Former WWE Creative Writer Reveals The Full Story Behind Hornswoggle as The Anonymous Raw GM

Former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck has posted a new blog, which you can check out at this link, and in the blog Eck discusses original plans for the 2011 Anonymous Raw General Manager angle, which ended with the reveal of Hornswoggle as the GM.

Eck reveals in the blog that the angle was taking place as he was applying for a job on the WWE creative team, and he was asked to submit a story line idea which would result in the Raw GM being revealed.

Eck continued that his choice for the role was now WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, with the idea being that Mr. McMahon put Nash in charge of Raw because he wanted someone that would stir things up with both babyfaces and heels. Nash was of course working for TNA Wrestling at the time, so he had to keep his identity a secret as he was under contract with another company.

Eck added that the GM angle was abruptly dropped a month before he began working for the company, and there was never a firm plan in place for the conclusion of the angle. Eck says that ideas were pitched from time to time by members of the creative team to tie up the loose ends of the GM story line, and Shawn Michaels’ name was brought up at one point. Eck said anytime someone would bring up the idea of closing out the GM story line Vince McMahon would shoot it down claiming the fans had moved on from the angle and were not interested in it anymore.

Fast-forward to 2012, when the idea was for the Raw GM to return for one night, the idea was pitched, as a joke, for the reveal to be Hornswoggle. To everyone’s surprise, Vince ok’d the idea. Eck added that the idea would be for Hornswoggle to reveal himself as the GM and also reveal his real name to be Lou Manfredini. His real voice would be a W.C. Fields type character who referred to women as “dames”, and Manfredini was using his power as the Raw GM to get back at the superstars who laughed at him throughout the years due to his size. The idea never came to be however, as producers felt in rehearsal takes that Hornswoggle couldn’t pull the character off.

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