Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Undertaker Dealing With Injury? (Photos)

A few photos recently surfaced on Reddit allegedly revealing the Undertaker may be dealing with some sort of injury, as speculated by him using crutches in the photos.

The first new photo (on the left, click it to enlarge) did show Undertaker with crutches, but many people called the photo into question since the barista standing next to him was wearing a walking boot.

In this second photo (on the right, click it to enlarge) in another Reddit thread shows Taker with another fan outside, and as you can see Taker is using the same set of crutches as in the first photo (one in his hand and one in the car).

It should be noted that there was another similar story this summer about Undertaker needing a cane to walk around, but it was later debunked as the person in the photo with him said it was his cane, and Taker was just using it as a photo prop and checking it out.

We will keep you updated.

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