WWE Smackdown Results – July 2, 2021

WWE Smackdown Results - July 2, 2021

WWE Smackdown Results – July 2, 2021 – Tonight’s Smackdown begins with a look back at last week’s interaction between Roman Reigns and Edge.

— We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, as The Rated R Superstar, Edge, makes his way to the ring. Edge dyed his beard and hair…

Edge says Wrestlemania was supposed to be the culmination of a ten year story.  Winning the Universal Championship ten years to the day after being forced to retire as the World Champion.  It would have been a hell of a story.  Edge says he knew it would happen . . . and then it didn’t.  Edge says he didn’t see that coming. That wasn’t in his plans or his vision.  Edge says it rocked him so he took some time.  Eventually, in that time, I started to run the match back and I even watched the match again.  Roman glossed over a lot of moments in the match.

Edge says his one fear of Daniel Bryan being involved and costing him the championship, it did.  How he broke up the crossface.  How he pulled the referee out of the ring after the spear.  I could complain about how Jey Uso stopped him from hitting the conchairto. I could complain about it and I would be justified.  Edge in 2006 would have done it.  In 2021, there are always going to be excuses and obstacles.  I have been knocking down obstacles my entire life, or I wouldn’t be here right now.  I don’t stop.

Here is the thing.  Now that I have been in here with Roman one-on-one, I know that I can beat him.  More importantly, Roman you know I can beat you.  We are the only ones who know because we both felt it.  You will never admit it, but I have proof.

We take a look at photos from Wrestlemania when Edge has Roman in the crossface.  He says there is fear in those eyes.  If you tilt up, you see the eyes of a man who knows he lives inside that other man’s head.  When you make a man look like that at your hands, you live in his head for life.  Last week, when you heard my music, the look on your face solidified what I know.  You know deep down that for whatever reason and what the odds are, I am the guy who has your number.  I’m gonna beat you, it is just a matter of when.  I am inevitable and I will be the Universal Champion.


Paul Heyman is in the back and Jimmy Uso talks about what Edge said and he knows that Edge isn’t saying that.  I have Roman’s back, just like Roman has my back.  When Roman gets here, we are going to put Edge down and plant the family flag in his heart.

— Rick Boogs is on the stage wtih his guitar and he welcomes everyone to Smackdown and he introduces the ‘true king of Smackdown’ Shinsuke Nakamura.

His partner, Big E, makes his way to the ring. They will face Apollo Crews (with Commander Azeez) and Baron Corbin. Back to commercial.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Big E vs. Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews

Nakamura and Crews start things off and Nakamura with a side head lock.  Nakamura goes for a shoulder tackle and Crews stays on his feet.  Crews with a side head lock.  Crews with a shoulder tackle and he tells Corbin to focus.  Nakamura with a kick to Crews and an Irish whip.  Nakamura with an elbow in the corner and then he gets Crews on the turnbuckles.  Nakamura with a running knee into the corner.  Big E wants to tag in and Nakamura allows it.  They both choke Crews in the corner with a musical assist from Boogs.  Big E with an abdominal stretch and Corbin looks bored.  Big E with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.  Crews tags in Corbin and Big E knocks Corbin off the apron.

Corbin with a clothesline on the floor when he chases Crews.  Corbin sends Big E over the ringside barrier and we go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with elbows to the neck and he applies a chin lock and half nelson.  Big E with elbows and Corbin with a back elbow for a near fall.  Crews tags in and he hits a double sledge to the back.  Crews with a drop kick.  Crews with a front face lock on Big E.  Big E tosses Crews away but Crews with an enzugiiri.  Big E sends Crews over the top rope to the floor but Corbin tags in and sends Big E into the turnbuckles and knocks Nakamura off the apron.  Corbin with a slam and he gets a near fall.

Crews with a German suplex to Nakamura and they fight to the floor.  Nakamura with a kick to Crews.  Corbin with more elbows and he returns to the half nelson and chin bar.  

Boogs makes an announcement about a car being towed and we see the footage from the parking lot. It’s Baron Corbin’s Jeep.  With Corbin distracted, Big E hits the Big Ending on him for the three count.

Winners:  Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Big E and Nakamura celebrate as a very sad, distraught Corbin sits up in the ring. Corbin continues to have things go wrong in his life and he can’t take much more.

— We take a look at what happened last week in the mixed tag match. Bayley makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Bayley says she is not the type of person to come out and brag and say I told you so, but I told you so.  I proved that Bianca’s win at Wrestlemania was a fluke when I beat her last week.  The best part was the look in her eyes.  The look of loss, despair, defeat.  She was sitting there questioning everything she did wrong.  We know how strong Bianca is, but mentally she is weak.  Bayley says she made it look easy being champion for 380 days.  A loss this early is not a good sign.  Bianca is crumbling under the weight of your expectations.  Bianca better get her head in the game because in two weeks, we will be performing in front of you fans. 

Bayley says she would hate to see Bianca fall apart in front of all of the boys and girls who worship her. Bayley says Bianca ain’t nothing to Bayley.  Never has and never will be.

Bianca Belair’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Bianca says what Bayley needs is a little crack in that mouth.  You may want this, but I have this.  I keep beating you over and over and over again.  You keep coming like you can’t let go.  You are obsessed with me.  You think you are in my head.

Bayley says she knows that she is in Bianca’s head.

Bianca says Bayley is in her head.  No matter how many times I beat you, your voice will always be in my head.  There is only one way to end this.  I have to embarrass you to the point of no return so you can’t get in my head any more that I am over you.  If the officials will allow it, at Money in the Bank, I’ll put my title on the line in an I Quit Match.

Bayley laughs at Bianca’s plan and then she realizes that Bianca is serious.  She is in Bianca’s head.  Bayley says she has never quit in her life and she has accomplished everything she ever wanted to do.  If you can make me say ‘I Quit”, I would quit Smackdown, no, the WWE, I would quit completely.  You are not the champion you portray yourself to be.  You are not winning this match, and I accept.

Bianca laughs and Bayley wants to know what is so funny.  Bianca says she realized how excited she is to hear the words “I Quit”.


Paul Heyman paces in Roman’s dressing room and Jimmy comes in and he says that Edge is waiting to jump on Roman when he gets here.  Jimmy says that Roman is waiting for hin to step up.  Jimmy is going to tell Sonya and Adam to save some time at the end of the show so he can call out Edge and beat the hell out of him.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match to Qualify for Money in the Bank Match

Owens with a double leg take down and kicks.  Owens with a cannonball into the corner.  Zayn rolls to the floor and then he gets back to his feet.  Owens follows Zayn to the floor and Owens sends Zayn into the ringside barrier.  Owens sends Zayn into the ringside barrier and the referee starts his count.  Owens with a forearm and Zayn with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier and a clothesline.  Zayn with a kick and Owens with a forearm.  Zayn with forearms.  Owens back drops Zayn over the ringside barrier and Owens follows.  Owens sends Zayn into the face of the WWE Universe on the Thunderdome a few times.  Zayn with a kick and he returns to the ringside area.  Owens pulls Sami down and hits a swanton off the ringside barrier.

Owens slams Zayn’s head into the announce table and Owens with punches.  Owens goes to the ringside barrier and Zayn stops Owens and press slams Owens onto the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Owens with shoulders in the corner.  Owens sends Zayn into the ropes and Owens kicks the ropes.  Owens with a punch and a forearm as Zayn bounces off the ropes.  Owens with a chop.  Zayn rolls to the floor and the count continues.  Owens waits for Zayn to get up and Owens backs Zayn into the ring post and then Owens sends Sami’s Zayns into the ring post.  Zayn gets up before the ten count and Zayn punches Owens but Owens punches back.  They exchange punches.  Owens gets a table and pulls it out and sets it up on the floor.  Owens decides to get a second table because he can spend the entire match on the floor.  Owens has stacked the two tables.  Owens sets for a superplex from the ring through the tables but Zayn blocks it.

Zayn with punches and he drops Owens on the top rope.  Zayn with a flip dive onto Owens.  Zayn with crossfaces to Owens followed by punches.  Owens with forearms and Zayn with a boot and an exploder into the turnbuckles and he wants the referee to start his count.  Zayn punches Owens and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Zayn sets for a superplex but Owens blocks it and hits a super Fisherman’s Buster.  Owens gets to his feet and Zayn uses the ropes to get to his feet at eight.  Owens with a super kick in the corner.  Owens with a second super kick.  Owens with a third super kick.  Owens puts Zayn on the turnbuckles and Owens with a chop.  

Zayn pushes Owens through the tables because you always go through things you create.  Owens gets up at nine and Zayn is shocked.

We go to commercial.

We are back and another table is set up and Zayn pushes the hood of the table onto Owens.  Owens blocks a suplex off the steps and Owens sends Zayn into the ring post.  Owens sends Zayn into the ringside barrier and then Owens blocks a kick.  Zayn punches Owens and they both go to the apron.  Owens kicks Zayn and goes for a stunner but Zayn blocks it and hits a half and half suplex on the apron.  Owens gets back into the ring to stop the referee’s count.  Zayn with a Helluva Kick and Owens is down again.  Owens gets up and Zayn sets for another Helluva Kick and he holds Owens up and puts Kevin against the turnbuckles.  Zayn says this is for everything Owens has ever done and Zayn with a third Helluva Kick.

Owens rolls to the floor and lands on his feet despite probably not knowing where he is to stop the count.  Zayn goes to the floor and he sets for the tornado DDT through the turnbuckles but Owens with a super kick and Zayn is down in the corner.  Owens with a pop up power bomb.  Zayn gets up and Owens with a kick and stunner.  Zayn falls to the floor and Owens follows.  Owens tells Zayn this is karma and Owens power bombs Zayn through the announce table and then he power bombs Zayn through the table Zayn set up.  Owens with a power bomb onto the apron.

The referee starts his count and it’s over at ten!

Winner:  Kevin Owens


Edge walks in the back and he is asked by Megan Morant about Jimmy Uso’s plan for tonight. Edge says he knows he is walking into a trap.  Jimmy is putting on a good show about where is Roman.  Edge says he knows what is coming.  It is interesting that the Ultimate Opportunist is getting one put over him.  He does not care.  He is tired of Roman and his family and their excuses.  If they want to do it, they are going to face a vindictive son of a bitch.

— Sonya Deville makes her way to the ring to tell us the next person who earned their way into the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. But first… We go to commercial.

— We are back and the I Quit Match between Bayley and Bianca Belair is official.


Baron Corbin walks in the back while we wait for Sonya’s announcement. Rick Boogs tells Baron that he should join everyone for some Chicken a la king.  He also tells Baron that he will have the best night sleep in his king sized bed.  Boogs mentions that Nakamura said the funniest thing while playing checkers… King me.

Corbin asks if this is supposed to be funny and he tells everyone screw you.

In the Arena:

Sonya Deville is in the ring and she says the second member of the Smackdown roster in the Money in the Bank match is one of the most motivated superstars… Zelina Vega!

Zelina says it is nice to see her.  It is your honor to announce her return.  It will be my pleasure to grab that Money in the Bank contract and then wait until the champion is down and half beaten and can barely stand.  That is when I will cash in my Money in the Bank briefcase to become the Raw, Smackdown, or NXT champion.

Liv Morgan comes out and she wants to know what is going on.  It is bad enough you put Carmella in the match last week without her having to qualify.  Liv says she belongs in the match, not Carmella.  You are rewarding Zelina with an opportunity?  She worked real hard for that chance.  She doesn’t deserve to be in this match.  She hasn’t competed on Smackdown all year.  How is that even fair.

Zelina says she has competed in this ring and rings like it for years.  She says she is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history.  I can run circles around you and embarrass you.  That is why I will show you why I am in the match.

Liv slaps Zelina and she says she will prove it and show Sonya. Back to commercial.

Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega

The match is joined in progress and Vega with an octopus.  Vega pulls Liv to the mat.  Vega stretches Liv in the ropes.  

We see Carmella watching in the direction of the monitor in the back.

Vega gets a near fall.  Liv floats over and Vega with a clothesline.  Vega gets a near fall.  Vega sends Morgan into the turnbuckles.  Vega kicks Morgan in the corner and then connects with a running knee for a near fall.  Liv with a rollup for a near fall.  Morgan with an O’Connor Roll in the corner abut Vega rolls through and has a handful of tights and the referee stops the count.  Liv with a rollup and some extra leverage for the three count.

Winner:  Liv Morgan

After the match, Vega has to be held back from Morgan.


Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talk in their office and Seth Rollins shows up and he introduces himself to Sonya and Adam.  Sonya says they know who he is.  Seth says he thought they forgot about him because they gave Edge the match at Money in the Bank when they promised it to him.

Adam says that Edge deserves the opportunity. Seth reminds Adam that he is Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Adam says Edge won the Royal Rumble and did not get his one on one match yet. Seth points out that they put Daniel Bryan in the match. Sonya tells Seth he can get a title match if he wins Money in the Bank and qualifies by beating Cesaro next week.

Seth laughs at them and leaves. Back to commercial.

Otis vs. Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins with punches and a corkscrew back elbow and then he knocks Gable off the apron.  Otis with a clothesline and he sends Dawkins shoulder first into the turnbuckles.  Otis with an exploder.  Otis tosses the headband up the ramp and then Otis with an Irish whip and clothesline.  Otis goes to the turnbuckles and hits a splash.  Otis pulls Dawkins into the corner and sets for the Vader Bomb and the three count.

Winner:  Otis Dozovic


We see Paul Heyman pacing in the Gorilla Position and Jimmy wants to know where Roman is.  Jimmy says Roman needs to know about this.  Paul says that the Tribal Chief operates on his own time.  He does things for his family.  Paul tells Jimmy he needs to be ‘Main Event’ Jimmy Uso. Jimmy says he will and he goes to the ring.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and next week Seth Rollins and Cesaro will meet to determine who will be in Money in the Bank.  We will also see Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin for the other spot from Smackdown.

In the Arena:

Jimmy Uso wants to know where Edge is because he is right here.  It looks like it is just you and me tonight because there ain’t no Roman Reigns here.  I don’t need my cousin because I can take care of you all by myself.  Jimmy says it seems to him that you aren’t man enough to stand in the middle of the ring with Jimmy Uso.  This ain’t no trap.  This is just Uce calling you out.  Let’s do this.

Edge makes his way to the stage and he asks Jimmy if he thinks he is smart.  You are all bowed up because your cousin, the head of the table is in the wings.  He is using your family.  He beat Jey up until he acknowledged that Roman is the head of the table.  Once he was done with Jey, he moved on to you.  What happened to your backbone and saying you were nobody’s bitch and now you are one of Roman’s bitches.  Roman laid the perfect trap, but this isn’t a trap for me, it is a trap for you.

Edge heads to the ring.

Edge sends Jimmy into the turnbuckles and then shoulder first into the ring post.  Edge sends Jimmy into the ring post again.  Edge rearranges the steps but Jimmy with a super kick.  Jimmy sends Edge back into the ring.  Jimmy punches Edge as many times as the camera angle changes.  Edge with a boot to Jimmy and Edge punches Jimmy.  Edge with a crossface on Jimmy with a sleeper added and Jimmy taps out because it does not matter.  Edge sets for the spear as he waits for Jimmy to get up and Edge with the spear to Jimmy.

Edge goes to the floor and he gets a chair that is conveniently placed against the edge of the ringside barrier.  Edge breaks off a part of the chair and he returns to the ring to put Jimmy in the crossface with the bar of the chair in Jimmy’s mouth.

We go to credits.

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