MJF Says Jews Love Him

MJF Says Jews Love Him

MJF Says Jews Love Him – During a recent appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, MJF spoke about how his Jewish faith and how it’s part of his on-screen persona in All Elite Wrestling.

While he is positioned as a heel on television, MJF has been praised as a positive representation for Jews, rather than it being played up as a stereotypical character. Maron asked if MJF believes he is helping Jews, and the “Salt Of The Earth” said he hopes that’s what people take away from it.

“I’d like to think so. You know, when you think about Jewish people, they’re very schleppy and nerdy-looking, kinda like you,” MJF quipped, “but I’m trying to break the mold.”

Maron took issue with the assessment and claimed to be more of a hybrid Jewish guy, noting that he considered himself to be more “half-nerdy, half-stocky” and less nebbish than others.

“You’re not all the way to the right athletic like Goldberg, but you’re not all the way to the left Don Rickles,” MJF added.

Maron then asked how Jews respond to him. MJF said he’s popular with Jewish people, and he’s really the first wrestler that is the complete package in the ring and on the mic.

“Jews love me. I’m the mensch of the centch. Are you kidding me? I’m over as fuck with the tribe,” MJF said. “Israelis? Yeah! If you’re a Jew, you love MJF because if you think about it, I’m really the first prolific world champion that just so happens to be Jewish in the history of the business that is good at talking and wrestling. Love Bill Goldberg to death,” he noted, “but put a mic in front of his mouth and he kinda has a bit of a panic attack.

“There’s not a lot of [Jewish wrestlers], as you would imagine,” he added. “We’re known for being dentists, doctors, lawyers, or stand-up comedians.”

MJF noted that he dreamed of being a pro wrestler “from the jump”, noting that he wanted to parlay his wrestling career into acting.

In the past, MJF said he enjoys using his platform in All Elite Wrestling to show there’s more than one representation of a Jewish person, telling David Meyers of The Algemeiner that he’s proud of what he’s accomplished so far.

“I get to showcase to people that there’s more than one archetype of being a Jew,” he told Meyers, “I think I’m the best wrestler in the world, and I just so happen to be Jewish — and I just so happen to be very proud of it.”

MJF Says Jews Love Him

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