How The WWE Superstars Rest In Their Spare Time

How The WWE Superstars Rest In Their Spare Time

The WWE Superstars have the busiest schedules throughout the year. Many of them have been hired under a contract which means they only earn when they work. They attend live events, go for PPVs, TV shows, and they still have to be available for training. 

A WWE Superstar might have their schedules full up to 300 days per year. This is why they spend to the maximum any spare time they get because they are not sure when such a chance will present itself again. This is how they spend their free time.


When they are free, you will not likely miss the WWE stars trying their luck in gambling. Currently, gamblers have multiple options for gambling due to the fast growth in technology and the widespread internet connection.

Their first option is online casinos because they can easily access them anytime anywhere. The advantage of online casinos is that they are accessible on multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, iPad, and desktop computers. 

WWE Stars have a history of loving gambling and some have been identified as high rollers in high-end places like the Las Vegas casino. In their spare time, they visit these places to play casino and poker, their favorite casino games. 

These are places where they meet their colleagues or friends to role the machines or try a hand in cards. You will not likely find them on the ordinary tables but they will mostly be found in the exclusive high roller clubs and VIP tables. 

Go for a short holiday travel

One of the best ways for WWE superstars to spend their spare time is to take a short holiday travel. They might only have three days of spare time or less but when it’s spent well, it can give them enough energy to take them for another few months.

Since it might not be possible to travel thousands of kilometers abroad and enjoy a short holiday to the maximum, they travel locally or to another state depending on the season. During summer, they may go to the beaches and bathe with sand or visit the wildlife parks and spend a few nights there. 

Spend time with family

Many WWE stars’ spouses often complain their partners are never available for them or their children. This is because most of the time they are in action far away from home. They spend days, weeks, and months away from home. Some of the stars are barely known by their children because they are away most of the time. 

Every little spare time is very important for the stars and they would rather rush home and spend time with their spouses and family. They take their families for dinner in a classic hotel or restaurant. 

Sometimes they go on a family day out and spoil their families with the best treats they can get. Many days after they report back to work, those memories will continue lingering in their family minds. 


The WWE stars are busy people with compact schedules. At times they are in the ring, another time in an interview, and another time in the arena practicing. They have time to shower themselves and do all the basics but no time to visit the stylist. 

In their spare time, they book with their hairstylist to improve their physical appearance. They go for a pedicure, manicure, facials, and everything that will make them feel beautiful or handsome again. 

Relaxing with friends

Most of the time, the WWE stars are in action either practicing, training, or performing. They rarely get to have time out with friends. Anytime they get some spare time, they meet with their friends just to relax and chat. 

They grab some beverages, soft drinks, or hard drinks and enjoy life the best way they can. Those moments with friends are relaxing and help improve their social life. It is also a time to improve their career life through ideas for another line of income or investment opportunities locally and internationally. 

Play games and watch TV

In their spare time, they find a great time to relax and improve their cognitive ability through PC games or other types of games. At the same time, they will have some time in between to catch up on the latest news on TV, watch a movie, comedy, or listen to their favorite music genres.

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