Shawn Michaels Talks CM Punk’s Return

Shawn Michaels Talks CM Punk's Return

Shawn Michaels Talks CM Punk’s Return – Shawn Michaels recently shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE during a conversation on the Cheap Heat Podcast with Peter Rosenberg. Expressing his excitement like many others, Michaels revealed a relatable aspect to Punk’s situation, citing his own experiences of not always being the most popular figure in the locker room but being highly skilled at his job. He conveyed happiness for the company due to Punk’s return.

Addressing the storyline’s controversy, Michaels highlighted the allure of such narratives, acknowledging that their controversial nature often contributes to their appeal. He emphasized the unpredictable nature of the industry, admitting that even those involved might not always have a complete grasp of the storyline’s direction, attributing this unpredictability as a unique and vital aspect that sustains the industry for over 40 years.

“You know, stories like this are always fantastic, even if they’re controversial,” Michaels stated.” That’s part of what makes them fantastic. And so look, there are times, you know, I don’t always know what’s going on. Truth be told, I don’t think sometimes they know what’s going on, but that’s what makes unpredictability just that unpredictable. That’s what makes this job so fantastic and so unique, unlike anything else. And that’s why we’ve continued to thrive for, you know, 40-plus years as well.”

Michaels pivoted the conversation to the widespread belief that CM Punk’s return to WWE would never materialize. He mentioned the fascinating aspect of the wrestling world where even when one believes something won’t happen, there’s a sense of uncertainty and a small seed of doubt that remains, contributing to the overall unpredictability that defines the industry. Michaels reflected that many felt Punk’s return was an unlikely scenario, adding to the surprise and intrigue surrounding his comeback.

“Because in this line of work, what makes it so fantastic? You’re never 100% sure, even if you think you are. You’re just not being honest,” Michaels stated. “Of course, you’re just saying, ‘I know this is going to happen,’ but there’s always a little piece, and you’re going like, ‘I don’t know, you know,’ and again, to your point, I just felt I think everybody thought this was a bridge too far.”

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