Vince McMahon Recalls Receiving Death Threats From Wrestling Promoters

Vince McMahon Recalls Receiving Death Threats From Wrestling Promoters

As you are well aware, Vince McMahon joined The Pat McAfee Show yesterday for a rare, hour-long interview.

Among the many stories Vince McMahon relayed was how many times he had received death threats over the years. In particular, he claimed to have heard a story from Jim Ross that several of his competitors in the 80s, including Cowboy Bill Watts and other NWA promoters, talked up ideas to threaten him.

“I don’t know how many different rivers I was supposed to be at the bottom of,” McMahon said. “Death threats are what they are, you know? And it’s like I always felt like if you could knock off a President of the United States, I’m easy to get to. I never had a bodyguard and all that stuff. And those days when you, from their standpoint, invaded their territory, it was like ‘okay, thems is not just fighting words.’ So many, so many times when people threatened me.

“And it was like, the last guy, I said  ‘if you want to take credit for it, you better get me quick.’ There’s a story that Jim Ross was telling me one day. And he was with Bill Watts and some of the other old NWA guys and they’re having this conference because there’s a whole bunch of them. ‘What are we do about this kid, you know, that’s invading everything? We have to do something about him.’ And they couldn’t order lunch together, I knew that. They couldn’t do that together.”

Vince McMahon continued, explaining that Ross, current AEW announcer, heard the story while in the men’s room. McMahon claimed Ross covertly hid in a bathroom stall, hearing all about how these other promoters were plotting against him.

“They’re meeting in terms of what can they possibly do,” McMahon said. “So, Jim is not a part of the meeting, Jim is in the men’s room. He’s in the men’s room, in a stall taking care of business. In walks, four of, four of the most prominent promoters and they’re talking about how they’re going to off me. ‘This guy, no this guy. I know I can do this. This guy who did this, it was really impressive.’ And they all know people so they’re all talking about who’s gonna off me.

“So imagine Jim Ross. He’s thinking, he doesn’t give a sh-t about Vince McMahon. He’s thinking about himself. So think about it. He’s on the throne and he hears this and he’s like ‘I’m gonna be accessory to murder.’ Takes one foot, puts it on the seat. Takes the other one, puts it on the seat. So now they can’t see his feet, you know, below the stall. And of course, mother nature is calling at the same time. So, he finally waited for them to finish off who was going to kill me and all that kind of crap. That’s just one of the things

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