Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jeremy Borash Talks ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’, Says Wrestlers Will Breach Contracts to Work ‘Apocalypto’ Tag Team Match

Jeremy Borash was a guest on this Friday’s edition of The Taz Show, which you can catch each and every week live and on-demand at Play.It. Recent guests include Vampiro, Alberto el Patron, and former UFC star-turned-pro wrestler Matt Riddle.

Featured below are transcriptions from JB’s interview with Taz, talking ongoing drama in TNA, lawsuits with Billy Corgan, the Broken Hardyz and the upcoming Hardy special this December, and more.

JB on recent TNA lawsuits and speculation on the future of the company:
“How many of those things that you’ve read about have turned out to be true? We’re still here, we’re still producing a show, and as of last week my checks have never been missed. It’s kind of one of those things where, there’s another things that’s out. Is it all factual? Is it all speculation? I can tell you there have been huge things that have reported in the last two weeks, completely fabricated by somebody. When you have those things out there, it really takes away from the narrative, which is the boys, the product, the storylines, the television. There is no other business in the world, where you have to go to work and fear that every detail that what you’re up to is online, criticized, read – it’s messed up.”
JB on if doing a show at the Hardy compound is to save money for TNA: 
“I heard something last night from one of the most ‘respected news reporters’ that we’re doing this Hardy show to save money. We’re planning a Hardy special in December. Complete [expletive]. Not even close. The amount of money we’re spending on this show is equal to, if not more, than what it would cost to do an Impact.”
JB on working with the Broken Hardyz: 
“It’s a work in progress, and it’s only getting better. That’s what I love about it. It’s not a one time thing. I put my everything into this situation. Imagine having to convince those guys – run out into this field, we’re lighting giant rockets on the end of my drone to shoot you…go! Run!”

JB also revealed that the Vanguard1 drone used in the Hardy segments is actually his drone, and he has his FAA licence to operate it.
JB on The Epicness of Apocalypto:
“I’m gonna predict it right now, no less than a dozen lawsuits when wrestlers openly defy their contracts to come work this match. [Matt] has called out the New Day, he’s called out the Bucks of Youth. This match is coming up, Apocalypto, it’s falls count anywhere, and any tag team through space and time is invited. And he called out people, said if you are under a contract and can’t get there, you are basically admitting that you are a slave to the owner. There is precedent for this. He’s going to say, in the next couple of weeks, that every tag team through space and time is invited, and will be calling people out. This is going to be the most epic tag team match ever – it’s going to be like the Crockett Cup on crack. It is going to be the most epic program you’ve ever seen. Falls count anywhere, elimination match. Tag teams are already contacting – you wouldn’t believe the tag teams that are contacting us to be a part of this. I think there are wrestlers that will breach their own contracts, or, they’ll call out their promoters. Didn’t Vince McMahon let you work ECW to go beat Mike Awesome? There is precedent for this.”
JB on Total Nonstop Deletion: 
“There’s going to be a ring there. We’re setting up his ‘Dome of Deletion’ to fully accommodate the six-sided ring, lighting, fans, everything. It will look like a completely different arena. And then of course the Hardy compound will be the battleground for Apocalypto.”

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