Jim Cornette Blasts Bray Wyatt Following Pitch Black Match

Bray Wyatt - LA Knight Feud Continues

Jim Cornette Blasts Bray Wyatt Following Pitch Black Match – Jim Cornette was not a fan of the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the WWE Royal Rumble last weekend, and he’s no fan of Bray Wyatt.

On the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette provided the following comments on Wyatt’s Pitch Black win over LA Knight at The Alamodome:

The Pitch Black Match was, I wish I could have been there to stop the pitch when it was pitched, let’s put it that way. What we got was a match where they turned a black light on and had the guys wearing the fluorescent color tights and in Wyatt’s case, makeup and green confetti and it was a headshot match, that’s what they should have called it. They turned black light on and everything glowed into fluorescent Kermit green. I swear to god, right as I had written down fluorescent ropes and tights, this match should be sponsored by Spencer’s Gifts and Michael Cole said that.

So now, god damnit, I guess my material is rotten because Michael Cole is coming up with the same shit on the fly. When are the people are going to turn on this? I mean, some people already are, we hear it constantly, but I’m talking about the rank and file WWE fan, when are they going to say, wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense, it’s fucking goofy, the matches suck, the booking sucks, the stipulation suck, and this guy sucks. This was a shitty match with bad lightning and a rotten finish and a goofy angle and it didn’t last very long and nobody looked good. This is why this guy is the drizzling shits because he thinks that this is good and a lot of these other assholes think that too. They want to be video game characters. They want to be horror movie stars. They want to get booked in C-Level horror movies. Remakes of shit that was actually good that some fucking moron is going take and ruin for everybody else that liked that kind of thing.

These people are ruining wrestling for us. They don’t want to be wrestlers. If you don’t want to be a wrestler, you don’t want do the shit that wrestlers have done before, do something else, don’t get in fucking wrestling. That’s my advice or wish or fervent hope that whether you want to be in fucking Final Fantasy 14 with Seraphim and Cerebim or you want to be a goddamn Rob Zombie horror movie remake reject, don’t clutter up the fucking wrestling business. There are reasons why people have not done most of the things that Bray Wyatt has done before because they’re not fucking stupid as applied to wrestling. I’m painting this guy with the same brush as Twinkle Toes and some of these performance artists and the fucking pizza maker, pockets and whoever the fuck else that say, okay, we can’t do this right, we can’t make this believable and nobody really is going to care about us as personalities, as wrestlers, so we’ll do something so over the top goofy that the people that like to laugh at this shit anyway will enjoy it. Well, fuck all of you. You look like a blithering dipshit when you get out of the ring with this guy. He kills everybody he comes into contact with, so I hope the merchandise he sells is worth it to him, but if I was booked against him, I’d call in sick.

Jim Cornette Blasts Bray Wyatt Following Pitch Black Match

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