WWE Talking Smack Recap (2/21): Guests AJ Styles, The Uso’s And Becky Lynch

– Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week’s show. She is joined by her co-host Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan. The first topic of discussion is the controversial finish to tonight’s #1 contenders battle royal. Which saw the match end in a draw when the final two combatants, AJ Styles and Luke Harper were eliminated at the same time. Daniel Bryan rushed to the ring, conferred with the refs and declared the match a draw. Bryan would then go on to schedule a match between Styles and Harper for next week on Smackdown Live. Where the winner will go on to face The WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. Daniel calls Smackdown Live a very stressful night for him overall. Bryan says that the finish of the battle royal was difficult to determine because he had to react on the fly and didn’t have a good camera angle to determine the winner….. Renee Young puts over Luke Harper and the shape he is in. Her and Bryan go over how much of a threat Harper actually is right now…. The next topic focused in on, was also a difficult decision for Bryan. Where Naomi was forced to relinquish her Smackdown Womens Championship due to injury. Bryan talks about the hard luck that Naomi has had over the years. From her WrestleMania match being scrapped years ago to her having to drop a title that she worked years to get. Daniel says that he can relate to Naomi because he has had to relinquish titles due to injury as well. Bryan says that taking the womens championship from Naomi, was the most difficult thing, he has had to do as GM thus far.

– The first guest on tonight’s show is Becky Lynch. She also chimes in on Naomi having to relinquish her title. She talks about how hard it was to watch Naomi do that. She calls it a heartbreaking moment. Bryan asks Becky if she feels that her opportunity to be champion was taken away tonight as well. Becky admits that Alexa seems to have a knack for finding ways to beat her. Becky takes a crack at Alexa and makes a joke about her not knowing if The Pats won the superbowl or not. Becky then calls Alexa the “C word”. She then reveals it to be cheater. Bryan admits that it wasn’t the C word, he was thinking Becky would say….. Lynch then goes on to go after Mickie James verbally. She makes an age joke that Mickie is aligned with Alexa because she wants to learn how to use Google…. Daniel then jokes about being an old timer. He says that a young wrestler can get on his good side by complimenting him and the things he’s done in the past. Bryan speculates that maybe that’s why Mickie likes Alexa, because maybe Bliss has been saying the same type of things to James.

– The Uso’s now join the show. They are asked about their issues with American Alpha. The Uso’s say that they are after their tag titles. They call Alpha “young bucks” that don’t know everything. They profess to have Alpha’s number. Jimmy Uso teases Bryan about telling Mick Foley to “suck it”. The Uso’s start slanging and try and get Bryan to do the same. They call Bryan a “Bubble Buster”. They again talk about Bryan’s use of the term suck it. Bryan jokes that he doesn’t know what it means but that he has heard it in wrestling for years…. Renee then asks The Uso’s how they feel about what happened to Naomi…. The Uso’s can’t believe that “DB” would do that to them. Bryan defends stripping Naomi of the title by asking The Uso’s, How they would feel if American Alpha was injured and didn’t relinquish their titles. The Uso’s end up agreeing with Bryan’s point. Jimmy admits that he almost cried tonight, and wishes that Bryan would have told him about it before the show…. Renee and The Uso’s joke about their new merchandise before they leave the set. The Day One Ish gear. Once The Uso’s leave. Renee and Bryan put them over as cool guys and a great team.

– The next topic on the show is the interaction between The Miz and John Cena in the #1 contender battle royal tonight. How they both ended up eliminating one another. Replays are then played of the eliminations and Bryan rips into The Miz’s horrible “Daniel Bryan-esque” kicks. Bryan calls Miz a poor sport and says that he is not as good as he thinks he is. Renee announces that John Cena will be the special guest on Miz TV on Smackdown Live next week. Bryan jokingly asks who approved another Miz TV segment.

– The final guest on the show is AJ Styles. AJ shows Bryan how his tooth was chipped during the battle royal. Styles is upset with Bryan. He asks him why the match with Harper wasn’t scheduled immediately after the battle royal rather than next week. Bryan tells Styles that they didn’t have time to have another match. Styles says that he was ready to do it and that he is in better shape than Luke Harper. That he could done it easily and beaten Harper. They re-watch the footage from the end of the battle royal, and Bryan ends up admitting that it looked like Styles landed first. Styles gripes that Harper was already touching the ground before the double elimination. Bryan points out the “new WWE rulebook” that has been passed around. Styles asks if punches are still allowed. Bryan says yes. Closed fists are a go now. Styles then defends The Miz. He tells Bryan that he heard him rip his kicks and Styles says that The Miz and his kicks actually hurt. Styles points out some stiff kicks, he took from The Miz at The Elimination Chamber show. Bryan says that Miz barely grazed him with his toes. Styles says that he had actual footprints left on him as a result of those kicks. Styles then goes on to say that Bryan doesn’t make good decisions and that he wishes that Shane McMahon was around instead. AJ thinks that Daniel is “slow”. Bryan takes exception to this and teases AJ about having alternative beliefs when it comes to the earth being flat. Bryan calls AJ a “flat earther”. Styles admits that he has a differing opinion on it but he doesn’t like the label of being a “flat earther”. Bryan and Renee remind AJ that the world is a sphere running on an axis. Renee tries to wrap the show and cue AJ to leave. Styles refuses and suggests that Bryan should leave, so that he can take over. Bryan walks off. Renee says that she is being counted down and the show is ending. AJ rips up Renee’s papers and then grabs Renee’s phone. Renee takes her phone back and the show ends.

Recap By Leon Milici


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