Predictions for RAW and SmackDown – From Faction Sissolutions to Title Losses

Predictions for RAW and SmackDown - From Faction Sissolutions to Title Losses

After the monumental events of WrestleMania 40, WWE stands on the brink of a new era. This week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown will reflect the aftermath of the biggest show of the year and set the tone for the upcoming storylines. Expect the shows to be rich in surprises and twists, as the company from Stamford enters a new chapter. Let’s imagine four bold predictions for the upcoming weeklies following the culmination of Mania. And if you’re an adventurous individual who enjoys betting on sports, including various combat sports and shows, then head over to bookmaker’s website. It’s a reputable bookmaker that offers a safe betting environment.

Randy Orton is disillusioned by defeat and leaves WWE

At WrestleMania 40, the match for the United States Championship between Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and reigning champion Logan Paul was one of the highlights of the show. Despite an outstanding performance, The Viper failed to capture the title.

A series of recent setbacks may push Orton towards the dark side. Perhaps he will blame Owens for the defeat, accusing him of using underhanded tactics during the match, and use this as a pretext for revenge. The creative team may have The Apex Predator ruthlessly attack Owens on the upcoming SmackDown, marking the beginning of a new feud.

This turn of events will allow Orton to refresh his character and breathe new life into his storylines. His disappointment over the lost match could serve as a catalyst for a change in his image, transforming him into a ruthless heel hungry for vengeance.

Roman Reigns parts ways with The Bloodline after defeat

Roman Reigns’ significant loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40 could lead to a rift within The Bloodline. Members of the faction may lose faith in the former Tribal Chief and pack leader after he lost the championship title.

In the upcoming episodes of SmackDown, the faction led by Jey Uso may brutally attack Reigns at the behest of The Tribal Chief. This turn of events will deprive Roman of loyal supporters and allies, upon whom he has relied for the past few years.

The dissolution of The Bloodline will be a painful blow to Reigns, forcing him to confront the betrayal of those he considered his family. It will also create an intriguing storyline conflict in which Roman will struggle to regain lost authority and trust.

Losing power within the faction may reveal new facets of Reigns’ character. He will have to stand alone rather than rely on the numerical advantage of The Bloodline. This trial will determine whether he can maintain his status as an undisputed top star on his own.

Dominik Mysterio expelled from The Judgement Day after failure

WrestleMania 40 brought mixed results for The Judgement Day. Rhea Ripley retained the championship title, but Damian Priest and Finn Balor lost the tag team titles. And Dominik Mysterio’s defeat alongside Andrade in a tag team match against Dirty House and Santos Escobar could spell trouble for Dominik.

The Judgement Day has been unhappy with Dominik’s recent alignment with Legado Del Fantasma. His failure at WrestleMania could be the last straw, leading the faction to decide to get rid of him.

In the upcoming Raw, Priest and other members of the faction may brutally attack and expel Dominik. Such a turn of events will not only punish Mysterio for his failure but also dispel any doubts about his true loyalty to The Judgement Day.

Exile will be a harsh lesson for Dominik, who finds himself in a difficult situation due to conflicting interests. It will free him from The Judgement Day’s influence but will pose new challenges in the form of a possible rift with his father, Rey.

Cody Rhodes stripped of title on Raw due to The Rock’s influence

Becoming WWE’s technical director and a member of the board of directors, The Rock gained unprecedented power to influence the creative process. During WrestleMania 40, he already exercised this power by intervening in the main event to help Cody Rhodes.

Now, dissatisfied that the “American Nightmare” has won the main title, The Rock may go to extreme measures. In the upcoming episode of Raw, The Rock could use his influence to overturn the match results and strip Rhodes of the championship.

Perhaps he will come up with a legal loophole or fabricate a pretext to declare the match illegal or invalid. Thus, The Great One will avenge Rhodes and satisfy his ego, personally crowning himself at WrestleMania.

This decision will not only be a severe blow to Cody but will also provoke the anger of fans who celebrated his long-awaited victory. Rhodes will likely not take this lying down and will stand up against the influential figure who tried to thwart him.

The conflict between the two stars will escalate into intense competition for the right to be the face of the company. This feud will clash egos, ambitions, and different philosophies. Rhodes represents a fair struggle for dreams, while The Rock represents power by privilege.

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