Saturday, January 14, 2017

UK Tournament Match Ends In Blood & Controversy, William Regal's Emotional Return (Video)

- As seen below, William Regal speaks on returning to Blackpool, England and what the WWE UK Championship Tournament means to him. Regal talked about how he still calls this place home and that he never thought in a million years this kind of tournament could take place.

- There was a somewhat controversial finish to the second match of tonight’s WWE UK Championship Tournament between Jordan Devlin and Danny Burch. Devlin caught his opponent with a kick to the back of the head, ripping a pretty nasty gash in the back of his head causing immediate and profuse amounts of blood. When he made the cover, the referee counted three despite Burch arguably getting his shoulder up before the third count.

After the match, Devlin – who we were reminded about a half dozen times was trained by Finn Balor – offered a hand to Burch, but kicked him in the face instead, adding insult to injury. The crowd was not happy, as Burch was by far the more popular of the two in the match and was looking to be in good shape until he caught the kick that split him open.

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