NXT Results (2/28)

NXT Results (2/28)

NXT Results (2/28) – We see many people fighting in the hallway to try to get to the ring to accept Wes Lee’s Open Challenge.  Enofe and Blade try to get cute as they make it into the arena but Dabba Kato runs through them.  Apollo Crews stops Kato and then Nathan Frazer leaps over both men to get in the ring to be Lee’s challenger.

Wes Lee vs. Nathan Frazer for the NXT North American Championship

Lee with a shoulder tackle.  Frazer with a side head lock take down and Lee with a rollup for a near fall.  Lee with a head scissors and Frazer escapes.  Frazer with a side head lock take down.  Lee with puncches to the midsection and Frazer misses a cross body.  Frazer with a side head lock take down.  Frazer with a springboard side head lock take down.  Lee sends Frazer into the corner and Frazer floats over and then gives Lee an arm drag.  Lee with an arm drag and they both go for drop kicks at the same time.  Frazer with a rollup for a near fall.  Lee misses a kick and avoids a leg sweep with a back flip.

Frazer offers his hand and Lee slaps his hand.  Lee with a waist lock and Lee with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.  Lee with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall.  Lee with a front face lock.  Frazer wtih a clean break and then he applies a side head locck.  Frazer misses a kick when Lee holds on to the ropes.  Lee sends Frazer to the apron and Frazer with a shoulder and he back drops Lee to the floor.  Frazer goes for a moonsault off the post but Lee gets back in the ring.  Lee with a flip dive but Frazer gets back into the ring.  Lee with a kick and Frazer falls to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lee misses a boot in the corner when Frazer moves.  Frazer with a thrust kick to the head.  Frazer goes to the turnbuckles for a Phoenix Splash but Lee moves and Frazer rolls through.  Lee blocks a kick and both men go for a cross body at the same time and they go down.  Lee wtih a punch and Frazer punches back.  Lee misses a back heel kick and Frazer with a springboard moonsault into a side power slam for a near fall.  Frazer with a chop and he sets for a superplex but Lee blocks it and powers out of the hold.  Frazer lands on his feet when he is pushed off the turnbuckles.  Frazer with a superplex into a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall.

Lee rolls to the apron and he sdrops Frazer on the top rope.  Frezer drop kicks Lee off the apron and Lee hits the announce table.  Frazer misses a springboard move and hits the announce table while Lee returns to the ring.  Lee with a flip dive over the ring post and he sends Frazer back into the ring.  Lee with the Cardiac Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Wes Lee

After the match, Lee offers his hand to Frazer and he helps Nathan back to his feet.  They hug and show each other respect.

– We take a look at JD McDonagh.  he says if you suffered a retinal tear, all of the nutrients are taken away.  You need emergency surgery if you want to keep the eye.  Ilja, you will know that feeling.  Our next match will be the destructive symphony you are seeking.  As sure as the vision is coming back into my eye, I will push you to places you have never been before.  I will break your will and send you home permanently.

– Brooks and Josh are in the locker room and Josh asks Brooks what is wrong.  Brooks mentions him and Kiana and Josh asks if they broke up.  Brooks says it hasn’t been the same since Valentine’s Day and he doesn’t know what to do.  Josh says Brooks is stupid and all men are stupid when it comes to women.  Josh tells Brooks it doesn’t matter because the Brooks from six months ago would be so proud of him today.

We go to commercial.

– Hank Walker is in the back with McKenzie and she asks him about his actions earlier if he was going for the title or after Drew.  Hank says he started seeing red when he saw Drew and Charlie. Axiom yells at Hank and Hank says the kick was for Drew. Axiom says Hank cost him a chance at the title and he says that Hank wasn’t going to win. They push each other and referees have to separate them.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Veer and Sanga (with Jinder Mahal)

Veer and Brooks start things off and he connects with a punch and double sledge to the back.  Sanga tags in and he kicks Brooks in the ribs.  Sanga with an elbow to the back of the head and he goes for a slam but Brooks escapes and applies a side head lock.  Josh tags in and Brooks with a take down.  Josh with a shoulder tackle and Sanga punches Josh when he tries to tag in Brooks.  Brooks makes the tag and Sanga with a kick.  Veer tags in and Sanga with a shoulder tackle and Veer with a neck breaker.  Sanga tags in and he kicks Brooks in the ribs while Veer holds Brooks on the top rope.  Sanga with a chin lock and Brooks with elbows but Sanga with a forearm.

Sanga with a slam but he misses an elbow drop.  Josh tags in and he hits Veer with a forearm and then he hits Sanga and Veer again.  Brooks tags in and Josh with a shoulder tackle.  Josh with a sliding punchon the floor and Brooks is a step off and Josh pushes Brooks and they argue.  Brooks gets back in the ring and Sanga with a choke slam.  Veer tags in and hits a clothesline for the three count.

Winners:  Veer and Sanga

After the match, Jinder says Indus Sher are ready to finish this.  Are you?  They have given you a beating before but at Roadblock it will be ten times worse.

– Gigi Dolin walks in the back and she has a black rose.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and we see Nathan Frazer with McKenzie to set up for an interview and Nathan has his neck checked out.  Katana Chance enters and says something happened to Wendy Choo. They go outside and we see the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment claim another victim as Wendy is on the floor recovering from another mystery attack.

– Gigi Dolin comes to the ring and demands the Toxic Attraction music be stopped.

She says her life changed three weeks ago when her skull was crushed against a door.  This isn’t the first time she had her head kicked in by someone she trusted.  She can handle the betrayal.  You made me realize who I truly am.  You are about the superficial surface things and that was all Toxic Attraction was about.  Being the Mean Girls helped me with my inner demons.  I was happy just being able to survive.  The last person who betrayed me and beat me down like that was my mother.  Gigi says when she ran away, she was determined to show her brother that she can make it.  You don’t know what I have been through.

You say you are the last woman standing, but I have gotten up time after time.  Next week, bring everything you have because it won’t be enough.  I will take all of the pain and suffering me to put the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.

– We go to Chase University. They talk about Roadblock.  Duke stops to talk to Thea and he asks her how is she doing and Thea says she is doing a little better.  Duke says he wants to apologize for his behavior last week.  Thea says people say things they don’t mean.  Thea accepts Duke’s apology and she says that Chase will accept an apology for what he said about the university.  Duke says he meant that.

Andre Chase shows up and he talks about factions.

The Schism talk about how Chase University is a failure.  Joe says the grass is always greener on the other side and there is plenty of grass under the tree of the Schism.  Ava tells Thea that she saw what can happen under the shade of their tree.  You cannot unhear what you have heard. Rip tells Duke to let it out and the only flag he should be waving is a white one. Joe tells everyone to walk to a better life.  They will unmantle Chase University until it goes up in flames.

Andre says he will show what principles Chase University has when he gives Joe Gacy a Chase University Ass Whooping.

– Meiko Satomura makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

– We are back and Dijak says Tony is waiting for an answer from him.  You have an ego and you don’t know what you are asking for.  You could have saved a lot of suffering but you cost me the North American title twice.  You are public enemy number one.  Stacks won’t recognize you when I am done with you.  You won’t put me in Solitary Confinement.  I will lock you down for good.

– Next week, Jacy Jayne faces Gigi Dolin.

Meiko Satomura vs. Zoey Stark

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez joins commentary for the next match.

They lock up and Zoey with a side head lock take down and Meiko with a head scissors.  Meiko with a front face lock and Zoey gets back to her feet.  They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Zoey with a bridge and she gains the advantage.  Meiko with a double wrist lock into a hammer lock.  Meiko blocks a forearm and Meiko with a knee drop for a near fall.  Meiko with a side head lock.  Meiko holds on when Zoey tries to send her off the ropes.  Meiko stops Zoey from sending her off the ropes.  Zoey with a forearm and Meiko with a kick and European uppercuct.  Meiko misses a round kick but does not miss a second kick.  Meiko with an Irish whip but she misses a splash.  Zoey with a sliding forearm and a baseball slide .  Meiko avoids a clothesline on the floor and Meiko with a round kick.

They return to the ring and Meikow ith a snap mare and a seated abdominal stretch.  Meiko with a rollup for a near fall.  Meiko with a round off kick to the head for a near fal.  Meiko with a forearm and Zoey sends Meiko into the ropes.  Zoey with a clothesline and kicks.  Zoey with punches to Meiko.  Zoey with a knee drop to the side of the head.  Zoey with an Irish whip and arm drag into a cravate.  Meiko escapes and she kicks Zoey.  Zoey with a snap mare and she returns to the cravate.

Meiko with a puncch but Zoey holds on to the cravate.  Meiko with puncches but Zoey holds on to the cravate.  Zoey with knees to the head followed by an Irish whip.  Meiko sends Zoey to the apron and Zoey with a kick.  Zoey goes for a springboard move but Meiko with a kick to the midsecction.  Zoey holds her knee after hitting the mat.  Zoey and Meiko exchange forearms.  Meiko with kicks to the midsection followed by a splash into the corner.  Meiko with a DDT and she goes to the turnbuckles.  Meiko with a frog splash for a near fall.  Meiko with kicks to the chest.  Meiko kicks Zoey into the corner and she misses a round off knee when Zoey goes to the apron.  Zoey pulls Meiko down by the hair and she hits a springboard twisting senton for a near fall.  

Zoey goes to the turnbuckles but Meiko with a kick to the leg and a Pele kick.  Meiko with a uranage for a near fall.  Zoey with thrust icks and a sliding knee to the head for a near fall.  Zoey pulls Meiko into the corner and she goes up top and misses a 450 splash but rolls through.  Meiko with a kick and Death Valley Driver.  Meiko sets for Scorpio Rising and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Meiko Satomura

After the match, Roxanne goes into the ring and stares down her challenger for next week.

– We take a look back at what happened after Bron Breakker’s match last week.

– We see that Shawn Michaels has accepted Grayson Waller’s invitation for next week.

– McKenzie is outside the training room and we see Wendy Choo being treated. Tiffany Stratton shows up and she tells everyone to stay out of the parking lot. Kayden and Katana come out and say things aren’t good for Wendy. Tiffany asks Kayden and Katana where were they when Nikkita got attacked. Tiffany says she has a Tiffany Epiphany and she is going to solve this. Katana tells Tiffany to stop with the detective work and put her boots on.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and Julius and Brutus talk about what they need to do.  Damon Kemp is in the hallway and Julius says Damon is still a bad man and he is calculating.  He says that is what he needs to beat Indus Sher. Damon asks if Julius is asking him to help him and he wants to know if they are trying to put the band back together. Damon says no and Julius has to be held back. Bron shows up and he says he will be their third against Indus Sher. Julius yells at Bron for not being there a few minutes earlier to save him from an embarassing moment.

Sol Ruca vs. Elektra Lopez

They lock up and Lopez pushes Sol on the break.  Sol with a side head lock and take down.  Lopez with a top wrist lock and take down.  Lopez with a wrist lock and Sol tries for a reversal but Lopez pulls Sol down by the hair.  Lopez with an Irish whip and Sol flips over Lopez but Lopez with a forearm to the throat.  Sol lands on her feet on a hip toss and hits an X Factor.  Lopez with an Irish whip and Sol tries to float over.  Lopez knocks Sol off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Lopez gets a near fall.  Lopez with knees to the back and an elbow drop for a near fall.  Lopez with a knee and she sends Sol into the ropes and follows with a forearm.  Lopez with a back body drop and she gets a near fall. 

Lopez works on the neck and Sol with punches.  Lopez with a kick and Sol with a back elbow.  Sol sends Lopez into the ropes and she kicks Lopez.  Sol runs through a clothesline and hits two flying shoulder tackles followed by a drop kicck.  Sol with a butterfly suplex and then she sets for a handspring splash but Lopez moves.  Lopez gets a near fall.  Lopez goes into the turnbuckle for the brass knuckles but Veroz has it and Sol with the Sol Snatcher for the three count.

Winner:  Sol Ruca

After the matchc, Lopez yells at Feroz and pushes her.  Valentina puts on the brass knuckles and she punches Lopez with them.

– We go to the pool hall for Gallus. Mark talks about their career in NXT UK and how what Pretty Deadly did to them last week wouldn’t have happened in Europe.  Pretty Deadly reminded them of what happened when Pretty Deadly took the titles from them.  Mark says NXT is their kingdom and he asks if Wolfgang is going to let two Brits do that to them.  He wants Wolfgang to be raging.  

Someone bumps into Wolfgang and Wolfgang batters the man.

– We go to Pretty Deadly with McKenzie.  Kit and Elton say they couldn’t be happier with their plan.  Kit asks how will Gallus act when they take the titles from them.  McKenzie shows Pretty Deadly a tweet from Drew McIntyre. Elton talks about the Scots staying together and Kit talks about how much they hate Scotland.  Kit says they will meet Gallus face to face next week and they can have a civilized discussion with Gallus about their upcoming match.

We go to commercial.

Katana Chance vs. Tiffany Stratton

They lock up and Tiffany sends Katana to the mat.  Chance with a rollup for a near fall.  Chance with a waist lock and Tiffany with an elbow.  Chance with a drop kick but Tiffany sends Chance to the apron.  Chance with a handstand into a head scissors take down.  Chance with a wrist lock but Tiffany goes for a slam and Chance counters with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Chance with a side head lock.  Chance lands on her feet on a belly-to-back suplex.  Tiffany hot shots Chance and the referee checks on Chance.  Tiffany with kicks to Chance.  Tiffany stretches Chance.  Chance kicks Tiffany and trips her.  Chance with a flying forearm and a head scissors take down.  Tiffany goes to the apron and Chance avoids a shoulder and kicks Tiffany.  Chance gets a near fall.  Tiffany with a punch.

Tiffany gets Chance on her shoulders and Chance with an arm drag take down.  Chance goes to the turnbuckles and Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre make their way to the ring. Tiffany catches Chance off the turnbuckles and hits a Finlay Slam followed by the Best Moonsault Ever for the three count.

Winner:  Tiffany Stratton

After the match, Tiffany gets on the mic and she says she has proven that she is the very best woman in NXT.  You would be satisfied by that.  Tiffany says she does not want to be known as the best, she wants to be known as the NXT Women’s Champion.  She says she does not care who wins next week because that title belongs to her.

– Brooks is in the back and he is working on his shoulder. Josh shows up and he says that Fallon and him are all that he’s got.  Josh says they need to stop doing this because it is Wrestlemania season. Brooks apologizes and says it was his fault.  Josh says Fallon apologized to Kiana and now Brooks needs to get his girl back. Brooks says he wishes he could have a do over and he doesn’t know what to say.  Josh says he will talk to Kiana for Brooks.

We go to commercial.

Axiom vs. Hank Walker

The bell rings and they go at it. Walker is a lot more aggressive tonight. Axiom ends up slapping him early on and Walker is angrier now.

Walker attacks and tries to man-handle Axiom but Axiom holds his own. Walker levels Axiom out of nowhere. Walker goes on and catches Axiom in a big spike to the mat for a 2 count. Walker rocks Axiom but Axiom fights back with rights of his own.

Axiom dropkicks Walker, then nails a flying kick into the corner. Axiom goes to the top and hits a big crossbody for 2. Axiom with a stiff kick and another while Walker is on his knees. Axiom with a big chop. Axiom charges but Walker knocks him off his feet with ease, then delivers a pair of corner splashes.

Walker with a big lariat in the middle of the ring but Axiom cradles him for 2. Axiom rocks Walker and they’re both down now. Walker ducks the next kick but he stays up. Axiom nails the Golden Ratio kick to the jaw for the pin to win.

Winner: Axiom

After the match, Axiom has his arm raised on the entrance-way as the music hits. Axiom then approaches Walker and says after fighting like that, he sees Walker is special. Axiom walks off and Walker nods at him.

– We go to Grayson Waller who thanks Shawn for getting back to him and they can discuss Stand and Deliver.  Which Shawn Michaels will he sit next to?  Will it be the Heartbreak Kid or the corporate stooge.  Waller asks to be given the proper respect.  Waller says not to put Shawn in a position he never wanted to be in again.

– They run through the card for Roadblock.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Tyler Bate

They lock up and go to a stalemate.  They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Tyler with a wrist lock take down.  Hayes with a head scissors and Tyler escapes.  Tyler rolls through with Hayes when Hayes tries to escape the wrist lock.  Hayes with a hammer lock and Bate with a reversal.  Hayes sends Bate to the floor but Bate comes back into the ring and Hayes with an arm drag.  Bate with a head scissors and Hayes escapes.  Hayes slaps Bate’s hand away.  Bate with a rollup for a near fall.  Hayes gets a near fall.  Hayes and Bate continue to alternate near falls.  Hayes escapes Tyler Driver 97.

Bate with a leap frog and he goes through the legs.  Hayes avoids a jab from Bate.  Bate with European uppercuts.  Bate with a back body drop and a head scissors take down.  Bate with a drop kick that sends Hayes to the floor.  Bate with a plancha and both men are down on the floor.  Hayes returns to the ring and he knocks Bate off the apron.  Hayes goes for a dive to the floor but Bate with an uppercut.  Hayes with kicks to Bate and he gets a near fall.  Hayes with forearms to Bate.  Bate with a punch and Hayes with a knee to the midsection.  Bate blocks a suplex and Hayes does the same.  Hayes puts Bate on the to rope and Hayes with a springboard suplex back into the ring and he gets a near fall.  Hayes with a double wrist lock.

Hayes with a springboard clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Hayes returns to the double wrist lock.  Bate with forearms and Hayes with an Irish whip.  Bate with a knee lift and a corkscrew back elbow off the turnbuckles.  Bate punches Trick on the apron and Bate with an exploder to Hayes.  Bate with a shooting star press for a near fall.  Bate with an airplane spin but Hayes with a rollup for a near fall.  Hayes with a bicycle kick.  Bate returns to the airplane spin and Bate gets a near fall.  Hayes grabs the ankle and Bate with a jab.

Bate with a rebound clothesline for a near fall.  Hayes sends Bate into the turnbuckles.  Bate with a European uppercut and Hayes with a chop and forearms.  Bate with European uppercuts to Hayes.  Bate with punches and Hayes kicks Bate away.  Hayes with a butterfly bomb for a near fall.  Hayes with a rollup for a near fall.  Hayes with a suplex into a cutter for a near fall.  Hayes goes to the turnbuckles and Bate gets back to his feet and he stops Haye son the turnbuckels and hits a super exploder.  Bate goes up top and Trick gets on the apron and Bate kicks him.  Bate misses a twisting senton and Hayes with a Codebreaker and then Hayes goes up top and hits Nothing But Net for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes

After the match, the music hits as Trick enters the ring to help Hayes to his feet. We go to replays. The Roadblock go-home edition of NXT goes off the air with Hayes and Trick standing in the ring while Hayes talks about going on to Stand & Deliver.

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NXT Results (2/28)

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