WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler

Renee Young welcomes Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan and the audience to this week’s show. Daniel Bryan starts off by talking about the Susan G. Komen segment. How the women behind the scenes hugged and prayed together before they went out to the live crowd. Bryan admitted that it brought a tear to his eye….. Renee Young brings up the release of Daniel Bryan’s new documentary. Bryan jokingly pretends that the documentary doesn’t exist and tells Renee to keep quiet about it.

The conversation then shifts to The Dolph Ziggler “Success of a Failure” video on Smackdown Live presented by The Miz. Both Renee and Daniel joke about it. Dolph Ziggler joins the show. They joke about not being able to talk about politics. Dolph mentions the vice presidential debate and how Kaine won tonight. Renee transitions by asking Dolph about the video that aired tonight. She asks Dolph about his humble start in The WWE. Dolph says that he is happy that the 8 year olds who are not aware of his past will know it now. Renee asks Dolph what his favorite parts of his early career were. Dolph says he really enjoyed the time he spent with Edge behind the scenes and then loved the feud he had with Edge and the world title match he had with him at The Royal Rumble. Dolph calls it the highlight of his career. Daniel asks Dolph, How he feels about this sunday potentially being the end of his career. Dolph says that he realizes that people think that if he loses, He will show up under a mask or on Raw. Dolph says this it for him if he loses. He will have to move on to a different chapter in his life. Daniel Bryan tells Dolph that he fears that Ziggler has a backup plan. That he would be more dangerous if he didn’t have anything to fall back on. Dolph tells Bryan that even though he has a lot of things in his life. Wrestling is his passion and what he wants to do the most.

Renee wishes Dolph the best. Daniel tells Dolph that regardless of what happens. It was a pleasure to watch Ziggler in the ring and to work with him. They talk about how close they both came to getting their one on one match at WrestleMania. Dolph leaves reluctantly after Renee gives him several cues.

The conversation then shifts to tomorrow night’s Total Bellas debut on The E Network. Daniel says that he is nervous because the show follows them during very hard times. From Daniel Bryan getting the phone call from Vince that he can’t wrestle anymore to Nikki Bella’s serious neck injury. Bryan says that fans will enjoy the show because of the behind the scenes wrestling stuff. How fans will get a chance to see a side of John Cena that they haven’t seen before.

The next topic on the show is The No Mercy match scheduled between Nikki Bella and Carmella. They also discuss The Smackdown Live Womens championship match sunday. Daniel Bryan predicts that Alexa Bliss will defeat Becky Lynch. His theory is that Becky will not have the same passion defending the title as she had in her journey to get it. How it is a different mindset for a wrestler when they have to defend a title. He also adds that Alexa Bliss has pinned Becky twice on Smackdown Live… Bryan then challenges Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss to top the match that Sasha and Charlotte had last night on Raw.

Renee then switches the topic to Heath Slater & Rhyno and their tag title defense vs The Usos at No Mercy. Bryan heavily praises The Uso’s and their new vicious style. Renee then brings up The Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt rivalry. Daniel Bryan asks if it is ok to say that he doesn’t understand what exactly is going on between these two. Bryan says that Bray proved he is a magician tonight by disappearing. Daniel puts over Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt as two of the best at playing mind games. Daniel Bryan admits that one of the things that terrifies him is grown men whispering and that Orton and Wyatt are the best at it…

The conversation then goes to The main event at No Mercy. They discuss the end of Smackdown Live. AJ Styles joins the show. AJ says he is going to win sunday. Renee asks AJ, How he is going to win?… AJ says that he adapts because that is what winners do and he is a winner. Renee asks Styles, which of the two opponents he faces sunday, does he fear the most? AJ compliments both men but says he is not worried about either man because he beat the both of them. AJ Styles takes issue with Daniel giving Dean Ambrose a rematch last week when he already had a rematch scheduled at No Mercy. Daniel says Dean deserved it. Bryan says that frankly, He and Shane were not impressed with the way AJ won the title last month. AJ says that John Cena shouldn’t be in Sunday’s match because he beat him at SummerSlam. Renee asks who does AJ think would be a good replacement for Cena sunday?.. AJ suggests James Ellsworth. His partner from a few weeks back. AJ rips John Cena for trying to make history and be in the same conversation as Ric Flair.

Daniel Bryan asks AJ Styles if he ever brags about being the only man to be a TNA world champion, IWGP world champion and WWE world champ. Daniel takes a little dig at Cena and Ambrose with this question by saying to Styles… Do you ever tell them that because they have never been world champions anywhere else….. Styles says he has been all over the world. He doesn’t compare himself to anyone. He is the one and only AJ Styles. He has been overlooked his entire career. He tells Daniel that Bryan knows what that feels like to be overlooked and doubted. AJ says that he is a champion and he will knock down anyone in his way because he is a winner. The show ends on this note.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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