AEW Dynamite “New Year’s Smash” 2022 Results

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite “New Year’s Smash” 2022 Results – We are live from the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO. where Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz settle in on commentary and then send things down to the ring for a big opening contest.

Bryan Danielson vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page

Bryan Danielson’s theme hits and “The American Dragon” heads to the ring to an enormous pop from the fans in attendance. He settles inside the ring and his music dies down.

Now the entrance tune for “All Ego” Ethan Page plays and out he comes accompanied by Stokely Hathaway for this one-on-one showdown to kick off the New Years Smash episode of Dynamite.

Before the bell sounds, however, the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme hits and the AEW World Champion appears in a luxary box with his title, some champagne and “the only hot chick in Colorado.” He taunts Danielson as Page beats on him from the ring.

Page also shouts insults up to MJF, whom the crowd focuses a loud “Assh*le” chant at as “All Ego” beats down “The American Dragon” here in the early goings of this opening contest.

Danielson fires back though with a big few chops and kicks in the corner, but All-Ego instantly responds with a chop of his own. A knee to the mid-section drops his opponent, and he follows it up by manipulating the ankle as he then stamps him back to the mat and then onto the Achilles of Page as an angry Stokely Hathaway looks on. 

Page responds well though with a power slam as he slows the pace, but he gets sent back down from the top turnbuckle with a headbutt as Danielson follows it with a missile dropkick, which leads to Hathaway getting onto the apron. He flicks off his hat as Page charges in, almost hitting his manager and a knee strike from Danielson then sends him to the floor as he follows up with a suicide dive. 

However, once again Hathaway distracts Danielson, and that allows Page to nail a pump kick which sends Danielson back to the floor, following it by sending him into the ring post. Page goes for a rake of the eyes, but after Danielson trips him into the corner and that allows more kicks from Danielson who follows with a hurricanrana from the top rope. He tries to follow it by diving off the ring apron but Hathaway saves his client and that allows Page to launch him into the steel stairs.

All-Ego then dives back in with a cutter, but Danielson can kick out. However, once again Danielson counters Page’s plans and plants him head-first, following it with a huge strike to the head. That only gets a near fall but Danielson follows it with the LeBell Lock, only for Page to get to the ropes with his foot. Page blocks the top rope attempt from Danielson and aims for an Ego’s Edge, yet Danielson once again counters and reigns down with elbow strikes only for Page to power him up to connect with an Avalanche Power Slam, which Danielson kicks out of!

Page once again looks for his finisher, but he spends too long smiling and Danielson charges in with a Busaiko Knee, following it with stomps and the LeBell Lock for victory. 

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Once the match wraps up, we see Bryan Danielson immediately turn his attention to AEW World Champion MJF, who is shown still in the luxury box reacting to him. MJF turns down his wave to join him in the ring for an impromptu fight.

Samoa Joe Attacks Wardlow

We see a quick word from Samoa Joe in a video package featuring “The King of TV.” We then return live where Renee Paquette is in the interview zone with Wardlow.

As he talks about there being too many words and not enough action, in comes Joe, who beats Wardlow down with a pipe. He yells “how’s that for action?! I did this to you!” He roars and officials run to the scene as he walks away and we head to another commercial break.

“Hangman” Adam Page Checked On By Doctors

We shoot backstage where Renee Paquette steps in between members of The Dark Order to try and get a word with a doctor shown checking on the condition of “Hangman” Adam Page.

Page snaps at her and then brings up Jon Moxley being in the next match, which gets Page to pop up and lose his cool. The doctor says two weeks until he can get back in the ring. He says if he keeps getting riled up, and things might not go that way. Page says okay.

Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Top Flight

Top Flight immediately attacks their opponents, but the Blackpool Combat Club members get the best of the situation outside the ring to take firm control immediately. Jon Moxley takes Darius Martin into the ring and isolates him as Claudio Castagnoli tags in to hit some uppercuts and a stomp as he then brings his partner back into things. The duo make frequent tags as Castagnoli slams him to the mat. 

Moxley returns and hits a big knee to the face, but Darius fights back and hits a missile dropkick as Dante Martin then comes in with a diving crossbody, with Castagnoli eating an enziguri for trying to get involved. A standing moonsault press is hit on Moxley and the two then go back and forth with the former World Champion coming out on top with a suplex and then the elbow strikes. 

Top Flight works together to attack the knee of Moxley as Darius then runs up the back of his brother to dropkick Moxley to the floor, following it by launching Moxley into the guard rail. The brothers continue to isolate Moxley as Dante launches himself over the top rope to drop down on him with force. Darius returns to the ring and continues focusing on the knee, kicking Moxley’s leg away from underneath him. 

Despite that, he’s able to tag in Castagnoli who drops Dante straight away, following it up with running European uppercuts into each corner. He then looks for the Giant Swing but Darius makes the save only to be put into the move himself as Dante then leapfrogs him before almost catching the ROH World Champion with a roll-up, yet he then gets thrown into a DDT, gaining Top Flight a near fall. 

Castagnoli showcases his strength with a double suplex to both Martin’s, yet they respond with a combination offense which requires Moxley to make the save. Dante manages to launch out of the ring to wipe him out though, and Darius then almost gets the win. He gets distracted by Moxley, but he reverses an uppercut attempt with a backslide, yet that is met with the Neutralizer…only for Darius to kick out!

Castagnoli comes in with the elbows, and while Dante tries to save him, Moxley stops it with a King Kong Lariat as Darius just gets beaten down with elbows until Castagnoli has enough and nails him with another big strike to provide the final blow with a huge uppercut after taking his mouthguard out. 

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley

AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match Set For Rampage: New Years Smash

We shoot backstage to Renee Paquette who is with Orange Cassidy, Danhausen, The Best Friends, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford after footage of the $300,000 Three Kings Trios Casino Royale is shown.

Sabian says it’s time for his title shot at Cassidy. Cassidy says Trent gets one before him. Sabian says he looks forward to seeing this. Cassidy says they’re gonna do it on AEW Rampage: New Years Smash.

FTW Championship
Hook (C) vs. Baylum Lynx

We head back inside the arena where FTW Champion Hook makes his way to the ring. Taz points out that he spoke to him earlier and that Hook isn’t in a great mood tonight.

His music dies down and then his opponent, who is already in the ring, Baylum Lynx, is introduced. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Hook rag-dolls the newcomer around and slaps on his Red Rum finisher for the easy submission win.

Winner and STILL FTW Champion: Hook

After the match, Hook is celebrating his win when Stokely Hathaway comes out with Big Bill and Lee Moriarty. They threaten Hook as they come to the ring but Jungle Boy Jack Perry comes out to make the save.

Big Bill is in the ring with Hook and the two stand face-to-face, with over a foot in size separating them. Jungle Boy has Moriarty down in the aisle so things are even. Hook goes for a t-bone on Big Bill, but Big Bill fights it off. Big Bill goes to hoist Hook up but Jungle Boy hits the ring with a giant piece of wood like Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Chris Jericho’s Message To Ricky Starks

We return backstage after a video package showing Ricky Starks turning down Chris Jericho’s offer to join the J.A.S. and Jericho’s subsequent fireball attack of Action Andretti.

“The Ocho” talks directly into the camera as we return live and he talks about Starks turning them down. He says Jan. 4th in Seattle he’s gonna school “Absolute” Starks. AEW Dynamite “New Year’s Smash” 2022 Results continue after another commercial break.

Wheeler Yuta Challenges “Swerve” Strickland To Match

We return from the break to see “Swerve” Strickland backstage with his fellow members of The Mogul Affiliates. They are confronted by Wheeler Yuta of the Blackpool Combat Club, who challenges him to a match at AEW Rampage: New Years Smash. He accepts.

Falls Count Anywhere Match No. 6 Of Best Of 7 Series
Death Triangle vs. The Elite

All six men are shown fighting backstage immediately with no entrances taking place here as PAC nails a brainbuster to Kenny Omega on some wooden pallets. He then climbs some risers as Lucha Brothers hold The Young Bucks and he nails a moonsault from that spot. Matt Jackson fights back by sending Rey Fenix through a table while PAC gets wheeled to him for a superkick. 

Nick Jackson then launches himself off the risers, which slams Penta through a table, picking up a near fall for his team. The Young Bucks then fight Penta and PAC up to the entranceway, but as they brawl Fenix is shown on top of an entrance tunnel, and he launches himself off to take out everyone down below. However, he is immediately dropped with a V-Trigger from Omega! 

PAC comes in to drop The Cleaner with a German Suplex on the ramp, but Matt saves the match and then hits several Northern Lights Suplexes as they go downhill, with Nick leaping over them to hit Penta as Matt then suplexes both PAC and Fenix! The latter fights back though, choppinng Matt while Nick and Penta brawl their way up the stairs as Nick gets choked out with a crutch across the neck. 

Death Triangle then place all their focus on Omega as they trap him in a trash can and connect with a triple dropkick. He fights back though, launching the Lucha Bros out of the ring with Nick then nailing a knee to PAC only to trun into a thrust kick and Slingblade. Matt then hits a Destroyer to Penta but he’s immediately hit with a Frog Splash by Fenix who is then taken out with a Dragon Suplex from Omega. 

He gets the trash can and attacks PAC with it, putting it over him as he follows up with a V-Trigger, crushing the steel onto his head. That is dollowed by a Dr. Bomb onto the trash can, but PAC manages to kick out. Penta stops a One Winged Angel and they hit the Fear Factor on the floor, with the pinning attempt being broken up. Feniz manages to wipe out both the Bucks and then launches himself out of the ring to take out Omega as well. 

The Young Bucks respond with a Meltzer Driver on the floor to Penta, but a running dropkick from PAC prevents the three count. He hits Matt with a pump kick but he misses with a Shooting Star Press and then eats a chair to the face, which Penta does as well. That’s followed by the BTE Trigger, but PAC saves his team again, only to be booted in the head. PAC avoids a superkick as Matt hits his brother, and that’s followed by a Brutalizer submission, meanwhile, Omega nails a One-Winged Angel from a platform in the crowd through some tables, and he gets the win for his team even though Matt then taps out. However, it is The Elite who gets the win first!

Winners: The Elite (this series is now tied 3-3)

The Acclaimed Music Video World Premiere

After the Best of 7 Series Match No. 6 wraps up, we shoot to a music video world premiere for a song from The Acclaimed. The video featured himself and Anthony Bowens and “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn mocking Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal and others.

Tay Melo & Anna Jay A.S. vs. Willow Nightingale & Ruby Soho

Willow Nightingale tries to get hold of Tay Melo but she avoids it and then shimmies and twerks, but Nightingale eventually gets her hands on Melow, throwing her to the mat and then twerking herself. However, as she looks to get going Ruby Soho tags herself in, only for Melo to run and make a tag for Anna Jay, who gets slammed to the mat as Soho fires down with several punches. 

Nightingale comes to slam Jay and she then works with Soho, throwing her down onto Jay for further damage before she charges into the JAS star in the corner. Nightingale then connects with a big boot and a running crossbody, but Melo is then on hand to pull Soho off the ring apron as Jay connects with a chop block to get the advantage. Melo tags in and hits a big punch to the back, however, she then avoids a pump kick but is hit by another straight after. 

Melo drives Nightingale’s head into the bottom rope as Jay then returns to action, slamming her opponent to the mat via her hair as she then throws Melo into her in the corner. Jay follows that with a swinging boot to the face, but Nightingale can kick out of the pinfall attempt, and she follows it with a lariat which allows the hot tag. Soho charges in and take Melo down and follows with some big right hands. 

She drives Melo face-first into the second turnbuckle pad, and while she chases Jay around the ring to eventually slam her on the mat, she is almost caught out by Melo. Soho has eyes in the back of her head though and she nails No Future, yet she gets taken out by Jay as Nightingale sees to her, only for Melo to hit a great pump kick. 

Melo and Nightingale go for some combination offense, but Jay saves the match and then throws Nightingale out which creates a two-on-one situation as Soho gets spiked on her head, only for Nightingale to charge Jay into them to stop the pin. On the floor, she hits a snap suplex, while Soho and Melo exchange slaps, chops, and headbutts which leads to them both falling down. 

Jay sends Nightingale into the ring post while she tries to use a chair only for Aubrey Edwards to pull it away. However, while that is happening Melo throws a chair for Soho to catch, as she proceeds to punt kick it into her face. This is followed by the TayKO for a win. 

Winners: Tay Melo & Anna Jay

The Gunns are then shown leaving as they claim to be the best tag team in the world, and they will address the FTR win next week.

Ricky Starks With A Message For Chris Jericho

We shoot backstage to Renee Paquette, who is standing by with Ricky Starks. “The Absolute One” runs down “The Ocho” Chris Jericho and hypes their upcoming showdown.

TNT Championship
Samoa Joe (C) vs. Wardlow

The commentators debate among themselves the condition of the challenger, Wardlow, following the attack from Joe with the lead pipe earlier in the show this evening.

Before the match, Samoa Joe says that Wardlow is suffering from stage fright and he won’t be out here tonight, but as he says that Wardlow appears and fights through security and referees to reach the ring. He does so and immediately starts brawling against Joe, charging into him in the corner of the ring. He showcases his power by nailing a Spinebuster and then a flurry of strikes to the champion.

He continues the attack, driving Joe into the second rope before charging at him in the corner, but Joe sits him own by planting Wardlow to the mat. However, the challenger fires back with a big clothesline, despite that Joe responds with a knee breaker, which sends the challenger out of the ring as the champion boasts about it inside. Wardlow once again fights off the medical team to get back into the ring, but Joe attacks it immediately, twisting the injured area on the second rope as Wardlow yet again falls to the floor. 

Wardlow beats the 10 count, but walks straight into further attacks from Joe, who takes his time beating him down. Joe props him up on the top turnbuckle, hitting several jabs and chops before climbing up, but Wardlow fights him down and then connects with a Senton! He continues the attack with several suplexes and then a major Whisper in the Wind, despite his leg injury, which Joe only just kicks out from afterward!

Joe then runs into a headbutt and the big lariat, but the champion kicks out once more. However, yet again Joe targets the lower legs of Wardlw, sweeping him back down to the mat as he then boots his chest and follows with some chops. Joe tries to climb up the turnbuckles to get more height, but that allows Wardlow to lift him up to hit a Powerbomb, but as he goes for one more his knee buckles. 

Joe then charges in with a chop block, and he follows it with the Coquina Clutch and Wardlow fades out. 

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe appears to show respect to his opponent, but instead, he blasts him with the titles. He pulls out some scissors, and as the official tries to stop him Joe headbutts him and then chops the ponytail from Wardlow’s hair before kneeing him back down to the mat, showing zero respect. However, this leads to the music of Darby Allin, and he pops up from behind to nail Joe a skateboard strike across the spine.

We go to credits.

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AEW Dynamite “New Year’s Smash” 2022 Results

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