Monday, April 6, 2020

WWE Returning To Live TV Soon?, WWE Touts WrestleMania 36 Social Success

WWE Touts WrestleMania 36 Social Success
- With not much else happening in terms of live events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE found a lot of success by going forward with WrestleMania 36.

Today, the wrestling organization announced that the two-night event set new records in terms of social media engagement. “According to Nielsen Social, WrestleMania saw 13.8 million total social media interactions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,” wrote the company in a press release. That is up over 57 percent over last year’s WrestleMania and is the most in the company’s history.

It remains to be seen how the show fared in getting subscriptions to the WWE Network and how pay-per-view buys did.

- WWE could be returning to live TV later this week.

While tonight's post-WrestleMania 36 edition of RAW and Wednesday's WWE NXT episode are already taped, word from within WWE is that Friday's SmackDown and next Monday's RAW will air live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, according to @Wrestlevotes.

WWE has been taping for a few weeks now due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Performance Center will still likely be a closed set, but Friday's SmackDown on FOX could be the first live TV show since early March. It's been rumored for weeks that the April 10 SmackDown would air live from the Performance Center.

These live episodes have not been confirmed by WWE as of this writing. There's no word yet on how the stay-at-home order in Florida will impact WWE's post-WrestleMania operations. There had been rumors on WWE taking a break after WrestleMania 36, but it looks like they are not moving in that direction.

It was also reported this weekend that WWE may end up filming this week's SmackDown from a secret location in a shutdown state. There's been no update on WWE possibly taping at a secret location, but as noted, there is now talk of airing Friday's show live from the Performance Center.

There's still no word yet on regular WWE touring and events with crowds will resume, but they may have to wait until late summer, according to President Trump's call with sports leaders this past weekend.