WWE Talking Smack Recap – Guests: Randy Orton, American Alpha & Naomi

– Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week’s show. She also welcomes back the returning Daniel Bryan. Renee addresses Daniel’s absence from Talking Smack in recent weeks. Daniel says that “The Man was suppressing his opinions” as the reason for him being off the show. He credits the people for creating an uprising to bring him back.

– The opening topic is John Cena. How he is now 16 time world champion, and his victory over AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan puts over Cena’s reign in the WWE. He compares Cena’s run at the top to the likes of others like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. How his reigns as champ have been more impressive because they have been lengthier. He makes a comparison to some of Ric Flair’s shorter title runs….. Daniel then puts over the performance of all The Smackdown Live stars at the Rumble, including the winner Randy Orton. Renee compares the feel of The Rumble to a WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan agrees with Renee but brings up a sore spot about the event. How Smackdown Live was presented. Bryan talks about how there were only 11 Smackdown Live superstars in the actual rumble match, and how Cena-Styles was the only Smackdown Live match on the pay per view.

– The first guests on Talking Smack are American Alpha. Renee mentions how they haven’t seen or heard much from them in a while. Jordan brings up that the last time, they were on the show. JBL was hosting with Renee. That night, JBL made the request that they drop The “ready, willing and gable” gimmick…. Bryan asks Alpha to compare JBL to him as a host. Renee and Alpha compliment JBL for being on the pulse of things….. Alpha brings up that they were disappointed of not being in The Royal Rumble or on the card. Gable and Jordan both talk about their titles not being defended at the show. How they want to step things up and proved it by laying an open challenge tonight on Smackdown Live. Daniel Bryan announces a tag team title turmoil match at Elimination Chamber. (Could that be the debut of The Revival?)….

– After Alpha leaves the set. Renee and Bryan talk about what transpired at the end of Smackdown Live. They talk about all the participants in The Elimination Chamber match. Daniel notes how difficult the chamber is to wrestle in. Bryan talks about how impressed he has been with Baron Corbin. Not just with his performance at The Rumble eliminating Braun Strowman, but on tonight’s show. Bryan loves his aggressiveness. Bryan predicts that Corbin is going to win The Chamber match and become WWE Champion. He thinks that the environment of a Chamber match favors someone like Corbin.

– Naomi is the next guest on the show. Renee compliments Naomi on her recent surge and confidence. Naomi is very energetic and happy that she has defeated Alexa Bliss twice. She’s happy to be back in the mix after being injured. Naomi puts over the women’s division, and is looking to validate herself. Daniel says that he has been very impressed with Naomi of late, and that he and Shane have booked a match at Elimination Chamber. Where Alexa Bliss will defend her Smackdown women’s championship against Naomi. Bryan and Naomi high five. Naomi talks about the dream of walking into her hometown of Orlando at WrestleMania as the women’s champion. Naomi says that it would be in front of family members who have yet to see her wrestle yet. Bryan jokes about Naomi doing her dance down the long ramp at WrestleMania.

– The next guest on the show is 2017 Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton. His match with John Cena next week on SD live is hyped prior to him joining the show. Renee and Bryan congratulate Randy for winning The Rumble. Orton calls The Rumble a very special night for him. He talks about the adrenaline and rush, he gets from being in that type of setting. Randy notes that his wife was in attendance during the show and it made the event, that much more special. Randy then addresses his match with Cena next week. Renee asks Randy who he wants to face at WrestleMania. Orton picks Cena and he states that the fans want to see that match more than they think. Randy says that he is not nervous about facing Cena and proved it by beating him tonight. Randy notes that he has 12 title reigns himself, and that he is not intimidated by Cena or his resume. Orton is next asked about the current state of The Wyatt family. Orton brings up Luke Harper’s recent actions and how he is unstable. Orton states that Harper will not derail The Wyatt family. Daniel Bryan asks Orton about his confidence level going into WrestleMania this year. He mentions how Orton beat HHH and John Cena at the last WrestleMania in Orlando. Orton says that he is used to being in big matches and it favors him. Orton is once again asked about next week’s match with Cena in Seattle. Orton promises to take Cena’s pride next week, and then his title at Mania. He tells Cena that his only option is to Run. Randy then exits the show.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap


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