AEW Dynamite Results – March 31, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results - March 31, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results – March 31, 2021 – J.R. introduces his broadcast partners Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary and then mentions how we have a big match to kick off this week’s show.

Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first match of the evening. The fans break out into “Let’s go Christian!” and “SCU!” dueling chants. After some early back-and-forth exchanges, the fans show the legend respect with a “You still got it!” chant.

Christian goes to work on the arm of Kazarian, who uses the ropes to flip out of the controlled position. He takes Christian down to the mat and goes to work on his arm now. Christian reverses into a side-head lock. Kazarian works his way back to his feet. Kazarian cuts Christian off coming off the ropes with a big elbow that knocks him through the ropes and onto the entrance ramp.

Kazarian goes out to add further punishment to Christian on the entrance ramp, but the wrestling legend cuts him off with a big punch to the jaw. Kazarian back-drops Christian back into the ring and goes back to work on him, blasting him with chops.

Frankie gets Christian back on the mat and is once again controlling the veteran performer with mat-based techniques and holds as the commentators promote some of the action still to come later in tonight’s show.

We see Christian fade after working his way back to his feet, as Kazarian is squeezing the life out of “Captain Charisma” in old-school wrestling fashion. Kazarian hits a few knees to the grill of Christian and then slams him down into the mat for a close near fall.

The match continues at this pace for several more minutes, as Kaz settles into a comfortable offensive lead as the fans try and rally behind “Captain Charisma” with “Let’s go Christian!” chants.

Kaz sits Christian on the top-rope and climbs up after him looking for a superplex. He hooks the arm, but Christian punches his way out of the hold. Kaz headbutts Christian and stands up on the top-rope. He hits a Flux Capaciter off the top-rope. That was completely and totally insane! He goes for the cover, but somehow Christian kicks out.

Christian starts to fight his way back into competitive form. He looks for the Killswitch Engage but doesn’t get it. He heads to the top-rope and connects with a frog splash for a close near fall of his own. The fans break out into a “This is awesome!” chant as both guys slowly make it back to their feet.

Once again we see Christian go for the Killswitch Engage, only for Kaz to avoid it. Kaz goes for a big move but Christian avoids it and sends Kaz into the ring post. He follows that up by finally connecting on his Killswitch Engage. 1-2-3. Christian pulls off a hard-earned victory in his AEW Dynamite in-ring debut to kick off this week’s show.

Winner: Christian Cage

Darby Allin With A Message For Matt Hardy

We see a black-and-white vignette starring “The Face of TNT” and the TNT Champion Darby Allin. He talks about “Big Money” Matt Hardy and how money changes everything. He says Hardy is going to have to earn Allin’s respect because his money doesn’t mean sh*t to him. A person behind a Hardy mask rides away and bursts into flames as the camera focuses in on the TNT Championship belt to wrap up the segment.

Jade Cargill With A Message For Red Velvet

When we return from the break, Jade Cargill talks to the camera as highlights of her action in AEW thus far are shown. She addresses Red Velvet and others saying she is that b*tch and no one can stop her.

Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall
(Special Guest Referee: Arn Anderson)

The two shake hands before getting down to business, as things are still on a respectful place at this point in the contest. The two lock-up and go to work. We see Marshall pull ahead into an offensive lead as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break and we see Cody working over QT. The commentators inform us that QT has been working over the still injured shoulder of “The American Nightmare.” As Cody continues to work over QT, he sets him up for a Figure Four Leg Lock but can’t go through with it. The commentators point out he promised not to break his leg in that particular hold in this match.

Cody continues to work over QT and has him in position for the Cross Rhodes, but again, he won’t do it. Now Marshall is sent to the outside of the ring. He refuses to be kind to the Nightmare Factory workers at ringside. He heads back in the ring as Cody sits on the middle ropes and holds them open for him. He walks right in the ring as Cody claps, and walks over and decks Arn Anderson for no reason.

Winner via DQ: Cody Rhodes

After The Match: QT Marshall & Nightmare Factory Students Attack…

Now we see Nightmare Factory students, such as Nick Comoroto and others fighting amongst each other, such as Billy Gunn and others. QT Marshall turns around and watches from the entrance ramp as all hell continues to break loose among the Nightmare Factory and Nightmare Family members. QT watches on and shakes his head in approval as they power bomb Lee Johnson from the ring to the entrance ramp.

QT walks over and steps on Marshall’s head to walk over him. He walks over and snaps the arm of Arn Anderson over the steel guard rail. We see the enormous Nick Comoroto pick up the steel steps and place them on the entrance ramp. Dustin Rhodes, who has been busted open in the melee, is placed on the ramp as well. QT Marshall stands on top of the steps as Tony Schiavone talks about him poisoning these students minds. He hits a piledriver on Dustin’s already bloody dome on top of the steel steps.

Now we hear QT call for Cody. The Olympic medalist in boxing unbuttons his shirt and hits some cheap shots as Nightmare Factory members hold Cody’s arms and leave him wide open. Cody is dropped and rolled out to QT, who puts his boot on the head of Cody while it’s laying on the steel steps. He hoists a steel chair up over his head but before he can swing it, out runs Brandi Rhodes pleading with him to stop, saying it’s his friend, asking him what he’s doing.

QT with a scary stare in his eyes simply drops the chair and walks off to the back with the rest of the students as Brandi screams for doctors to come help. We head to a commercial break on that note.

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky Ready To Take What They Want

We return to Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky talking about not getting the opportunities they deserve in AEW. Eventually we see they are sitting right next to each other saying the same thing. They say they’re gonna start taking everything they want starting this coming Monday.

We then are informed that Matt & Mike Sydal will take on Page and Sky on AEW Dark: Elevation on Monday, before we see highlights of what just transpired before the break with QT Marshall and the Nightmare Factory.

Jade Cargill Attacks Red Velvet

Backstage, we see Dasha Gonzalez standing by with Red Velvet who talks about having to do what she did and come to the rescue of Cody because no one else could. As she continues to talk, Jade Cargill appears and attacks her, knocking her down and beating on her. She complains about her heel being broken and then says she already told us that she’s that b*tch.

Jon Moxley With A Message To The Elite & Co.

From there we shoot to a backstage promo from Jon Moxley, who talks about his recent interaction with Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers and how he’s unsure where The Young Bucks stand.

Jon Moxley vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi and Mox brawl early on until the former AEW World Champion gets the bigger man grounded. He goes to work on his leg with a Dragon Screw. He steps over into a single-leg crab and yanks away at the leg of his larger opponent. He releases the hold and starts blasting Cezar with repeated kicks.

We see Ryan Nemeth, who is at ringside, get involved, as he grabs the boot of Mox. The distraction allows Bononi to take over control of the offense. He slams Mox down and goes to work on him as Schiavone talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring.

When we return from the break, we see Bononi hitting monster clotheslines on Mox. Mox avoids one and Bononi hits his knee in the corner. He’s walking softly on the leg afterwards as he goes to continue to add punishment to the former AEW World Champion.

Mox starts showing signs of life for the first time since before the break. He fires away at Bononi with punches. Bononi answers back with some of his own. Mox blasts Bononi with an open-handed slap, Stockton-style ala Nate Diaz. He sends Bononi to the top-rope and hits a superplex. He rolls over into a pin attempt, but Bononi kicks out.

Now we see Mox slap the cross arm-breaker on Bononi, but Ryan Nemeth hits the ring apron so Mox lets it go. He grabs Nemeth and hits his Paradigm Shift. He turns into an attack from Bononi, but he fights him off and jumps on his back, sinking in a rear-naked choke / sleeper-hold. Bononi fades and passes out. The ref calls for the bell. Mox wins.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Team Taz Laundry Aired Out In Public

We now shoot to a hotel room where Team Taz are shown sitting around talking. Taz addresses recent issues within Team Taz. He says it’s not as bad as everyone claims. Ricky Starks cuts him off and says he’ll take it from here. Taz says alright. Starks talks a bit cocky and Brian Cage loses his cool. He stands up and speaks his piece, leading to an argument between he and Starks. Taz calms the situation down and the segment ends.

The Inner Circle Brutally Beats Down The Pinnacle

We then shoot to The Pinnacle locker room. He talks about getting them an interior decorator. He says best of all they can get rid of this disgusting stench. He opens the door and we see Chris Jericho and members of The Inner Circle.

MJF shuts the door and turns around, telling The Pinnacle that they’ve got to go now. He goes to exit out the door on the other side of the locker room, only to see Jake Hager standing behind that one.

The brawl is on!

The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle start brawling. We see Sammy Guevara beating the holy hell out of Shawn Spears, slamming his head in a door. Now we see Jake Hager beating down Wardlow, chokeslamming him through a massage table.

Now the cameras are out back as we see Tully Blanchard get dropped and Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler knocked into an ice bath and beaten with a chair by Ortiz and Santana, whose wife-beater t-shirts are covered in blood. We see it is Dax Harwood who is bleeding profusely.

Finally, the camera shows Chris Jericho slugging away at MJF as he begs for mercy. Jericho takes MJF into the bathroom and beats him down, putting his head in the toilet and giving him an old-fashioned “swirlie” as he dunks it in the toilet water and flushes it.

He pulls MJF’s head out, leaves the bathroom and looks at him in the face. He tells him the worst is yet to come and then he smashes MJF’s head through a vending machine. He pours a drink on him and says “This is our room, b*tch!” He tells The Inner Circle to get him out of there. They drag his lifeless body out and then we see The Inner Circle slap their logo over The Pinnacle logo outside of the locker room.

Don Callis With Strong Words Towards Matt Jackson

Alex Marvez is shown standing by with the AEW World Tag-Team Champions The Young Bucks. He asks Nick and Matt Jackson about their recent interaction with Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.

They say they are tired of airing their business out in public every week. In walks Don Callis. We see him tell them to take a hike. He holds Matt Jackson back and says he needs to talk to him. He says he thought he loved Kenny Omega the same way he did. He says he chose him and his brother. He asks what he did last week. He says he chose to let Omega bleed like an animal when he didn’t have to. He says just like his dad. He asks if he’s so dead inside that he can’t feel anything for the people who love him. He says he doesn’t care if he likes him, just go count your money. He says he doesn’t know how to reach him because he’s so cold and dead inside. He reaches back and slaps the hell out of him. Matt fires up and grabs Callis by the shirt as Callis gets nervous that he crossed the line. Instead, Matt lets go and drops his head down and Callis realizes that he’s not going to do anything.

He asks him if that’s it and says he’s truly disgusted at him and walks off. We head to a commercial break on that note.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Laredo Kid & The Lucha Bros

The match gets kicked off with a bang, as Laredo Kid hits a big dive onto all three of his opponents on the floor. After another high spot, we see a triple super kick spot in the ring.

The dust settles and it is AEW World Champion Kenny Omega who finds himself on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown, as Laredo Kid and The Lucha Bros take turns tagging in-and-out, keeping fresh guys on the champ at all times and dominating the action here in the early goings.

After this lasts for a few minutes, we see the offensive momentum finally shift into the favor of the heel trio, with Doc Gallows playing a large part in using his size-and-strength to help get the offensive control of the contest on his side of the ring.

With that in mind, Omega tags back in and adds insult to injury, delivering further punishment before bringing the large man from The Good Brothers back in to lay an additional beating on his smaller opposition. On that note, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring with this featured AEW Trios bout.

We’re back from the break and we see Omega and The Good Brothers are still in the offensive driver’s seat in this bout, however Laredo Kid and The Lucha Bros are starting to show signs of life as they fight their way back into competitive form in this match.

The masked stars start using their high-flying offense, with some big dives from the ring to the floor and even some top-rope splashes and flips to the trio on the ground at ringside. We head back in the ring where Omega is blocked from attempting his V-Trigger. He is also stopped from an attempt at hitting his One Winged Angel.

Rey Fenix heads to the top rope with Omega grounded. He misses his high spot and eats a V-Trigger to the grill for his efforts. Omega follows that up by successfully hitting the One-Winged Angel that only one man has ever kicked out of and that was all she wrote. The Good Brothers have to help Omega to his feet after the match, but these three pick up the win and Don Callis quickly leaves his spot at the commentary table to join his men in the ring to celebrate their victory.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers

After The Match: Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks Arrive

Callis is celebrating with Omega and Gallows & Anderson in the ring, out of the blue, Jon Moxley makes his way out of the regular entrance tunnel wearing a leather jacket. Mox makes his way down to the ring and so too do The Young Bucks eventually. We see a big staredown between the three men outside of the ring and the three men in it, or four if you count Callis, of course. Eventually, Matt Jackson, who is still holding his jaw following the slap from Callis, enters the ring along with Nick Jackson and Jon Moxley, and this quickly results in Omega and The Good Brothers exiting the ring through the other side.

Dr. Britt Baker & Rebel With A Message

Now we shoot backstage to Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel, who have a special message to deliver. They talk about their recent action on AEW Dynamite and bring up their ongoing issues with former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rose and others. Baker and Rebel delivers a message to Rosa, noting things are not over between them following their brutal unsanctioned lights out first-ever women’s main event on AEW Dynamite a few weeks ago.

Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose & The Bunny

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next bout here on the show. We see Shida and Conti jump off to an early offensive lead. The action spills out to the floor where Shida blasts The Bunny with a big running knee-lift. Back in the ring, she goes for the cover, but it is broken up.

Rose and The Bunny start to shift the offensive momentum in their favor now as Nyla Rose uses her size-and-strength to dominate Shida. As the heel duo establishes their roles in the offensive driver’s seat several minutes into this match, the commentators talk us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring.

We’re back from the break and we see the action is still ongoing in the ring between Conti and The Bunny, however all hell breaks loose at ringside between members of The Dark Order and “Big Money” Matt Hardy and some of his guys. We see a false-finish in the ring broken up by Rose. Shida hits a big dive onto the entire pile of bodies on the floor. They catch her but Conti follows up with a splash off the top as well to take the entire pile down.

Back in the ring we see The Bunny has a kendo stick. Vickie Guerrero distracts the ref while The Bunny blasts Conti with the kendo stick. She follows that up with her Down The Rabbit Hole finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Nyla Rose & The Bunny

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

Before the main event of the week gets underway, we head to another pre-match commercial time-out with our highly-anticipated Arcade Anarchy headliner waiting for us on the other side of the break.

We’re back from the break and things get underway with a bang, as “The Freshly Squeezed One” and his former butler tag-team partner of The Best Friends immediately get after it, taking it to “The Best Man” and the newly-married Sabian here in the early goings.

It doesn’t take long before some video games come into play, as the match spills out to the floor and we see some spots taking place on the aforementioned “Whack-A-Mole” arcade game. Now as the match settles in a bit, we see Miro and Sabian pull ahead into the offensive lead, as they pummel their opposition with ease at this point as the fans try to rally behind their popular foes.

Now the match heads to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues in-and-out of the ring with bodies and pieces of arcade video games laying all over the place.

When we return from the break we see Cassidy and Sabian start to turn up the intensity level a bit, as they get a hold of some kendo sticks and proceed to pummel the living holy-hell out of “The Best Man” Miro. They smash him through a couple of arcade games and bury him under all of the rubble.

In the ring, we see Cassidy hit his Beach Break spot on Sabian. He goes for the win there, but Sabian hangs on. Now Cassidy goes back to work on Sabian and moments later, he catches him with his Orange Punch finisher. He goes for the cover again, but this time we see Penelope Ford yank her husband out of the ring to break up the pin attempt.

This leads to Cassidy heading out of the ring to go after them. We see Penelope Ford walk over until she gets in front of one of the arcade games. Out of nowhere, Kris Statlander appears and breaks through the inside of the game. She attacks Penelope Ford and puts her through something in a big spot.

After the commentators finish reacting to the unexpected surprise return of Kris Statlander, noting she has never looked better, we see that “The Best Man” Miro has recovered from the two-on-one beatdown with weapons he found himself on the wrong end of earlier in the bout.

Miro is on a complete-and-total path of destruction now, as he is taking out any-and-everything that moves. He grabs a steel chair and is now beating and pummeling the hell out of Cassidy and Taylor with it. Miro starts to set up a table at the ringside area. We see Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy crawling out of Daily’s Place where they reach the area Mox makes his special entrance, as well as the entrance from many moons ago made by a certain van.

That’s right folks!

The van has re-appeared, as Trent’s mom has arrived with her son by her side. She pulls up in her infamous van and out pops Trent, the other half of The Best Friends. He runs past Chuck and Cassidy crawling on the ground and goes after Miro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Miro to turn the tables on him and now he finds himself on the wrong end of a vicious beatdown from “The Best Man.”

Miro has seemingly snapped now, as he has locked his sights on Trent’s mom’s van. He starts heading over towards the van. He pounds on the hood as he locks eyes with Trent’s mom. Thankfully, Trent has recovered and is now back over near his mom’s van. He attacks Miro from behind but again it doesn’t take long for Miro to switch things into his favor. He lays Trent out over the hood of a car and heads over and grabs a weapon.

He goes over to smash the weapon onto Trent, however he moves and now he smashes Miro with some weaponary before putting him through some nearby glass in a big spot. This is followed up by Chuck Taylor hitting his running power slam on Kip Sabian off of the entrance ramp / staging area and through a table down below. He covers him. 1-2-3. The first-ever Arcade Anarchy is officially in the books and your winners are none other than Chuck Taylor and “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, with the returning Trent of The Best Friends there to celebrate along with them as their music plays.

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

After The Match: Kris Statlander & The Best Friends Give The People Want They Want

They give the fans what they want, as they give us a big Best Friends Hug. Kris Statlander re-joins them in the ring and she takes part in a second Best Friends Hug / best hug ever. Trent’s mom honks the horn on her van and sticks her thumbs up out the driver’s side window as this week’s excellent episode of AEW Dynamite goes off the air on that note.

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