WWE SmackDown Results (8/20) – Phoenix, AZ

WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/20) - Phoenix, AZ

WWE SmackDown Results (8/20) – Phoenix, AZ – We are live from the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ, as Edge makes his way to the ring to open the show. Before Edge can say anything, we have a video package recapping the recent events between him and Seth Rollins.

Edge sits down in the ring and he looks around.  Edge tells Seth he saw what he said last week.  He heard what you said.  I really heard what you said.  It sat with me.  Your boot on the back of my neck.  My face mashed into that briefcase.  I know it was 2014, but I feel it like it was yesterday.  I was worried.  I was worried about my way of life, my wife, and my kids.  Last week, you threatened all of those things again.  Edge says that he knows what that Curb Stomp can do to him.  He has a triple fusion on my neck.  If you hit that Curb Stomp, it probably ends my career.  It affects the type of father that I can be.  I get it that you threatened those things but that is the mind game you play with Edge.  Edge says he knows those are mind games, except with you Seth.

I take my cues from the eyes and you mean everything that you say.  You are an all time talent and I will never take it away from you.  You have pushed me into a dark place.  You have pushed me into a place I don’t like to go because it is so hard to come back.  Because, if I am being truthful, it is because I like it.  You have made me find a place in my heart where the blood runs black.  He says he sees clearly.  He sees that at SummerSlam, he doesn’t just have to beat you, I have to break you.  I have to humble you.  Edge says he is going to burn you down.


Rey and Dominik Mysterio are in the back and Dominik says that he knows Rey will beat Jey tonight and they will win tomorrow.  Rey tells Dominik he needs to focus.  Rey says he knows he has been hard on Dominik but he wants to win the tag titles back.  He tells Dominik to stay alert.

Rey and Dominik make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Jey Uso vs. Rey Mysterio

They lock up and Jey with a side head lock.  Jey with a shoulder tackle and Rey goes to the floor.  Rey returns to the ring and Jey with a side head lock.  Rey with a head scissors take down and Rey follows with shoulders in the corner.  Rey with punches on the turnbuckles.  Jey grabs Rey off the turnbuckles and Rey goes for a sunset flip but Jey with a punch.  Jey with a boot to the head and then he applies a reverse chin lock.  Jey with an Irish whip but Rey with an elbow.  Rey gets on Jey’s shoulders and he punches Jey and they both fall over the top rope.  Rey lands on the apron while Jey goes to the floor.  Rey with an Asai Moonsault as we go to commerical and Dominik enters the ring even though he isn’t in the match.

We are back and Jey with a rear chin lock.  Rey with elbows but Jey grabs the mask.  Rey with an enzuigiri and both men are down.  Jey with a Samoan drop.  Jey gets a near fall.  Jey puts Rey on the turnbuckles and Rey with a punch and head butt.  Jey with a punch and Rey hangs on the ropes.  Jey gets Rey on his shoulders but Rey counters with a Frankensteiner for a near fall.  Rey and Jey exchange punches.  Rey with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Jey sends Rey into the turnbuckles and hits a neck breaker for a near fall.  Rey goes up top and hits a seated splash.  Rey counters a power slam into a DDT for a near fall.  

Rey kicks Jey into the ropes and Jey avoids the 619 and Jey holds on to the ropes.  Dominik kicks Jey’s hands away and he pushes Rey to add more pressure.  The referee sends Dominik to the back.  Jimmy hits Dominik while Jey sends Rey into the ring steps.  Jey with a frog splash for the three count.

Winner:  Jey Uso

— We see footage from last week, when Baron Corbin stole the Money In The Bank briefcase. Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring holding on to the Money in the Bank Briefcase like it is his Precious as we go to commercial. Corbin vs. Owens is next!

Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens

Owens with chops and punches.  Owens sends Corbin to the mat and hits a back senton.  Owens with punches in the corner and follows with chops.  Corbin with a punch and he slides around the ring post and hits a clothesline.  Corbin gets a near fall.  Corbin punches Owens.  Baron with a knee and he sends Owens into the turnbuckles.  Corbin with punches and Owens sends Corbin to the floor.  Owens with a super kick that knocks Corbin off the apron.  Owens with a senton off the apron to Corbin.  Owens goes up top and Corbin rolls to the apron.  Corbin drops Owens on the top rope and then Corbin grabs Owens by the throat but Owens escapes.  Corbin avoids a stunner and goes to the floor.

Big E’s music plays and he makes his way to teh ring and and Corbin goes for the briefcase and Big E attacks Corbin and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Baron Corbin (by disqualification)

After the match, Big E gets the briefcase back and Corbin sends Big E into the ring post and Corbin runs away.


Kayla Braxton is with Bianca Belair.  Kayla asks Bianca about her match tomorrow night, but first we take a look at the contract signing.

Kayla asks if Sasha has her number.  Bianca tells Kayla not to say that name.  All she can hear about is what she does to that petty insecure brat.  Bianca says she hopes Sasha is watching because she wants her to see what she will do to Zelina and Carmella.  Kayla asks if it is risky to wrestle twice before SummerSlam but Bianca says it might be but she is not in a rational state of mind.  She is not playing nice.  You are seeing the MeanEST BadEST, and NastiEST on the planet.

— Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox vs. Natalya and Tamina

Tamina knocks Tegan off the apron and she follows with a back elbow to Shotzi.  Tamina kicks Shotzi in the corner and Natalya tags in.  They send Shotzi into the turnbuckles and follows with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall.  Natalya chokes Shotzi in the corner and follows with a forearm to the back.  Natalya with a sleeper.  Natalya with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  Natalya with a sleeper.  Shotzi with elbows and Natalya with a knee and slap.  Shotzi with a neck breaker and both women are down.  Shotzi with a knee to knock Tamina off the apron and Tegan with a cross body off the apron to Tamina.  Shotzi avoids a Sharpshooter and gets the three count with a rollup.

Winners:  Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox

— Seth Rollins is in the back and he is getting ready for his chance to go to the ring and speak. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth tells Edge he has to admit that he likes his style.  The crowd chants for Edge and Seth says you already got Edge and you have him.  Seth says Edge covered all of his bases and mentioned all of his excuses for losing tomorrow.  My neck is in disrepair.  I am a father and husband.  I have to get to the blackest part of my heart.  Seth tells Edge to listen to him.  There is no shame in your shortcomings.   There is no shame in being beaten and broken by this business.  There is no shame in being a family man.  There is no shame in not being able to find the darkness that once guided you.  The problem is that wihtout that blackness and darkness, you cannot get on my level. You and I both know that part of Edge is dead and gone.  You will never find it.

The familiar tune of The Brood’s music hits and the red lights start flashing around the arena. There are also flames. Edge appears and tells Rollins to beware because the freaks come out at night and Rollins will never see it coming. Edge laughs and disappears from the big screen. A huge amount of dark red blood suddenly falls from the rafters and covers Rollins, knocking him down in the middle of the ring. McAfee calls it a throwback Brood Bath. Rollins is shocked and his all-white suit is no more. Rollins gets back up to end the segment with the blood all over the place.

— We take a look at what Otis has done to the Street Profits. Back to commercial.

— We are back with Cole and Pat running through the card so they can remove the ick from the ring.

Montez Ford vs. Otis

Ford slaps Otis and Otis misses with punches.  Otis with a punch to the midsection and Ford backs into the corner.  Otis sends Ford into the turnbuckles but Otis misses a splash.  Ford with clotheslines but he bounces off Otis.  Otis with a back elbow.  Otis hangs Ford on the top rope and connects with a forearm that sends Ford to the floor.  Otis with a punch but Ford with a jumping knee and enzuigiri.  Ford with a round kick from the apron and Gable pushes Dawkins out of the way.  Dawkins with a shoudler tackle and Gable is sent into the ring.  Ford with a cross body for a near fall.  

Ford with punches to Otis but Otis with a double sledge to the chest.  Otis goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb and hits it.  Otis gets the three count.

Winner:  Otis Dozovic

— We look at what happened last week when Shinsuke Nakamura won the Intercontinental Championship.

Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez

Boogs and Crews start things off and Boogs with a take down and he plays air guitar on the leg.  Boogs with gutwrenches and a suplex.  Crews sends Boogs into the turnbuckles and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Crews with a straitjacket choke and Boogs with a snap mare and back drop.  Nakamura and Azeez tag in and Nakamura avoids a kick and htis a flying boot and Azeez stays on his feet.  Azeez with a punch and he misses a splash.  Nakamura with a kick to the head and he hits a flying knee off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Azeez with a side slam to Nakamura and Crews tags in.  Nakamura misses a round kick and hits a heel kick.  

Boogs tags in and he applies an abdominal stretch while Nakamura hits a baseball slide on Azeez.  Boogs with a power slam for the three count.

Winners:  Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to commercial.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

Carmella and Zelina discuss who goes first even though it was already announced who would go first.  Carmella sends Zelina into the ring.

Bianca with a shoulder tackle and kicks in the corner.  Bianca gets Zelina up for a slam but Zelina gets to her feet.  Zelina sends Bianca into the turnbuckles and she misses a knee.  Carmella distracts Bianca and Zelina with a Code Red for a near fall.  Zelina slams Bianca’s head into the mat.  Zelina goes to the turnbuckles and goes for a head scissors take down but Bianca blocks it and Bianca with a power bomb and she picks up Zelina and hot shots her into the turnbuckles.  Bianca with a KOD for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

After the match, Carmella with two super kicks to Bianca but her match has not started yet.

We go to commercial.

Bianca Belair vs. Carmella

The referee checks on Bianca and Bianca gives the okay to start the match.  Carmella chokes Bianca in the corner.  Bianca goes for a slam and Carmella pulls Bianca to the mat and gets a near fall.  Carmella with elbows in the corner.  Carmella with a bronco buster for a near fall.  Carmella with a reverse chin lock.  Bianca backs Carmella into the corner and Bianca counters into a delayed vertical suplex.  Carmella with a forearm but Bianca fires back.  Bianca with kicks and forearms.  Carmella with an Irish whip and Bianca floats over.  Belair blocks a super kick and connects with a forearm.  Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.  

Carmella with an elbow and then Carmella with a head scissors in the ropes.  Carmella puts Bianca in the ring skirt and she punches Bianca and kicks her.  Carmella gets a near fall.  Carmella goes for an X Factor but Bianca counters with a spinebuster and KOD for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. John Cena is out next.

Roman says that Cena knows this.  A lot of people say a lot of things to him.  A lot of stupid things.  That is exactly what John did last week.  He said a lot of dumb stuff.  They reacted because you said it with energy.  Roman says he won’t allow this man to lie to you and misinform you.  He thinks he can pin me, 1-2-3.  Roman asks Paul when was the last time he lost.  Paul says no one has beaten THIS Roman Reigns.  Roman says there you have it.

John says he won’t let this go along.  He says people are making their choice.  John says that the impossible is possible, except for you.  You are the champ and you are pulled in a million directions.  I came back a month ago and everyone was excited.  If a month ago, I asked everyone who would win and everyone would say Roman Reigns because I am filming a movie.  John says he is here to take the championship from you and make the movie so you have to be here as a shell of yourself and a failure.  I am not saying you are great, but you have lost control.  You need to be brought down to Earth and that is 1-2-3.  Are you really that naive you couldn’t see the signs.  Summer of Cena?  A flimsy contract in a blue sharpie?  Is that legal.  I am not here to promote a movie, I am here to demote your ass.  This match was made for me.  I tell people the same thing for 20 years, Never Give Up.  The reason you are so frustrated is that is all I have to do tomorrow.  You get distracted, 1.2.3.  You make a mistake, 1-2-3.  1-2-3 equals 17 and I will break the record.

Thanks to Roman Reigns.  Tomorrow will not have a resident Universal Champion until Wrestlemania in Dallas.  The impossible will happen when THE CHAMP IS HERE thanks to Roman Reigns.

Roman says that John doesn’t get it.  You have been busy.  I get it.  You should have smartened yourself up before you came back.  When people come into the ring, I smash them so hard WWE doesn’t have a use for you.  Do you think I can’t go to Hollywood and make movies and commercials?  Do you think you are better than me?  It’s Vegas so let’s raise the stakes.  Either I leave that stadium as Universal Champion or I am leaving WWE.

Cena shakes his head and smiles. Reigns offers his hand to shake on the stipulation. Cena shakes his hand but Reigns tries to turn it into an Attitude Adjustment. Cena counters and turns that into a roll-up but Reigns kicks out just before the 1-2-3. Cena rolls to the floor and taunts Reigns with the “you can’t see me” from the stage. An angry Reigns looks on from the ring. Cena stands tall on the entrance and raises his arms in the air as the final SmackDown before SummerSlam goes off the air.

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