Booker T Believes Vader Was One Of The Best Big Men In Pro Wrestling

Booker T Believes Vader Was One Of The Best Big Men In Pro Wrestling

During the latest episode of the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about Vader. He discussed how the legendary wrestler helped to revolutionize the business. Booker also stated that he had a big impact on him as he grew up.

“He definitely was one of those guys that made an impact on me. Because it was before I ever got into wrestling, but I was watching NWA back in the day, and then I got the chance to see Vader come out. You know, he came from Japan, he had the big Mastodon helmet, the smoke would come out of it,” he said. “It was definitely revolutionizing the business. Vader was always high on the list, one of the first big guys that would go out there and pull the moonsault off. So, Vader was definitely Hall Of Fame material.”

Booker T then gave a lot of praise to the future Hall Of Famer. He believes that Vader is one of the best big men to ever lace up a pair of boots. However, he also gave credit to other bigger wrestlers.

“Definitely high praise to Vader,” he stated. “Like you say, one of the best big men to ever do it. I’ve got to throw the Big Boss Man in there too though. Big Boss Man can move, as well as Mr. Hughes, Mr. Hughes could move.”

Booker T reflected on how Vader was able to fight until the very end. He recalled the rivalry that the former WCW star had with Will Ospreay right at the end of his career.

“Vader, he passed away from heart complications. But let me tell you man, he fought man, he fought to the end,” Booker claimed. “He actually said, ‘I can beat this,’ he was working in matches all the way up to the end. I think he had an angle going on with somebody. Will Ospreay, exactly. That’s what wrestlers do, to the end they push themselves. Definitely one of the all-time greats, Big Van Vader.”

Booker T spoke about the infamous talk show segment in Kuwait where Vader ended up flipping a table and arguing with the host. Booker revealed that Vince McMahon had to pull some strings in that situation, adding that Vader was often looking for a fight.

“They was doing like a talk show, and Vader pretty much pulled the Dr. D, David Schultz. And I think he almost got detained or something like that,” he said. “From what my understanding is, Vince McMahon had to actually pull some strings to get him up out of there. I can’t remember where they were, it was back in the 90s, right? In that situation, you’re going to lose it.

“And someone like Vader, I am sure he was one of those guys back then that was highly strung. And I’ve been around Vader, he was always one of those guys, someone that was looking to hit somebody, if the situation was right. If a situation is going to come like that, I am sure he’s going to take advantage of it.”

Booker T Believes Vader Was One Of The Best Big Men In Pro Wrestling
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