WWE SmackDown Results (8/6) – Tampa, FL

WWE SmackDown Results (8/6) - Tampa, FL

WWE SmackDown Results (8/6) – Tampa FL – We are live from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL, as Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

Sasha says hello to Tampa and she says the boss is back and it is Boss Time on Smackdown.  As Sasha Banks, I came back for my spotlight that I deserve.  I am back for my spotlight that I created.  I will never let anyone steal my spotlight again.

We have a video package for what happened when Sasha returned last week, attacking Bianca Belair.

Sasha says she exposed Bianca Belair last week and it was so easy.  She was watching Bianca make mistake after mistake.  I decided to make a statement and rescue our women’s champion.  Bianca would be nothing without her.  There would be no ESPY Awards.  There would be no chilling with Meghan Thee Stallion.  There would be no main event at Wrestlemania.  Bianca was crying because she was stepping across the ring from the greatest.  Bianca had to diss her.  There was no gratitude.  

While I was sitting at home, I was thinking about the disrespect week after week.  I came back for only one thing.  To make Bianca pay.  

Bianca’s music interrupts and she makes her way to the ring.

Bianca asks Sasha if she thinks that Bianca is nothing without her?  The last time she checked, you were begging her to choose her at the Royal Rumble to main event Wrestlemania and make history together.  You don’t want me to shine.  I have been shining and representing.

Bianca enters the ring and Sasha goes to the floor. Bianca asks where is Sasha going.  Is it something that she said.  Are you going to take another four momtns off? Sasha says she can do what she wants when she wants. Bianca says that Sasha is one of the greatEST to lace up the boots.  if you want this… it’s on.

Here comes Zelina Vega. Zeiina says this is not happening right now.  Bianca, is that ugly little braid tied too tight.  Are you lost?  Last week… Bianca tells Zelina not to enter the ring. Zelina says she will stay on the apron.  She says before Sasha swooped in like the ratchet little vulture, you accepted my challenge.  What do you want to do?

Sasha asks Bianca what is she going to do? Bianca says Zelina wasn’t talking to Sasha, she was talking to her because she is the champ. Bianca says she will see Sasha at SummerSlam.  She tells Zelina that she didn’t forget about the challenge so she will fight her tonight.


Rey asks Dominik why did he challenge Jey to a match tonight and Dominik says he is trying to get into Jey’s head.  Rey says that since they have the tag title match for SummerSlam, they need to be more strategic.  He says they cannot afford a loss before SummerSlam.  He says he wants the titles back.  Dominik says he will not let Rey down and he tells Rey that he doesn’t need his help tonight.

We go to commercial.

Jey Uso vs. Dominik Mysterio

They lock up and and Jey misses a punch but Dominik does not miss.  Jey with a shoulder tackle.  Dominik with a drop kick and a forearm.  Dominik with a wrist lock and he hits a springboard arm drag but he runs into a back elbow from Jey.  Jey gets a near fall.  Jey with a slam.  Jey has some words for Dominik while he struggles to get back to his feet.  Dominik with punches and Jey with an uppercut and Dominik goes down.  Jey sends Dominik into the apron but Dominik with a punch.  Dominik avoids Jey on the apron and hits a baseball slide that sends Jey into the ringside barrier.  Dominik slides into a sunset flip power bomb into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We ar back and Jey with a rear chin lock. We take a look at footage from the break when Jimmy connected with a punch on Dominik. Jey with a pop up neck breaker for a near fall. Jey misses a running hip into the corner but he gets Dominik up on his shoulders. Dominik with elbows followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Dominik with a quebrada for a near fall. Jey has a kick that misses when Dominik ducks. Dominik sends Jey into the turnbuckles and he dives at the knees and Jey falls into the ropes.

Dominik with a 619 and then he goes up top but Jimmy tries to interfere and Rey with a seated splash to Jimmy. Jey avoids Dominik off the turnbuckles and Jey with a super kick and a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: Jey Uso

— We take a look at Seth Rollins attacking Edge last week on Smackdown.


Edge is walking in the back and Megan ambushes Edge. Edge calls Seth a rotten bastard.  Edge brings up what Seth said last week.  He says this goes back further than the last few weeks.  He tells Seth to come to the ring when he gets here.

— Rick Boogs introduces Shinsuke Nakamura and we go to commercial.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Nakamura with a kick but Crews kicks back.  Crews with a shoulder tackle but Nakamura with a kick to the head followed by a knee drop and he gets a near fall.  Crews with a hot shot to Nakamura and a clothesline.  Crews with a slam and he gets a near fall.  Crews with an Irish whip but he runs into a knee.  Nakamura misses a knee when Crews gets off the turnbuckles.  Nakamura with a kick followed by a running knee and a flying boot for a near fall.

Nakamura goes for a reverse exploder but Crews escapes.  Nakamura gets Crews on his shoulders and hits a knee and a round kick but Azeez pulls Nakamura out of the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ:  Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Nakamura kicks Azeez and sends Crews into Azeez on the apron.

— Kayla Braxton is waiting to talk to Roman Regins’ door. We take a look at last week’s contract ‘signing’ segment.


We return to Roman’s door and Paul emerges to yell at Kayla.  Paul wants to know what she wants. Kayla says she was hoping to see if Roman had any comments about what happened last week. Paul says he is asking if Kayla means last week’s contract signing where John Cena is thieving air on the Island of Relevance and now he is thieving a match at SummerSlam. Paul asks if he hits Tom Brady from behind and signs his contract for $75 million, does he get the $75 million?  This contract is a joke.  The claim that John Cena should face Roman Reigns is baseless.  WWE is enabling John Cena to slide into a match that he does not deserve.  Roman Reigns has nothing to say about John Cena or to Kayla.

Big E shows up with his briefcase and he laughs. Paul backs up into Roman’s locker room carefully.

We go to commercial.

Tamina vs. Tegan Nox

They lock up and Tamina gets Tegan on her shoulders but Tegan gets to her feet and kicks Tamina from behind and hits an elbow in the corner.  Tamina with a clothesline out of the corner.  Tamina with a head butt and she tosses Tegan into the corner.  Tamina misses a hip in the corner and Tegan with a drop kick and kicks in the corner.  Tegan with a cannonball into the corner and follows with a second one.  Tegan gets a near fall.  Tegan pulls down the knee pad but misses the Shining Wizard.  Tamina with a kick and then Shotzi shoots her missile at Tamina and Nox with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Tegan Nox


Zelina shows up in Adam and Sonya’s office and she wants to know that her title match is next.  Adam says that they cannot do a title match without promotion.  Zelina wants to know when she gets a match.  Sonya says that the contract has not been signed yet and Bianca does not make matches.  Adam tells Zelina to earn her way into a title match.  Sonya says if she does well, she will face the winner of the match at SummerSlam. Zelina says she knows she can beat Sasha but she will prove that she can beat Bianca.

— Edge makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Edge says that he has been told that Seth Rollins is not here tonight.  He is nowhere near here.  Edge says he does not blame him.  It would not work out too well for him because if Seth was here, he would be in jail.  He had no problem until Seth cost him the title at Money in the Bank.  I would have done the same thing.  It is like looking at a mirror.  This will not end well for either of us.  It will end and if Seth was here tonight, it would end.

Seth appears on the TitanTron ‘via satellite’.  

Seth says Edge thinks he is so smart and has everything figure out, other than last week when I smashed your face with a camera.  You should have seen it coming because it was out of your playbook.  We are a lot alike.  We are drawn together in this dance.  That is where the similiarites end.  If the Ultimate Opportunist is half the man the Architect is, he would know to have a Plan B.

Edge says he has a Plan B.  What about you and me at SummerSlam.

Seth tells Edge to cool his jets and he says that he calls the shots around here, not Edge.  Seth says he will think about it.  He says he has a lot going on.  He tells Edge that while he mulls it over, maybe Edge should think about it.  What are you getting yourself into?  You know what it is like to have my boot on the back of your neck.  You know what happens when I stomp on someone’s neck who is perfect.  What about someone whose neck has been fused three times.  Your little comeback and career will be done.  What kind of future will you have as a husband and father.

Edge tells Seth not to talk about his family.  You think you are the architect.  You are a fever dream of a televangelist and Colonel Sanders.  You circle back to me.  I helped eliminate you in the 2020 Royal Rumble and the 2021 Royal Rumble.  It was because you didn’t finish the job in 2014 and it is biting you in the ass.  Edge says that Seth is trying to walk in his footsteps because you cannot follow them.  You are Edge Light.

Seth says he has had enough.  He says he is better than Edge in every single way and you know it.  You want me one on one at SummerSlam?  You’re on.


Kayla Braxton is in the back with Finn Balor. Finn says last week he was this close to signing a contract for the Universal title, until Baron Corbin stuck his nose in his business.  A contract signed by John Cena.  Corbin should worry about his own business.  If he wants to get back on his feet, he will need to have some honor and integrity.  He will teach him the hard way.  When he is done with Corbin, he has a bone to pick with John Cena.

We go to commercial.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Street Profits

Ford and Roode start things off and Ford with a snap mare and Roode with a kick.  Roode with an Irish whip and Ford floats over and flips to the floor and hits a drop kick on Roode and Ziggler.  Roode with a uranage for a near fall.  Ziggler tags in and gets a near fall when Dawekins breaks up the cover.  Roode tags back in.  Ford with an enzuigiri.  Dawkins tags in and hits a splash on Ziggler.  He takes care of Roode.  Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Dawkings with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.  Ford is sent over the top rope to the floor.  Dawkins sends Roode to the floor.  Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.  Dawkins pushes Ziggler into the corner and hits a spinebuster.  Ford tags in and hits a Seven Star Frog Splash for the three count.

Winners: The Street Profits

— We take a look at Bianca at Lollapolooza last weekend. Belair makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

They lock up and Vega is sent to the mat.  Vega moves and Bianca goes shoulder first into the turnbuckles.  Vega with a running double knee strike for a near fall.  Bianca wtih a trip of Vega and she punches Vega.  Bianca sends Vega into the turnbuckles.  Vega with a back elbow and rollup for a near fall.  Belair gets Vega up for a Glam Slam but Vega counters and sends Bianca into the ropes and Vega grabs Belair by the hair in the ropes.  Bianca drop kicks Vega to the floor.  

Vega returns to the ring and Belair goes for a slam but Vega gets to the apron.  Belair knocks Vega off the apron.  Bianca presses Vega over her head while Sasha’s music plays and Vega gets to the apron and hits a rana off the apron.  Vega gets a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Vega with a chin lock.  Bianca escapes and she gets Vega up but Vega with a head scissors take down and Belair lands on her feet.  Vega goes for a triangle but Belair gets a near fall.  Belair gets Vega up but Vega goes for a sunset flip and Belair sends Vega to the mat.  Bianca with a slam and handspring moonsault for a near fall.  Vega kicks Belair and then applies a reverse chin lock.  Belair backs Vega into the corner but Vega holds on.  Belair gets out of the hold but Vega returns to the sleeper.  Belair counters into a suplex and she rolls through and tries for a second one but she takes too long and Vega with a DDT for a near fall.

Vega with a knee to send Belair to the floor.  Vega goes for another rana but Belair catches Vega and sends her into the ringside barrier before returning to the ring.  Belair with KOD for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

— Roman Reigns is in his dressing room and Paul Heyman mentions the Finn Balor and Baron Corbin match and says it is next.  Roman says he is interested.

— Finn Balor makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

Baron asks for a mic when the bell rings.  Baron says what happened last week wasn’t cool.  Baron says he is desperate.  He wants to apologize to Balor.

Balor says apology not accepted and he punches Corbin.  Balor with shoulders in the corner and he kicks and chops Baron.  Baron sends Corbin into the corner and misses a forearm.  Corbin sends Balor into the turnbuckles and then suplexes Balor back into the ring from the apron.  Corbin punches Balor.  Corbin with a forearm but Balor with a Pele Kick.  Balor with a double leg take down and forearms to Corbin.  Balor with a double leg take down and a double stomp.  Balor kicks Corbin.

Baron grabs Balor by the throat but Balor with a kick to the knee and slingblade.  Balor with a running drop kick and Baron goes down.  Balor goes up top and sets for Coup de Grace and gets the three count.

Winner:  Finn Balor

After the match, Balor wants the mic. Balor says three years ago, what happened last week, I would have smiled and accepted it.  That Finn is dead.  This Finn isn’t smiling.  This Finn wants to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.  If I have to go through John Cena to do it, then that is what I am willing to do.  Name the place and name the time.  Finn is interrupted by Roman Reigns’ music.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and fans boo as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns stares Finn Balor down in the ring. Paul Heyman hands him a mic and holds the title. Fans chant for John Cena now.

Reigns says Heyman has already addressed his position on last week’s contract singing. He can understand why Finn is upset, and why he’s out here running his mouth about Cena, but he must understand that Reigns tried to help him and give him an opportunity. Reigns tells Balor that when he comes out to Reigns’ ring on his show, keep Reigns’ name out of your mouth. Reigns tosses the mic and turns to exit but Balor comes from behind and shoves him out of the ring.

Reigns lands on his feet at ringside. He turns around to Balor pointing his finger guns. Fans chant “Cena!” again. Reigns approaches the ring as Balor invites him in for a fight. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos suddenly attack Balor from behind. They double team Balor as Reigns watches from the apron. The Usos deliver a big assisted Samoan Drop to Balor. Reigns drops down off the apron as he’s seen enough. Reigns marches up the ramp as The Usos continue the double team. Balor dodges the Uso splash and pulls one Uso into the other. Balor fights the brothers off as Reigns and Heyman watch from the entrance.

Balor clears the ring, runs the ropes and nails a big dive on Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Balor returns to the ring and points his guns at Reigns. Reigns takes off his coat and rushes the ring. Balor attacks as Reigns enters the ring. Balor with a Slingblade. Balor waits for Reigns to get back up but The Usos attack again. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Balor, followed by a big Uso splash by Jey. Reigns mounts Balor with big right hands now. Reigns applies his Guillotine submission now as Balor starts to fade. Reigns tosses Balor to the mat and stands tall with the title in the air as his music starts back up. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air with Reigns and The Usos standing over Balor.

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