AEW All Out Results – September 5, 2020

AEW All Out Results - September 5, 2020

During The Buy In Show, Joey Janela defeats Serpentico and Private Party defeats The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver.

You can watch the Buy In Show in the embedded video below.

AEW All Out Opener:

Jim Ross introduces the show. There were crowd shots shown with fans wearing masks. The commentary team goes through the card for the PPV.

Big Swole vs. Dr. Britt Baker – Tooth and Nail Match

We see Big Swole arriving. She checked in with Reba and laid her out. Swole explores and found a bloody dentist’s chair. Britt stalked her and finally attacked her, breaking her framed diploma over Swole’s head. They brawled. Reba tried to shoot water on Swole. Britt and Swole brawled outside. Reba helped Britt. Britt nailed a DDT on Swole atop a dumpster but Swole fought back and tossed Reba into a dumpster. Baker grabbed a crutch and nailed Swole across the back with it, then ran back into the office. Swole caught up with her and smashed her face into the wall. Britt complained she just had her nose fixed. Swole went for a brainbuster but Britt turned it into a neckbreaker for a two count.

Swole made a comeback and they battled back and forth with forearms in a hallway. Swole nailed a big pumpkick for a two count. They battled into one of the offices. Britt tried to use a syringe of novacaine on Swole but she forced her to inject herself. Britt’s leg was numb and she couldn’t get away. Swole punched Reba through another framed diploma and put Britt to sleep using anaesthetia. She ripped up the degree.

Winner, Big Swole!

The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express

Matt and Jungle Boy started out strong with LOTS of fast paced back and forth moves and reversals before they faced off. Nick and Luchasaurus tagged in. The Bucks tried to use dropkicks to take him down and finally did so with a bulldog/dropkick combo, scoring a one count. The Bucks tried to double-team him but Saurus caught Nick and powerbombed him onto Matt.

Jungle Boy hit a dive onto Nick on the apron, Matt caught him with a Northern Lights suplex and made his way across the ring. They went over the ropes to the floor, where it continued and Matt nailed one over the guard rail, leaving Jungle Boy on the floor, where he was almost counted out. When he returned, Matt locked in a front facelock, trying to wear him down.

The Jurassic Express cut off Matt Jackson and doubleteamed him. He was out on his feet so Nick nailed Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy hit a dive to the floor on Nick. Matt was sent to the floor. Luchasaurus nailed a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Matt Jackson wiped out Marko Stunt with a superkick. The crowd booed him for that. The Bucks began double-teaming Jungle Boy, showing some aggression. They draped him on the ropes. Matt nailed a swanton across his back for a two count.

Jungle Boy escaped an double team and tricked Matt into kicking Nick. They went for the Meltzer Driver but Luchasaurus broke up the attempt. They nailed Nick with Extinction Level Event but Matt broke up the pinfall. Matt was tossed into the first row. Luchasaurus hit a springboard bodypress into the crowd, wiping out everyone around him. Jungle Boy dove into the ring but Nick superkicked him on the way down for a two count. The Bucks nailed the Superkick Party for a two count. The announcers put over Jungle Boy for kicking out. They nailed the BTE double knee strike and scored the pin.

Winners, The Young Bucks!

Casino Battle Royal

The first competitors were Trent Beretta, Jake Hager, Christopher Daniels, The Butcher and Rey Fenix.

The second group of competitors were Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana and Ortiz. Santana and Ortiz immediately attacked Chuck Taylor and beat him on the floor. Trent nailed a tope suicida to the floor. Everyone battled.

The third group were Billy Gunn, Penta (no longer Pentagon Jr.), Ricky Starks, Brian Cage. Cage immediately pressed and tossed Gunn over the top. Darby Allin was the last one out and he drilled Team Taz with a skateboard. Allin tossed Fenix. Big pop for Darby from the live crowd.

The fourth group saw Shawn Spears walk out. He joined the announcers instead of heading to the ring. The others were The Butcher and Eddie Kingston They began beating everyone down. Sonny Kiss was next. The final member of the group was Lance Archer, who started mauling everyone. Sonny Kiss tossed out Hager, which was put over as a big shock. Kiss was tossed out and Hager nailed them on the way out.

The Best Friends and Ortiz and Santana continued to battle each other. Archer grabbed Beretta and tossed him to the floor.

The final competitor was Matt Sydal, making his AEW debut. He went for a move off the top on Hobbs but slipped and crashed down to the mat. Kazarian grabbed him and they battled. Everyone battled. Kazarian was sent out. Sydal tried to take down Butcher with a series of kicks. Cage was nailed with a big German suplex. Cage lariated Archer but was nailed by Allin. Allin dumped Starks after Cage accidentally nailed his own partner. Starks dragged Allin under the ropes and rammed him into the ring post. Starks pulled out a bodybag. Cage poured tacks into it. They placed Allin into the bodybag. Well, that’s pretty original. They locked Allin inside it. Cage charged and threw Allin out of the ring onto the entrance ramp.

Everyone battled. Sydal nailed a series of kicks on Cage. He nailed a stomp off the ropes onto Spears, who was on the apron and crashed to the floor. Hobbs nailed a BIG spinebuster on Sydal. He looked impressive. Archer and Hobbs battled. Hobbs got a big shot in but Archer MURDERHAWKED him with a lariat.

Cage and Archer faced off and began brawling back and forth. Hobbs and Cage brawled to the apron. Archer knocked them off to the floor. The final four were Kingston, Butcher, Archer and Sydal. Butcher hit a high cross bodyblock on Archer. Archer and Sydal tossed Butcher. Kingston was nailed by Sydal with a big DDT. Archer nailed Sydal with Blackout and went to chokeslam him over the top. Sydal was knocked off the apron by Kingston.

Kingston and Archer battled on the apron. Butcher and Blade tried to knock Archer off the top. Jake showed Kingston a bag holding a snake and Kingston was apparently scared. In the end, Kingston was tossed off the apron onto his associates.

Winner, Lance Archer!

Archer earns a future AEW title shot.

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara – Broken Rules

They started in the stadium. Matt Hardy called for Guevara to face his deletion like a man. Guevara drove up in a cart and tried to run over Hardy, but he got out of the way and Guevara crashed it. Hardy worked him over and nailed a DDT on a big table. Referee Aubrey Edwards began counting him down.

The brawled towards a merchandise table. Hardy placed him on and raised the scissor lift. Hardy went for a Side Effect off it onto a table but Guevara tacked him off and they crashed through the table. It looked like they overshot it and the announcers said Hardy hit his head on the concrete, which may have actually been the case.

Guevara took his time taking off his jacket before demanding Hardy be counted down. Hardy got up and was grabbed by Guevara. Hardy was wobbling and didn’t seem to have his legs under him. He nailed a DDT of sorts. Edwards called for a referee and Doc Sampson ran over and demanded te match be stopped. Hardy finally got up and demanded Guevara continue his deletion. They rang the bell. Hardy continued to stalk Guevara, who they showed being escorted away by other officials.

The announcers spent some time talking. Hardy found Guevara and attacked him as they brawled towards the ring. Justin Roberts said there must be a winner, so I guess the match is back on. They battled onto the entrance stage, exchanging blows. Guevara started climbing scaffolding. Hardy followed. Hardy knocked him off and Guevara crashed through the stage. Guevara was counted out.

Winner, Matt Hardy!

I may be wrong here but my guess is they called an audible to continue and go right for their originally planned finish.

NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa vs. AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida

They faced at the bell. The crowd chanted for Shida. Early on, Rosa tried to work over Shida’s arm. Shida escaped but missed a knee strike. They had a nice back and forth until Rosa drilled her with a big knee. They faced off and battled back and forth with chops.

Rosa took control and worked over Shida with knees and strikes. She nailed a series of chops in the corner. Shida was sent into the corner, nailed with a big knee strike and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Rosa continued the assault on the apron and the floor before putting Shida near the ring post and pulling her back to wrap her around it. Rosa nailed a running kick for a two count. Rosa continued to control Shida, scoring near falls. Shida finally ducked a move and locked on a sleeper before cinching it in a full rear naked choke. Rosa countered it into a swinging pendulum. She drove Shida’s head into the buckles.

Shida makes a comeback but is unable to score a three count. She went for a Falcon Arrow but Rosa rolled through for a two count. Rosa nailed a leaping clothesline in the corner, then drilled her knees into Shida’s collarbones. Rosa nailed a leaping dropkick. Shida rolled outside to the entrance ramp. She wanted to go for a DVDR on the stage but Shida slipped behind her and shoved her into the ring post. Rosa was placed on the top but battled back and ended up indeed getting the DVDR, this time on the apron.

Rosa shoved Shida into the ring and scored a two count. They battled back to the stage. Shida came off the ropes with a Meteora on the stage. She had tweeted CIMA a few days ago asking for permission to use that move. Rosa was almost counted out but returned to the ring at the last time. They battled back and forth with some physical knees and forearms. Shida fired back with a leaping skill. Rosa caught her with a German suplex but Shida popped up and nailed the Falcon Arrow. Rosa kicked up at one.

Rosa caught her with a forward roll for a two count. Shida snatched her in a Stretch Muffler. Rosa tried to escape but her arms were grabbed. She finally made it to the ropes. Rosa nailed a backstabber for another two count. Rosa applied a Raynara but as she spun, Shida rolled her up for a two count. Shida nailed a series of elbow strikes. She nailed an over the knee backbreaker for a two count. They continued to battle until Shida scored the three count after a shining wizard.

– Alex Marvez interviewed Kip Sabian backstage. He and Penelope Ford announced they are getting married and they aren’t going to have any wedding. They are going ALL OUT on AEW Dynamite. He said his best man is going to be revealed this Wednesday. He said it’s not just his best man but THE Best Man. He plugged his Twitch at the end and AEW ran a graphic saying the Twitch was approved by AEW. That’s funny.

The Dark Order (TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson, and Evil Uno) vs. The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall), Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona

Winner and still AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida!

Everyone brawled. It settled down with Evil Uno getting worked over by The Nightmare Family as they tagged in and out. Marshall chased Uno around the ring but was besieged by the Order. Cabana tagged in and fired away with forearm smashes. Cabana sent Marshall into the corner and did a flip bump out and back in, where he was nailed by Grayson and peppered with right hands. Marshall was worked over for a long time,. Dustin Rhodes wanted to hit the ring to help but the referee prevented it. That allowed The Dark Order to continue beating on Marshall.

Marshall finally made the hot tag to Cardona, who began cleaning houses. Ryder caught Cabana with a missile dropkick. He backdropped Grayson and covered him but Lee draped it over the ropes, preventing a three count. Cabana locked on a side chinlock, working over Cardona. Cabana nailed the jawjacker. Grayson tagged in with a jumping kneedrop. He and Uno worked over Cardona.

Dustin finally tags in and looks awesome with powerslams and an inverted atomic drop. Dustin nailed a Canadian Destroyer on Cabana. Anna Jay tried to nail Sky but he blocked it and Brandi nailed a big pump kick on her. Sky nailed Lee and went for a dive but Grayson grabbed him for a chokeslam. Sky escaped and nailed a TKO. Uno broke up the pinfall. Cardona nailed the Rough Ryder on Grayson, then nailed one on Uno. They are calling that move Radio Silence. He nailed a flip dive to the floor but was caught and powerbombed by Lee.

Cabana went for the Flying Apple (former a-hole) but missed and crashed to the floor. Marshall went for a Diamond Cutter but was shoved off and double-teamed by Grayson and Uno. Cabana nailed a big sideslam for a two count. Brodie and Dustin battled in the middle. Lee crushed him with a big lariat. Cabana missed a moonsault and was rolled up by Dustin for the pin. The idea was that Lee had Dustin beaten but Cabana went for a move and blew it for the Dark Order.

Winners, The Nightmare Family!

Lee was angry and began shoving Cabana, screaming at him. He said he set up Cabana with a win and he blew it. The Dark Order abandoned Cabana in the ring. Evil Uno remained and tried to console Cabana.

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes was interviewed. He said they had five decades worth of experience tonight and they did it for Cody. He said Cody will be back soon and will get hit title back. Tony Schiavone said that he just learned from Tony Khan has given him a title shot at Brodie Lee this Wednesday. Rhodes said it’s been a long time since he has had gold and then cut easily the best promo of the night, saying he was coming for the belt. It was old school and full of fire.

AEW World Tag Team Championship – Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. FTR

Omega went right after FTR. They battled back and forth and this was really good right out of the gate. FTR cut off Page and worked him over with some old school tag team psychology, right down to blind tags and the referee missing a tag to Omega, leading to more destruction of Page. Page finally drilled Dax Harwood and made the tag. Omega nailed a series of Polish Hammers and a discus shot. Hargood went to attack him but Omega sidestepped him so Cash Wheeler got drilled again.

Omega started hitting a series of big moves for a two count. He nailed a big flip dive to the floor on FTR. Omega grabbed Wheeler and tried for a gutwrench suplex. FTR cut him off and began whipping out synchronized double team maneuvers faster than you could spell Midnight Express. They knocked Page off the apron and continued working over Omega. They placed him atop the ropes.

Omega finally made a comeback and scored a two count with Tiger Driver ’98. Hardwood regained control and locked on a figure four leglock, using the ropes for leverage. They continued working over Omega. Omega kicked Harwood off another figure four leglock attempt but sent him into Page, knocking Page to the floor. Page ducked a charge and Harwood hit the buckles hard. Page tagged in and began cleaning house, including a leaping clothesline on Hardwood.

Wheeler nailed him with a back elbow and came off the ropes but was caught with a Fall Away Slam. Page knocked them to the floor. He was going for a moonsault but FTR moved to another corner, so he hit a flip down onto them. FTR regained control and nailed a double flying headbutts. They all battled. FTR did the double decker bulldog off the apron to the floor on Omega, the Steiners’ old finisher.

They battled back and forth. Page nailed a gutwrench superplex for a two count. Page missed the Buckshot Lariat but grabbed Wheeler for Kenny. Omega accidentally nailed his own partner with the V-Trigger but immediately was hit with a chop block. Omega reached out to Page but Omega was removed. They nailed Page with a spike piledriver but he kicked up at the last second. They nailed another spike piledriver for the pin.

Winners and new AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR!

After the match, Omega grabbed a small ringside table and slammed it down. Page fell towards him, exhausted, but Omega just let him fall and walked off alone.

Omega stormed backstage and said he was done. He told The Young Bucks he was ready to go and said “After everything I’ve done….” Omega said it was time for a clean break. He got in a limo and told them they needed to think about it. They didn’t get in the car with him and the car drove off as the Bucks looked worried. The idea was Kenny put them on the spot and they didn’t jump right in.

Chris Jericho was interviewed backstage. He said that after 14 weeks of his feud with Orange Cassidy, he can say that Cassidy is a legit main event draw in AEW and everyone can thank him for that. He said he makes main event stars, he makes dreams come true and then he ends them. He said he was going to beat him with the Judas Effect and the Walls of Jericho and then he’s going to throw him in the vat. He said Orange did a good job but not good enough and tonight he is done at the hands of the Demo God.

Mimosa Mayhem Match – Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy was hit with a Codebreaker early and Jericho controlled him. He went for the Walls of Jericho but Cassidy scampered out of the ring , almost putting himself into one of three pools around ringside. Jericho tried to force him into one of the pools but Cassidy held on. Jericho smashed Cassidy with a table tray several times.

Cassidy shoved him off to the floor, then hit a flying bodypress off the vat’s platform. Cassidy drilled him with three right hands and then whipped him into the guard rails. The railings weren’t locked and he crashed through. It looked painful as hell. Jericho fired back with right hands and pulled Cassidy up onto one of the vats. There was a table set up as if they were going to serve drinks on one of the vats and Jericho acted like he was going to use something as a weapon. Cassidy came off the ropes for a rana but Jericho caught him and powerbombed him on the vat, then pulled him up and powerbombed him through the table. The table had a bucket with a bottle of the Lil’ Bit of the Bubbly underneath him. OOOF.

Jericho tried to force him into the vat, then grabbed a baseball bat. He went to use it but was superkicked in the face. They battled back into the ring, where Cassidy was backdropped over the top and nearly landed into the vat. Jericho dropkicked him and Cassidy almost went in. Jericho charged but Cassidy sunset flipped into the ring and then nailed a Michinoku Driver.

Cassidy nailed a Stundog Milliionare and went for a swinging DDT but Jericho caught him and turned him over into the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy fought to the ropes and grabbed a pitcher and filled it with the Mimosa, tossing it in Jericho’s face. He nailed an Orange (Superman) Punch. Jericho was knocked out of the ring and his foot and leg went in but they said he’d have to go all the way in for it to be a fall. Jericho tried to slam him off the top into the pool but Cassidy slipped out.

Cassidy pulled Jericho up to the top but was knocked into the ring. Cassidy leapt back up and nailed a rana into the ring. Cassidy nailed a running PK kick. He nailed a swinging DDT for a two count. Jericho regained control and tried to toss Cassidy out of the ring into the vat but couldn’t get him. Jericho placed him on the ropes but was nailed twice with two Orange Punches with the second one sending Jericho crashing down into the vat for the win.

Winner, Orange Cassidy!

Jericho slunk away, embarrassed after the match.

– The 2020 All Elite Wrestling Full Gear PPV is set for Saturday 11/7.

AEW World Championship – Jon Moxley vs. MJF (The Paradigm Shift is Banned)

MJF tried to work over Moxley with a headlock. MJF was sent to the floor but returned before Mox could do anything. MJF was kicked out of the ring a second time and hit with a dive. Moxley hit an atomic drop onto the railing and clotheslined him off. Moxley worked him over on the floor, sending him into the railing and ripped at his fingers, trying to snap them.

Moxley tossed him into the ring. MJF went for an armbar but was punched in the face. MJF went for a CrossRhodes but Moxley reversed and MJF cinched in a cross armbreaker. He snapped Moxley’s arm on the ring apron and they teased he might have separated the shoulder. Wardlow tossed him back into the ring while the referee wasn’t looking.

Moxley was beaten down for a long time. MJF shoulderblocked him off the apron to the floor, landing on the knocked down guard rails. Moxley grabbed MJF and slammed him into the apron, then nailed a catapult into the ring post. Moxley tried to pop his shoulder “back into place.” MJF came up bleeding. He tried to nail a Gotch Piledriver on MJF but it was blocked. They battled to the apron and crashed to the floor. Back in the ring, MJF went after the arm again but Moxley snapped him and nailed the Gotch piledriver.

They battled to the ropes. MJF nailed a double stomp off the ropes onto the arm. Moxley kept fighting one-armed and they went back and forth. Moxley missed a lariat and was cut off with a thrust and a clothesline. Mox nailed a release German suplex, MJF popped up but was hit with a lariat for a two count. MJF spit in his face so Moxley lost it and was going to nail the Paradigm Shift. The referee warned him and that hesitation allowed MJF to cinch in a Fujiuawara Armbar. MJF was even biting his fingers. Moxley finally made it to the ropes.

MJF nailed the Heatseeker hanging piledriver but Moxley kicked up. MJF went for another but was backdropped. He and Moxley battered each other with punches. Moxley finally started nailing knee strikes. Moxley thumbed him in the eye and scored a two count with a knee strike. Moxley caught him with a sleeper. MJF lowblowed him but the referee missed it. He rolled up Moxley for a two count.

Moxley nailed him with CrossRhodes and scored a close near fall. Wardlow argued with the referee. Moxley hit MJF with the Paradigm Shift behind the referee’s back and pinned MJF.

Winner and still AEW Champion, MJF!

Jon Moxley gives Lance Archer and Jake Roberts who are watching in the seats, the middle finger as he celebrates the win, as the show goes off the air.


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