WWE WrestleMania 32 Opener:

WWE’s WrestleMania 32 opens live from AT&T Stadium. Lilian Garcia introduces pop group Fifth Harmony. They’re on the stage and they start singing America the Beautiful. We go right into a video package the highlights some of the storied history of WrestleMania, with pictures and footage from past Mania’s. Of course we also get a bit of time for some of the main feuds heading into tonight, including Triple H vs. Roman for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell.

A huge amount of pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. There are already ladder surrounding the ring, so it’s an easy bet as to which match will kick off the show.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Kevin Owens vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. Stardust

Dolph Ziggler is the first man to make his way out for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match, getting a nice reception from the fans in Dallas.

The Miz is out next, and his reaction is loud, but not as welcoming as Ziggler’s. Sami Zayn comes out before Miz is even half way down the ramp, getting a huge pop.

Stardust is the next competitor out to the ring, and he’s wearing some nice yellow polka dots as an homage to his famous father. Sin Cara makes his way out shortly after, getting a nice little ‘Lucha’ chant. Zack Ryder is competitor #6, hearing his music played at WrestleMania for the first time in his career. Finally, the man himself, Kevin Owens, makes his way out to a huge pop from the crowd.

We get a look at the crazy amount of commentary teams announcing WrestleMania in about 8 different languages, reminding us what a spectacle this event is.

The bell rings and everyone but Owens bails from the ring to grab ladders. Owens fights off Cara, Ziggler, and Stardust. Sami makes it into the ring and he and Owens trade right hands back and forth. Sami gets the upper hand, but has a ladder shoved in his back by Ziggler. Owens grabs a ladder and has it dropkicked into him by Cara. Stardust slams Cara on a ladder, and Ryder hits a neckbreaker on Rhodes, dropping him on the ladder. Miz grabs a ladder and dumps it to the outside on top of Cara. Miz grabs another ladder and sets it up under the belt. He doesn’t even open it, Sami and Dolph grab either side and slam Miz down to the mat. Sami hits the blue thunder bomb on Ziggler, then looks up to the belt. Sami is attacked from behind by Owens. Owens shoulders Sami, but Sami fights out. Owens backdrops Sami on a ladder propped up against the ropes.

Ryder hits Owens with the rough Ryder and begins climbing up the ladder. Ziggler hops up too and fights Ryder for a bit before being dumped off to the outside by Stardust. Cara knocks Stardust off the ladder and sends him crashing out to the floor. Sami pulls himself up using the ladder, but Miz grabs the ladder and pulls back on it. Sami kicks Miz away, then hits a front flip senton on top of a lot of his opponents THROUGH the ladder! Sami follows up with a through the ropes DDT to Owens on the floor. Sami begins the climb, but Cara is there to stop him. Cara climbs up and slams Sami’s head against the ladder. Cara begins climbing and makes it to the top of the ladder, but Sami pushes the ladder over. Cara lands on the ropes and springboards into a somersault on top of Ryder, Ziggler and Miz.

Ziggler pulls Sami out of the ring and hits him with a huge superkick. Ziggler climbs into the ring and fights off a disaster kick with a superkick. Ziggler superkicks Ryder, and then Cara. Ziggler is staggered and he goes for the Rough Ryder, but Ziggler tosses him up and face first into the ladder. Ziggler hits Ryder with a superkick, then he sets up the ladder under the title. Owens pushes Ziggler off the ladder and both men connect with superkicks at the same time. Stardust goes under the ring and grabs a polka dotted ladder, getting a huge pop and ‘Dusty’ chant from the crowd.

Stardust puts the ladder around his neck and swings it round, knocking out all of his opponents until Miz stops him and hits the SCF, planting Stardust face first on the ladder. Owens grabs Miz and hits the suplex into a neckbreaker across his knee. Owens tosses out the polka dotted ladder and grabs one of his own. Sami is back in and attacks Owens in the corner, hitting him with clubbing blows. Sami runs right into a big boot from Owens that sends him on top of a ladder. Owens heads up to the top and hits a beautiful frog splash on top of Zayn and the ladder, bouncing down brutally on Sami.

Owens sets up a ladder in the corner, and he’s caught from behind by Miz. Owens fights Miz off and hits the pop-up powerbomb. Ryder slams the ladder into Owens’ face. Ryder climbs the ladder in the corner, pumps his fist, and hits the elbro from the top of the ladder on Miz.

Ryder sets up the ladder under the title again, and the fans are chanting ‘woo, woo, woo’. Ziggler pops up out of nowhere and trades right hands with Ryder before soaring off the ladder with a huge facebuster. Dolph immediately grabs at his knee while Ryder rolls to the outside. Ziggler pulls himself up using the ladder, then he sets it up in the middle of the ring. Ziggler begins the climb on one leg, but Owens is there to pull him down into a huge powerbomb. Stardust is in and he hits the Queen’s crossroads on Owens. Cara sends Stardust to the apron and kicks him in the face, laying him down on a ladder propped in between the apron and barricade. Cara climbs a ladder, but Zayn grabs his foot. Cara kicks away Sami, but Owens tips the ladder over, sending Cara crashing through Stardust, and the ladder, leaving the ladder broken on the floor.

Owens sets up the ladder once more and climbs up, but Sami is right there with him. Owens tries to fight Sami off but Sami won’t quit coming. Both men trade right hands, with Sami getting the upper hand. Sami gets his hand on the title, but Owens gouges his eye. Sami pops up and stops Owens from grabbing the belt. Sami hits an exploder that plants Owens on a ladder, and the refs freak out. Sami heads up the ladder, with his hands on the belt. Miz tips over the ladder and Sami hangs himself up on the top rope. Miz begins the climb, heading up to the top of the ladder quickly. Miz takes a seat on the ladder, but Ryder pushes him off. Zack Ryder grabs the title and he pulls it down to win the match!

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Zack Ryder

Ryder’s dad hops into the ring and looks to be in tears as he hugs his son. Ryder finally has his WrestleMania moment.

– We get a quick look at the announcer’s, and Byron’s suit is just absolutely horrendous, but they throw it to a video package highlighting the recent history between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho, from friendly rivalry, to tag team, to straight up enemies.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is the first man to make his way out for the next match, getting an impressive pyro display. Every aerial shot of the stadium is just absolutely incredible, highlighting just how massive the crowd is. Jericho’s got a great light up jacket on that is coordinated with lights on the stage, it’s a great visual.

AJ Styles is out next, and the Phenomenal One gets a fantastic reception in his WrestleMania debut. It’s pretty darn cool just to watch Styles crane his neck to take it all in.

The bell rings and both men circle each other, just taking in the crowd. We get a lock up and AJ and Jericho push each other around the ring, trying to gain leverage. Jericho clamps on a headlock, but Styles pushes him off, only to fall to a shoulder tackle from Y2J. Styles hits a headscissors takeover out of nowhere before clotheslining Jericho over the top. Jericho grabs a chair and slams it down on the ground in frustration.

Styles heads out after Jericho and chases him back into the ring. Styles ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder tackle of his own. Jericho connects with a big arm drag, so Styles comes back with one of his own. Styles kicks Jericho in the shoulder, then picks him up to his feet and blasts him with a huge forearm. Jericho comes back with a couple of big chops, them he backdrops Styles to the apron. Both men switch positions and Styles hits a springboard dropkick to knock Jericho out to the floor. Styles launches himself over the top rope, right into a big dropkick from Jericho.

Jericho rolls Styles back into the ring and slams his chest against the ring apron before hitting a neckbreaker, dropping Styles on the middle rope. Jericho heads to the top and comes off with a flying back elbow that’s good for a two count. Jericho slaps at AJ’s head before picking him up for a suplex. Jericho covers Styles in cocky fashion with a foot, getting a one count. Jericho traps Styles in a rear chin lock, but Styles is quick to fight up to his feet and out of the hold. Jericho catches Styles and grinds him down to the mat in a dragon sleeper.

Styles fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Jericho blocks one right hand, but Styles comes back with a flurry of others, and a bit clothesline. Styles hits a huge kick to Jericho’s face, then he pops right up. Jericho avoids a knee drop, but he can’t avoid a dropkick from AJ. AJ misses a kick to the chest, and Jericho counters a suplex attempt, trying for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring.

Styles makes it to the ropes to force a break. Styles hits a sloppy springboard reverse DDT, not getting all of it, for a two count. Styles sends Jericho into the corner, but runs right into a big boot. Jericho tries for the bulldog, but AJ launches him into the turnbuckle. Styles hits Jericho with a forearm to the back of the head before hitting a couple of right hands and slamming Jericho’s head into the turnbuckle. Styles pulls Jericho up to the top rope, but Jericho fights him off. Jericho stands on the top rope, and Styles fights back, Styles hits a front superplex, dropping Jericho on his gut in the middle of the ring.

Styles rolls up Jericho in a cradle for two. Styles shoulders Jericho, but Jericho fights out. Styles tries for the Pele kick, but Jericho counters, catching Styles’ foot and trapping him in the Walls once more. Styles reverses out of the Walls, hitting Jericho with right hands. Jericho fights back. Styles clamps on the calf crusher out of nowhere. Jericho struggles, but he’s able to fight out with a series of elbows to the back of the head. Jericho rolls up Styles for two. Styles stands and hits Jericho with a series of strikes. Jericho tries for a hurricanrana, but Styles almost counters with the Styles clash, until Jericho fights out. Styles heads out to the apron, springboarding off the top rope over Jericho. Styles turns around and runs right into a codebreaker. Jericho covers Styles, but Styles kicks out at two!

Jericho looks distraught. Jericho begins slapping at Styles’ head, yelling at him to stay down. Styles fights back and eats a boot to the gut. Jericho calls for the Styles clash, getting Styles in position. Styles fights out of it and picks up Jericho, slamming him face first into the mat for a two count.

Styles makes it to his feet shakily, and he and Jericho trade blows. Styles counters another Styles clash attempt with a hurricanrana. Styles connects with the Styles Clash, but it’s still not enough to keep Jericho down for a three count.

Both men make their way up to their feet and trade forearms and chops. Styles drops Jericho with a huge forearm, but Jericho counters the sliding forearm by getting his feet up. Styles counters the lionsault by getting his knees up. Styles heads out to the apron and hits a springboard 450 splash, but Jericho still will not stay down.

Styles connects with a nasty brainbuster, screaming at Jericho. Styles goes out to the apron again and yells at Jericho to get up. Styles springboards himself off the top rope,and Jericho grabs the ref, distracting Styles. Styles leaps right into the codebreaker. Jericho pins Styles, and gets the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– We get a look at some of the celebrities in the crowd including Stephen Amell, and Bill Simmons.


Maria Menounous is backstage with Zack Ryder. She asks him what’s going through his mind. Ryder says this isn’t just the greatest moment in his career, it’s the best in his life. He just wanted to hear his music at Mania, but he won the title. He talks about seeing Mania 10 at the Garden and watching Razor Ramon beat Shawn Michaels. Tonight he’s going to get a picture with Razor holding HIS title. Ryder says if he retired tomorrow, he’ll be happy, he’s lived his dream. He gives us a ‘woo, woo, woo’ for good measure.

In the Arena:

There’s a huge box of Booty O’s on stage, and they tip over to reveal a bit of cereal, and the New Day, making their way out in some Dragon Ball Z-esque armor. It’s beautiful. New Day is super over with the crowd. Woods says that’s right, your WWE World Tag Team Champions just came out of a 20 foot tall box of Booty O’s cereal. They make sure you ain’t booty. Big E says because it’s WrestleMania! And New Day rocks! Woods plays the trombone as a huge ‘New Day Rocks’ chant echoes through the crowd.

The League of Nations is out next, and they kick away some of the Booty O’s left on stage as they walk around the box of cereal left on the stage. Unsurprisingly, their welcome is not nearly as warm as New Day’s.

Six Man Tag Team Match
New Day vs. League of Nations

The bell rings and it looks like Kofi and Sheamus will kick things off. Kofi stuns Sheamus with a big kick before taking him into the corner. All three members of New Day take turns stomping away at Sheamus repeatedly. Woods even gets in a bit of trombone playing while Big E launches Kofi into the corner for a low dropkick to Sheamus. Woods tags in and catches Sheamus with a series of strikes in the corner, until he’s stunned by a huge shot from Sheamus. Sheamus shoulders Woods and slams him to the mat before tagging in Rusev. Rusev hits a brutal running elbow drop, but he can’t keep Woods down for three. Del Rio tags in and kicks Woods in the back of the leg before launching him into the corner and kepping the fight up, punching a kicking Woods before planting him with a huge DDT. Del Rio clamps on a modified rear chin lock, wrenching back on Woods.

Woods fights up to his feet and fights back with a back elbow, and then a roaring elbow to Del Rio. Woods reaches for the tag, but Del Rio doesn’t allow it, hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker instead. Del Rio shoves Big E off the apron to cause a distraction and allow his teammates to take advantage of Woods. Del Rio hits a running enzugiri before tagging out to Sheamus. Sheamus takes Woods to the apron and hits him with clubbing blows to the chest, screaming New Day Sucks in time with him shots to the chest. Sheamus hits a rolling senton on Woods before tagging out to Rusev. Rusev hits a beautiful front flip senton, crashing down on top of Woods. Rusev jaws with Big E and Kofi before turning back to Woods. Rusev mocks Woods before tossing him into LON’s corner. Woods tries to fight back but the numbers are too much. Del Rio makes the tag and he mounts Woods in the corner, hitting him with repeated right hands to the face.

Woods is able to backdrop Del Rio out to the floor, buying himself some time. Woods crawls toward his corner, but Sheamus makes the tag and prevents Woods from doing the same. Rusev runs around the ring and drops Big E with a huge superkick. Woods responds to Sheamus with a DDT out of nowhere. Woods crawls and tags out to Kofi who comes in with a springboard fist. Kofi stomps on Sheamus’ midsection, then does the same to Rusev. Kofi hits a Boom Drop on both Rusev and Sheamus before getting the crowd going with a New Day Rocks chant. Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus counters with the cloverleaf. Sheamus picks Kofi up and Kofi hits him with right hands, but Rusev kicks Kofi in the side of the head. Sheamus covers Kofi but it’s broken up by Woods. Sheamus whips Kofi into the corner, the runs into a couple of big boots. Big E tags in and hits a huge belly to belly on Sheamus, then one on Rusev as well, sending both out to the apron. Big E hits the ropes and spears Rusev and Sheamus to the floor where everyone lands on Barrett. Kofi grabs Sheamus and rolls him into the ring. Woods tags in and heads to the top rope, hitting a double foot stomp on Sheamus while he’s laid out on Kofi’s knees.

Del Rio is in and hits a backstabber on Woods. Kofi sends Del Rio out of the ring, and he’s stunned by a kick to the back. Del Rio hits Kofi with a double foot stomp on the floor. Woods hits Sheamus with a leaping leg drop off the middle turnbuckle. Woods rolls up Sheamus for two, then runs into a big forearm from Rusev. Sheamus connects with a brogue kick on Woods and pins him for three.

Winners: League of Nations

League of Nations celebrate in the ring after the match, and Barrett grabs a mic, saying the Lads have won. They’re the League of Nations, Rusev, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and King Barrett. And trust Barrett when he says that there are no three men in history who could go toe to toe with that unit. Shawn Michaels music hits, and HBK makes his way out wearing his gear! He gets a gigantic pop!

Mick Foley is out next, and the crowd continues to go nuts! And finally, it’s time for STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! The Rattlesnake makes his way out and it’s a wonder there’s still a roof on the AT&T Stadium.

Austin, Michaels and Foley head down to the ring. League of Nations still seem pretty confident. The three legends make their way into the ring and have a stare-down with LON. New Day pull Barrett out of the ring to make it 3 on 3. The legends get an upper hand, except for Austin who’s getting beaten up in the corner by Rusev. Austin turns things around, Foley pulls out Socko to use on Sheamnus, sending him from the ring. Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music on Del Rio, and Austin puts Rusev down with a Stunner. Austin calls for Barrett, who gets Sweet Chin Music, the Mandible Claw, and a Stunner all at the same time. Austin gets in Barrett’s face and talks a bit of smack before picking him up and tossing him out of the ring.

New Day make their way into the ring and start dancing a little bit, looking for the Legends to join them. Austin looks like he may need a beer first. Foley and Michaels are in, shaking their booty’s and gyrating their hips. Woods tries to show Austin a couple of his moves. Even Austin joins in, snapping his fingers and dancing for a bit before hitting Woods with a stunner. Austin calls for some beers, handing one to Michaels and one to Foley, keeping two for himself. Everyone toasts, and it’s a great moment.

– Up next, we get Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose, as Cole throws it right to a video package highlighting the recent history between these two men, with Ambrose dogging Lesnar at every turn, and Lesnar continually beating down Ambrose, but not being able to keep him from coming back for more.

No Holds Barred, Street Fight Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose

Brock Lesnar is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and of course he’s accompanied by his advocate, Paul Heyman. Lesnar gets a monster pop on his way into the stadium.

Of course Herman will not let Jojo introduce Lesnar, opting to do it himself. He lets the crowd know this is the moment they’ve all been waiting for. He introduces Lesnar out of the University of Violence. The Beast, The Conquerer, Brock Lesnar!

Dean Ambrose is out next, and Ambrose too, gets a huge pop from the Dallas fans.

The bell rings and Lesnar takes Ambrose right into the corner, burying his shoulder in Ambrose’s midsection before launching him with a German suplex. Lesnar picks up Dean for number two, sending him clear across the ring. Lesnar knees Ambrose in the gut, then sends him flying with German #3. Ambrose rolls out of the ring and to the floor, and Brock follows. Ambrose comes up with a kendo stick from under the ring, wearing Lesnar out with quick, repeated shots. Ambrose chases Lesnar into the ring and continues the assault. Lesnar comes back with a big knee and suplex number 4 and 5.

Lesnar grabs the kendo stick, and Ambrose bails to the floor. Lesnar follows, dropping the stick and just clubbing Ambrose in the back of the head. Lesnar tosses Ambrose into the ring, and he has two kendo sticks heading back into the ring. Lesnar drops one, and cracks the other over his knee. Lesnar picks up Ambrose and laucnhes him with another German suplex. Ambrose gives the ref thumbs up, letting him know he’s still good to go. Lesnar stomps away at Dean in the corner before picking him up and hitting a regular suplex. Ambrose grabs the unbroken kendo stick, but Lesnar puts his foot on it. Ambrose tries to pull it out, but Lesnar knees him in the side before going back to the German suplexes. Ambrose goes for the stick once more, but Brock still won’t let him have it. Ambrose stands and slaps Lesnar across the face. Ambrose comes up with a series of forearms and strikes, but then Lesnar hits suplex #9, another German.

Lesnar grabs the unbroken stick, but instead of breaking this one, he simply drops it on the mat and tells Ambrose to come get it. Ambrose goes for it, slowly, but Lesnar stands on top of it. Ambrose connects with a low blow, then grabs the stick. Ambrose winds up and whacks away, chasing Brock out to the floor. Ambrose pounds his chest, hits the ropes, and connects with a suicide dive.

Ambrose goes back under the ring, grabbing the chainsaw. The look on Heyman’s face is worth a million bucks. Ambrose can’t start the chainsaw, and Lesnar capitalizes by launching Dean with a belly to belly suplex (#10 for those counting).

Ambrose leans on one of the announcer’s tables and comes up swinging a laptop to Lesnar’s face. Dean connects with a chair shot that sends Lesnar back into the ring. Dean heads to the top, but Lesnar is right there, launching Dean with a belly to belly superplex. Brock has the kendo stick in hand, but he drops it when Ambrose bails to the floor. Lesnar grabs Ambrose’s hair, and Ambrose blasts Lesnar with a fire extinguisher burst to the face. Ambrose grabs a chair and beats Brock unmercifully before propping the chair in front of Lesnar’s face, and dropkicking Brock into oblivion. Ambrose grabs the chair again and heads to the top rope, standing tall and flying off the top with a chair to Lesnar’s face. Ambrose goes for the pin but it’s only enough for a two count.

Ambrose is the first man to make it to his feet, and he pulls a few chairs out from under the ring, tossing in about seven more. Ambrose piles all the chairs on top of each other, then waits for Lesnar to stand. Lesnar ducks a chair shot and Brock launches him with a German suplex, but Dean misses the chairs and Brock lands squarely on them. Brock tries for the F5, but Ambrose counters with a DDT on the chairs. Ambrose goes for the pin but Brock kicks out at two!

Ambrose pulls off his shirt and flexes, then goes back under the ring, where he gets a barbed wire bat. Ambrose kisses the wire, before heading back into the ring. Ambrose winds up, but Brock ducks the bat and launches Ambrose with a German a suplex into the chairs. Lesnar hits the F5 on top of the pile of chairs and pins Ambrose for three.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar doesn’t waste any time, heading right up the ramp and to the back with Heyman.

– We get a commercial featuring Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Charlotte, all showing off their woo’s for Snickers. It’s pretty funny, but will probably never see the airwaves outside of tonight’s show.

– The announcer’s speak briefly about last night’s Hall of Fame ceremony before we get a recap of the inductions.

In the Arena:

Back in the stadium, we get a look at the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2016, introduced by Howard Finkel, The Godfather, Stan Hansen, (the family of) The Big Bossman, Jaqueline, (Warrior recipient) Joan Lunder, The Fabulous Freebirds, Snoop Dogg, and the man who gets his own entrance, Sting! Everyone gets a great reception.

– Cole recaps another Hall of Famer, Lita, introducing the new WWE Women’s Championship on tonight’s pre-show, hopefully ending the Diva era for good.

– We get a great video package that highlights the introduction of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks to WWE programming, and the beginning of the Diva’s Revolution in WWE. It’s one of the best video packages of the night so far, and a reminder of how much these three women have changed the face of Women’s wrestling in the WWE.

WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match
Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch is the first woman out for the next match, and she has a great entrance, making her way down the aisle through huge blasts of steam. Lita is in the ring holding the new WWE Women’s Championship, which in this humble reporter’s opinion, blows that stupid butterfly belt out of the water.

Sasha Banks makes her way out to the ring accompanied by the artist who sings her theme song (didn’t catch the name) and (apparently Sasha’s cousin) Snoop Dogg. It’s another fantastic entrance, and great to see the Women getting respect enough to have this clout. Sasha is wearing gear inspired by Eddie Guerrero, and it’s another great nod to the past.

Charlotte is the last woman to make her way to the ring, accompanied by her father, and she’s wearing a robe that incorporates pieces of Ric’s robe he wore at WrestleMania 24 in his retirement match against Shawn Michaels.

After formal ring introductions by Lillian Garcia, we’re ready to kick things off.

The bell rings and both Becky and Sasha go right after Charlotte, hitting double back elbows. Sasha tries to pin Becky, and Becky returns the favor. Both women continue to trade pins, then Charlotte gets in on the fun. Charlotte hits Becky with a big boot that sends her to the outside. Sasha blocks a clothesline from Charlotte and responds with a beautiful hurricanrana. Charlottes drops Sasha on her neck in the corner. Becky hits Charlotte with a German while being rolled up by Sasha. Becky connects with a couple of arm drags on Sasha, but Sasha comes back with a back elbow. Sasha is dragged out of the ring by Charlotte and slammed into the ring apron. Becky launches herself out of the ring to take out Charlotte. Becky brings things back into the ring, missing a clothesline, but connecting with a kick to the midsection and reverse DDT on Charlotte that’s good for a two count.

Becky heads up in the corner, but Charlotte stops her and hits a neckbreaker out of the corner that’s good for a two count. Charlotte slams Becky’s head against the mat repeatedly, but it’s still not enough to keep Becky down. Charlotte goes to work on Becky’s knee, driving her own into the back of Becky’s knee, then trying for the Figure Four. Sasha breaks things up, beating on Charlotte in the corner. Becky comes in and tosses Sasha to the outside. Becky rolls up Charlotte for two and tries for the Disarmer, but can’t lock it in. Becky continues to try for the hold, but Flair pops up on the apron to distract the ref. It doesn’t work as Becky cinches in the hold on Charlotte. Sasha is in to break things up, but is tossed to the outside again. Charlotte drops Becky’s neck back on her own knee, then locks in the figure four. Charlotte can’t quite bridge into the figure eight, and the hold is broken by a frog splash from Sasha, but Charlotte kicks out of a pin attempt at two.

Sasha hits Charlotte with a big right hand and connects with double knees to the shoulder. Becky launches Sasha with a German suplex. Becky ducks a kick from Charlotte and plants her with a rock bottom, but Sasha breaks up the pin. Becky uppercuts Sasha, but Sasha blocks a second. Becky rolls up Sasha for two, then goes to work on Sasha’s arm. Sasha sends Becky into the corner, ducks a big kick, and connects with double knees to the chest. Sasha hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and hits a suicide dive, wiping out Charlotte.

Sasha and Ric woo at each other, then Becky takes out Ric with a suicide dive! Sasha rolls Charlotte into the ring, then she’s taken back out to the floor by Becky. Charlotte drags herself up to her feet by the ropes, standing on the apron. Charlotte heads up to the top turnbuckle, launching herself on top of Becky and Sasha with a beautiful moonsault.

Charlotte picks up both of her opponents and tosses them into the ring, hitting double natural selection. Charlotte tries to pin Becky, then Sasha, but can’t put either away. Charlotte picks up Becky and sends her shoulder first into the ring post before turning to Sasha. Charlotte tries for a powerbomb, but Sasha tries to counter. Charlotte gets Sasha into electric chair position, but she’s hit with a missile dropkick from Becky. Becky gets a two count on Charlotte, then locks in the Disarmer. Charlotte reaches for the ropes, but there’s no rope break. Sasha locks in the Bank statement on Becky, but Becky won’t tap. Charlotte locks in the figure four on Sasha to break the hold, but Sasha fights back, turning the hold over. Charlotte rolls back through, bridging into the Figure eight. Becky pulls Sasha to the apron and forces Charlotte to break the hold.

All three women make it to their knees in the middle of the ring, trading chops before Sasha and Becky beat Charlotte down, then knock each other to the mat. Sasha knocks Becky down with a straight right, then Charlotte spears Sasha. Becky drives Charlotte into the corner and seats her on the top rope. Becky heads up after Charlotte, but Charlotte fights her off. Becky won’t give up, continuing her assault. Sasha climbs up on the outside, pushing Becky to the mat. Sasha beats on Charlotte, then is attacked from behind by Becky and put into tree of woe position. Becky superplexes Charlotte and Charlotte rolls to the floor. Sahsa connects with the Bank statement on Becky, but Charlotte sends Sasha to the floor. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight on Becky, and Ric keeps Sasha out of the ring. Becky is forced to tap, and this one’s over.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte makes her way up the entrance ramp with her father while we see pyro go off inside and outside of the Stadium. It’s a great sight for three women who deserve that kind of respect, and more.

– Almost immediately, the Hell in a Cell structure begins to lower from the roof of the stadium. We get a video package highlighting Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE, and the events that led up to this match.

Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is the first man out for the next match, and the prodigal son gets a great reception from the fans in Dallas tonight. Shane backs up and introduces his sons, who make their way out with the same Shane-O-Mac strut, and accompany their father on the way to the ring.

The lights go out and the gong sounds, as it’s time for Undertaker to make his entrance for his 23rd WrestleMania match. Taker of course gets an incredible reception from AT&T Stadium.

After a lengthy entrance from Taker, we’re ready to begin the match to see who will have control over the WWE come tomorrow night.

The bell rings and Shane goes right to work with a high knee. Shane gets in a couple of quick shots, and tries to keep his distance. Shane ducks a right from Taker, getting in a couple of shots of his own. Shane kicks at Taker’s leg, but doesn’t see much progress. Taker catches Shane with a knee to the gut, then a big right hand. Taker takes Shane into the corner, and Shane tries to get some licks in, but it’s not enough as Taker sends Shane out to the floor. Taker follows Shane to the outside, kneeing him in the gut before sending him back into the ring. Shane gets in a couple of lefts and rights while Taker climbs back into the ring, but one shot from Taker is enough to stun Shane. Taker hits Snake Eyes on Shane, then Shane comes up with a flying back elbow out of nowhere to take Taker off his feet. Shane does his best to avoid Taker’s strike, but it’s not enough as Taker beats on Shane and sends him back out to the floor.

Taker launches Shane into the side of the cage, then takes off the top half of the ring steps. Shane backs away and slides into the ring, telling Taker to bring it on. Shane stomps away at Taker, but Taker drags him out of the ring, sending him into the Cell wall before hitting him with a big right hand. Taker picks up Shane and sends him into the ring, then heads up to the apron. Taker hits Shane with a leg drop on the apron, leaving Shane a contorted mess on the apron.

Back in the ring, Taker tries for the Last Ride, connecting. Taker pins Shane, but Shane kicks out at two, and Taker can’t believe it. Taker heads out to the floor, grabbing the bottom half of the ring steps. Taker brings the steps into the ring, climbing in after. Taker stands over Shane, but Shane locks in the triangle choke hold out of nowhere.

Taker tries to transition into a pin, getting a two count and forcing Shane to break the hold. Shane continues to attack, but Taker grabs Shane around the throat and chokeslams Shane on the ring steps in the middle of the ring. Taker pins Shane, but he still kicks out at two.

Taker goes for an elbow drop while Shane is laid out on the steps, but Shane moves and Taker crashes on top of the steel stairs. Shane struggles to his feet, sitting on the steps instead and calling the Undertaker to come to him. Taker obliges and Shane DDT’s Taker on the steps. He goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Shane climbs up on the steps and drops an elbow on Taker, going for another pin. Taker sits up at two and Shane tries to jab at him, but Taker clamps on Hell’s gate.

Shane begins to fade, but refuses to quit. Shane reverses out of the hold into a Sharpshooter. Taker is able to fight out of the hold, pushing Shane away. Taker crawls into the corner and Shane follows, hitting Taker with a series of lefts and rights. Shane heads to the outside and looks under the ring, grabbing a trash can to bring into the match. Shane stomps away at Taker in the corner before wedging the trash can in between the bottom and middle rope, in front of the Undertaker. Shane heads across the ring, heading to the top rope. Shane hits the coast-to-coast dropkick, connecting with the trashcan and driving it into Taker’s face. Shane covers the Undertaker, but Taker kicks out at two!

Shane looks up to the top of the Cell, then he heads out to the floor. Shane looks under the ring once more, grabbing some bolt cutters. Shane begins to clip away at the supports holding the Cell wall together. Taker heads out to the floor and meets up with Shane. Shane hits Taker with a series of jabs, and Taker resonds with some of his own. Taker picks up Shane and drives him through the Cell, bringing the Cell wall down on top of the German announce table.

Taker grabs Shane and pulls him up and slams him down into the collapsed Cell wall repeatedly. Taker takes apart the announcer’s table before hitting Shane with a boot to the face. Taker also takes apart the Spanish announcer’s table for good measure, grabbing a monitor and blasting Shane. Shane picks up Taker and sends him into the barricade, fighting out into the crowd. Taker grabs Shane and gets him in tombstone position, but Shane transitions into a sleeper hold. Taker drops down, driving Shane into the Spanish announcer’s table to break the hold.

Shane has a toolbox that he’s grabbed from somewhere, and he uses it to blast Taker in the face. Shane waits for Taker to stand, hitting him again with the toolbox to the face. Taker is laid out on the announcer’s table, and Shane blasts him in the face with one of the monitors. Shane grabs on to the side of the Cell, and begins climbing to the top.

Shane makes it to the top of the Cell and looks down. He stands on top of the Cell and crosses himself, leaping down. Taker moves, and Shane crashes through the announcer’s table. There’s a good bit of silence (not enough though) from the announcer’s as they contemplate what just happened.

Taker stands, and Shane is still begging for more. Taker shoulder Shane and brings him back to the ring, rolling him inside. Taker makes his way back into the ring, but it still takes him a good while to make it to his feet. Taker makes it back to his feet and waits for Shane to stand. Shane tells Taker to bring it. Taker pats Shane’s face, then he shoulders him, bringing him up for the tombstone. Taker pins Shane, sna this one is over.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, Shane’s sons are shown in disbelief. Taker makes his way out of the ring, and the refs and paramedics check on Shane. EMS is there to put Shane on a backboard while we see some replays of the match.

Shane is taken out of the ring on a backboard, transferred to a stretcher, and carted out of the stadium. Shane gets a huge reaction from the fans in attendance, giving a thumbs up on his way out to let the crowd know he’s OK.

– We get a quick check-in from the pre-show panel where they discuss some of the highlights of tonight, including appearances from HBK, Stone Cold, and Foley, the Women’s title match, Hell in a Cell, and Ambrose vs. Lesnar. It’s a much quicker check-in than just about any other PPV, but that’s because there’s so much to get through tonight.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Most of the competitors make their way down to the ring, except for a couple who get their own entrance music. Those who get entrances include Mark Henry, Kane, Diamond Dallas Page, The Big Show, and Shaquille O’Neil (what?!).

The bell rings and Shaq and Show stare each other down before Kane gets in as well. Kane grabs both around the throat, and both retaliate with a double chokeslam on Kane. Everyone bails out of the ring except Shaq, Show, and Fandango. Fandango dances, but is then eliminated by Show. Sandow is in and gets a huge reception before being eliminated by Shaq. Shaq and Show have a stare-down in the middle of the ring. Show grabs Shaq around the throat, so Shaq does the same. Everyone else in the match gets together and eliminate both Shaq and Show, sending them out to the floor. Things break down as everyone hops back into the ring. It’s worth noting Tatanka is also in the ring.

There’s almost no point in covering this one yet as everyone is simply brawling with too many people in the ring. DDP eliminates Viktor, then is attacked from behind by Konnor. Konnor shoves DDP out to the apron, then eliminates him with a punch. Konnor is eliminated by R-Truth and Goldust. Tatanka hypes himself up against Adam Rose, hitting him with chops and a big axe handle smash from the middle rope. Tatanka is eliminated by Baron Corbin from behind. Jack Swagger is backdropped to the outside by Kane. Curtis Axel beats on Kane in the corner, and the Social Outcasts look to be gaining the upper hand on everyone else.

R-Truth catches Axel with a big kick, but is eliminated in turn by the Outcasts. Goldust almost immediately suffers the same fate. The Social Outcasts perform a victory lap until they run into Kane and Baron Corbin. Axel is eliminated by Kane. Rose is eliminated by Corbin. Kane chokeslams Corbin. Slater hits Henry with a big boot, then is caught and thrown over the top by Mark Henry. Henry press slams Tyler Breeze over the top as well. Kane tries to eliminate Henry, and is able to with the help of Darren Young. Kane eliminates both Young and Bo Dallas, and then Baron Corbin eliminates Kane to win the match.

Winner: Baron Corbin

In the Arena:

After a promo for WM33 in Orlando, Florida, we’re ready for ‘America’s sweethearts’, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

The Rock makes his way out, showing off his goosebumps to the crowd before heading right back to the backstage area. When he returns, he’s got what looks to be a t-shirt cannon in hand. This reporter is wrong as what Rock seems to have is actually a flame-thrower.

Rocky’s got a mic, and weirdly, there are some pretty audible boos, but overwhelming cheers.

Rock lets the fans know that finally he’s come back to Dallas, and WrestleMania. Rock talks about being in front of this crowd, the happy people and smiling faces out in the crowd. Rock says people are so happy they’re going to go home and make WrestleMania babies. This is the moment he’s been waiting for, for months. One man, one mic, 100,000 people strong. The millions, and millions. Rock says records are made to be broken. It is with great honor that Rock informs the WWE universe that they’ve broken the WrestleMania attendance record. The attendance is announced at 101,763. Pyro goes off, and we’ve got 14 minutes until the end of the show.

Rock tells the crowd that now it’s going to get good, but he’s interrupted by the Wyatt’s music. Bray makes his way down to the ring flanked by Rowan and Strowman. Rock looks incredulous that he’s been interrupted.

Bray says hello to the Rock, and lets him know that he knows him. Bray introduces himself to Rock, and then introduces his brothers. He says he comes here not as a friend, or enemy. But as a reminder of the truth. Bray chose Rock because he chose success, and he represents greatness. He represents a lie. He chose the Rock because he’s the Great One, the People’s Champion. Bray regrets to inform Rock that it’s not his moment, or the fan’s moment. This is Bray’s moment.

Bray is going to eviscerate Rock, and make his people watch every second. Rock says he wants to get this straight, they just broke an attendance record in Dallas, Wyatt comes out an interrupts, no Thank you Rock, instead Wyatt comes out and says he’s going to eviscerate him, then go to Cracker Barrel and have some waffels. Wyatt sounds like he’s been hitting the bong for eight days straight. It’s starting to feel like this won’t end well. Clearly Rowan’s parents are related, and Strowman’s been breastfed since 28. Rock knows Bray has the ability and charisma to be revolutionary. When Bray came down 100,000 people had their phones out. Bray’s knocking on a door he doesn’t want to answer. From Rock’s perspective, he’s the eater of hot pockets. Bray says he didn’t come to knock on some door, but kick one down. Rock has no idea what he’s fooling with. Brock takes off his shirt and tells Bray they’re not going to have a WM fight, but a WM match. Someone is getting their monkey ass kicked over Dallas. Rock has his gear on and is ready to go.

The Rock vs. Erick Rowan

The bell rings and Rock hits the Rock Bottom, then pins Rowan in six seconds.

Winner: The Rock

John Cena’s music hits as the rest of the Wyatt’s swarm, and Cena makes his way down to the ring to help. Rock hits Strowman with a Rock Bottom. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and Attitude Adjustment on Rowan. Rock hits Wyatt with a spinebuster, then peels off his elbow pad for the Rock Bottom. Rock welcomes back Cena, and then lets the crowd know if they smell what the Rock is cooking.

Cena makes his way up the entrance ramp followed by the Rock. Both men stand at the top of the entryway and Cena holds Rock’s hand high.

– We get a video package highlighting the recent history between Roman Reigns and Triple H, leading to tonight’s main event.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

Stephanie McMahon is out first for her husbank’s entrance, standing over the crowd and telling them to show their respect. She says they’re the providers and the absolute power. She says the fans are mere shells of reality, hope for a reality that someone will take away the pain that is their pathetic lives. There’s only one savior, one one, and the fans need to bow down and grovel at the foot of the King of Kings, Triple H. Hunter makes his way out to the ring flanked by his wife and an army of men wearing skulls and sporting WWE World Heavyweight Championships.

Roman Reigns is out next, and he gets a good deal of heat on his way down the entrance ramp.

The bell rings and Roman and Hunter circle each other before locking up. Hunter clamps on a headlock and takes Roman over. Roman fights up, and Hunter slaps at the back of his head. Roman pushes Hunter off and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Hunter tosses Roman over the top rope and to the outside.

Roman makes his way back up to the apron and into the ring. Another lockup and Hunter goes to work on Roman’s arm, wrenching and working away. Roman punches Hunter to break the hold, then mock Hunter’s crotch chop. Hunter and Roman have a quick stare-down before shoving each other away. Hunter backs Roman into the corner, but Roman connects with a right hand and a head butt. Hunter hits Roman with a clothesline to the back of the head, then another. Hunter picks up Roman and buries his knee in the back of Roman’s head. Reigns fights back with a couple of right hands, and a big clothesline. Hunter sends Reigns into the ropes and eats a clothesline immediately. Hunter backdrops Reigns to the apron, and is hung up on the top rope. Reigns connects with the drive-by, but it’s not enough for three.

Reigns beats on Hunter in the corner, and Stephanie pops up to distract the ref, allowing Hunter to connect with a low-blow (to a huge pop from the crowd). Hunter connects with an inverted atomic drop, then a second. Hunter goes for the pin, but it’s not enough for three.

Hunter beats on Roman in the corner, hitting him with a big right hand to the nose. Hunter takes Roman into the corner and hits him with repeated right hands. Hunter and Reigns trade right hands. Hunter connects with a spinebuster, but it’s still not enough for a three count.

Hunter sends Roman out to the floor and picks him up, slamming his head into the German announcer’s table repeatedly. Reigns blocks the last attempt and slams Hunter’s head into the table. Hunter blocks and sends Reigns crashing over the announcer’s table. Hunter pulls Reigns up on top of the table. Reigns is able to fight back, but Hunter responds with a neckbreaker off the table and to the floor.

Reigns struggles to make it back to the ring and Hunter catches him with a big knee to the chest. Hunter heads up to the middle rope and drops a knee across Roman’s back for a two count.

Hunter hits a front suplex, planting Roman on the top rope, but Roman comes up with a big right hand. Roman hits a corner clothesline, then runs right into a big boot. Roman connects with a Samoan drop, but it’s not enough to keep Hunter down for three.

Roman calls for the superman punch, and Hunter rolls out of the ring. Roman follows and connects with the Superman punch off the ring steps to wipe out Hunter on the floor. Roman sends Hunter back into the ring and Hunter rolls right back out. Roman follows and Hunter sends him crashing into the ring steps.

Hunter sends Reigns crashing over the announcer’s table, and Reigns responds with a huge spear through the ringside barricade.

Both men are down on the floor and Roman is the first man up. Roman pulls Hunter back into the ringside area. Roman puts Hunter back into the ring and Roman returns in time. Roman holds his wrist and the referee wants to know if he wants to continue. Stephanie says Roman wants to forfeit. Roman is okay and he tries for the Superman punch but Hunter blocks it and applies a Fujiwara arm bar. Roman gets to the ropes. Hunter with a stump puller on the arm as he manipulates the hand. Roman wll not give up. Roman is able to straighten his arm to escape and Roman tries for a power bomb but Hunter with a cross arm breaker.

Roman picks up Hunter and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Hunter with a cross arm breaker. Roman with another power bomb and the hold is released. Both men are down and they struggle to get back to their feet. Hunter gets to his knees and Roman is back to his feet. Roman sets for the spear but Hunter with a kick. Hunter tries for a Pedigree but Roman with a back body drop that sends Hunter over the top rope to the floor.

Roman sets for a plancha but Hunter with a forearm. Roman with a spear and Stephanie pulls the referee out. Roman gets a near fall. Stephanie gets on the apron and the referee does not want to hear from Stephanie. Stephanie gets in the ring and yells at the referee. Hunter pulls himself up using the referee. Roman tries to spear Hunter, but Hunter moves and Roman spears Stephanie. Hunter with a Pedigreee but Reigns kicks out.

Hunter picks up Roman again and Roman with a punch. Hunter with a facebuster but Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a Superman punch!

Roman waits for Hunter to get up and Roman runs into a high knee from Hunter. Hunter gets a near fall.

Hunter reaches for the GameHammer from Stephanie. The referee warns Hunter. Hunter pushes the referee and Roman with a Superman Punch to Hunter and he hits a second one but Hunter still holds on to the sledgehammer. Reigns with a spear when Hunter misses with the GameHammer. Reigns gets the three count.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman celebrates in the ring and pyro goes off on the stage and on the top of the stadium.

Fade Out!

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