Roman Reigns Explain What “God Mode” Is During Workout

Roman Reigns Explain What "God Mode" Is

Roman Reigns Explain What “God Mode” Is – As seen in the video below, WWE has allowed fans to see the Universal Champion and Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, exercising as he prepares for the WrestleMania 38 main event. Roman has some powerful words for his challenger for the title of undisputed champion, Brock Lesnar, and vows that he will only be a supporting player when all is said and done.

“What is God mode? God mode is 200 IQ plus world-class athlete, equals God mode. It’s not a switch, it’s years and years of work. It’s the journey, and I think that anybody who has reached the top of what they do, they understand what it takes that allowed me to get to this experience where I’m just harder than everybody. Today, we’re in Westin, Florida in the House of the Athlete. I love the gym, the gym is the only place that does not acknowledge me. It does not care who I am, the weights, they don’t lie. You can’t pick ’em up? Then you can’t pick ’em up and that’s going to push you every single time. It’s what I continue to do.

“For some athletes, what you do in the weight room doesn’t translate to the field. Everything that I do in the weight room will translate to the ring: my explosion, my power, my strength, my conditioning. It doesn’t matter how long the match is, I get stronger and stronger as it goes. The second comes like that,” Roman said with a snap of his fingers. “I still believe in the old school, the nitty-gritty barbells, dumbbells, pick up the weight and control the weight, own the weight. That’s what I do, compound lifts, deadlifts, power cleans, bent over rows. These things, they’re classic lifts.”

With only two weeks away from their collision on “The Grandest Stage Of Them All”, Roman says he’s ready to definitively defeat Brock and solidify his place as the “greatest WWE Champion of all time”.

“Every type of athlete that’s stepped on any stage, these are the things they’ve tapped into and been proficient at and it’s no different for me. I’m the smartest shark in the ocean here, and I’ve learned how to handle Brock. I learned every false step that I ever took in that ring with Brock. I re-analyze every little detail you could possibly think of and the ones you didn’t even think of because you’re not as smart or as experienced as me. And then I continue to put the work in.

“There’s gonna be a little sliver of credit that goes to Brock Lesnar when all the record books are written because his hillbilly, farm boy mindset, he’s sitting there thinking, ‘Oh, I’m about to make history and we’re about to re-write the record books.’ He’s going to be in the record books, but he’s just a supporting player to the #1 guy, the guy that’s on top of the call sheet, Roman Reigns. I’ve manifested the outcome that I see fit for the Tribal Chief, the outcome that I see fit for The Head of the Table, for my bloodline. The one that’s going to support us for generations to come, and at WrestleMania, that God mode that nobody else can reach, it’s going to come easy.

“This is going to be my sixth WrestleMania main event and this is going to be the one that I beat Brock Lesnar and solidify my run as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. There’s no arguments, no debates, it’s factual. It’s title vs. title, this is the biggest WrestleMania main event of all time and I’m ready, let’s go.”

WrestleMania 38 will take place on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Roman Reigns God Mode

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