leave the ring.

– Roxanne Perez says it is hard to look back at the best moments of her life and realize the person she shares them with is someone she doesn’t recognize any more. I literally felt my heart break in two when Cora hit me. I wanted nothing more than to hurt Cora, but when I had the chance, I couldn’t do it. In that moment, the memories we made, the secrets we kept ran through my mind. Next time, there is no hesitation. Our friendship is over, but we are not.

– We are back and the Once and Future Champion Tyler Bate is joined by Fit Finlay and Fit gives Tyler an iPad with Pete Dunne. Pete tells Tyler not to forget what he took from him in Chicago. Unify those titles for the memories of NXT UK and the future of NXT Europe. Do it for British Strong Style.

Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen vs. Pretty Deadly, and Lash Legend

Lash and Fallon start things off and Lash with a pie face but Fallon with a drop kick. Lash rings the bell in the ropes using Fallon and she tosses her aside. Lash with a back body drop. Fallon clotheslines Lash over the top rope to the floor and then hits a cross body. Kit tags in and Fallon punches Kit and Josh comes in and he punches Kit. Josh with a reverse atomic drop and clothesline. Kit goes to the floor. Kit stomps on the foot and connects with a knee to the midsection. Elton tags in and he goes up top and Josh with a reverse atomic drop. Jensen tags in and they hit a double back body drop. Fallon kicks Lash to the floor. Josh tosses Fallon over the top rope onto Kit, Elton, and Lash.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elton punches Briggs. Elton with more forears and Briggs with a side slam and splash. Kit makes the bling tag and he hits a DDT. Kit with punches and he gets a near fall. Josh with forearms to Kit and Elton. Kit with a forearm that sends Josh to the mat. Kit with an elbow to the head followed by a European uppercut into the corner. Elton tags in and hits an elbow. Elton with forearms to the back. Elton with kicks and elbows. Elton chokes Josh in the ropes and Kit and Lash hit Josh while the referee is not looking. Kit makes the tag and connects with European uppercuts. Josh with European uppercuts and a take down and punches.

Kit with a sleeper. Josh gets Kit on his back and sends Kit over the top rope to the floor. Elton makes the tag and he stops Josh from making the tag. Elton with a sleeper. Josh gets Elton on his back and tags in Jensen. Jensen with clotheslines and punches. Jensen with an atomic drop and splash into the corner. Jensen with a bulldog and Fameasser. Kit grabs Jensen as he comes off the ropes and both men go for cross body presses at the same time and both go down. Brooks kicks Kit to the floor.

Security comes out to stop Gallus and Briggs leaps onto Gallus. Fallon punches Lash in the ring and Joe hits Jensen and Elton with a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Lash Legend and Pretty Deadly

After the match, Gallus gets involved with a brawl in the ring.

– Mandy Rose is in the back and Shayna Baszler shows up. Shayna tells Mandy she knows about holding that title. Mandy says she will pass Shayna soon. Mandy tells Shayna to worry about her match on Saturday. Shayna says Liv has already lost. There was no debate about who is the toughest when she was champion. Shayna tells Mandy she better unify the titles for the brand and herself. If she doesn’t win, everything Mandy has said for the past year is garbage.

We go to commercial.

– JD McDonagh is with McKenzie. JD says Wes Lee called him creepy. He says his meticulous self care regime might be unfamiliar to some. It works on the weaknesses. Internal anguish is something you never have to deal with. He says he would rather be a little creepy than to be like Wes Lee and be emotionally fragile.

Andre Chase vs. Charlie Dempsey

We take a look back at what Charlie Dempsey did last week to Chase U students.

They lock up and Dempsey with a take down and head scissors. Chase with a head scissors. Dempsey escapes and works on the legs and then goes for a bow and arrow but Chase with a lateral press for a near fall. Chase goes for the legs and then they have a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Dempsey with a monkey flip and Chase hold on. Chase with a monkey flip and both men get near falls and then they bridge. Chase with a hip toss. Chase tells Dempsey to bring it. Chase with a wrist lock and Dempsey with a reversal.

Chase with a hammer lock and Dempsey with a back elbow. Chase with a forearm. Dempsey with a forearm of his own and European uppercut. Dempsey with a bridging butterfly suplex for a near fall. Dempsey goes for an arm submission but Chase locks his hands. Dempsey with Cattle Mutilation and he walks around Chase. Dempsey with a kick to the back. Chase avoids a European uppercut and connects with forearms and a reverse atomic drop. Chase with a side Russian leg sweep. Andre with the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp. Chase with a side effect for a near fall but Dempsey with a Fujiwara arm bar. Dempsey with a knee bar into an STF. Dempsey kicks Hayward and punches him. Dempsey with a gutwrench suplex on the floor to Hayward.

Chase with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Andre Chase

– Meiko Satomura walks into the building and Alba Fyre is there. She says the title looks good on Alba. Meiko says she won this from a great champion. Alba tells Meiko to win on Sunday. Meiko says she will.

– Tyler Bate walks in the back and he walks into Gunther. Gunther says he is here to remind Tyler that the title has a legacy. He reminds Tyler that he is the longest reigning champion in history. I want you to be the man who beat me in 45 minutes in Cardiff. You need to beat Bron Breakker. European wrestling depends on it.

Zoey Stark vs. Kiana James

They lock up and Kiana pushes Zoey. They lock up again and Zoey pushes Kiana. Zoey with a shoulder tackle and forearm into the corner. Zoey is sent to the apron and she punches James and gives her a leg sweep. Zoey with a hesitation moonsault for a near fall. Zoey misses a baseball slide but she punches James and sends her back into the ring. Zoey goes into the turnbuckles when James moves. James kicks and chokes Stark in the corner. James with a series of near falls. James gets a near fall. James with a seated abdominal stretch. James with an Irish whip and Stark with a rollup for a near fall. James with an arm wringer and she gets a near fall.

Stark with clotheslines and a forearm followed by a kick to the shin. Stark with a running boot to the head for a near fall. Stark gets James on her shoulders but James gets to the ropes. James with a kick to the leg and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Stark with a thrust kick followed by the knee to the face for the three count.

Winner: Zoey Stark

After the match, Nikkita Lyons spears James and then misses a spinning heel kick.

– Blair Davenport is asked about her match on Sunday. Blair says NXT and NXT UK were built on their women’s division. No one has done what I will do on Sunday. I will unify the titles. The Davenport name will be held where it should be.

Rhea Ripley shows up and says she held both titles and she made those titles hers. Rhea tells Blair she has the chance to make history and unify the titles. You look confident so don’t screw it up.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and Nathan Frazer is reading a Seth Rollins comic book and he talks about Worlds Collide. He says his friend doesn’t have to worry about choosing a brand. Axiom says their worlds will collide some day since he hasn’t been in NXT UK. Nathan mentions the British Rounds Match and he says that might not work so well because Axiom hasn’t been in NXT UK, but he is good with numbers. Axiom suggests a best of three match and Frazer agrees to it.

The Diamond Mine (Damon Kemp, NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers) vs. Gallus (Wolfgang, The Coffey Brothers)

Joe and Julius start things off and they lock up. Julius with a waist lock take down and he holds on but Joe gets to the ropes. Brutus tags in and he gives Joe a fireman’s carry. Joe with forearms while Brutus has Joe in an arm bar. Brutus with an Irish whip and Joe with a European uppercut. Mark tags in and they chop Brutus. Brutus with a knee to Mark followed by a forearm to the back. Kemp tags in and he has Mark in a waist lock. Kemp with a drop kick and a fallaway slam. Wolfgang tags in and the former partners face off. Wolfgang with a wrist lock and uppercuts to the arm. Kemp with a waist lock and take down.

Brutus tags in and he applies a side head lock. Wolfgang with punches and Brutus with a forearm and he returns to the side head lock. Wolfgang does not move on a shoulder tackle. Brutus lands on his fet on a hip toss and Brutus with a double leg take down. All three members of Diamond Mine with double leg take down and punches. Gallus gets to the floor.

Mark tags in and Brutus with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Julius tags in and he gives Mark a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Brutus tags in and Julius with a leg sweep and then the Creeds pass Mark between them with knees. Kemp tags in and gives Mark a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Brutus tags in and Mark with forearms. Joe tags in and he punches Brutus. Joe with a front face lock into a cravate. Brutus wit punches but Joe with knees. Brutus with a back body drop. Julius tags in and he connects with a shoulder to the knees and a front face lock suplex. Joe blocks a suplex and gets a near fall. Julius holds on and he gets Joe up for a slam. Julius with an ankle lock. Joe gets to the ropes and Mark and Wolfgang pull Joe to the floor. Julius punches Wolfgang and sends Joe back in the ring. Mark pulls the ring skirt to trip Julius and he tags in.

Julius and Mark with punches and Mark with a uranage for a near fall. Joe tags in and connects with knees. Joe gets a near fall and he applies a nerve hold on Julius. Julius powers out of the hold but Joe backs Julius into the corner. Wolfgang tags in and Joe with a snap mare and Wolfgang with a back senton splash for a near fall. Wolfgang with a front face lock. Julius tries to get to his corner but Wolfgang holds on to the front face lock. Wolfgang knocks Brutus off the apron and Wolfgang stops Julius. Mark and Damon tag in and Damon with punches. Kemp with a back elbow and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Kemp with a forearm to Joe and then he Irish whips Mark and hits a clothesline. Kemp gets Mark up and Roderick Strong shows up. Kemp goes to the floor and Kemp stomps on Strong’s phone. Joe makes the tag but doesn’t go in. Kemp with a spinebuster to Mark. Wolfgang is sent to the floor and Joe with a discus clothesline for the three count.

Winners: Gallus

Pretty Deadly come into the ring to attack Diamond Mine. Jensen and Briggs make their way to the ring and there are dozens of wrestlers and officials in the ring. The entire locker room, including the LVL UP roster make their way to the ring.

– Bron Breakker watches what is happening and Ciampa shows up.

Ciampa says he has done a lot of things in his time in NXT. He says nothing meant more than the time he spent with Goldie. There is a certain responsibility with holding this title that she embodies. The NXT title and NXT brand mean a lot to him. He tells Bron it is his gold now. He has the opportunity to make history. The anxiety you feel right now is normal. Sunday, when that bell rings, embrace it. You represent this brand and the title. You add to your legacy. You add to our legacy. Ciampa tells Bron to win.

– Vic and Wade talk about Worlds Collide and they are interrupted by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Carmelo says he has a problem and that is that he is not on Worlds Collide.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and Quincy Elliott has a confession to make. He says everyone thought they knew who he was and who is he is when he was growing up. NXT will find out who he is. He is coming to change the game. Y’all don’t live the life of Quincy.

– We are told that there will be a Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Match with the four teams that were brawling in the last segment. We will also have two more Unification matches and a Women’s Tag Title Match.

– Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their way to the ring.

Trick says Hayes puts on banger after banger every week and he isn’t on Worlds Collide. Trick says they come out and laugh and tell jokes. He wants Hayes to tell him what he told him in the back.

Hayes wonders how are they going to keep the best champion off Worlds Collide. He says he unified titles eight months ago. He says he is the greatest North American Champion of all time. Hayes says he will not be taking his talents to Worlds Collide and he will not be defending his championship. There is no one on his level. There is no one on the level below him.

The lights go out and Ricochet’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Ricochet says it feels good to be back. For the sake of everyone here and for those watching at home, could you shut up for five seconds. Ricochet says he is here on official business. Worlds Collide doesn’t have to be NXT and NXT UK. We need to throw some Blue Brand on it. You can’t do it like I do.

Hayes says Ricochet might be the One and Only. Hayes that Ricochet is one of many who walked up to the A Champ and got stepped on. There ain’t enough room for the both of us.

Ricochet says that Hayes has had multiple title defenses, but no one remembers any of them. Because of that and since he is a giving man, he wants to give people a Melo match that people will remember. Ricochet says he has held that title before and he plans to be a two time champion.

Williams swings at Ricochet and misses. Ricochet kicks Williams and then he hits Recoil on Hayes when Hayes goes for a springboard move.

Ricochet holds up the title belt as we go to credits.

NXT 2.0 Results (8/30)

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