Friday, February 14, 2020

Hulk Hogan's Appearance Led to Threats From Bray Wyatt

Hulk Hogan's Appearance Led to Threats From Bray Wyatt
As seen below, Tonight's SmackDown saw Hulk Hogan making a special appearance via video from his Beach Shop in Tampa.

Hulk Hogan spoke for a bit about the power of Goldberg, and attempted to give some words of advice Bray Wyatt and The Fiend ahead of his match against Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown. “I’ve been around this business for a while … and I felt the power of Goldberg in my prime. I walked in with the title and went home without it … The Fiend should try to survive against the power of Goldberg.” Hogan said.

Of course, it didn’t seem like Bray Wyatt wanted to listen too much, as he quickly interrupted things with an impromptu episode of Firefly Fun House / nWo Style. In it, Wyatt issues a warning to Hogan, before Hogan once again tries to warn Wyatt to be careful and hope that he’s lucky. Wyatt tells Hogan that he doesn’t need that when he has The Fiend, and issues a threat to Hogan. “I don’t need luck, I have a Fiend. If you’re not careful, brother, please remember there can always be room for one more.”