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WWE Smackdown Results - Jun 20, 2017

WWE Smackdown Opener:

The women are outside Daniel Bryan's office and he emerges. Daniel tells everyone to calm down. He will hear each and all of them, but he wants to hear from Carmella and James Ellsworth first.

- We are in Dayton, Ohio and your announcers are Tom Phililps, Byron Saxton, and John Layfield.

- “Miss Money in the Bank” Carmella and James Ellsworth head to the ring. Ellsworth asks what is wrong with the people. “You get on your feet and you give it up for the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, Carmella.” He again yells at the crowd to get up and give it up for Carmella. Loud booing from the crowd in Dayton. Carmella welcomes everyone to the Fabulous Era and tells Ellsworth to hold her briefcase. She wants to address the elephant in the room and how her name has been trending worldwide. Carmella says “who cares” to the negative feedback and holds up her briefcase again. She talks about being overlooked and underestimated when she was picked last in the WWE Draft. “I am not here for girl power, that’s for damn sure.” Carmella says everyone pays attention to the other women on the roster. She said while they were trying to make history, she was making plans for the future and the fact of the matter is she won the match fair and square.

Carmella brings up Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt causing problems in past Money in the Bank ladder matches and no one caring. She calls out the internet trolls and now Daniel Bryan has to come out here because of what they did the last 48 hours. Carmella says she earned that contract and it was No DQ rules. She wonders how you can break a rule when none existed. Carmella says Bryan will only reinforce that she is Miss Money in the Bank and there is not a damn thing any of you can do about it.


Bryan is backstage watching what just happened. Charlotte walks back in. Bryan says he talked to the WWE trainers and they checked on Charlotte's neck... she cuts him off and is upset about what was just said in the ring. Charlotte says Daniel does not have to worry about her neck, now he has to do his job. Daniel points out that it is no disqualification. Charlotte says it should be the five people licensed to be in the match. She says everyone was excited to be in the match and now she tells Daniel to do the right thing. Charlotte storms off.

- Still to come, Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Also, Luke Harper vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in a non-title match. We see The New Day backstage walking. Big E vs. Jimmy Uso is next. Back to commercial.

- We are back and the New Day make their way to the ring and they will have something to say. New Day has photos shown from Money in the Bank where The Usos bailed on the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match. Kofi Kingston introduces Big E as the warden who has a “big nightstick and isn’t afraid to use it.”

The Usos are out next and head to the ring. Back to commercial.

Big E vs. Jimmy Uso

We return live as Jimmy throws a big right at Big E over the ring apron. Big E eats another right from Jimmy. Jimmy goes up top, Big E catches him and connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a second and third overhead belly-to-belly. Jimmy catches Big E with a samoan drop when Big E hit the ropes attempting a splash. Jimmy avoids a Big Ending attempt and rolls out of the ring. Jey helps up Jimmy and they start heading to the ramp when Kofi leaps over the steel steps and takes out Jey. Woods backs Jimmy up to the ring. Jimmy with a right to Big E, rolls in, misses a kick, Big E has Jimmy up and connects with the Big Ending. Big E hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Big E


Daniel is on the phone with Shane and Natalya and Tamina interrupt the call. Natalya says it is great to have Daniel back. Daniel asks Natalya about her shoulder and she says it is okay. This is not about her and she wishes Daniel a Happy Father's Day. She congratulates him on being a first time dad. Tamina wants to know if Daniel is going to let Carmella and the little sock puppet run around with the briefcase. Daniel says he will have an answer shortly. We go to commercial.


We are back and Naomi is asked about Carmella. Naomi says it is a shame how things ended up. She does not like that Ellsworth was involved. Naomi says she does not care about who gets the case because she better be ready. Lana interrupts and says that Naomi should be thanking Carmella because the Smackdown Women's Champion would be ravishing. Lana challenges Naomi to a rematch. Naomi says she will give Lana another chance next week. Naomi tells Lana to step back.

- We look back at photos from Money in the Bank's WWE Title Match.


Tom Phillips talked to Randy Orton about Money in the Bank. Tom asks Randy about losing in his home town. Randy says he took his eyes of the prize and it cost him the match. Randy says he has been there before and he knows how the numbers game works. He can deal with that. He cannot deal with people disrespecting his family. This is not about his 14th title reign, it is about Jinder crossing the line and it is far from over. He will hurt Jinder and he will hurt him bad. He does not care if he does it to Jinder or the Singhs. He will go to India and rain down RKOs on Jinder's entire family.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler. Back to commercial.

Ziggler attempts takedowns early. Nakamura gets an armbar and Ziggler breaks free rolling out of the ring. Ziggler powers Nakamura down into a cover for two counts. Nakamura with a series of kicks and a big kick to the face of Ziggler. Nakamura holds Ziggler down in the corner with his boot and side steps a dropkick attempt by Ziggler. Ziggler pulls Nakamura shoulder first into the steel ring post. Ziggler with a standing dropkick to Nakamura. Ziggler rakes the eyes of Nakamura over the ropes. Nakamura launches Ziggler over the top rope. Back to commercial.

Back live, Nakamura catches Ziggler with a spin kick after a series of counters. Nakamura with stiff kicks to the chest of Ziggler and catches Ziggler with a jumping big boot off the ropes. Nakamura with an elbow and knee to Ziggler in the corner, props Ziggler up in the corner and throws his high knee. Ziggler kicks out after two. Nakamura with a guillotine choke on Ziggler. Nakamura with a front face suplex. Ziggler kicks the left knee of Nakamura and connects with the Fameasser for a close two count. Nakamura counters a pinfall attempt into a triangle.

Nakamura counters into an armbar. Ziggler rakes the eyes of Nakamura to break it up. Ziggler with an uppercut. Nakamura returns with a kick. Ziggler counters an exploder landing on his feet and connecting with the Zig Zag. Nakamura kicks out. Ziggler immediately takes the back of Nakamura and applies a rear naked choke. Nakamura fights to his feet, hits a snapmare on Ziggler and connects with a kick to Ziggler’s neck. Nakamura backs up in the corner, charges and connects with the Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Bryan is backstage talking to Sami Zayn. Bryan reveals that he's booked Sami vs. Baron Corbin for next week. Becky Lynch walks up and Sami says he wanted to talk to Becky about MITB. He gives her props and says she got robbed, but he was pulling for her. Sami walks off and Becky brings up MITB to Bryan. What bothers Becky is the most is how she had her hands on the briefcase. She says SmackDown feels like the land of handouts, not the land of opportunities. Becky expresses frustration and asks Bryan what can she do. Bryan says it's complicated. Becky asks if doing the right thing is really that complicated. She walks off.

- We see the WWE United States Champion backstage walking. He will issue an open challenge next. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens walks out to the ring and grabs a mic. He says the only reason he is standing here without the Money in the Bank briefcase is because he was attacked and ganged up on during the match. “They knew I was the most dangerous man in that match. And they tried to end my career.” Owens says he truly wants to make Smackdown Live the land of opportunity and give a local wrestler from Dayton a shot.

AJ Styles walks out and interrupts instead. He suggests the only thing better than Owens being United States Champion is beating him for the title. Styles gets in the ring and Owens wonders if AJ was even listening. Owens said this open challenge is only intended for a local wrestler from Dayton. American Alpha, specifically Chad Gable, heads to the ring.

Gable grabs a mic and Owens says he isn’t from Dayton. Gable reveals he just moved to Dayton this morning. Styles agrees and hypes the match next.

WWE United States Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chad Gable

The bell rings and Gable starts giving Owens repeated german suplexes. Gable goes for the ankle lock and gets it locked in. Owens quickly rolls out of the ring. AJ Styles is going to join the commentary team for the championship match. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens finally is able to turn it around coming out of the corner. Owens drops Gable for a 2 count. Owens talks some trash and scoops Gable but wastes time by talking trash to AJ. Gable drops Owens and goes to the top for a moonsault. Owens kicks out at 2.

Gable keeps control but Owens sends him into the post. More back and forth. Gable hits a big German suplex and holds it for a close 2 count. Owens manages to hit a pop-up powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens leaves with the title and backs up the ramp as AJ stares him down.


Daniel Bryan is backstage with The Hype Bros. Zack Ryder shows us footage from December where they won the battle royal to become new #1 contenders. Mojo Rawley says the title shot should still be valid. Bryan says the tag team division has changed a lot since December but he will give them a chance next week - if they can defeat SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos in a non-title match, they will earn a title shot. The Hype Bros. thank Bryan and we go back to commercial.

In the Arena:

We go to the ring and out comes SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan as the "yes!" chants start up.

Fans chant Bryan's name as the music stops. He says it's great to be back. Bryan says he and Shane McMahon have been working on a decision for the women's MITB controversy and he was told that he has to take his emotions out of it, to stick to the WWE rule book. Bryan brings the women's MITB competitors to the ring and out first comes Charlotte. Tamina is out next, followed by Natalya and then Becky Lynch. Ms. Money In the Bank Carmella is out next with James Ellsworth.

Bryan says his decision involves everyone in the ring. He listened to Carmella earlier and she had some valid points - MITB matches are No DQ matches and there's nothing in the rule book that says you can't have someone else climb the ladder and take the briefcase. Fans boo. Bryan says the rule book simply says the first woman to hold the briefcase is the winner. Bryan says there has been interference in the past but there has never been a case of someone unhooking the briefcase and giving it to someone else. Bryan says we are in unfamiliar territory. Ellsworth asks Bryan what's gotten into him. James says being father to a little hippy, vegan baby has made Bryan soft. Bryan tells Ellsworth to shut up. Bryan says if Ellsworth talks about his kid one more time, he will punch Ellsworth in the mouth and fire him. Bryan gets fired up. Carmella goes in on Bryan but Becky hushes her up. Natalya has words for Becky next but Flair shuts her up. Charlotte is here for a decision and if Natalya doesn't shut up, she's going to make Natalya look like Ellsworth. Tamina threatens Charlotte to shut her up.

Bryan says everyone needs to calm down. Bryan says Carmella is going to be the first woman ever to have to hand over the briefcase. Bryan says he's not going to let someone like Ellsworth interrupt one of the most important moments in women's WWE history. Bryan says he's taking the briefcase and there will be another MITB Ladder Match on next week's show. It will be Tamina, Carmella, Becky, Natalya and Charlotte going at it. Bryan snatches the briefcase from Ellsworth and leaves with it as his music hits. Carmella and Ellsworth are not happy. A brawl breaks out. It comes down to Charlotte and Becky standing over Carmella on each side. They taunt her but she pleads with them. Charlotte nails Natural Selection on her. Becky applies the Disarm Her. Ellsworth looks on from outside of the ring as Carmella taps but Becky keeps the hold locked. Becky's music hits and she taunts Ellsworth from the apron. We go to commercial.

Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper

Back from the break and out come The Singh Brothers to the stage. They introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and out he comes for tonight's main event. Luke Harper is out next for this non-title match.

They lock up and Jinder takes Harper to the corner with offense. Harper drops Jinder coming out of the corner. Harper keeps control and nails a dropkick. Jinder goes to the floor for a breather as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Harper went for a dive but Jinder put one of The Singh Brothers in the way. Jinder floors Harper and brings it back into the ring. Jinder keeps Harper down before unleashing more offense. Harper fights back but Jinder drops him. Jinder keeps Harper grounded again as The Singh Brothers look on. Jinder with elbows now. Harper ducks a clothesline and drops Jinder with a butterfly suplex.

Harper fights back and makes a comeback now. Harper drops Jinder and gets a pop. Harper launches himself over the top rope from the apron and goes on to hit a big boot for a 2 count. Jinder with an elbow but Harper catches him in a side-slam for another 2 count. More back and forth. Harper goes to the top but Jinder cuts him off. Jinder climbs up and nails a superplex. The music interrupts and out comes Baron Corbin with his MITB briefcase.

Jinder looks on from the mat as Corbin approaches the timekeeper's area but stops and just laughs. Corbin keeps walking and points at Jinder, warning him. Corbin leaves as Jinder looks on. Harper comes from behind with a 2 count. Harper drops Jinder with a superkick. Harper goes to knock one of The Singh Brothers off the apron as he jumps up but he jumps right back down. Jinder takes advantage of the distraction and hits The Khallas for the pin.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder stands tall as we go to replays. Jinder raises the title with The Singh Brothers in the middle of the ring but Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes. Orton meets The Singh Brothers at ringside and takes them out. Orton hits the ring and unloads on Jinder. Jinder slides out but Orton runs around the ring and clotheslines him on the floor. Orton slams Jinder into the announce table and slams him on top of the barrier, causing him to fall into the timekeeper's area. Orton gets riled up as fans pop. Orton with a draping DDT from the barrier to the floor. Orton brings it back into the ring and waits for the RKO but The Singh Brothers attack him. Orton fights them off and delivers a RKO to one of the brothers, knocking him to the floor. We see Jinder retreating through the crowd. The other Singh brother comes off the top rope but Orton nails the RKO in mid-air. Orton stands tall and looks out at Jinder as his music hits. SmackDown goes off the air.



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