MLW Fusion #131 Results

MLW Fusion #131 Results

Commentators Ray Flores and Saint Laurent welcome fans to the show. We kick things off with some high-flying action!

Laredo Kid vs. Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco soars over Laredo Kid just after the bell rings. Kid connects a kick. Kid sends Loco out of the ring with a perfect tilt-a-whirl takeover. Loco comes off the ropes with a springboard. Kid catches him in an arm drag. Loco then sends Kid out of the ring. Back in the ring, Loco wrenches on Kid’s neck with a front facelock. Both men exchange high-flying counters. Kid sends Loco out of the ring once again with a well-executed rana! He lands the same move again on the outside!

In the ring, Kid hooks the leg. Loco kicks out. Kid plants Kid’s shoulders on the mat and goes for another pin. Loco pops free. Kid rolls Loco out of the corner with a snapmare. Loco catches Kid from off the ropes with a Samoan Drop/inverted DDT combination for a near-fall! Loco ties Kid up on the mat. Loco connects two heavy chops before Kid ducks out of the third one. Loco takes to the skies with a somersault dive – crashing right on top of Kid! Loco catches Kid in two pins. Kid stays alive at two.

Loco climbs to the top but misses a moonsault attempt. Kid hits his bottom rope moonsault before soaring off the top. Loco catches Kid again with a massive slam for a two count. Both men trade blows in the corner. Loco and Kid meet up in the no man’s land distract. Both men crash into the mat with a beautiful hurricanrana from Kid. Kid gets the final say with a perfect Spanish Fly from off the top for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Laredo Kid

Still to come:

* An update on where Salina de la Renta is

* Richard Holliday in action

* Main Event: Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed for the Middleweight Championship

– Throughout the show, we look back on Rush-Reed’s first matchup where Rush won the title from Reed.

Backstage: Alex Hammerstone isn’t going to keep playing these mind games with Josef Samael. Hammerstone knows for a fact he will be the one to dethrone the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu from his two-year stranglehold on the belt.

– MLW will return to Dallas on Sep. 11 and Chicago on Nov. 6

Backstage: Alicia Atout reports that next week, MLW will hold an open draft for free agents and other athletes around the world. For more information on this and who gets recruited to MLW, head on over to their website and social media pages!

– In Kauai, Marshall Von Erich is proud of his brother Ross for defeating Dominic Garrini. Marshall, however, is disappointed with his loss against Tom Lawlor. He says his feud with Lawlor is far from over.

Non-Title Match: Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday vs. Ariel Dominguez

Ariel Dominguez ducks with a low roll as Richard Holliday approaches him in the corner. Holliday tosses Dominguez back into the ring from the apron and lands a nasty kick on the newcomer. Dominguez tries to push Holliday away. The Caribbean Champion drops Dominguez stomach first onto the mat before hitting his 2008 finisher.

Winner: Richard Holliday

Post-Match: Gino Medina interrupts Holliday’s interview. Median turns around and pretends to leave. The camera pans back over on Alicia Atout, and Medina ambushes the champion. He executes his DDT onto Holliday, who crashes head-first onto the hardwood floor.

Saint Laurent reveals who made it on this week’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s top-10 in the MLW World Heavyweight rankings.

10. Rocky Romero

9. Ross Von Erich

8. Calvin Tankman

7. Myron Reed

6. Mil Muertes

5. Richard Holliday

4. Mads Krugger

3. Lio Rush

2. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

1. Alex Hammerstone

And now, the main event!

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush (c) vs. Myron Reed

Both men talk a little trash before Lio Rush pushes Myron Reed off of him. Both men square off. Reed holds the upper hand with a tight wrist lock. Rush rolls out. Next, they go for a test of strength with a knuckle lock. Rush and Reed trade wrist locks. Reed and Rush play a little mat psychology. Rush misses a basement cutter. Reed plants Rush on the mat with a dropkick. Reed counters Rush’s springboard cutter with a perfect guillotine leg drop.

Rush hits a 540 enziguri right in the back of Reed’s Reed retreats in the corner. Rush stays on top of him with a series of forearms. Reed misses a clothesline in the center of the ring. Rush counters it with a Russian leg sweep and then a side frog splash! Cover. Reed kicks out. Rush drives Reed into the mat again for another near-fall. Rush tries to wear Reed out with a facelock. Reed tries to regain position but falls on his knees, allowing Rush to hold Reed down.

Reed goes airborne with a well-scouted dive! The champion’s momentum is down. Reed capitalizes with a precise cutter for just a two count! Rush lands a few rapid fire strikes. Rush and Reed crash in the center of the ring with a reverse Spanish Fly from the champion! Cover. Reed pops out at two! Reed rises to his feet and lands a nasty headbutt to break up Rush’s slaps. On the outside, Rush takes Reed out with a textbook moonsault from off the ropes!

In the ring, Reed catches Rush with his basement cutter and turns it into a suplex. Reed flies off the ropes with a high-flying cutter! Cover. No! Rush stays alive at two! Rush chops Reed down with a kick to the hamstring. Reed rolls out of the way before Rush can land The Final Hour. Reed clocks Rush in the face. Rush fires back with a shot. Reed replies with an enziguri. On the outside again, Rush lands a reverse hurricanrana! Back in the ring, Rush soars down with The Final Hour. Will that be enough? No! Reed is still in this!

Rush takes off his tape. Rush hoists Reed up on his shoulders. Reed slides out. Reed backslides Rush. Reed catches Rush with the Capp’n Crunch followed by the No Cap Splash. Cover. 1-2-3. “The Young GOAT” reclaims his championship!

Winner & New MLW World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

In Boyle Heights: Salina de la Renta is taken into an office with the masked assailant who kidnapped her last week. A man is sitting behind the desk. He turns around. It’s Lucha Underground’s, Dario Cueto! Cueto said all he asked of Salina was to just obey his demands. He gets a phone call and tells the other person on the phone that on July 10, in Philadelphia, he’ll see whoever it is on the phone there.

That concludes the season finale of MLW Fusion.

MLW Fusion #131
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