Vince McMahon Not Taking Coronavirus Pandemic Seriously

Vince McMahon Not Taking Coronavirus Pandemic Seriously

Vince McMahon is not taking coronavirus pandemic seriously, as his mindset is that the virus is more like the flu.

On Wrestling Observer Liv Bryan Alvarez said, “Vince McMahon has never said anything publicly about what he thinks about the coronavirus. He’s never said anything publicly … I have heard from multiple sources that Vince does not think that this is all that bad. I hesitate to even say that. I’m not sitting here saying that he outright thinks its a hoax or whatever.”

This may explain why McMahon has not asked for COVID-19 tests for his staff and wrestlers until a developmental talent tested positive a couple of weeks ago. There were multiple tests administered this week when multiple people tested positive. Up until a couple of weeks ago, WWE was only doing temperature checks.

Alvarez continued, “there’s a lot of people in this country that still believe, at worst, it’s a bad flu. The impression that I have been given from people within the company is that’s Vince’s mindset.”

Kevin Owens posted a video today (see below) explaining why masks are important and he opted to stay home last week out of caution. Unfortunately, there are several people in WWE among the staff and talent that are not taking the pandemic seriously. Until masks, limits on building capacity and social distancing are taken seriously, it looks like another outbreak is inevitable.


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