AEW Dynamite Results – October 21, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results - October 21, 2020

An updated signature opening video starts off this week’s show. We head inside Daily’s Place as Jim Ross welcomes us to the show, along with his broadcast partners Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

World Title Eliminator Tournament (Quarterfinal Match)
Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy

The rest of Jurassic Express accompany Jungle Boy to the ring but then go and sit out in the crowd. Jungle Boy tries to lockup with Wardlow but he uses his power to toss the much smaller Jack Perry to the side. Wardlow gets Jungle Boy in a Waistlock and tosses him aside again.

Jungle Boy slaps Wardlow and then dropkicks Wardlow and ducks a Big Boot attempt. Jungle Boy chop blocks the knee of Wardlow and then dropkicks it before connecting with a Flying Boot. Jungle Boy hits an Enziguri and then sidesteps a charging Wardlow sending him to the floor. Jungle Boy goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Wardlow catches him in midair.

Jungle Boy escapes Wardlow’s grasp and kicks Wardlow in the face before diving off the apron right into a Powerbomb into the ring post from Wardlow. Back in the ring, Wardlow puts the boots to the much smaller Jungle Boy before getting the first nearfall of the match. Wardlow hits a pair of Release Vertical Suplexes sending Jungle Boy clear across the ring.

Wardlow hits a series of shoulder blocks in the corner followed by a European Uppercut and then a series of stomps. Jungle Boy tries to fight out of the corner but Wardlow drops him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for another nearfall. Wardlow misses a clothesline and Jungle Boy tries to catch him with a Crucifix but Wardlow blocks it and goes for a Powerbomb. Jungle Boy attempts to counter with a Rana but Wardlow blocks it and then tosses Jungle Boy off of him and kills him with a Lariat for a nearfall.

Wardlow sits Jungle Boy up on the top rope and goes for his finish but Jungle Boy fights him off and kicks Wardlow in the face. Jungle Boy hits a series of elbows and forearms and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick knocking Wardlow to the outside. Jungle Boy hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes followed by a Tope Suicida sending Wardlow into the barricade.

Wardlow rolls back in the ring and Jungle Boy hits a Springboard Tornado DDT for a nearfall of his own. Jungle Boy goes to the top but Wardlow nips up and cuts Jungle Boy off. Wardlow climbs up with him and goes for a Super F10 but Jungle Boy counters into a Super Rana! Jungle Boy hits a Backstabber and then climbs to the top with a Flying Knee Drop for a nearfall.

Wardlow rolls out onto the ramp to get away from Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy dives out onto only for Wardlow to catch him and then F10 him over the top rope back into the ring! Wardlow hits a second F10 for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow

Footage of Eddie Kingston continuing to berate Jon Moxley after Dynamite went off the air. A passionate Kingston screams that Moxley sold out and says that he told Kingston when he signed his contract with WWE that the “inmates would run the asylum” but he left Kingston behind. Kingston said that Moxley found himself a beautiful wife while Kingston’s only love was pro wrestling and it did nothing but abuse him. He says that Moxley will pay for leaving him behind. Moxley vs. Kingston in an I Quit Match is announced for Full Gear, with the title on the line.

Jon Moxley says that when Kingston signed a contract with AEW no one was happier than him because no one knows better than him what Kingsotn has been through. He says he loved Kingston and true friends are hard to come from. Moxley says he doesn’t know the guy that Kingston has become, a whiny, bitter person that thinks the world owes him. He says he won’t apologize for his success or for being able to buy his mother a house.

Moxley says that he’s always had Kingston’s back until now. He says that Kingston keeps screaming that he never tapped or quit in their match before but at Full Gear either Kingston will tap and he will get his friend back or he will end Kingston!

World Title Eliminator Tournament Quarterfinals
Kenny Omega vs. Sonny Kiss

Omega gets a super long introduction from Justin Roberts where he lists all sorts of outlandish accomplishments – like “Kenny Omega once wrestled in North Carolina – and then two girls in swimsuits come out with brooms to dance as Omega is introduced. Omega immediately obliterates Sonny Kiss with a V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel for the pin!

Winner: Omega

Omega helps Kiss up after the match and is super over the top hugging Kiss and raising his hand in almost a mocking fashion.

Earlier today Tony Schiavone interviewed Orange Cassidy and OC says that sometimes things just don’t go your way, and that’s about all Tony can get out of him.

Also earlier today, Cody Rhodes is shown arriving in a limousine as Dasha approaches him and Arn. Cody says he isn’t surprised AEW wants a rematch and he says he is hearing rumors of a stipulation that will be added but says it doesn’t matter because OC can’t beat him. Cody talks about the weight he has gained recently and says he needed to add weight and muscle to keep up with some of the bigger guys in AEW.

Kingston mocks Jon Moxley but wants to talk about his family members – Penta and Fenix – because unlike Moxley he doesn’t forget about his family. He says that they will show everyone why they are the best luchadors on the planet, and later Butcher and Blade will go on to take out FTR and get those tag belts.

Kingston says what Moxley said in his promo was all true but his response is that he had to become an angry lying snake. He says he can’t look in the mirror because he hates what he has become but he says he had to become this way because the ends justify the means. He says when he wasn’t this way he got nothing but now he has a shot at the World Title in an I Quit Match. He says he has never quit at anything and Moxley will have to go to a really dark place in this match and he lives in that place.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Quarterfinals
Rey Fenix vs. Penta el Cero M

This is the first time these two have faced each other in AEW but they have wrestled each other dozens of times over the years. When they first broke into the business they wrestled each other constantly in trios matches. They shake hands to start off and hug before circling one another.

Fenix gets Penta in a Side Headlock and then takes him down but they quicken the pace and exchange beautiful armdrags. Penta then catches Fenix with a Wheelbarrow Rollup and locks Fenix in an Ankle Lock. Fenix rolls through to break the hold and then attempts a backdrop but Penta stops and goes for the Fear Factor, but Fenix blocks it and misses a Hook Kick.

Penta attempts a Sling Blade but Fenix blocks it and goes for the Springboard Cutter but Penta blocks it and then kicks the hell out of his brother repeatedly. Fenix counters one of the kicks with a rollup and then goes for a Roudn Kick only for Penta to roll him up. They exchange a series of nearfalls and then get into each other’s faces.

Fenix and Penta break out into a chop contest until Fenix shoves his brother and then goes for a springboard move right into a Superkick for a nearfall. Fenix rolls to the apron and Penta grabs him for a Fear Factor but Fenix blocks it and kicks Penta to the floor. Fenix hits an unreal Double Spring Tornillo onto Penta on the floor!

Fenix attempts to do the Running Punt on the ropes but Penta shakes the ropes causing Fenix to crash and burn. Penta starts working on his brother’s legs with a bunch of kicks and then he chokes Fenix in the ropes. Fenix rolls out to the floor and Penta traps his arm against the ring post and kicks it before tossing him into the barricade.

Penta turns Fenix’s chest in hamburger meat with a few more nasty chops and then goes to chop him again but Fenix ducks and Penta’s hand hits the ring post. Fenix hits a Roundhouse Kick and then charges at him but Penta backdrops him only for Fenix to use the ropes and the apron to do a headstand and then eat a disgusting Superkick from Penta.

Back in the ring, they exchange strikes and then Penta hits a Pump Kick followed by a Springboard Sling Blade for a nearfall. Penta lifts Fenix up to the top and kicks him before climbing up with him. Fenix fights him off and hits a Super Flying Headscissors off the top! Penta hits a weird looking Rolling DDT move, I think it may have been a botch, for a nearfall.

Penta goes for a Powerbomb but Fenix blocks it and hits a Superkick of his own for a nearfall. Fenix puts Penta in a Wristlock and then slides through the rope and slams Penta into the turnbuckles. He goes for a springboard move but Penta kicks his legs out from under him. Penta then climbs up with Fenix only to eat a Spanish Fly! 1…2…NO Penta kicks out!

Penta gets pissed off and dares his brother to hit him but Penta ducks and then catches a Rana attempt into a Powerbomb for a nearfall. They did that spot in their first match against one another in Lucha Underground. Penta does the Armbreaker on his brother! As Fenix screams in pain, Penta hesitates before telling him that he was sorry and then hits the ropes only to fly right into a Mexican Destroyer from Fenix for the pin!

Winner: Fenix

Alex Marvez interviews Colt Cabana and members of the Dark Order backstage about their matches tonight. Alex Reynolds says that if Broide Lee taught them anything it is to seize every opportunity they get. Colt Cabana says that they will win the tag titles and he is on a mission to become the World Champion. He claims he feels no pressure tonight but John Silver freaks out on him and says the entire Dark Order is under pressure. John Silver says that the entire Dark Order is going to be ringside for the TNT Title Match next week.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Quarterfinals
Colt Cabana vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Page and Cabana exchange some chain wrestling until Page decks Cabana with a Forearm Smash. Page hits a Running Forearm but Cabana hits one of his own only to eat a Cowboy Kick from Page and then a Standing Shooting Star Press for a nearfall.

Page and Cabana exchange some chops and Page hits a Springboard Clothesline sending Cabana to the floor. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Cabana on the floor and then rolls him back in the ring and gets a nearfall.

Page hits a Fall Away Slam and then kips up to his feet and runs right into an Elbow Smash from Cabana. Cabana hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover followed by a series of jabs. Cabana hits the Atomic Elbow and then tries to slide through Page’s legs but Page stops him only for Cabana to roll him up for a nearfall.

Cabana goes for the Flying Apple but Page catches him and hits a German Suplex for a nearfall. Page hits a Roaring Elbow knocking Cabana to the floor and then goes to the top only for Cabana to shove him off causing Page to crash hard onto the apron. Cabana dives off the apron with a Splash onto Page on the floor!

Cabana rolls Page back into the ring and then goes for a Flying Splash off the top but Page rolls out of the way and then hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall. Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Cabana cuts him off and then sweeps his leg causing Page to crash on the apron again. Cabana drags Page up to the top for the Chicago Skyline but Page blocks it and attempts the Buckshot Lariat. Cabana ducks it and catches Cabana in the Superman Rollup for a nearfall. Page fakes Cabana out with a Buckshot Lariat attempt and then connects with it for the pin.

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

The Dark Order come out and help Cabana up and help him to the back.

A video package highlights the feud between Sammy Guevara and Matthew Hardy.

Taz walks out with Team Taz and addresses that he offered Will Hobbs a spot in Team Taz and says that he better come up with a decision soon before he sicks Cage on him. Taz says that Darby Allin doesn’t deserve a shot at the TNT Title and says that Tony Khan told him that if Ricky Starks had beaten Allin a few weeks ago he would get the shot. Taz is pissed off because he says Allin cheated and asks why Allin gets everything he wants. Taz asks what about Cage and Starks.

Starks says that he has consistently showed off in AEW only to have the rug pulled out from under him. He says someone will pay for Allin stealing his title shot and that person will be Allin. He promises that when they meet again he will put Allin “in the grave” and calls him a “half face painted little bitch.”

Chris Jericho and MJF are having their steak dinner after MJF orders a well done steak, Jericho orders one medium well. MJF responds by changing his to medium and Jericho changes his to medium rare. MJF decides he wants his steak rare in that case, so Jericho says he wants his “extra bloody rare.”

Jericho questions why MJF is being so rude and then they talk about MJF joining the Inner Circle. They stop arguing when they make fun of Orange Cassidy together. MJF tells Jericho to picture them together and then they do a weird singing number together like it is an old sitcom or something.

MJF and Jericho have their steaks served and both are disgusted by how rare they are.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Kilynn King

Baker takes King down and puts her in a headlock but King counters into a wristlock. Baker counters and gets a nearfall and the two chain wrestle some. Baker goes for the Lockjaw but King counters into a rollup. Baker gets back up and Curb Stomps King before hitting a series of knee strikes. Baker rolls King up for a nearfall and then hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckles.

Baker pulls King out onto the apron and twists her arm around the ring post. King comes back with a Roundhouse Kick but Baker blocks a German Suplex and then hits a Sling Blade followed by an Evenflow DDT. Baker hits a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker followed by the Curb Stomp. Baker puts King in the Lockjaw and she taps out.

Winner: Baker

Darby Allin is with Steve-O from Jackass and does the “Body Bag Roll In” where he puts himself in a body bad and then rolls off a skateboard ramp for… reasons.

AEW Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Four-Way
The Butcher & The Blade vs. The Young Bucks vs. Private Party vs. The Beaver Boys

During AEW Dark Allie was reintroduced to The Butcher & The Blade as Eddie Kingston brought her back into the fold. All four teams take turns going at each other on but the Bucks seem to always end up getting the best of each in the end.

Quen takes everyone out with dropkicks and then hits a Tope Suicida onto Reynolds on one side and then Silver on the other before hitting a Somersault Plancha onto one of the Bucks. Butcher and Blade cut Quen off from doing another dive but Quen ends up hitting a Shooting Star Press on Blade anyway for a nearfall.


Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy brawled to the back during the break. Silver goes nuts with all kinds of kicks and dives on to everyone! Silver attempts a Ghetto Stomp on Quen but he moves and then eats a series of kicks from the Beaver Boys. They hit a crazy Stunner/German Suplex combo for a nearfall but the Bucks broke it up.

Beaver Boys go for a Double Suplex but Quen blocks it and hits an Enziguri on Silver and then make sthe hot tag to Kassidy. Kassidy hits Silly String on Reynolds followed up by a Frog Splash/Guillotine Leg Drop combo from Private Party for a nearfall. The Bucks broke up the pin attempt again.

Blade tags himself in and the Butcher and Blade kill Kassidy with a Full Death but the Bucks once again break up the pin attempt. The Bucks send Butcher to the floor and then double team Blade. Nick Jackson kicks The Beaver Boys into next week and then connects with a Bulldog/Clothesline combo on them. Nick Jackson Punts Private Party off the apron and then hits a Tornillo on Butcher and Blade on the outside!

The Bucks give Butcher a Superkick Party and then hit a Meltzer Driver/Senton combo on Kassidy and Butcher at the same time for a nearfall but all the other teams broke it up. Kassidy surprises Matt Jackson with a cradle for a nearfall and then tries to tag Quen but Nick pulls him off the apron. Nick pulls everyone else off the apron and then The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but Quen pulls Nick off the apron and Kassidy rolls Matt up. Matt reverses the pin and earns the three-count! That finish was a call back to the tag tournament last year.

Winners: The Young Bucks

FTR come down and offer beers to the Bucks but they slap them away and then someone wearing a mask hits them with a chair. The person helps FTR hit a Spike Piledriver on Matt Jackson. They wrap a chair around Matt’s leg and Cash dives off the top onto it. The man pulls his mask off and it is Tully Blanchard.

We go to credits.

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