The 2016 WWE Money In the Bank Kickoff pre-show opens up from Las Vegas as fans file into the new T Mobile Arena. Renee Young is joined by Corey Graves, Booker T and Lita. They hype the show before going back to Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge. We go back to a video on John Cena vs. AJ Styles. We go back to the panel and Graves goes with Cena while the other 2 go with AJ. Renee and Graves hypes tonight’s pre-show matches.

Goldust and R-Truth vs. R-Truth vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango

We go to the ring after more hype for tonight’s matches. Golden Truth make their way out first. Breezango are out next and they’re just about purple the tans are so bad. They sell it too. Truth and Fandango start off but Fandango is in pain from the sunburn. Truth takes advantage. Goldust and Truth come in to double team Breeze. Goldust and Breeze go at it now.

Truth comes back in and mounts Fandango in the corner with right hands. Fandango turns it around with a distraction from Breeze. Truth gets double teamed in the opposite corner now. Truth catches Fandango with a big kick and both go down but fans rally. Goldust unloads on Breeze. Goldust nails Breeze and ducks a double clothesline. Breeze is pulled out by Truth while Goldust hits is finisher on Fandango for the win.

Winners: Golden Truth

– Still to come The Dudleyz vs. Lucha Dragons and a MITB preview.

– Sami Zayn walks up on Stardust backstage and wants to talk. Cesaro isn’t in the mood to talk and tells Sami to do it his way, Cesaro will do it his. Cesaro walks off. Renee leads us to a video package for MITB.

– We go back to the panel for hype on tonight’s Ladder Match. We take a break and see footage from earlier of Roman Reigns arriving. Tom Phillips is backstage with Natalya and Dana Brooke for fan Twitter questions. Becky talks about Bret Hart and Mick Foley being inspirations growing up. Natalya names Bret, Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage.

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Lucha Dragons

We go back to Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton at ringside. Sin Cara and Kalisto are out first. Bubba Ray Dudley starts off talking trash and shoving Kalisto. D-Von Dudley ends up tagging and takong Kalisto to the corner. Bubba misses a cheap shot.

The Lucha Dragons end up clearing and the ring and nailing dives. They do the “lucha!” chant and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bubba is in control of Sin Cara as fans chant for tables. More back and forth. Bubba with a suplex for a 2 count. Bubba talks trash about taking the mask off. He mocks Sin Cara and gets dropkicked. D-Von and Kalisto tag in. Kalisto unloads and takes out Bubba. He hits a springboard corkscrew on D-Von, then takes his knee out. Kalisto slams D-Von with his legs and springboards in with a senton for 2. The Dudleyz hit a Doomsday Device but Cara breaks the pin. The Dudleyz collide on accident and get rolled up for 2. D-Von gets sent to the floor. Kalisto hits Salida del Sol. Cara tags in with a Dragon Bomb for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

– We go back to the panel for discussion on tonight’s main event. They also show a video package for tonight’s main event to wrap the pre-show.

WWE Money In The Bank Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight’s show. A lot of time is spent on the Money in the Bank match, and its’ implications for future title matches. Of course, Reigns vs. Rollins and Cena vs Styles get a bit of time as well.

– The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, calling it the greatest Money in the Bank PPV in history. Cole throws it up to the ring where Enzo Amore and Big Cass make their way out on the ramp. Enzo has a mic and he runs down his usual spiel, letting us know he’s a certified G and a bona fide stud, and how Big Cass is 7 foot tall, and how you can’t teach that. Bada boom, realest guys in the room, how you doin’? Enzo talks about having the meanest poker face, and saying you couldn’t read this if you were hooked on phonics. But he tells Cass that he fell in love, with his lady luck, and Enzo’s a little tired. Cass asks why, and Enzo says he and lady luck were up all night long. Cass says it’s time to ante up, it doesn’t matter if it’s the New Day, the Vaudvillains, or Gallows and Anderson, if they get in their way, they’re going broke. Because there’s only one word to describe them, and he’s gonna spell it out, S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!

The Vaudvillains make their way out next and they don’t get nearly as warm a welcome from the crowd.

Anderson and Gallows are the third team to make their way into the arena, and they get a nice initial pop, coming out to a better reaction than the villains, but one that still pales in comparison to Enzo and Cass.

AWWWWW SIN CITY! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap your hands and feel the POWAAAAAH! New Day make their way out to the ring with mics in hand to a huge New Day Rocks chant. Big E says a lot of you people are talking that booty chatter about becoming the new WWE World Tag Team Champions. But Kofi doesn’t believe them. Neither do Big E or Woods. Kofi says Enzo resemble a broke down Han Solo and a hairless Chewbacca, the little guy runs his mouth while the big guy does all the work. Woods does a Chewbacca impression and it’s pretty good. Big E calls the Vaudvillains the Monopoly Men, he doesn’t know whether to fight them, or collect $200 when they pass Go. And Kofi says they’re going to send Anderson and Gallows and their bald heads back to Japan with a big bowl of Booty-O’s. So Woods sums it up by saying they’re going to show why they’re the elite team in this industry today. Because New Day Rocks!

WWE World Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Match
The New Day vs. Enzo and Cass vs. The Vaudvillains vs. Gallows and Anderson

The bell rings and it looks like Kofi and Anderson are going to kick things off. Anderson backs off and then locks up, clamping Kofi in a headlock. Kofi fights it off but falls to a shoulder block. Kofi comes right back, taking Anderson to the mat, but Anderson backs Kofi into the corner and tags Gallows. Gallows gets in a couple of big right hands, then tags out to Anderson. Kofi is able to fight off Anderson and Gallows, and he and Enzo go up in opposite corners, leaping off and wiping out Anderson and Gallows. They double dropkick the Vaudvillains, then Kofi rolls up Enzo for a near fall. Enzo and Kofi lock up, but Kofi goes right behind. Enzo turns things around and the two chain wrestle for a bit before wrestling down to the mat and back up twice in a row.

Kofi and Enzo attempt to pull each other toward their respective corners, and both men make the tag. Big E and Big Cass both make their way into the ring, sizing each other up. Cass fights off an interfering Gotch, and Big E hits a belly to belly on English before knocking Anderson and Gallows from the ring apron. Big E splashes English on the ring apron and Kofi pins him, but it’s broken up immediately by everyone else in the match. All four teams are in the ring and things break down with Enzo and Cass and Kofi and Big E tossing everyone else out of the ring. New Day attack Enzo and Cass and Big E is tossed from the ring. Enzo tosses Kofi face first into double boots from English. English comes in and stomps away at Kofi in the corner before hanging him up on the top rope, allowing Gotch to get in a shot to the face. Gotch tags in for a quick two count before clamping on a modified rear chin lock.

Gotch tags in English who does a double team chop and punch to the face to Kofi. Kofi responds with a chin breaker and Anderson tags himself in. Anderson goes right to work on Kofi, beating on him in the corner. Anderson knocks Big E off the apron while Kofi does the same to Gallows. Both men clothesline each other. Anderson and Kofi both make the tag and Enzo comes in swinging at Aiden English. Enzo drives English’s forehead into his knee, but is low-bridged by Gallows and falls to the outside. Gallows enters the match and waits for Enzo to come back into the ring. Gallow hits a big boot, then pins Enzo for two. Gallows picks up Enzo and shoulders him, but Enzo counters into a DDT to lay out the big man. Enzo tags Cass and Gallows tags Anderson. Cass clotheslines Anderson, then knocks everyone but Big E off the apron before back body dropping Big E to the floor. Cass slams Anderson and hits and elbow drop before sending English to the ring apron and knocking him to the floor with a big boot. Enzo enters the ring and Cass launches him over the top rope onto his opponents. Cass slams Enzo from the top rope onto Anderson, but Gallows breaks up the pin. English shoves Cass into the ring post on the floor, and Gotch tags into the match.

Gotch tries to suplex Enzo, but Enzo fights it off. Kofi tags in and he’s caught with nasty kicks to the gut by Gotch. English tags in and they hit the Whirling Dervish, but Anderson breaks it up. Big E enters the ring and spears Gotch through the ropes and out to the floor. English stands in the ring and Kofi hits a DDT out of nowhere.

Kofi tags out and Big E shoulders English. Gallows pulls Kofi down and Anderson boots Big E from behind. Gallows almost kicks off Woods’ head on the floor. And Anderson and Gallows hit the assisted twisting suplex on English. Big E breaks up the pin. Cass boots Anderson out of the ring. Big E hits and Big Ending on English while Kofi comes down from the top rope at the same time. Kofi pins English, and this one is over.

WINNERS AND STILL WWE World Tag Team Champions: The New Day


Tom Phillips is standing backstage with Kevin Owens. Owens brushes off Tom’s question, he says tonight’s his first Money in the Bank ladder match, but it’s not his first MITB PPV, because that was last year when he powerbombed Cena on the apron and took him out for weeks. Jericho interrupts the promo. He asks Owens about his chipped tooth, saying he’ll have another tonight because he doesn’t steal spotlights, he is the spotlight. Owens says he knows that Jericho created the match, it’s kind of funny though, he’s never won the match. And he’s not going to win tonight, because Owens plans on beating everyone else and getting the contract. Owens says he’s pretty sure Jericho made that up. Del Rio comes in out of nowhere and Owens asks if he’ll speak Spanish. Del Rio says he won the first Money in the Bank match that has ever won a MITB ladder match. Owens says he knows, they repeat themselves all the time, not like Owens who’s very interesting, which is probably why Todd is interviewing him. Owens makes fun of Del Rio calling everyone pero. Jericho asks if Owens speaks Spanish. Jericho says the only pero’s he sees are this pair-o idiots here. Jericho is going to give the gift of Jericho, drink it in. Owens says he’ll just stick to water, and leaves. Del Rio leaves as well, and Jericho holds his pose, before staring down Phillips and calling Owens and Del Rio ‘stupid idiots’.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Baron Corbin is the first man to make his way out for the next match, getting a bit of a reaction out of the fans in attendance.

Dolph Ziggler is out next, and Ziggler gets a nice initial pop, and a good bit of love on his way down the aisle.

The bell rings and Ziggler goes for Corbin’s leg right away, backing him into the corner. Both men continue to feel each other out with Ziggler backing Corbin up once more. Ziggler goes behind and traps Corbin in a waist lock, but Corbin shakes him off. Ziggler superkicks Corbin out of the ring, sends him into the corner, and hits a big splash. Corbin fights off a neckbreaker and catches Dolph with a big right before stomping him down into the mat.

Corbin shakes up Dolph with a big forearm to the face, followed by a knee to the gut. Corbin picks up Ziggler and Ziggler fights him back, whipping him out of the ring. Corbin slides under the bottom rope, pops back into the ring, and clotheslines Ziggler hard for a two count. Corbin picks up Ziggler, trapping his arm and clamping on a rear chin lock. Ziggler fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Corbin catches him and hot shots him on the top rope.

Corbin mounts Ziggler and punches him in the face repeatedly before grinding his foot into Ziggler’s face in a show of disrespect. Corbin picks up Ziggler and blasts him with another big right hand to a big chant of ‘boring’ from the crowd.

Corbin picks up Ziggler, and this time his right hand is blocked. Ziggler scores with a flurry of punches and head butts, a back elbow, flying clothesline, splash and suplex in quick succession. Ziggler hits a giant elbow drop that’s good for a two count. Ziggler picks up Corbin and tries for the rocker dropper, but Corbin blocks that, and a superkick, scoring with a giant clothesline for two. Corbin is visibly disappointed after that kickout.

Corbin picks up Ziggler and Ziggler kicks him in the knee. Ziggler goes for the rocker dropper again, but Corbin dumps him into the corner. Ziggler avoids Corbin in the corner and scored with the rocker dropper, getting a two count. Ziggler tunes up the band and Corbin bails to the outside. Ziggler heads out and runs around the ring, stumbling on the steps and running right into a huge spinning slam on the floor. Ziggler is able to make it back into the ring at a nine count. Corbin blasts Ziggler with a couple of big right hands before picking him up and slamming his face into the mat. Corbin picks up Ziggler again and Ziggler ducks a clothesline, fights out of end of days, and scores with a superkick for another two count.

Ziggler makes it up on his feet on the apron, climbing up to the top rope. Ziggler stands on the top but Corbin stops him with a quick forearm. Corbin follows up after Ziggler, picking him up and trying for a superplex. Ziggler fights it off and sends Corbin crashing to the mat. Ziggler stands, but Corbin hits the ropes and causes Dolph to crash into the ring. Corbin hits end of days, and this one is over with a three count.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Seth Rollins is shown taping his wrists backstage before we cut to a Gold Bond commercial.

Tag Team Women’s Match
Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Becky Lynch

Back in the arena, Charlotte and Dana Brook make their way out to not much of a reaction at all out of the fans.

Becky Lynch is out next, and she gets a nice pop coming out on her own amidst smoke and ladders. Natalya is out next, and she too gets a warm welcome from the crowd on her way to the ring.

The bell rings and it looks like Dana Brooke and Natalya will kick things off. Brooke backs Natalya into the ropes, then shoves her face. Brooke runs away from Natalya, getting into the ropes and forcing the ref to break the hold. Brooke tries to kick Natalya but has her foot caught and is tripped into the mat, eating a low dropkick right after. Charlotte tags in and falls to a Hart attack from Lynch and Natalya. Lynch sends Brooke out of the ring and she and Natalya hit stereo baseball slides to wipe out their opponents. Lynch sends Charlotte back into the ring and pins her for one. Becky tags out to Natalya who comes in and rolls up Charlotte for another one. Charlotte knees Natalya in the stomach, but then eats a back elbow. Brooke distracts Natalya and allows Charlotte to hit a big boot to the face. Charlotte pins Natalya for a two count.

Charlotte takes Natalya into the corner and kicks at her repeatedly before tagging in Dana. Dana takes Natalya into the corner and kicks away before tagging back out to Charlotte. Charlotte clamps on a front face lock and knees Natalya in the face, bringing her down to her knees. Natalya stands and fights out of the hold, but is pulled back down to the mat. Charlotte knocks Becky from the apron, then distracts Becky and the ref to allow Dana to get in a couple of cheap shots. Charlotte misses a spear in the corner when Natalya moves, hitting the ring post shoulder first. Charlotte tries to block Becky from making the tag, but she’s able to and she comes in with a series of clotheslines, a running forearm in the corner for Charlotte, boot to the face for Dana, and an exploder to Charlotte that’s good for two.

Becky hits Dana and Charlotte with a double missile dropkick before tagging out to Natalya. Becky and Natalya try for a double suplex, but Charlotte lands on her feet and kicks Becky in the face. Charlotte rolls up Natalya and gets her feet on the ropes, but Natalya kicks out. Natalys is able to go for the Sharpshooter, but Dana breaks it up. Becky gets knocked away and Charlotte hits Natural Selection on Natalya, getting the three count.

Winners: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Becky consoles Natalya in the ring following the match while Dana and Charlotte gloat on the way to the back. Natalya attacks Becky out of nowhere, laying into her and beating her down to the mat. Natalya makes her way out of the ring and calmly walks toward the back while Becky looks confused in the ring.


Tom Phillips is backstage with Dean Ambrose, he asks his strategy. Ambrose says he’s not a strategy guy. That assumes you can avoid the damage of this match. Money in the Bank is the jungle, and only one thing exists, and that’s the contract, and the briefcase is Ambrose’s. And when it’s all said and done, every time he’s fallen off a ladder and been beaten with a chair will be worth it. Tonight he’s the king of the jungle. Phillips asks for a comment on the World Title Match. Ambrose says Reigns will have fun because beating up Seth is fun, trust him, he knows.

Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews

Back in the arena, Sheamus makes his way out for the next match, and he gets a bit of a reaction as the announcers run down the recent history between Sheamus and Apollo Crews, beginning with Sheamus ambushing Crews during an interview on Raw last month.

Apollo Crews is out next, and the man with the million dollar smile gets a really nice pop from the crowd while we get a recap of Sheamus bragging about his role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Sheamus attacks right away before the bell, backing off for a bit then clamping on a headlock. Crews fights out and takes over Sheamus with a headlock of his own. Crews will not let go of the headlock until Sheamus fights out and knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Sheamus runs right into a giant dropkick from Crews before Crews clotheslines him over the top rope and out to the floor. Crews stops Sheamus on the apron, dropping him back to the floor. Crews heads out to the apron and Sheamus hits an Irish curse backbreaker, bringing Crews from the apron to the floor. Sheamus kicks Crews in the back before sending him back into the ring. Sheamus scores with a short-arm clothesline, then another. Sheamus kicks at Crews, and hits a clubbing blow to the back before trapping him in a sleeper hold.

Crews tries to fight but Sheamus hits him with repeated blows to the chest and then cranks away on the rear chin lock. Sheamus breaks the hold and knocks Crews right down to the mat with a running forearm. Crews rolls to the apron and Sheamus tries to trap his arms. Crews fights out, flips over Sheamus into the ring, and runs right up onto Sheamus’ shoulders and into a rolling senton for two. Sheamus follows up with a rear chin lock, but Crews fights out quickly, rolling Sheamus up for two. Apollo hits a chinbreaker, then catches Sheamus with double boots in the corner. Crews hits a couple of big forearms, then two clotheslines, and a big splash in the corner followed by a cross body. Crews hits a nice enzugiri but it’s still not enough for three.

Crews shoulders Sheamus but Sheamus fights out. Crews catches Sheamus and hits a belly to belly suplex to send him out to the floor. Crews winds up and launches himself from the apron with a nice moonsault to the floor before bringing Sheamus back into the ring for another near fall. Crews picks up Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus hangs onto the ropes to force a break. Sheamus comes back with a slam, sending Crews to the mat for a near fall. Sheamus picks himself up using the ropes and forces Crews to his feet. Apollo fights out of the hold and is sent to the apron. Crews fights off Sheamus with a couple of rights before heading to the top. Sheamus stops Crews with a big right hand before stepping to the middle rope and shouldering Crews for White Noise. Sheamus pins Crews but he only gets two!

Crews rolls up Sheamus out of nowhere and gets the three count!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Crews smiles wide on his way to the back while Sheamus seethes in the ring. We cut to backstage where Roman is shown stretching out his arms and warming up.

– We get a video package highlighting the recent history between AJ Styles (as well as Anderson and Gallows) and John Cena that led up to this match tonight.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

AJ Styles is the first man out to the ring, and Styles gets a great pop from the fans on his way down the aisle.

John Cena is out next and he gets a much louder, but more mixed reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and the crowd is electric. We get a lockup and Styles clamps on a headlock. Cena pushes Styles off and Styles shrugs it off, talking smack and telling Cena this is what he does. This is his home. Cena traps AJ’s arm and twists, Styles flips up, over and out of it, into another side headlock. Cena pushes AJ off, but AJ drives Cena to the mat and runs around, saying he can do this all night long. Another lockup and AJ goes for yet another headlock, Cena pushes him off and avoids the takedown, scoring with a couple of arm drags and a huge monkey flip on Styles instead.

Cena tries for the AA, but Styles fights out and lands a big right hand. Styles drives Cena into the ropes with chops and punches, fighting him around the ring. Styles drives his elbow into the back of Cena’s head. Styles drags Cena up and kicks him in the gut, but Cena is able to hit a back body drop. Styles lands on his feet and dances circles around Cena, landing right hands and forearms. Cena scores with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

Styles bails to the floor and kicks Cena in the gut when he follows. Styles tries to send Cena into the steps but Cena blocks it. Cena tries to whip Styles into the steps but Styles simply leaps over them and heads into the ring. Styles kicks Cena in the legs, then picks him up and blasts him with a forearm. Styles lands a huge knee to the face, covering Cena for a two count. Styles smiles, picking Cena up and slamming his head into the top turnbuckle. Styles hits Cena with another forearm before hitting a suplex, and asking if this is all Cena’s got. Cena starts to fight back with right hands, taking Styles into the corner and whipping him across the ring, but Styles avoids a charging Cena in the corner and Cena runs into the turnbuckle. Styles lays into Cena with kicks and a big right hand before Cena reverses an Irish whip and scores with a back body drop.

Cena stands using the ropes and hits the flying shoulder tackle, but then runs right into a dropkick from Styles. Styles picks up Cena and clamps on another rear chin lock. Cena fights up to his feet, but then falls back to his knees. Styles grinds Cena down into the mat, but then Cena fights up to his feet. Cena powers out of the hold, pushing off Styles. Cena ducks a dropkick, hits two flying shoulder tackles, but then eats a big enzugiri from Styles, stopping him cold. Styles goes for a splash in the corner but misses, so Cena hits the belly to back suplex, stands over Styles and tries to taunt him, but Styles hits a headscissors out of nowhere, sending Cena to the floor. Styles launches himself over the top rope and takes out Cena.

Styles dives through the ropes in an attempt to take out Cena, but Cena moves and Styles thuds on the floor. Cena recovers on the apron before dragging Styles back into the ring. Cena picks up Styles and shoulders him but AJ fights out of it with repeated elbows to the side of the head. Styles hits a flying clothesline in the corner, but Cena counters another flying clothesline into the STF in the middle of the ring. Styles refuses to quit and he drags himself to the bottom rope, forcing a break of the hold. Styles stands on the apron and snaps Cena’s throat over the top rope. Styles heads up to the top rope, but he’s stopped by Cena. Cena heads up to the middle rope and tries for the superplex. Styles slips out of it and knocks Cena face first into the top turnbuckle. Styles is backdropped and it’s nasty as he doesn’t go over the ropes but gets tangled up in the and dropped to the mat. Cena seats Styles on the top rope and he tries for an AA from the middle rope but Styles fights it off and sends Cena to the mat.

Styles goes for the phenomenal forearm, but Cena catches him in AA position. Styles fights out of it and rolls right into the calf crusher in the middle of the ring. Cena struggles, crawling toward the ropes and finally forcing a break. Styles kicks Cena in the back of the leg, then does it a couple more times, bringing Cena to his knees. Cena pops right up with a giant clothesline, flooring Styles. Cena hits a sloppy fist drop, the shoulders Styles. Styles still fights, but Cena powers through, hitting an AA. Styles is still able to kick out at two!

Cena makes his way up to his feet and heads to the top rope. Cena leaps off, and Styles counters right into a powerbomb. Both men are down, and Styles lays on top of Cena for the two count. Styles picks up Cena and hits him with a forearm, and Cena fights back with a series of right hands, only to receive a Pele kick from Styles. Styles sets up Cena and hits the Styles clash, but Cena is still able to kick out at two.

Styles drags Cena into position, then heads out to the apron, setting up and trying for the springboard 450. Cena gets his knees up and Styles lands hard. Cena pulls himself up and so does Styles. Cena tries for the AA, Styles tries for the Styles clash. Cena tries for the AA but Styles lands on his feet. Cena avoids a Pele kick, and Styles fights out of the STF. Cena shoulders Styles but Styles accidentally kicks the ref out of the ring. Cena hits the AA and pins Cena for better than 3. Anderson and Gallows come out for the back and the their finisher, putting Styles on top of Cena and running to the back while the ref counts three.

Winner: AJ Styles

Styles smiles and poses on his way to the back, it’s not clear whether he recalls Anderson and Gallows interfering or not.

– The announcers talk about how they can’t stand how that match ended, but it’s time to move on to the match this show is named for. They talk about how the contract almost guarantees that you win a title. This leads into a video package describing how Money in the Bank works, and the lengths that competitors will have to go to, in order to win the match, and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Money In The Bank Match
Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dean Ambrose

Ladders are shown surrounding the ring before Chris Jericho’s music hits, and the inventor of the Money in the Bank match makes his way down to the ring.

Cesaro is out next, and the Swiss Superman gets a nice pop as he makes his way out in his tearaway suit. Lots of Cesaro section supporters in the audience tonight.

Sami Zayn is the third man out, and he gets a nice reaction as well with the crowd singing along to his music.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and he gets a bit of heat from the crowd, but it’s mostly a non-reaction from the fans.

Kevin Owens is out next and he gets a nice pop on his way down the aisle. Zayn and Owens stare each other down on his way to the ring.

Dean Ambrose is the last man out and he gets a nice pop from the fans, who might need a minute after the last match.

The bell rings and things break down immediately with everyone but Jericho and Ambrose fighting out of the ring. Ambrose and Jericho scrap for a bit before Ambrose dives through the ropes and takes out Owens and Zayn. Cesaro and Del Rio get their turn in the ring with Cesaro hitting a couple of uppercuts before being sent to the apron. Cesaro kicks a ladder into Jericho’s face on the floor. Del Rio tries to kick Sami, but Sami moves and Del Rio ends up launching himself through the ropes and to the floor. Zayn leaps over the top rope, wiping out most of his opponents. Owens and Zayn fight over a ladder and Owens uses it to drive Zayn into the ring apron, then kicks him in the face. Owens fights off Ambrose, only to have the ladder dropkicked into his face by Jericho. Jericho brings a ladder into the ring and Cesaro leaps off the top rope, but Jericho drops the ladder and avoids it, suplexing Cesaro on the ladder and driving the ladder off of Cesaro’s skull before dumping the ladder on top of him. Ambrose comes in and chops away at Jericho before slamming him on the ladder, the picking him up and trying for a suplex. Jericho fights it off and suplexes Dean on top of the ladder in a painful display.

Jericho sandwiches Ambrose in between the ladder legs and slams it down on top of Ambrose. Del Rio comes in and attacks Jericho from behind. He picks up the ladder and lays it on the top rope, sticking out into the ring. Cesaro comes in and uppercuts everyone, Jericho, Del Rio, and Ambrose, repeatedly. Cesaro delivers about 11 uppercuts running across the ring until he’s cut off by Owens and driven face first into the ladder sticking out of the corner. Owens hits a cannonball on all three men in the corner. Zayn comes in and hits an exploder, sending Owens into Del Rio, then he hits a couple of helluva kicks, sending all of his opponents to the floor. Zayn sets up a ladder under the briefcase, but Del Rio pulls him down and kicks him in the head. Del Rio picks up Sami and traps him in the tree of woe, then he grabs a ladder and whacks Ambrose before grabbing another ladder to bring into the ring. Del Rio slides the ladder in between the ropes and kicks it into Zayn before he knocks Owens from the apron and dropkicks the ladder into Zayn. Del Rio lays Cesaro on the ladder in the corner and hits the double stomp, crashing through Cesaro and the ladder. Del Rio climbs the ladder, but he’s stopped by Jericho. Del Rio kicks Jericho away, and knocks him to the mat with a vicious dropkick.

Del Rio climbs the ladder but Cesaro bolts up the other side. Del Rio locks in the arm breaker at the top of the ladder, but Owens breaks it up. Cesaro drops down and lays out Owens with a giant uppercut and he climbs the ladder. Ambrose pulls down Cesaro and hits Dirty Deeds. Jericho tries to climb the ladder, but Ambrose stops him. Ambrose tries to climb, but Jericho slams Ambrose to the mat and sends him to the floor. Jericho gets his hand on the briefcase, but Zayn is able to climb to the top. Owens tips over the ladder and hangs up both men on the top rope. Owens begins to climb, but he’s pulled down into a backstabber by Del Rio.

Del Rio takes down the ladder and is attacked from behind by Cesaro who locks Del Rio in with the big swing, sending him around for about ten revolutions. Jericho tries for a codebreaker, but Cesaro stops him and does another big swing, launching Jericho into a ladder. Ambrose climbs a ladder on the other side of the ring and launches himself off, taking out Cesaro with a flying elbow drop from the top of the ladder. Ambrose stands, but then has a ladder thrown at his spine by Owens. Owens lays Ambrose on top of a ladder, and heads to the top, hitting a nasty frog splash on top of Ambrose and the ladder.

Zayn makes it into the ring and trades repeated right hands with each other. Owens shoulders Zayn, but Zayn fights out and hits the Michinoku driver on top of a ladder opened, on it side, driving Owens down hard. Big ‘holy shit’ chants from the crowd. Sami sets up the ladder under the case, climbing up slowly. Sami gets his hand on the case, but Del Rio is up and he knocks Sami off with shots from a ladder. Sami tries to hang on, but Del Rio continues to drive the ladder into his back before driving him down into the mat. Del Rio sets up another ladder between the corner and the open ladder in the middle of the ring. Del Rio climbs on top, and Sami climbs up with him. Sami climbs over Del Rio and Jericho climbs up the other side. Cesaro sets up a bridge on the other side with another ladder. Ambrose, and Owens also get up and all six men fight on ladders. Del Rio and Cesaro are knocked away, and Jericho, Zayn, Owens and Dean fight at the top.

Del Rio comes back in and so does Cesaro, setting up another ladder. Everyone reaches for the case, but Del Rio and Cesaro’s ladder is tipped over and both men are sent tumbling. Jericho head butts Ambrose and both men fall off. Zayn fights Overs and Owens gets caught up in the ladder. Zayn reaches up and grabs the case and Jericho leaps up and fights off Zayn. Ambrose stops Jericho from grabbing the case, and hits the Dirty Deeds from the ladder bridge. Zayn is back up at the top of the ladder but Owens pulls him down and hits the powerbomb on top of the ladder bridge. Owens screams that this is his, and he climbs the ladder, grabbing the case. Ambrose follows after, fighting Owens and driving his face into the ladder. Owens falls off of the ladder and collapses the ladder bridge. Ambrose grabs the briefcase and he pulls it down, winning the match.


Ambrose gloats with the briefcase at the top of the ladder while all of his opponents are shown recovering and looking disappointed on the floor.

– We check in with the pre-show panel consisting of Cory Graves, Lita, and Booker T. Renee says the crowd is crazy. Graves says the roof almost came off the arena, the most unpredictable superstar has a World Title match whenever he wants. Lita talks up Cena vs. Styles, with Booker agreeing that it was an epic match and you win by hook or crook in this business. We get a recap of the Golden Truth vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango, which saw a comedy match with a sunburned Fandango and Breeze losing to Goldust and Truth.

WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil

Lana is in the ring to introduce her fiancee, Rusev, for the next match.

Titus O’Neil is out next, and he doesn’t get much of a reaction at all, but this match is in a pretty tough position on the card.

The bell rings and Rusev bails to the floor and goes to the front row, presumably in front of Titus’ kids. Rusev and Titus both run and clothesline each other on the floor, hitting each other very hard. Both men continue to fight, with Titus beating on Rusev before slamming Rusev into the barricade. Titus breaks the count and slams Rusev in the barricade again, but Rusev trips up Titus on the steps and drives him face first into the ring steps. Titus makes it back into the ring to eat a kick to the face and a series of right hands in the corner. Titus pushes Rusev away and runs right into a spin kick to the face. Rusev hits a front flip senton, then he picks up Titus, driving his knee into Titus’ ribs.

Rusev kicks Titus in the back, then rips away at his face, but Titus is quick to fight back, until he eats a clothesline from Rusev. Rusev clamps on a rear chinlock, wrenching away on Titus’ neck and trapping the arm. Titus fades but doesn’t give up. Rusev transitions into a sleeper, but Titus still refuses to quit. Rusev asks Titus if he sees his children. Titus fights out of the hold and the two men trade rights. Titus gets the upper hand and hits a couple of shoulder tackles. Rusev hits a knee to Titus’ shoulder, but he misses a splash in the corner. Titus hits a modified pumphandle slam, but it’s not enough for three. Titus hits a splash in the corner, and a big boot, before he shoulders Rusev and drives him into the mat for another two count.

Rusev begins to fight back and he tries for the Accolade, but Titus fights out of it, shoulders Rusev, and slams him to the mat for a two count. Titus fights Rusev up the aisle before sending him into the ring apron, and ring steps. Titus brings things back into the ring and eats a kick to the side of the head, then another. Rusev calls for the Accolade, stomping on Titus’ back and locking in the hold. Titus is in the middle of the ring and is forced to tap out.


Rusev grabs a mic and goes out in front of Titus’ kids, asking if they see their dad, and letting them know that he’s a loser. Rusev says ‘Happy Father’s Day!’, and makes his way to the back with Lana in tow.

– We get a video package looking at Roman Reigns’ victory at Extreme Rules last month, which also happened to be Seth Rollins’ return to the WWE, where he established himself as an immediate contender to Roman’s title. We get a good look at quite a bit of their history, including their time in the Shield, and Seth’s turn on the group, to the events of the last month. In fact the video package is extremely thorough, covering Seth’s run-in win at WrestleMania, taking the belt from Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at the same time, and Roman’s rise to the top while Rollins was away.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is the first man to make his way out to the ring and he makes his way out to the ring to a nice little pop from the fans in attendance.

Roman Reigns gets a chorus of boos before his music even hits. When the music does come on, the reaction is more mixed, but still a lot of heat from the crowd.

After a lot of posing from Reigns, and formal ring introductions from Lillian Garcia, we’re ready for the main event.

The bell rings both men circle each other. We get a lockup and Reigns powers Rollins into the corner, shoving him back. The ref breaks it up and Roman complains about it. Another lockup and Reigns backs Rollins into the corner again, grinding away. Rollins tries Reigns up and rolls through into a side headlock. Reigns fights him off and pushes him into the ropes, stopping him with a shoulderblock. Reigns hits the ropes and hits another shoulder tackle. Reigns hits the ropes and runs right into a dropkick from Rollins. Rollins drives Reigns from the ring and dives through the ropes, hitting a suicide dive to the outside and taking out Roman. Rollins hits a splash in the corner, but Reigns responds with a Samoan drop and a smile to the crowd.

Roman continues to punish Rollins, hitting a suplex that’s good for a two count. Reigns tries to slam Rollins’ head into the corner, but Rollins fights it off. Reigns hits the ropes and hits a leaping clothesline. Reigns waits for Rollins to stand and hits him with a series of clotheslines in the corner. The ref gets Roman to stop, so he head butts Rollins instead. Reigns slams Rollins to the mat, but he’s only able to get two. Reigns shoves Rollins’ face, and Rollins responds with a slap to Roman. Roman beats on Rollins in the corner, and the ref breaks it up. Rollins slaps Reigns repeatedly, and Reigns seats Rollins on the top rope and slaps him so hard it knocks him to the floor. Reigns heads to the floor and drives his shoulder into Rollins’ gut, sending him into the barricade. Reigns launches Rollins over one of the announcer’s tables before slamming him head first into the English announcer’s table. Reigns begins taking apart a table, but Rollins climbs back into the ring, then out of the ring, and away from Roman.

Roman sends Rollins crashing into the ring apron, so Rollins responds by whipping Reigns into the ring steps. Rollins heads to the top rope, but he’s stopped and turned around by Roman. Reigns hits the sit-out Razor’s Edge powerbomb, but Rollins still kicks out at two. Reigns cocks his fist, and he tries for a Superman punch, but Rollins counters by driving his face into the middle turnbuckle. Seth makes it to his feet and kicks Roman in the side of the head, then the chest, sending him out of the ring. Rollins hits a suicide dive, then he heads right back into the ring for a tope suicide on top of Reigns, doing a bit of damage.

Both men head into the ring and Rollins hits the sling blade, but it’s not enough for a three count. Rollins pulls himself up on the apron, and tries for the springboard knee. Reigns ducks. Rollins tries for the pedigree, but Reigns fights it off. Reigns connects with the Superman punch, but Rollins is still able to kick out at two.

Reigns lines up and runs right into a knee to the face. Reigns back drops Rollins to the apron and Rollins comes back into the ring with a springboard knee to the side of the face. Rollins connects with a frog splash and covers Roman, but only gets two.

Rollins heads up to the top rope, but he’s stopped by Reigns. Reigns heads up after Rollins but Rollins is able to fight off Roman. Rollins teases a sunset powerbomb, hesitating. Reigns turns Rollins over but Rollins counters into a buckle bomb, followed by a superkick to a kneeling Reigns, but it’s still only enough for two.

Rollins stands and waits for Reigns, hitting a running forearm in the corner, then another. Rollins hits a third forearm, then lifts Reigns to the top rope. Roman pushes Rollins off, but Rollins is right back up. Reigns pushes Rollins away again, but Reigns is right back up and he hits a superplex this time. Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow, but it’s still only a two count for Seth.

Rollins waits for Reigns to stand and he tries for the pedigree but Reigns fights it. Reigns blocks the move, so Seth kicks a couple of times, missing wildly and eating a single armed, sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Rollins and Reigns trade right hands with the crowd solidly behind Rollins. Reigns head butts Rollins, but eats a superkick to the gut, then a buckle bomb. Reigns comes out of it with another Superman punch, pinning Rollins, but he still can’t get a three count.

Rollins bails to the floor, and Reigns is quick to follow, running around the ring and trying for a spear. Rollins moves and Reigns crashes into the barricade, driving himself into the timekeeper’s area.

Roman is being checked on by the doctors, but Rollins won’t have it, so he tosses Roman into the ring. Rollins goes for a pedigree, but Reigns backs up Rollins into the ref. Reigns connects with a spear and Rollins is able to kick out. Rollins connects with a pedigree out of nowhere, countering a spear, but it’s not enough for a three. Rollins picks up Reigns and tries for another pedigree, planting Reigns and getting the three count.


Rollins holds the belt up while people go nuts, and Ambrose’s music hits. Rollins prepares himself in the ring. Ambrose comes in from behind and cracks Seth with the briefcase. Dean cashes in.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and pins Seth Rollins for three.


All three Shield members just held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over a span of about five minutes, and Dean Ambrose is the man left standing tall at the end of the night.

Ambrose holds up his title as Rollins looks disappointed in the ring. Rollins rolls out to the floor, and the show ends with Ambrose standing in the middle of the ring as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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