Impact Wrestling Results (3/17)

Impact Wrestling Results (3/17)

– A graphic for Scott Hall is shown at the top of the show to honor the Bad Guy.

– A video package is then shown showcasing the feud between Honor No More and Impact and the promo that happened last week that ultimately led to a brawl. This then cut to a video of a conversation between Moose and D’Amore saying he needed a contract signed from last week.

Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns

This time first-time-ever matchup starts out with White and Shelley standing across from each other. Shelley goes for a handshake only for White to respond looking for a too sweet. Shelley refuses and the two chop each other multiple times. Sabin is tagged in and the two hit a double team moves to White, as White rolls to the outside. He comes back in, only to tag in Bey. Sabin gets a headlock on Bey and Bey eventually counters, getting out of it and hitting Sabin with. dropkick.

Shelley tags himself in and Shelley takes out White as the two Guns hit a double kick to Bey. Shelley gives Bey off to Sabin to attack the arm. Sabin is then tagged in and keeps attacking the arm of Bey. Shelley tags back in, still targeting the arm, and rams it into the feet of Sabin. Sabin gets tagged back in, as they hit yet another double team move on Bey.

White tries to get involved which ultimately leads to both of the Guns getting abdominal stretches on the BC. BC ends up on the outside as Sabin hit a suicide dive to take out the Bullet Club. Shelley brings Bey back into the ring as the crowd is heavily behind the Gunns. Shelley hits a splash and knocks down White from the corner. Sabin gets tagged back in, but White stops a double team move, and Bey dives to the outside to take down both the Guns. Bey and Shelley are back in the ring, as Bey tags in White who rakes the eyes of Shelley. White hits Shelley with a snap suplex and applies a submission hold.

White tags Bey back in, who chops Shelley into the corner. Shelley attempts to get out of a bad situation and tag in Sabin, but it does not work. Bey hits a moonsault but does not get the pin. Shelley counters a move and tags in Sabin as Bey tags in White. Sabin, with the hot tag, hits a series of moves on White and a dropkick on Bey. All four men are in the ring as Shelley hits a belly-to-belly to Bey against White who is in a tree of woe position. Sabin hits a satellite DDT onto White following a dropkick for a 2 count. Sanin fails to hit Cradle Shock and White counters with a suplex.

He tags in Bey who takes out Shelley with a dive to the outside hits Sabin back inside the ring with a crossbody from the top. He hits Sabin with a spinout neck breaker from the top for a 2 count. Bey went for the Art of Finesse but ultimately failed. All four men then trade strikes until the Guns are able to take out both of the BC. Motor City hit their tag team finisher, Skull and Bones, on Bey for the win as White was barely too late to stop the pinfall. White then argues with the referee.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

– Back from the commercial, a short replay of the tag team match that took place before the break appeared. The commentary then discusses how this is the 20th anniversary of Impact, and hypes up other matches that will happen later in the show, and the contract signing between Moose and Alexander.

Steve Maclin vs. Rhino

Maclin takes on Rhino due to him turning on Team IMPACT at No Surrender. The match starts out with both men trading shots to the head, Maclin gets Rhino in the corner and chops Rhino until Rhino hits him with three back to back to back chops and then takes him out of the corner and attempts to Irish whip him to no avail. This leads to Rhino clotheslining Maclin. Rhino lets Maclin gets up and headbutts him as we head to commercial break.

Back from the break, Rhino hits a series of closed-fisted shots to the head. Maclin winds up on the apron and takes out the legs of Rhino before rolling back into the ring and punching Rhino while he is down. Maclin chokes Rhino while he is against the ropes and goes for a pinfall, but only gets 2. Maclin continues to attack Rhino while he is down. Rhino gets up and Maclin attacks him in the corner. Rhino tries to fight out but gets hit by a DDT for 2.

Maclin gets a submission hold on Rhino which Rhino eventually fights out of and gets Maclin in the corner who hits a boot. Maclin misses a diving headbutt attempt as both men are down. Both men get up and Rhino hits a series of moves and clotheslines to Maclin. Maclin counters a move and hits an Olympic slam to Rhino for a 2 count. Maclin goes for suplex on Rhino, but Rhino countered with one of his own.

Both men get to their feet at the same time as Maclin hits Rhino with a Gore, which is Rhino’s finisher, for the win!

Winner: Steve Maclin

– Kaleb With A K was shown backstage with the IInspiration and they said they know he was trying to help them and they forgive him for getting it wrong. He drinks the water they hand him and Jessica yells at him saying she knows he will get it right.

– As we return from commercial break, Rhino is shown in the back in pain as Heath sits next to him and asks him what happened out there. Heath says it hasn’t been working with them not being a unit. Heath reminds Rhino of the promise of being tag team champions this year. Rhino agrees that they’re better together and wants to go after the tag titles as well and says they will rip the other teams apart.

– Brian Myers is on commentary on his own special commentary table for the following contest.

Larry D vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

The undefeated Gujjar and Larry lock up to start the match as Larry pushes Gujjar into the corner. Larry misses a shot and Gujjar gets a headlock on him. Larry hits a shoulder tackle and Guujjar counters a shot with a kick to the face, followed by one to the knee. Gujjar hits a springboard elbow drop to Larry. Raj Singh comes out to the ring and distracts Gujjar long enough for Larry to take advantage of Gujjar.

Larry kicks Gujjar in the stomach and Gujjar gets up and attempts to get the upper hand, but fails. Larry D then locks in a headlock after a 2 count. Gujjar tries to get out of it, only to be thrown down to the mat by Larry. Larry went for a power slam but misses and hits a discus clothesline as well. Larry rakes the eyes of Gujjar and keeps attacking him. Larry punches Gujjar in the gut in the corner and sends him to the other corner who then hits a slingblade out of the corner.

Gujjar then hits a backbreaker, a ripcord knee, and a Samoan drop a few moves in a row. Larry D hits a stomp to the back of the head of Gujjar for 2 after getting the advantage. Larry goes for a corner lariat but misses and sends Gujjar to the apron. Both men are on the top turnbuckle as Gujjar pushes Larry off and hits a diving spear from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

– W. Morrissey came out to get a piece of Brian Myers, but he ran away. Singh gets in the ring to congratulate Gujjar who pushes him out of the ring to Morrissey who puts Raj through Myers’ special announce table.

– Mike Bailey was backstage and Ace Austin with Madman Fulton came up to him and said he qualified last week. Austin says he knows that Bailey will win his qualifying match next week because he has always listened to him. Ace says he knows that Bailey will help him walk out of Rebellion as X-Division Champion. Bailey says he knows one of them will walk out X-Division Champion. Austin questions whether he was threatening him or not after he walked away.

– Coming back from commercial break, Honor No More is shown with Vincent speaking first saying that the eyes are useless if the mind is blind. Kenny King says if they’re in the house, he has to sleep with one eye open. Taven says they didn’t get permission to be there, but he’s going to teach Alexander to follow it tonight. Alisha comes in and says that Taven will not beat Josh and Eddie tells everyone to leave. Alisha says she picked Team Impact, says Eddie is going down the wrong path. Eddie said Impact is going down the wrong path and then walked away.

Champ-Champ Challenge For AAA & ROH Women’s Championships: Giselle Shaw vs Lady Frost vs. Deonnna Purrazzo

Purrazzo starts out sitting on the ropes in the corner before all three women exchange many pinfall attempts. Deonna and Shaw hit Frost to the outside and go after each other. Purrazzo and Shaw chain wrestle for a little before Shaw comes off the ropes to hit a hurricanrana to Purrazzo. Frost comes back in and hits a dropkick to Shaw. Shaw hits a stiff clothesline to Frost and ends up whipped into the corner by Purrazzo but avoids her.

Now in the ring is Forst and Shaw who are trading strikes. Shaw gets a two-count but Purrazoo breaks it up and hits a double moonsault. She attempts to pin both men, but only for 2. Purrazzo locks in an armbar on Shaw and Frost locks a heel hook on Purrazzo. A rope break finishes that off as Shaw hits Frost with a half and half suplex. Frosts come s back and is able to hit a cannonball into the corner. Purrazzo gets back to her feet and hits a double German Suplex to both women.

Frost gets Purrazzo on the top rope and hits a superplex on her. Shaw hits a superkick on Frost for a 2 count after getting out of a schoolboy pin. Frost hits multiple kicks and goes to the top for a blockbuster. Purrazzo hits the piledriver for the win out of nowhere to Frost.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

– We cut to the back with Josh Alexnder being questioned by Gia. He says it’s not a mistake getting involved with Honor No More, says he will make sure none of them get involved with his match at Rebellion with Moose. Alexander says he knows that Moose will try to sign the contract very dramatically. The Walking Weapon finishes off by saying Moose’s time is up at Rebellion.

– Returning from the commercial, a video is shown from BTI where The Good Brothers tell VBD they want the tag titles. We cut backstage and Scott said that they will get a rematch next week. Scott says there will be other teams out there and it’ll be a lumberjack match. The Good Brothers say that’s unnecessary. Scott announced that there will be an eight-team elimination challenge at Rebellion.

Jonah vs. Zicky Dice

Jonah hits a lariat to the back of Dice, goes up to the top, and hits the Tsunami Splash for the win.

Winner: Jonah

– After the match, PCO is wheeled out on a stretcher and sits up to a massive reaction from the crowd. PCO comes to the ring and rips off a neck brace. He and Jonah fight back and forth as what seemed like all the security in the world came out to break them apart. The crowd chanted, ‘let them fight’. Jonah ended up on the outside and PCO dove to the outside onto all of the security. Jonah walked away looking scared as we go to the commercial.

– Back from the commercial, the footage is shown of Mickie James performing and Tasha Steelz attacking her at the concert last week. Gia is in the back with Mickie James and Chelsea Green and Mickie says that someone needs to teach Tasha a lesson. Green says that Mickie needs to have her in her corner because Tasha will have Savannah. Green says that she needs to be that person for Mickie. Mickie said she’s concerned about Green, says it’s not worth it because she is injured, says she wants to fight her down the road for the title. Mickie ends off by telling Green to trust her.

Masha Slamovich vs. Arie

Arie went for a handshake and Masha turned it into a back suplex. Masha then kicked Arie twice in the face and hit in a brainbuster for the win after this quick match.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

– In the back, Zicky Dice says he lost his pride. He said he’s got everything going for him, says there is a hole in his game and maybe he just sucks as a wrestler. He said Myers tried to help out but he couldn’t get his stride. Zicky says that there should be a place for him to get better and Gia helps him figure out he needs to go to a wrestling school.

– Coming back from the commercial break, Johnny Swinger has a commercial for Swinger’s Dungeon which is a wrestling school where he is training a lot of people. Lance Storm comes on the screen and says he does not endorse it. Swinger says he doesn’t even need this promo.

– The commentary discusses and hypes up the matches coming up next week and the following couple of weeks.

Matt Taven w/ Maria Kannelis vs. Josh Alexander

Maria is on commentary and says Alisha should be behind her man. The two men lock up in the ring Alexander releases in the corner. They lock up again and Alexander goes behind the back until Taven gets a headlock and takes a shoulder tackle. Taven rolls to the outside and comes back in. Taven attacks Alexander and hits him with a suplex.

Taven puts Alexnaxer in a corner and Alexander comes out as there are missed shots between the two for a bit, minus a chop from Alexander until Taven hits a dropkick. Taven chops Josh in the corner and sends Josh to the apron on the other side. Taven hits a Russian leg sweep and then a running dropkick to Alexander from the ring to the outside as we head to the commercial.

Back from the commercial, Taven hits a DDT to Alexander’s arm for two. Taven gets a submission On Alexander who attempts to out of it but fails. Alexander attempts to roll up Taven, but Taven hits a clothesline and goes back into a submission hold. Alexander punches Taven to get out of it and ultimately gets hit with a flatliner. Taven now locks on a different submission, however, Alexander was able to get out of this one and hits 2 straight German suplexes.

Taven hits a neck breaker to get out of the situation he was in and went for a moonsault off the middle rope only to land on Josh’s knees. Both men get up and Alexander hits Taven with a series of moves ending with a back body drop. Alexander then hits a big boot and played to the crowd. He went for another German, but Taven countered and Alexander countered that with a Northern Lights Suplex. Alexander when for a piledriver, but failed to get it and hit Taven with a rolling forearm.

Alexander whips Taven in the corner who gets out of the way and hits a Purple Thundeerbomb on Alexander. Alexander slipped free of submission and hit three straight German suplexes. Alexander went for the piledriver again and Taven hit Alexander with a running knee as a counter. Taven and Alexander exchanged blows and chops until Alexander hit a cross body to the back to the outside of the ring.

Alexander throws Taven back in the ring and attempts a piledriver again but fails. Taven hits Alexander with a springboard kick. Taven went for his finisher, but Alexander locked in the ankle lock, however, Taven got to the ropes. Taven, on the outside, goes to the top rope, however, Josh meets him up there, hits a superplex, and then hits a C4 Spike Piledriver for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After the match, we cut to a parking lot where Moose gets out of a car and goes up to a door with papers and rings the bell. He walks into Josh Alexander’s house and tells his wife to drop off the papers in the morning. He told his son to tell his dad Moose said hi.

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