Ricochet is Reportedly in Concussion Protocol

Ricochet is Reportedly in Concussion Protocol

Ricochet is Reportedly in Concussion Protocol – During the November 6 episode of WWE Raw, a match involving Ricochet, The Miz, Bronson Reed, and Ivar took an unexpected turn. The original plan involved a double pin scenario with Ricochet and Ivar pinning each other, but Ricochet, possibly affected early in the match, didn’t go through with the plan. As a result, The Miz was crowned the winner.

Recent reports by Wrestling Observer indicate that Ricochet is fine but is currently in concussion protocol. The Miz is set to face Ivar in the next episode of Raw, and it’s likely that the winner will be announced as the challenger for GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series. The incident adds an element of unpredictability to the ongoing storyline, keeping fans intrigued about the upcoming developments.

Bryan Alvarez: “The Ricochet thing was actually exactly what we said it was on Monday.

Meltzer: “It was exactly.

Alvarez: “He got a concussion on the spot.

Meltzer: “We don’t…It’s concussion protocol. So I don’t want to say concussion because it was not, as far as I know, it was not a diagnosis of concussion. But he’s fine.”

Alvarez: “Not fine through most of the match.”

Meltzer: “He doesn’t remember a lot of the match. I think it was, from what I understand was Miz talking to him kind of through the match.

Alvarez: “I know that. The only thing that I saw Miz doing was when they were doing the finish. He was screaming at the ref to count because the ref was supposed to count both of them down and Ricochet was supposed to get pinned. And you can see when the ref gets to Ricochet kicks out and the ref holds up because he doesn’t know why the guy kicked out. And then so Miz starts screaming at the ref to just count the fucking pin, so he counts the pin and Miz wins. So it was supposed to be Miz and Ivar actually winning right?

Meltzer: “Both co-winners and Adam Pearce was going to go in and make the announcement that because of what happened, we’re going to have a match next week, which between Miz and Ivar. And the winner of that would face GUNTHER. So that’s how it was originally booked.

Alvarez: “So I presume they’ll still do that match based on Ivar beating him up afterward.

Meltzer: “And then the match is on. Yes, the match is on. But I mean, they could make the announcement that somehow the title shot is up. But it makes no sense to do that because Miz clearly won. But they are going to plan to do Miz and Ivar, and the moonsault that Ivar did on Miz was kind of an impromptu thing to have an excuse to do that match. So the original plan with Miz and Ivar was for Miz to win and it was GUNTHER and Miz and they are now. They have even announced on NXT. Last night they announced it’s GUNTHER and Miz. They did not announce like, ‘Oh, there’s going to be this match.’ And I mean they still could do that. They still could go in there and just say, ‘Oh, the title shot is at stake.’ But right now I mean unless they change their plans, it’s going to end up with GUNTHER and Miz. And I don’t even know that they’ll do this. So with the situation, like I said, Ricochet is all right. But, as far as, like, when he’ll be cleared and all that, it’s concussion protocol.”

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Ricochet is Reportedly in Concussion Protocol

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