IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2022 Results

Veteran Star Returning To Impact For Sacrifice “Dream Match”

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2022 Pre-Show

Lady Frost def. Gisele Shaw via pinfall

Rich Swann & Willie Mack def. Mike Bennett & Matt Taven via pinfall

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2022

– A great video package opens the show focusing on the IMPACT roster and tonight’s matches.

– We cross live to Old Forester’s Paristown Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Trey Miguel (c) vs. Jake Something for the IMPACT X-Division Championship

The bell rings and both men go to lock up, but Jake Something immediately sends Trey Miguel crashing down to the mat. Miguel replies with some forearms and an elbow to the nose. Miguel then hits a series of fast-paced moves before Jake Something stops him in his tracks with a Clothesline. Miguel manages to regain some control of the contest, attempting a pin and using his quickness to outwit Something. Eventually, Jake counters and hits a devastating Powerbomb on Miguel, but the champion kicks out of the pin attempt at two.

Jake Something picks up Trey and clobbers him with some blows. Trey attempts to fight back, but Jake takes him out in mid-air in the middle of the ring. Jake sends Miguel into the corner of the ring. He attempts a cover in the middle of the ring but Miguel kicks out again. Something goes for some forearm shots, but Miguel blocks them. Once again, Jake responds with a nasty looking forearm shot to take Trey down. Something then Spears Trey Miguel in the corner of the ring, but again, the champion kicks out of the pin attempt.

Jake now has ahold of Trey’s wrist and proceeds to lift him up into a series of Clotheslines. Trey eventually finds something within him to send Jake back-pedalling. Trey then attempts a cover, but the challenger kicks out. Jake ultimately lifts Trey Miguel up for a Backbreaker, but just when it appeared the match was all said and done, Miguel kicks out of the cover again. Jake sends Miguel into the ropes, but Trey hits a kick to the head. This sends the challenger outside of the ring and Miguel dives through the ropes and hits a Sliding Destroyer onto the floor at ringside. Trey lifts Jake and sends him back into the ring on the referee’s count of nine.

Trey went for a submission but Jake sent the champion crashing into the turnbuckles before he hit a Powerbomb. Trey kicked out of the pin attempt, but Jake attempted to hit the Powerbomb again but the champion managed to counter. Now on the top turnbuckle, Trey Miguel hits a Meteora onto Jake who was tangled on the turnbuckle below to retain his championship.

Winner: Still IMPACT X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel via pinfall

– Tasha Steelz is interviewed backstage ahead of her Knockouts Championship match against Mickie James. Tasha says tonight they’re going to sing the same song and vows to sing the song of her becoming the new champion.

Rhino vs. Eddie Edwards

Rhino immediately runs over to Eddie Edwards as the bell rang. Eddie Edwards immediately tried to get away. Eddie eventually returned and sent Rhino into the corner before delivering a number of chops. Rhino responded with his own chops to the chest. Eddie hits a kick to the face of Rhino, as Maria of Honor No More proceeds to hand Edwards a kendo stick to use as a weapon. The referee then sends Maria to the back, ejecting her from ringside.

Both men then collided in the middle of the ring as Rhino sends Edwards down on the canvas. Rhino hit the rope, but Matt Taven dragged him off his feet whilst the referee’s attention was with Eddie. Whilst Rhino was draped on the middle rope, Honor No More once again interfered. Eddie Edwards is firmly in control because of the interference but Rhino attempts to fight back. Eddie locks Rhino in a Headlock in the middle of the ring then sends him into the corner.

A melee breaks out at ringside between Team IMPACT and Honor No More. Rich Swann took flight diving over the referee to take out everyone on the outside of the ring. Willie Mack then took to the top turnbuckle to do the same. Steve Maclin then hit the ring and delivered a DDT to Eddie Edwards. He picks up the kendo stick and calls for Rhino to hit the Gore, but then hits him with the kendo stick as the fans boo. Eddie then hits a big knee to the face on Rhino who was sitting up on the mat to pick up the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall

The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) (c) vs. The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Jessie McKay and Tenille Dashwood started the match. Tenille pushed Jessie before she responded by taking her Dashwood off of her feet. They started fast and furious before Jessie knocked Tenille down. Madison Rayne is tagged in. Cassie is then also tagged in as she and Rayne battle it out. They trade moves before Cassie locks Madison in an Armbar on the canvas. Jessie tags back in and continues to work on Rayne. Tenille then enters to halt their dominance before she and Rayne mock The IInspiration.

Jessie and Cassie immediately fight back and send the challengers onto the outside. On the outside, Cassie is taken out, as Madison Rayne sends Jessie into the ring post. Rayne and Jessie head back into the ring. Rayne sends her into the corner and pushes a big boot against her head. Rayne is in control and sends Jessie over to the corner as she tags in Dashwood, who delivers a number of stomps. Madison is then tagged back in and they work together on Jessie in their corner.

Jessie fights back and eventually tags in Cassie Lee for the hot tag. Cassie takes down both Madison and Dashwood. Cassie hits a Fisherman Suplex, but Tenille kicks out of the cover. Jessie is tagged in as Cassie calls for the finish. They work together again but Tenille kicks out of the pin attempt once more. Tenille sends Jessie into the ropes, but Madison was there to kick her in the back. Tenille then hit The Spotlight but was unable to score the pin. In the end, Tenille used the title behind the back of the referee, thrown to her by Kaleb who came down to the ringside area, to win the tag team gold.

Winners: New IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne 

– Backstage, Heath is concerned about everything that is happening and doesn’t feel that he’s ready for the World Championship match later tonight. Anthony Carelli then appears and gives Heath a pep talk and tells him he’s born and ready for this opportunity tonight. Heath then talks into the camera and tells Moose to be ready for a wake-up call.

– Brian Myers joins the commentary sitting at his own table. Morrissey then comes down to ringside and goes straight after Myers. Morrissey manages to get ahold of him but Myers manages to escape. Morrissey then sends one of the security team through the table Myers was using for his commentary.

PCO vs. Jonah

The match kicks off as a slugfest with PCO and Jonah trading punches. PCO gets Jonah in the corner and delivers a number of shots before he takes him down. PCO sends Jonah out of the ring as the fans are split chanting for both wrestlers. Both men trade blows on the outside as the referee counts. PCO sends Jonah face-first into the ring post. PCO breaks the referee’s count, but he immediately met a punch from Jonah, who followed it up by delivering a Leg Sweep on the entrance ramp.

Back in the ring, Jonah connects with a headbutt to PCO and chops to the chest. PCO immediately fires up and wants more of Jonah’s chops. PCO responds with his own chops, sending Jonah into the corner of the ring. PCO sends Jonah to the outside and takes a dive through the ropes to take him out. Back in the ring, PCO went to the top turnbuckle and hit a Deanimator onto Jonah draped over the apron. Jonah then manages to deliver a Superplex to PCO from the top turnbuckle.

They trade forearms as they return to their feet, and then trade German Suplexes. They trade Lariats before Jonah connects with a big Clothesline, but PCO immediately gets back up. PCO keeps coming back for more every time. Jonah then hits a Suplex, following it up with a big kick to the head. PCO once again rises to his feet as Jonah is sat on the top turnbuckle. PCO then hits a Hurricanrana from the top sending Jonah crashing down on the canvas. PCO then goes back to the top and hits a Moonsault, but Jonah kicks out of the pin attempt.

Back on the outside, Jonah sends PCO into the steel steps and then hits a Tombstone Piledriver onto the steel. Jonah then picks him up again and hits a Powerbomb onto the concrete floor. Jonah sends him back into the ring and hits a Tsunami Splash to the head from the top rope to score the victory.

Winner: Jonah via pinfall

– Jay White is interviewed backstage about his match with Alex Shelley. White says he knew this day would eventually come where he and Shelley would cross paths. He says it’s fitting that it will take place where Shelley made a name for himself. White says Shelley doesn’t know the man he has become, but soon he will show him in the ring.

Alex Shelley vs. Jay White

White and Shelley trade words before the match begins, as the fans are split down the middle chanting for both wrestlers. They lock up and try to gain an advantage with the Waistlock, but both men escape each time their opponent tried to lock it in. Shelley gains the advantage and has a little fun with Jay White and gives him a peck on the head as he took him down on the mat. White and Shelley then trade blows in the corner of the ring. Jay White meets the left elbow of Alex Shelley, who continues to control the pace of the match.

As White is draped over the apron, Alex Shelley delivers a knee to the back of the head. Shelley then hits a Cutter onto the top rope, sending The Switchblade bouncing back into the ring. White manages to work himself back into the contest and hits a Backbreaker on Alex Shelley using his knee. White then sends Shelley crashing against the top rope, as Shelley falls onto the outside. White then drives Shelley into the apron. Back inside the ring, White goes for a cover but Shelley kicks out. White delivers a big chop in the corner of the ring. White is firmly in control now as he begins to showboat. White hits another Backbreaker but Shelley kicks out of the pin attempt.

White has Shelley locked in a Waistlock on the mat. He tries to pick Shelley up for a Suplex, but Shelley fights back and sends Jay White down after he hit the ropes. Shelley delivers a number of kicks to the head of Jay White. White eventually counters Shelley’s offence with a big DDT. White hits Shelley with a Twisting Suplex, but Shelley kicks out of the cover. Shelley replies by sending White face-first into the middle turnbuckle. White manages to catch Shelley with a thumb to the eye. Shelley and White go back and forth before White drives Shelley into the mat, however, Shelley manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. White looked to hit another move, but Shelley countered it into Sliced Bread, but White kicked out of the pinfall. Shelley hits White with a Superkick as he sends Jay White down in the middle of the ring.

We are approaching the twenty-minute mark of this match, as Shelley locks in a Motor City Stretch. White counters it, but Shelley immediately locks the stretch back in. White crawls to the bottom rope to escape. Shelley hits a step-up Enziguri, which sends White to the outside. Shelley meets him on the outside, but White sends Shelley head-first into the apron. Back in the ring, White goes for the Bladerunner, but Shelley hits it instead. White kicks out of the pin at the last second as Shelley immediately counters it into a Motor City Stretch. White escapes and hits his own Bladerunner to pick up the win, bringing an end to the enthralling contest.

Winner: Jay White via pinfall

– After the match, Jay White refuses to shake Alex Shelley’s hand.

– Backstage, Eric Young talks about Violent By Design’s upcoming contest against The Good Brothers.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Chelsea Green for the ROH Women’s World Championship in a Champ Champ Challenge

Chelsea Green accepts the challenge and chooses the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship. Chelsea and Deonna look to gain the upper hand but they hit a stalemate. They continue to counter each other’s moves. Chelsea eventually takes Deonna down with a big Armdrag sending the champion out of the ring. Chelsea then takes a dive through the middle rope to take out Deonna.

Back in the ring, Deonna manages to gain her own advantage as she viciously assaults Chelsea Green. Deonna then sends Chelsea crashing down with a Clothesline. Deonna hits a Leg Sweep and locks Chelsea in an Armbar. Deonna is now in control as she picks apart the challenger. Chelsea fights back and lands a Sunset Flip from the top turnbuckle but Deonna kicks out of the cover. They trade pinfalls until Deonna locks in the Armbar once again. Chelsea rolls through and they both collide in the middle of the ring.

Chelsea Green is now fired up and delivers a big Dropkick to Deonna. Chelsea then stomps Deonna face-first in the corner of the ring. Deonna manages to get her foot on the bottom rope as Chelsea went for the pinfall. Chelsea plants Deonna face-first into the canvas. She goes to the top turnbuckle, but Deonna turns Green inside out, and then goes straight back to the Armbar. Chelsea reverses it and locks in her own Armbar. Deonna eventually grabs the bottom rope. Deonna then hits a move that appears to injure the wrist of Chelsea Green, as the referee throws the X sign. Deonna checks on her, but Chelsea responds with a strike to the face. Deonna responds by locking in the Armbar again as the referee stops the match, but the champion refuses to let go.

Winner: No contest due to referee stoppage

– Knockouts World Champion Mickie James comes down to the ring to check on Chelsea Green, but as she is doing so, Tasha Steelz makes her entrance. Chelsea Green is helped out of the ring by IMPACT medical staff.

Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Tasha Steelz hits a blow to Mickie James before the match even gets underway. When the bell does ring, Micke James responds by taking down Steelz and delivers multiple strikes to her in the corner of the ring. Mickie is keeping her eye on Chelsea Green being attended to at ringside as the medical staff are still working on her. Mickie locks in a Boston Crab as she looks to submit Tasha Steelz. Savannah Evans then sets her sights on Chelsea Green, but Mickie heads out of the ring to fend her off. Tasha Steelz then dives onto the outside to take the champion out.

Tasha sends Mickie James into the steel steps. Tasha sends her back into the ring and goes for a cover, but Mickie kicks out. Steelz then hits a number of strikes on Mickie as she lays out on the canvas. Mickie attempts to rally a comeback, but Tasha sends her down with a kick to the face. Tasha goes for a cover again, but Mickie gets her shoulder up. Steelz goes to work on Mickie in the corner, but the champion again attempts to respond. Tasha sends her boot to the throat of Mickie in the corner of the ring. Tasha has the veteran right where she wants her.

Tasha Steelz locks in the Camel Clutch in the centre of the ring. Mickie replies with a Stunner to send Tasha into the corner of the ring. Tasha responds immediately before Mickie hits a number of blows to the head of the challenger from the top turnbuckle. Tasha then forces Mickie to lose her balance on the top turnbuckle, as both then fall onto the outside. Back in the ring, they trade blows in the middle of the ring, before Mickie ultimately takes her down.

Mickie is now fired up, and eventually lands the Mick-DT, but Savannah enters the ring. Mickie goes after her but the referee pulls her away. Savannah goes for the big boot, but Mickie counters and hits a spinning kick to send her out of the ring. Tasha then hits the Blackout, but Mickie kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Tasha goes to use one of Mickie’s moves, but the champion countered and took the top turnbuckle. Mickie then had to fend off Savannah once again, but as Mickie jumped from the top rope, Tasha caught her with the Cutter to win the IMPACT Knockouts World Champion.

Winner: New IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz via pinfall

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c) w/ Chris Bey vs. Violent By Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) w/Deaner for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Eric Young and Karl Anderson get us started. Young immediately throws Anderson down to the canvas and locks him in an Armbar. Anderson responds with an Armdrag as he follows suit by locking Eric Young in an Armbar of his own. Gallows and Doering are then tagged in as the big men collide. Doering gains the early advantage striking Gallows, before sending him into the corner of the ring. Gallows then responds as he attempts a shoulder tackle. They both then go for a shoulder tackle, but Gallows instead takes Doering out with a big boot.

Gallows locks Doering in a Headlock in the centre of the ring. Gallows sends Doering into the corner, but Doering bounced off the corner of the ring and knocked Gallows off his feet. Anderson and Eric Young are then tagged back in. Anderson sends Young down with a shoulder charge. Anderson hits a Fisherman Buster to the back of Young’s neck. Doering is then tagged back in and he immediately takes Anderson down. Young then tags back in and he hits an Elbow Drop to Anderson, but Karl Anderson kicks out of the cover. Gallows tags back in as he takes out Young and Doering. The Good Brothers work together to hit a Neckbreaker but Young kicks out of the cover.

Gallows goes flying out of the ring as he attempted to finish off Eric Young. Doering and Eric Young then work together. Young then hits a Suplex on Anderson. Doering attempts the cover but Anderson gets his shoulder up. Gallows returns and assists Karl Anderson in delivering a Double Superplex, as Doering also inadvertently helps with the move. Doering and Anderson are now the legal men. They exchange blows before Anderson hits a Spinebuster, but Doering gets back on his feet and strikes Anderson with a Clothesline. Young and Gallows fight on the entrance, as Young hits a Piledriver on Gallows. Doering and Young hit a double team move in the middle of the ring and win the tag team gold.

Winner: NEW IMPACT Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design via pinfall

– IMPACT Wrestling’s next pay-per-view is Rebellion on April 23.

– Anthony Carelli joins the commentary team for the main event.

Moose (c) vs. Heath for the IMPACT World Championship

Heath immediately came out of the traps early to get under Moose’s skin. However, despite the early flurry, Moose buried Heath in the corner of the ring with a number of charges to the midsection. He then sends Heath flying across the ring. Moose strikes the challenger, as Heath manages to hit back for a second, but Moose gains control once again. Moose sends Heath across the ring again. Moose strips off Heath’s shirt and delivers a wicked chop to the chest. Heath doesn’t back down and finds a burst of energy to send the champion to the outside.

Outside of the ring, Moose delivers a big kick to Heath, before sending him face-first into the ring post. Moose then stretches Heath’s arms using the ring post as leverage. Moose then sends Heath into the steel steps. The champion sends Heath back into the ring. Moose keeps Heath grounded delivering a number of stomps. Heath tries to fight back, but Moose continues to keep the challenger down on the canvas. Moose goes for a standing stretch, but Heath bites the hand of the champion. Moose then sends Heath through the ropes, before driving him back-first into the apron.

Returning to the ring, Moose attempts to cover Heath by putting his foot on top of the challenger. Moose then strikes Heath with a hard slap. Heath fires back and sends the champion over the top rope. He then dives over the top rope to take out Moose. Back in the ring, Heath goes the Wake-Up Call, but Moose reverses. Heath goes for the cover, but Moose gets his shoulder up at two. He immediately replied by connecting with the Wake-Up Call, but Moose kicked out of the cover once again. Moose Spears Heath out of nowhere and retains his championship.

Winner: Still IMPACT World Champion, Moose via pinfall

– After the match, Josh Alexander entered the ring and took out Moose with a huge Piledriver. He then grabs a microphone and said the last time he was in this ring he was sent home by Scott D’Amore. Josh says he won’t agree that his emotions were the problem. Josh says Scott was right to send him home. He got to spend time with his family and recharge but sending him home put him a mile from Anthem’s offices. Josh Alexander reveals he’s signed a new multi-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling. Josh also has a contract for the main event of Rebellion which states it will be Moose vs. Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship.

That’s all for IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2022!

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