Chris Jericho Talks AEW’s Approach to Handling Backstage Issues

Chris Jericho Talks AEW's Approach to Handling Backstage Issues

Chris Jericho Talks AEW’s Approach to Handling Backstage Issues – Chris Jericho recently addressed the backstage issues in AEW and suggested that they have been corrected. During an appearance on Busted Open, Jericho discussed how incidents like the backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry can quickly become the focus of negative attention in wrestling, especially with the presence of social media.

“It’s wrestling though, man. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll. I think people like to focus on negative,” he said. “I remember when I got into the fight with Goldberg in Milwaukee [at WWE event in 2003], it was out on whatever version of the internet was then 10 minutes later… So it’s not like this is the first time there’s been incidents backstage. It happens. I just think now with social media that people want to jump on the negative.”

Jericho acknowledged that there have been issues in AEW’s backstage environment but emphasized that they have been addressed and rectified. He also pointed out that while negative press tends to get more attention, there are many positive aspects of AEW that deserve recognition.

According to Jericho, despite occasional backstage incidents, AEW continues to achieve positive milestones, such as consistently being the number one show on cable for four weeks in a row. He mentioned the camaraderie among the talent and their commitment to working together.

“We know the issues. The issues have been rectified,” Jericho declared. “But the point is, it’s like, there’s so much positive things going on. And those things are always kind of a little bit downplayed. But it’s the negative that gets focused on. I know what’s going on in the locker room, and we know what areas we need to work on. I mean, negative press is negative press.

“Once again, you still got, out of those 81,000 people [at Wembley Stadium], how many people know what even happened or even really care? You know what I mean, the hardcore, and the journalists, and the guys who do this care. And we should. But there’s also fans — not just 81,000, how about being number one on cable once again four weeks in a row? Number one — the number one show out of all shows [on Wednesday night TV], is AEW. So to me, that’s a huge positive that also gets kind of lost in the shuffle because somebody’s in a bad mood one day, or whatever it might be. It happens, it’s wrestling. We’re all gypsies, tramps, and thieves, and there’s gonna be issues from time to time.

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Chris Jericho Talks AEW’s Approach to Handling Backstage Issues

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