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WWE RAW Results - April 9, 2018

WWE RAW Results - April 9, 2018
Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring and she is moving gingerly with her arm in a sling. We see stills from the match - Stephanie in the arm bar, Rousey standing tall with Kurt Angle after their win over Stephanie and Triple H.

She is reminded of what she did to end the match and she says she expected a little more from the crowd. The night after Wrestlemania Raw crowd has an international flavor and she smelled it on the way down. Any other crowd would have had some sympathy. Stephanie says you had to be surprised. When you look at the performance of one woman in particular. Could she do it and could she make that transition. By God, she did and Stephanie says she deserves those accolades. If she could challenge Ronda Rousey in her world, she could bring out the best in Ronda and that is what she did last night. Stephanie says she deserved that pat on the back. Stephanie says that she knows you want her to bring out Ronda right now. She brings out Ronda Rousey.

Stephanie says the better woman won last night. Stephanie says that Ronda is a role model for young girls and people everywhere. She says she does not feel bad about losing to the best in the world. There is nowhere they can't go with her under contract. With Ronda's talent and Stephanie's spotlight they can do it together. The crowd is not buying what Stephanie is saying. Stephanie says that Ronda knows better than the crowd because she is a business woman. Ronda taught her a lesson last night and Stephanie says she paid the price. Stephanie calls Ronda her friend.

Stephanie approaches for a handshake and they shake in the middle of the ring. They also hug as fans boo. The expression on Rousey's face changes as she grabs Stephanie from the hug. Rousey drops Stephanie into the arm bar as Stephanie pleads with her and fans cheer. Rousey breaks the hold and officials run out to check on Stephanie. Rousey stands tall and shrugs as her music starts back up. Rousey makes her exit as we go to replays. Stephani turns around and waves to the crowd from the stage. We see medics tending to Stephanie while she's still down on the mat. Fans chant "you deserve it" after Rousey's music stops. Stephanie is helped out of the ring as fans sing "goodbye!" to her now. JoJo asks the crowd to please show a little respect for Stephanie and the boos get louder.

- We go to the announcers and they wonder how the crowd could be like this. They give us a warning about the post-WrestleMania crowd and how they might act tonight, something they've warned about for 2 of 3 years in a row now. Still to come, Roman Reigns will be here. Also, new WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and new RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax. Alexa Bliss has demanded an opportunity to prove why Jax is not in her element. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break and out comes new RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax. Fans chant "you deserve it" to her. Her partner is out next.

Alexa Bliss is out next with Mickie James. Bliss talks about how Jax is just a big bully who likes to throw her weight around. Bliss makes fat jokes and the crowd responds with an "asshole" chant. Bliss says she lost last night because she was distraught over Jax beating up Mickie for no reason. Bliss says she lost because she's a compassionate woman and was competing under emotional distress when she saw what happened to Mickie. Bliss says everyone in the back knows Jax is cold inside and that's why she has no partner tonight.

Jax tells Bliss to shut up. Jax says Bliss is right, she enjoyed every second of the beatings she gave last night. Jax announces that she's our new RAW Women's Champion and fans cheer. Jax says Bliss is wrong about tonight because she does have a partner. Oh yea. And her name is... Ember Moon. Fans pop as the former WWE NXT Women's Champion makes her way out, just two nights after losing the title to Shayna Baszler at the "Takeover: New Orleans" event. Back to commercial.

Nia Jax and Ember Moon vs. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss

Nia biels Mickie but Mickie with a kick. Mickie and Alexa with kicks but Nia grabs Mickie and Alexa and she head butts Alexa. Nia points around to see if they want Ember to enter the match and Ember is tagged in. Ember wtih a discus forearm and a neck breaker and butterfly suplex. Mickie with a kick and Alexa tags in and Ember with a back heel kick and enzuigiri. Ember with a handspring forearm into the corner followed by a springboard cross body for a near fall. Ember knocks Mickie off the apron. Ember wtih an Irish whip and she trips Alexa as she comes out of the corner.

Ember goes up top and sets for Eclipse and hits it for the three count.

Winners: Ember Moon and Nia Jax


Kurt Angle is on the phone and he says Ember Moon is the spark the women's division needs. With the Superstar Shakeup the roster is going to be even better.

Braun Strowman enters, and Kurt asks where Nicholas is and Braun says he is standing behind him. Braun says they are relinquishing the Raw tag titles. He says Nicholas has a scheduling conflict with the fourth grade. As soon as he is done with school, they are coming for the titles. Nicholas says someone is going to get these hands.

- We get a teaser for No Way Jose from NXT. Back to commercial.

No Way Jose vs. John Skyler

Jose with a hip toss slam and then he winds up and hits a pop up forearm for the three count.

Winner: No Way Jose


Kurt Angle is watching on teh monitor and Cesaro and Sheamus enter to find out about them getting their titles back. Sheamus asks if they will get them back now or will it be in a more formal ceremony. Kurt reminds them they lost to a ten year old. Kurt says they will have their rematch in three weeks in Saudi Arabia. Back to commercial.

Tag Team Eliminator Match: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Revival

Back from the break and the match is underway. The winners of this match will face the winners of another match to be held tonight, on next week's show. The winner of that match will face The Bar in Saudi Arabia. We see Cesaro and Sheamus backstage watching.

Gallows with an Irish whip to Dawson and then he back drops Wilder before hitting a pump handle slam on Dawson. Gallows with uppercuts to Dawson and then he sends Wilder over the top rope to the floor. Dawson clips Gallows. Wilder tags in and they both work on the leg. Wilder with kicks. Wilder works on the knee. Gallows kicks Wilder away but he tags in Dawson who stops the tag. Dawson is kicked by Gallows. Wilder tags in and he knocks Anderson off the apron but Gallows with a round kick. Dawson and Anderson tag in and Anderson wtih chops and a punch. He knocks Wilder off the apron and Anderson with a jumping kick in the corner. Anderson with a neck breaker and then he hits a pescado onto Wilder.

Anderson goes up top and hits a cross body but Dawson rolls through and gets a near fall. Anderson with a spinebuster for a near fall. Gallows kicks Wilder to the floor but Gallows is sent into the ringside barrier. Anderson with a near fall and Wilder makes the tag when Anderson hits an atomic drop. Anderson misses a boot and Dawson and Wilder hit Shatter Machine for the three count.

Winners: The Revival

- After the match, The Revival stands tall as we go to replays.

- The announcers lead us to a video promo for World Wish Day with John Cena.

- Still to come, Seth Rollins is here. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break and out comes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins hits the ring and fans chant "you deserve it" at him. Rollins comments on that being the loudest "burn it down" he's heard. Fans chant "burn it down" now. Rollins says after last night's match at WrestleMania 34, he can finally say that Seth Freakin' Rollins is back, baby. Fans chant "yes!" now. Rollins says the crowd is wild and a lot of fun tonight. Rollins admits Grand Slam Rollins has a nice ring to it. Fans chant "Grand Slam Rollins" to him now. Rollins says he finally caught up to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, and every member of The Shield is now a Grand Slam Champion, which is cool. Rollins goes on but the music interrupts and out comes Finn Balor.

Balor speaks on the way to the ring and says he has something to get off his chest, something that he's been thinking about all day. Rollins welcomes him into the ring. Fans do a "too sweet" chant now. Balor congratulates Rollins and says he deserves it. Fans chant "you deserve it" to interrupt again. Balor says Rollins was the better man last night but last night was a Triple Threat with The Miz. There was a winner, there was a loser and then there was Balor, left wanting more. Balor says he came out to be the first person that steps up and challenges Rollins for the title. Fans chant "yes!" again. They shake on it in the middle of the ring but the music hits and out comes former champion The Miz with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

Miz says he is more than happy to interrupt this celebration. He wants to be the first to say Rollins does not deserve this. Fans chant "asshole" at Miz. Miz says he deserves it because he made the IC Title the most prestigious title in WWE. Miz says he walked to the ring by himself last night because he knew if The Miztourage came with him then he would never hear the end of it when he beat Rollins and Balor. Rollins asks if Miz just admitted he can't win without The Miztourage. Miz goes on and says he's now a changed man, he became a father to a beautiful daughter two weeks ago. Balor and Rollins congratulate him. Miz says he's realized that everything he does now affects his daughter's life. Miz claims Maryse and his daughter watched the match last night and she cried when Miz lost the title. Fans boo. Miz says Rollins made his little princess cry, which made his wife cry. Miz says he's man enough to admit that them crying made him cry. Rollins admits he's proud of Miz for admitting he cried... because that's what everyone does when they try to watch Miz wrestle. Rollins says Miz won't be getting a title shot because as good as he thinks he is, he can't lace Rollins' boots. Miz tells Balor to go to the back of the line because he's due a rematch. Rollins says if Miz would like to cash in on his rematch clause, they can do it right here, right now. Fans chant "yes!" and Miz hypes the match up but says it's not happening now. Miz says he's wearing a custom suit and will be getting the rematch when he wants, at the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view. This leads to a tag team match being made. Balor and Rollins get ready to go but the music interrupts and out comes Jeff Hardy to a big pop. Jeff stands with Rollins and Balor. The two sides face off as the crowd pops. Dallas, Axel and Miz leave the ring to boos. Jeff's music starts back up as he stands tall with Rollins and Balor. Miz and The Miztourage watch from the ramp.

- Still to come, Roman Reigns is here. Also, Sasha Banks vs. Mandy Rose. Back to commercial.

- We are back and the six man tag match from the last segment is now official for later tonight.

- Before the match starts, Bayley makes her way to the ring and it confuses Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks vs. Mandy Rose (with Paige and Sonya Deville)

Sasha sends Mandy to the floor and hits a baseball slide. Sasha rolls Mandy back into the ring and hits a Thesz Press. Sasha sends Mandy into the corner and she chokes Mandy. Sasha with a suplex for a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip but Mandy with an elbow and she sends Sasha to the mat. Mandy sends Sasha into the turnbuckles but Sasha returns the favor and does it a few more times. Mandy hot shots Sasha on the top rope and we go to commercial.

We are back and Mandy with an abdominal stretch but Sasha escapes with a hip toss. Sasha with forearms and she hits a cross body and flying clothesline followed by a drop kick. Mandy sends Sasha to the apron and Sasha with a knee and she goes up top and hits Meteora for a near fall. Mandy with a forearm on the floor and Mandy pushes Bayley. Bayley tries to hit Mandy but Mandy moves and Bayley accidentally hits Sasha. Sasha sends Mandy into the ring and Sasha has some words and a nasty look for Bayley. Mandy with a knee to the head for the three count.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match, Bayley appears to be conflicted as she goes to the back. Sasha follows after her.

Paige has a mic and she says she has to come clean about something. She says it was hard to sit on the sidelines at Wrestlemania. This ring is her soul and her blood. Unfortunately due to neck injuries, she can no longer perform in the ring. She says this is one of the hardest things she has to say. Paige says she wants to thank every female superstar and she is proud to be a part of this division. They have all built this division to be huge and into something they never imagined it could be. She says she wants to thank her family and she wants to thank Daniel Bryan. He came back from a career ending injury and returned at Wrestlemania. She says that give her hope. Paige wants to thank Edge and she mentions that Edge talked to her today. He proved that there is a live outside of the ring. Paige says now she will have to find something to do outside of the ring. She thanks everyone who has watched her over the last four years. She debuted four years ago in New Orleans and won the title. Now she wants to retire in New Orleans.

Paige says this will always be her house. She puts the mic and her shirt down in the center of the ring before going to the back.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back with a look at what happened between John Cena and the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Elias is in the ring and he is going to perform for us, but he wants to know who wants to walk with him. He says after last night it is an undenaible fact that WWE stands for Walk with Elias. In one year he has become the biggest musical act on the planet. Last night, you paid to see an Elias performance but it was interrupted. Elias says he is going to perform tonight, but it is the same unappreciative crowd full of scumbags as last night. Elias appreciates that the crowd appreciates their status.

Heavy music played and Bobby Lashley made his entrance to a big pop.

Lashley enters the ring and faces off with Elias as fans chant" welcome back" at him. Elias looks to go after him but Lashley nails a neckbreaker. Lashley lifts Elias and holds him in the air for several seconds with just one arm, then slams him to the mat. Lashley makes his exit as the music hits and the crowd pops.


Kurt Angle is backstage talking about the wild night of RAW when Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come in looking for a job. Angle mentions how his tag team division is full but he heard TNA is hiring. Owens and Sami roll their eyes. Owens says he has kids and he's just looking for an opportunity, from one father to another. Sami just wants a shot too. Angle says he has 1 spot and they can wrestle for it tonight, take it or leave it. They walk off and thank Angle. Back to commercial.

- We are back and Heath Slater is in the ring and he says they are not happy they are not in the Tag Team Eliminator. Heath says he has kids. He says he needs this job. He wants any team to come out. Unfortunately for them, out come The Authors of Pain for their main roster debut.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Authors of Pain (with Paul Ellering)

The broadcast team ran through Ellering’s history with the Legion of Doom.

Slater and Rezar start things off and Slater with a jumping side kick but Rezar with a spear. Akam tags in and they take care of Slater. Rhyno is knocked to the floor and Rezar tags in and they hit The Last Chapter for the three count.

Winners: The Authors of Pain

After the match, the AOP stopped at ringside and put their fists out to stop Ellering, who looked surprised. They nudged him and he stayed at ringside while they walked away. They barked at him from the top of the ramp and he shook his head in a disapproving manner… We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman says he got his ass kicked last night. He says he is here tonight. He says that Brock Lesnar isn't. Roman says he doesn't know what happened yesterday. Everything felt off yesterday. What eats him up the most is that Vince McMahon couldn't even look him in the eye and smarten him up. Brock is one hell of a businessman. On Wednesday, he was going back to UFC and then today he signed a new WWE Contract. Roman says he has a steel cage match against Brock he didn't know about until he saw it on the internet. If they continue to put him in matches with Brock Lesnar, the story will end with him as Universal Champion.

Samoa Joe's music plays and he makes his way to the stage.

Joe says it is time to bring out the tinfoil hats because Roman thinks there is a conspiracy. Joe brings Roman back to reality. Brock didn't just beat you, he exposed you. For over a year, you came out and said you were the only one who could beat Brock Lesnar. The reality is that no matter how many whispers you heard, you failed. That makes you a failure. Joe says it makes you a liar. You lied to these fans. You lied to your family. You lied to yourself. Every time you and Brock Lesnar get in the ring together, you get jacked up. You get put through tables and carried out on stretchers. You get broken while Brock gets richer.

No matter how many times we hear the story, when the Big Dog faces the Beast, he will conquer you and you will make excuses. After Brock is done with you again and you fail, Joe says he will be waiting for Roman at Backlash. We go to commercial.

- We see Matt talking to the Andre trophy and he says they must commence on his premonition of gold.

Titus O'Neil and Apollo vs. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt in a Tag Team Eliminator Match

Matt and Titus start things off and Matt has some words about Titus Worldwide. Matt and Titus go back and forth with their gestures. They lock up and Matt with a waist lock. Bray tags in and Titus sends Matt into the corner. Bray holds Titus and Matt punches him. Bray with a bulldog into Matt's boots. Bray with a clothesline. Apollo tags in and they lock up. Apollo with punches and Bray with an Irish whip. Apollo flips over Bray and Matt and Bray proclaim it WONDERFUL.

Bray with a boot and forearm while Sheamus and Cesaro watch in the back. Bray with forearms to the back of the head. Matt tags in and he connects with punches to the back of the head. Apollo with forerms but Matt with a knee. Apollo misses a drop kick and Matt sends Apollo into the turnbuckles. Wyatt tags in and he sends Apollo into the turnbuckles. Wyatt with an uppercut and Matt tags in. Wyatt with a splash and Matt with a Side Effect for a near fall. Wyatt comes off Matt's back and he clotheslines Titus to stop his interference.

Matt signals for Deletion and Matt tries for a Twist of Fate but Apollo with a drop kick. Apollo with an enzuigiri to Bray. Apollo goes to the turnbuckles and Bray catches Apollo and hits a uranage. Bray leans back in the corner and then Bray with Sister Abigail set up into a pass for Matt to hit a Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

The broadcast team spoke about Ronda Rousey’s debut at WrestleMania while mainstream headlines were shown. They also aired footage from Rousey’s segment with Stephanie from earlier in the show… Back to commercial.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn in a Contract Match

Zayn goes for a Helluva kick when the bell rings but he misses. Zayn apologizes. Owens tries for a pop up power bomb but Zayn holds on to the ropes. Owens with a back elbow and a kick to the back. Owens with a punch and Zayn sends Owens to the floor. Zayn with a plancha and both men are down. Zayn sends Owens back into the ring and Owens with a punch to stop a slingshot move by Zayn.

Owens sets for a power bomb on the floor but Zayn drops down and Zayn sets for a catapult into the ring post and sends Owens into the post. Zayn with a kick and then Zayn goes to the ropes for an arm drag but Owens crotches Zayn. Owens with an elbow drop off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Owens with another near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Zayn knocks Owens off the turnbuckles. Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. We see Owens dropping Zayn on the top rope and hitting a back senton for a near fall from the commercial break. Owens goes to the floor when he sees Zayn setting for the Helluva Kick. Owens with a super kick when Zayn tries to dive through the turnbuckles. Owens with a cannonball and then he goes up top for a frog splash and he hits it. Owens gets a near fall.

Owens with a running clothesline into the corner and then he hits a second one. Zayn with a Helluva Kick and Owens falls to the apron. Zayn with a waist lock but Owens holds on to the ropes. Owens with a pop up power bomb and Owens falls to the floor again. Owens gets to the apron and he goes up top again. Zayn with a Helluva Kick with Owens on the turnbuckles. Zayn sets for a superplex but Owens counters with a super fisherman's buster. Both men try to get to their feet as the referee makes his count.

Double Count Out

After the bell, JoJo announces that neither man won so they will not be joining RAW. Fans chant "TNA" at them as they get back to their feet.


Finn Balor, Jeff Hardy, and Seth Rollins walk in the back and Matt Hardy is standing in the hall. Matt says he is happy to see that Jeff has gotten over his broken condition. Jeff says he left a message but it must have been deleted. Bray shows up and he hugs Brother Nero. Jeff says that he is happy that his brother made Sister Abigail OBSOLETE. Jeff asks Bray how he is doing and Bray says he is doing wonderful. Finn asks what was that all about and Jeff has no idea.

The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out comes The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas for tonight's main event. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Sasha Banks vs. Bayley is confirmed for next week's RAW, along with The Revival vs. Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt. We go to the ring and out first comes Jeff Hardy for his team. New WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is out next. Finn Balor is out last.

Rollins and Miz start things off and Miz backs into the corner. Miz tags Axel in to start things off. They lock up and Axel with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Axel with a side head lock and Rollins with an arm drag into an arm bar. Bo tags in and Rolins kicks Bo and hits an elbow on Axel before hitting a clothesline on Dallas. Balor tags in and so does Jeff. Jeff with a forearm to Bo followed by Poetry in Motion on Axel and then Dallas as we go to commercial.

We are back and Balor tags in and he connects with forearms to Bo and Miz. Balor chops Axel and then hits a double stomp on Bo. Balor with a chop and elevated elbow to the chest for a near fall. Balor is distracted by Miz and Dallas hits Balor from behind. Miz kicks Balor and then hits a running boot to the head for a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Balor with a punch and Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.

Miz sends Balor into the turnbuckles. Axel tags in and Miz with a snap mare and Axel with a leap frog neck snap. Axel with a rear chin lock. Axel keeps Balor from making the tag. Axel with a drop kick. Bo tags in and Axel with a slam and then Bo with a series of knee drops for a near fall.

Bo with a reverse chin lock. Balor with a jaw breaker and he connects with forearms and then Balor with a belly-to-back suplex. Both men are down. Miz tags in and he knocks Rollins off the apron. Miz goes for a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick. Jeff tags in and he punches Axel. Jeff with a running forearm.

Jeff with a reverse atomic drop and a leg drop to the midsection. Jeff with a kick and he tries for a Twist of Fate but Axel escapes. Bo tags in and they Irish whip Jeff. Jeff with punches and he goes up top and hits Whisper in the Wind.

Rollins and MIz tag in and Rollins with a springboard clothesline and boot. Rollins with a blockbuster to Miz and a suicide dive to Axel. Rollins sends Miz to teh floor and Rollins with a suicide dive onto all three men.

Rollins misses a splash in the corner and hits the turnbuckles. Miz goes up top but Rollins leaps to the turnbuckles and hits a superplex followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Balor with Slingblade to Dallas and he clotheslines Axel over the top rope. Balor with a plancha. Miz goes for an O'Connor Roll but he can only get a near fall. Rollins with Black Out for the three count.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Dallas and Balor with a Coup De Grace. Jeff with a Swanton. Rollins with Black Out. Rollins with a super kick to Axel. Balor with Coup de Grace to Axel and then Hardy with a swanton. Rollins with Black Out to Axel.

We go to credits.