Sunday, February 9, 2020

Kelly Kelly Returning to WWE?

Kelly Kelly Returning to WWE?
After being the first woman to win the 24/7 Title in July, and participating in the Royal Rumble last month, Kelly Kelly is now rumored to appear more often on WWE TV.

During his podcast, Jerry Lawler said that he spoke with Kelly Kelly backstage at the Royal Rumble. From what he gathered we’ll be seeing her appear for WWE more often on a “semi-regular basis.”
“I thought it was the best Women’s Rumble match that I’ve seen,” Lawler began. “It was a little bit NXT-heavy. But I didn’t have a problem with that because every one of the NXT women shined. It wasn’t like you ever thought ‘oh this woman shouldn’t be there.” Every one of them looked like they could win that match.”

“I got a chance to talk to Kelly before the match for a long time. She’s just doing great. And from what I understand we may be seeing more of her. She may be coming back on a semi-regular basis.”
We’ll have to see what happens next. Kelly Kelly received a good reaction at the Royal Rumble. She also doesn’t seem to have lost a step. We might be seeing her much more often if what The King says is correct.