WWE UK Championship Tournament Results – Jan 15, 2017

– The show kicks off with the Day 1 match highlights and clips of Regal confronting Pete Dunne after the show for his attack on Sam Gradwell.

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell

Gradwell comes to the ring fired up, the ref has to hold him back before the match can officially start. Dunne goes for a handshake (laughing as he does it), Gradwell doesn’t shake hands. Forearms by Gradwell as he puts Dunne to the mat in a hurry. Dunne with a clothesline and Gradwell ups the ante with a bigger clothes and a nice looking suicide dive. On the floor, Gradwell hits a suplex on the ramp and finally tosses Dunne back into the ring. Gradwell goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick, landing on his back, Gradwell sells the attack he received from the previous night.<br />
Michinoku Driver, pin, 2-count. He goes back up to the top rope again, Dunne rolls out to the floor, Gradwell with a crossbody down to the floor. Dunne sits Gradwell up on the top rope in the middle of the ring and just shoves him down to the floor, again Gradwell in pain with that back injury. Just beating the 10-count, Dunne scoops him up and throws him right into the bottom turnbuckle, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Pete Dunne via pinfall

After the match, Dunne hits The Bitter End on Gradwell and is interviewed up on the ramp. About his sneak attack, Dunne says he didn’t think it was controversial, nor did Triple H. Two down, two to go.

Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners

Both men shake hands to kick things off, Andrews with two quick pin attempts, then two arm drags. Conners reverse the third and gets Andrews in the corner, boot to the face. Knee to the midsection, Andrews eventually sends Conners to the outside, Andrews with an apron moonsault, which Conners dodges. Drop toe hold on Andrews who goes face-first into the steel steps. Conners drapes Andrews on the apron, hard blows before rolling him back into the ring. Conners uses his power to slow the pace, throwing him into the middle rope, back body drop, pin, 2-count. “Let’s go Andrews” chant from the crowd.

Andrews finally stuns his opponent with a dropkick that sends him to the floor. Both men on the floor, Andrews put up against the steps, Conners goes for a kick and misses. Andrews on the barricade, front flips on Conners. Back in the ring, going for a standing moonsault, Conners raises up his knees for the counter. Conners with a DLD as her slingshots over the top rope, pin, 2-count! Conners gets caught on the top rope, Andrews hits a hurricanrana, he then goes to the top and he gets caught for a moment. In the middle of the ring, Conners goes for a suplex, but Stundog Millionaire (stunner) by Andrews! Shooting Star Press! 1-2-3!

Winner: Mark Andrews via pinfall

– Fit Finlay is shown in the crowd.

Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang

After a feeling out process, Seven with a big slap that gets him a back body drop in return. Both men on the floor, Wolfgang with a moonsault off the barricade, and instantly sells a hurt knee (Seven doesn’t notice). Seven with a huge suicide dive that pushes back the barricade. Seven slowly climbs up to the top, Wolfgang catches him, and hits a superplex. European uppercuts by Wolfgang, big boot to the face, wasteland, and second rope moonsault, but Seven lifts his knees to counter! Dragon suplex on Wolfgang, pin attempt, 2-count.

Couple reversals until Seven hits a huge Seven Stars lariat, only gets a 2-count! He looks a bit bothered by this and brings Wolfgang over to the corner, they climb the ropes. Seven goes for a super piledriver, but gets a headbutt instead, Wolfgang with a senton bomb on Seven’s back. Goes for the pin! 1-2-3!

Winner: Wolfgang via pinfall

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Crowd pops big for Bate, Devlin gets solid boos as he enters second. Devlin goes in for a shake and Bate fakes him out and fixes his mustache. Angered, Devlin goes right into Bate with strikes in the corner. Bate recovers and tosses Devlin to the outside, Bate with a suicide dive to wipe out his opponent. Back in the ring, Devlin crawls back to the corner, ref pushes Bate back and Devlin gets a thumb to the eye. Devlin with ground and pound. Crowd with loud “Tyler Bate” chants, they are really loving this guy. Bate with a flying uppercut, goes for an airplane spin, but Devlin quickly elbows out of that. He then goes for a crossbody off the ropes right into the airplane spin.

Both men woozy as Devlin ends up on the apron, then whips the top rope right into Bate’s face, ouch! Devlin up top, misses moonsault, lands on his feet, and drops Bate for a 2-count. Devlin tries for a moonsault again, misses completely, Tyler Driver attempt, gets reversed. Devlin with a spinning kick to put Bate down. Bate hits Devlin with “Bang” and goes right into the Tyler Driver 97! 1-2-3! Crowd pops huge for Bate’s win. Bate waves to the crowd afterwards and basically everyone in the venue is waving back.

Winner: Tyler Bate via pinfall

– Robbie Brookside is shown in the crowd.

Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews

Andrews selling a neck injury as he comes to the ring. Dunne with a huge power slam to kick things off, Dunne with a chinlock. Dunne tries to avoid Andrews and gets in an arm drag. Dunne to the outside, Andrews with a flip over the top rope and a high five to a fan. Back in the ring, Dunne stomps Andrews’ hand as he attempts to climb in. Dunne takes Andrews’ hurt hand over to the stairs, tries to stomp on it, misses, Andrews with a hurricanrana. Dunne recovers, continues to focus on the neck area with clubbing blows.

Double stomp on Dunne, double knees in the corner, float-over suplex. Standing moonsault with an extra rotation so he ends up using his back! Andrews with hurricanrana and a running moonsault. Dunne rolls to the outside, Andrews tries his apron moonsault, gets caught and is throw hard back on the apron with a release vertical suplex. Dunne uses his X-Plex on the ramp on the outside. Ref counts to 9 before Andrews can jump back in the ring. Dunne just starts stomping Andrews’ face over and over again.

Andrews barley connects with a Stundog millionaire, 2-count! Climbing to the top rope, Andrews is caught by Dunne, both men start landing huge forearms. Dunne back down to the mat, Andrews goes for shooting star, knees up! Dunne rolls him up for another 2-count, Dunne is getting increasingly angered. Huge right hand by Dunne, Dunne tries to lift up Mark Andrews. Reversal! Andrews Goes for a pin! 2-count! Andrews misses another shooting star, X-Plex by Dunne, Bitter End! That does it! Dunne goes to the finals.

Winner: Pete Dunne via pinfall

Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang

Crowd starts up their “Tyler Bate” chant before the match can get going. Michael says that Wolfgang may have broken his nose in his first match. Bate then pops him right the face. Springboard elbow by Bate to flatten Wolfgang. Lots of back and forth in this one. Wolfgang looks to be the aggressor in this one. Bate gets thrown up and slammed down down for a 2-count. Bate takes a huge spear (flipping him) with another 2-count. Then, Bate is able to reverse Wolfgang right into the Tyler Driver and gets the somewhat quick and surprising victory!

Winner: Tyler Bate via pinfall

After the match, Pete Dunne ambushes Bate, throwing him shoulder first right into the steel post. As Dunne headed to the back, Regal runs out and yells at Dunne, pushing him to the backstage area. Bate is able to get out of the ring under his own power, but looks shook up.

– Out comes Neville, who says it seems as someone has been forgotten again: the CWC, 205 Live, and now the UK Tournament. Crowd is cheering and chanting Neville’s name. He then says he is the greatest wrestler this country as produced and there is nobody else that can stand up to him. Out comes Tommy End (billed as Tommy End)!

Neville vs. Tommy End (Non-Tournament Match)

Neville gets the best of the first exchange, crowd chanting “This is awesome!” Huge kick by End, plenty of running the ropes with End getting in another kick. Neville finally decides to roll to the outside and take a breather all the way until the ref gets to 9. Back in the ring, Neville lands some stomps to the head, knee to the face and a pin, 1-count. Neville with multiple spinning kicks, goes up to the top rope, and jumps right into a kick to the head.

End with more kicks, Neville to the floor again, End with a huge moonsault off the second rope to the floor! A flurry of strikes by End, pin, 2-count. Update will be coming soon on Bate’s condition after Dunne’s attack. End with a feints a kick, Neville covers up, spinning roundhouse by End right in the face, pin, 2-count. End up top, Neville catches him and lands a top rope hurricanrana! Neville goes for the Red Arrow, hits it clean, 1-2-3!

Winner: Neville via pinfall

– Update on Bate, has a separated AC joint in his shoulder, but is cleared to wrestle in the finals.

Finn Balor comes out to a nice pop from the crowd. He says “Wow” to the crowd and the tournament. Says the reason this tournament is here is because of the passion from the fans. Then promotes the finals before heading to the back.

Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate

Bate out with a taped up shoulder. Regal in the ring showing off the title to be wrestlers before the match gets started. “Tyler Bate” chants get going. Bate actively keeping his shoulder away from Dunne. Dunne and Bate in the corner, ref calls for break, slap in the face by Dunne. Dunne starts to work on Bate’s bad shoulder, Bate is able to flip out of it and land a dropkick to a joyous reaction by the crowd. Lot of great matches this weekend, but if anybody has become the crowd favorite, it’s Tyler Bate.

Dunne continues to try to keep Bate down, but he flips out yet again. Both men tie-up and end up rolling out of the ring together, Dunne continues to work the shoulder. Big forearms by both men right in front of the crowd, Bate lands the biggest, dropping Dunne, who rolls back into the ring. Dunne throws Bate shoulder first into the turnbuckle, with kicks to the shoulder. Bate reverse Dunne and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Bate with a shot to the face, up to the second rope for a springboard uppercut. Exploder suplex on Dunne, pin, 2-count. Tyler Driver attempt, he couldn’t even lift Dunne. Massive shot to the face by Dunne, who then goes for Bitter End, roll-up reversal, 2-count. Airplane spin by Bate who then goes the other way. He stops for a moment, then goes around for a third time. Pin, 2-count.

Triangle choke by Dunne with punches to the shoulder. Bate is able to lift up Dunne with basically one arm and slams him down! Crowd on their feet after that move and start up another chant for Bate. Dunne rolls out of the ring, dazed, Bate with a fosberry flop over the top rope! He throws Dunne back in the ring, to the top rope, front flip with his feet hitting Dunne! Goes for the pin, 2-count! Bitter End by Dunne, and he goes for the pin, 1-2-no! Dunne can’t believe it. Entire crowd is standing and chanting for Bate. Kimura by Dunne right in the middle of the ring. Bate is able to get to his feet, and reverse into a brainbuster. Pin attempt, kick-out at 2.

Slaps and punches by both wrestler, front wheel kick lands on Dunne. Bate with another wheel kick, goes for a Tyler Driver 97, pin, 1-2-3! Crowd explodes with cheers.

Winner: Tyler Bate via pinfall

– Triple H awards the title to Tyler Bate, also out in the ring is William Regal, Fit Finlay, and Finn Balor. Triple H raises Bate’s hand as the crowd cheers on. Bate looks like he can’t believe he’s the champion as he looks out towards the crowd. He climbs to the second rope and waves to the crowd as confetti engulfs the venue.

Thanks to Joshua Gagnon for the results.

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