WWE SmackDown Results (1/14) Omaha, NE

WWE SmackDown Results (1/14) Omaha, NE

WWE SmackDown Results (1/14) Omaha – As always, we begin with a look at what happened last week between Roman Reigns, Brocke Lesnar and Paul Heyman. The video recap closes with Seth Rollins teasing he’s Reigns’ next opponent.

We are live from the CHI Health Center in Omaha, NE, as Pat McAfee and Michael Cole welcome us to the show. They hype Roman Reigns – Seth Rollins face to face for later tonight.

In The Arena:

The Usos make their way to the ring.

They give props to The New Day, saying they’re the one team to always take The Usos to the limit, but they go on about letting everyone know that they are the best tag team, they are #1. The grind doesn’t stop and they bring up assisting WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Seth Rollins. They also say WWE officials are lining up their opponents and they’re ready to knock them down. A Fatal 4 Way has been booked to determine their next challengers. They introduce the participating tag teams with special introductions for each team. Out first is Los Lotharios – Angel and Humberto, followed by Cesaro and Mansoor, Jinder Mahal and Shanky, and out last is Erik and Ivar – The Viking Raiders. The Usos joke about the rules for the match and the most important rule is – The Usos are #1. They suddenly deliver superkicks to Mansoor and Erik to kick the action.

#1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: The Viking Raiders vs. Los Lotharios vs. Cesaro and Mansoor vs. Jinder Mahal and Shanky

A big brawl breaks out between the four teams to begin the match as we go to commercial.

We are back and Mansoor with an atomic drop to Carrillo and he sends him to teh apron.  Humberto comes off the turnbuckles into a reveres atomic drop.  Cesaro tags in and he hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  Erik tags in and he gets in Cesaro’s face.  Garza pushes Erik into Cesaro.  Shanky tags in.  Erik with a kick and Shanky blocks a roaring elbow.  Shanky sends Erik to the mat and then into the corner.  Mahal tasg in and he kicks Erik and connects with a forearm.  Jinder gets a near fall.  Mahal with a kick and he tags Shanky back in.  Shanky with a kick in the corner.  Shanky with an elbow and Mahal tags in.  Erik with a punch and Shanky and Ivar tag in.  Ivar knocks Carrillo and Garza off the apron.  Ivar does the same to Mansoor and Cesaro after Ivar punches Shanky.  Shanky with an Irish whip but misses a splash.

Erik tags in and Ivar with a splash and Erik with a drop kick into the corner.  Erik runs Ivar into the turnbuckles.  Ivar tags in and goes up top but Jinder knocks Erik to the floor and punches Ivar on the turnbuckles.  Jinder goes up top and Cesro with a forearm to Mahal and then they go for a double superplex.  Erik comes under and hits a power bomb on the tower of doom.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mansoor tries to make the tag but Carrillo stops him.  Mansoor tags in Cesaro and Cesaro with clotheslines and a boot.  Cesaro with a European uppercut and punches in the corner.  Cesaro with a chop to Garza and then he hits a Samoan drop on Humberto.  Cesaro with a rolling elbow but Ivar tags in.  Cesaro sets for the giant swing but Mahal stops him.  Mahal with Khallas to Cesaro and Mansoor with an enzuigiri to Mahal.  Shanky sends Mansoor over the top rope.  Erik sends Shanky to the floor.  Garza and Carrillo with a double super kick and then they hit a double suicide dive.  Carrillo and Garza with a double drop kick to Ivar.

Ivar with a seated splash to Garza and they hit Viking Experience on Carrillo for the three count.

Winners:  The Viking Raiders

— We take a look at the latest with Naomi and Sonya Deville.


Sonya Deville is in her office and Naomi shows up.  Naomi says it is cold in here, like your heart.  She tells Sonya to shut up and she tells her not to mess up her career.  Naomi says she has not heard one reason why Sonya hates her so hard. Sonya reminds Naomi that when she has her jacket on, Naomi cannot touch her.  Sonya tells Naomi to keep her hands off her.  Sonya says that Naomi comes waltzing into her office with main character vibes when she is a supporting player.  I can fine you, remove you from the Royal Rumble, or fire you.

Adam Pearce walks in here and comments on the temperature in the room.

— Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

— We are back with a video package for Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns showing their SHIELD history.

In the Arena:

Sami Zayn says the conspiracy that has targeted Sami Zayn has been going on for too long and it started when he lost his Intercontinental Championship.  Now he is the number one contender and poised to get back what is his.  Another new cast member in the conspiracy entered into the scene and it is Johnny Knoxville.  

We see what happened last week with Sami and Johnny.

Sami says that is great.  Johnny Knoxville is in the Royal Rumble.  Sami says he is also in the Royal Rumble.  He says he cannot wait.  Johnny cannot do what Sami can.  Sami says he can do anything that Johnny can.   Tonight, he will show the world that no one is better than Sami Zayn at being a jackass.  Sami says he will do the most dangerous stunt show . . . IN ZAYN.

Sami is in a shopping cart and he says he will jump the ring in a shopping cart.  Sami says it doesn’t feel like the same one they used before.  

Sami says that looks a little dangerous.  Sami stops just short of the ramp.   Sami gets in the ring and he says he wants to make sure it is safe.  Sami says he is tougher than Johnny Knoxville but he doesn’t want to get hurt for nothing.

Rick Boogs shows up on the apron and Sami tells Boogs to take a message back to Shinsuke, but Nakamrua is on the other side of the ring and he connects with a knee.  Boogs presses Sami over his head and he sends Sami into the crash pad.


Aliyah is in the back and she is asked by Megan about her singles debut against Natalya and whether she is nervous. Aliyah says she has dreamed about being in a WWE ring.  She says she hopes she puts on a good performance and does not embarrass herself. Natalya shows up and tells Aliyah she will do awesome and it does not matter if you lose.  I am the winningest woman in WWE history.  Natalya says she has three records and Aliyah is shocked that the Guinness Book of World Records still existed.

Back to commercial.

— We are back and Natalya says the Guinness Book of World Records is very important.  She says that she is a favorite to win the Royal Rumble.  She has the most matches, most pay per view matches, and most wins in WWE history.  She will set a fourth record for the fastest victory by beating the current record of 3.8 seconds.

Aliyah vs. Natalya

Natalya attacks Aliyah before the bell rings and sends her face first into the mat and the turnbuckles.  Natalya with kicks and the referee warns Natalya.  Natalya sends Aliyah into the ropes and kicks her.

The referee determines that Aliyah is not cleared to wrestle, but Aliyah says she is fine so the referee is going to let the match happen.

Aliyah with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Aliyah

After the match, Aliyah celebrates as her music hits. She heads to the stage as s shocked and disappointed Natalya looks on from the ring. Irvin announces that Aliyah set a new WWE record for the fastest victory ever with 3.17 seconds.

— We see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage watching. They comment on how it’s still so cold in their office and the thermostat isn’t working. Back to commercial.

— We are back with another Rollins/Reigns video recap when Seth turned on Roman and Dean.

In the Arena:

Michael Cole is in the ring and he brings out someone who has not been on Smackdown in more than 20 years.  He brings out Lita.

Cole asks Lita how it feels to be in a WWE ring.  She says she is finally home.  She says that gives her chills every time.

Cole asks why is Lita coming back to be in the Royal Rumble.

Lita says it has been a wild ride.  She has a lot of accomplishments.  She main evented Raw with Trish Stratus.  She was the first woman in a TLC and stael cage match.  She is in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Most days, she feels that she is fully satisfied with her career until recently.  She says she was never part of a Royal Rumble.  She says she has one run left in her.  Lita says she has a plan.  She is going to enter the Royal Rumble, mow through 29 women and then main event Wrestlemania.

Charlotte Flair’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte says she has this and she will interview Lita.  

Charlotte asks Lita how is she doing.  She says she didn’t know it was Flashback Friday.  This is so extreme.  So much fun reminiscing about the good old days.  I am going to be in the Royal Rumble and I will get to choose my opponent for Wrestlemania.  When I throw you over the top rope at the Royal Rumble, it will all be over.  How will you handle the humiliation when I end your short comeback and Wrestlemania dreams.

Lita says she heard about this version of Charlotte.  It looks like we have a real Tonya Harding here.  How will you throw anyone over the top rope with your giant head.  How do you not tip over.

Charlotte says it is funny that Lita brings up Trish because she begged Charlotte for a match in 2019.  I gave her the match and Trish put up a hell of a fight and Trish lost.  Trish was so broken she actually retired.  And at the Royal Rumble, that’s exaclt what I’m going to do to you.

Lita with a Twist of Faith on Charlotte to end the segment.


Sheamus is in the back and he is asked about facing Ricochet. Sheamus tells Megan to save her breath.  He asks what is missing.  Sheamus says Ridge should be standing behind him but he is at home because of Ricochet.  He says he will put it right because he will make Ricochet leave the ring with a broken nose.

— Ricochet was asked about the injury to Ridge Holland.  He says he has a high risk style and it results in high reward.  He will do the same to Sheamus tonight.

Sheamus vs. Ricochet

Sheamus with a hip lock take down.  Ricochet with a side head lock and he holds on.  Sheamus tries to escape the hold and Ricochet with a side head lock take down.  Ricochet with another take down.  Sheamus with a kick and he stomps on the hand.  Sheamus goes for a power bomb but Ricochet with a head scissors that sends Sheamus to the floor.  Ricochet with a kick and a twisting plancha onto Sheamus.  Ricochet sets for a springboard move but Sheamus goes to the floor and he tries to pull RIcochet to the floor.  Sheamus drops Ricochet on the apron.  Sheamus catapults Ricochet’s throat into the bottom of the ring frame.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus stretches Ricochet.  Ricochet with a springboard cross body.  Ricochet with punches.  Ricochet with a kick and he avoids a Brogue kick against the ropes.  Sheamus with a knee and Ricochet hits a quebrada and gets a near fall.  Ricochet goes to the turnbuckles and goes for a shooting star press but Sheamus moves and Ricochet rotates enough to land on his feet.  Sheamus with a uranage back breaker.  Sheamus with a forearm to the back and forearms to the chest.  Sheamus gets Ricochet on his shoulders and goes to the turnbuckles for a super Air Raid Crash but Ricochet gets to the apron and he kicks Sheamus in the face a few times.  Ricochet sends Sheamus’ face into the ring post and Ricochet with a sunset flip power bomb.  Ricochet gets a near fall.

Ricochet tries to get Sheamus on his shoulders but Sheamus escapes.  Ricochet wtih a sunset flip.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Sheamus

— We take a look back at the Natalya/Aliyah ‘match’.


Adam and Sonya talk about Natalya’s loss.  Sonya comments on how hot the room is and she finally takes off her jacket. Sonya turns around and Naomi returns.  Naomi points out that Sonya doesn’t have her jacket on so no jacket… no boss. Adam Pearce shows up and stops Naomi while Sonya puts on her jacket. Naomi says that Sonya abuses her power and no one does anything about it.  Naomi says she had the match won until Sonya changed the rules. Adam says Naomi will face Charlotte next week. Naomi tells Sonya to stay in her cage.

Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring and Kofi is reading a royal scroll from King Xavier Woods, announcing his calf injury and confirming he will miss the Royal Rumble Match. It’s also announced that Kofi will enter the Men’s Rumble. Fans pop until the music interrupts and out comes Madcap Moss with Happy Baron Corbin. Corbin says he’s happy because he’s rich and good looking, and made so much money on NFTs this week that he bought a new $50,000 watch. The only thing that can make him happier is tossing Kofi at the Royal Rumble. Fans boo Corbin and Moss as they laugh and enter the ring. Corbin says they haven’t been this happy since they destroyed Drew McIntyre and injured his neck. They show us a replay from the attack at WWE Day 1. Moss cracks a “Poo Day” joke on The New Day. Kofi starts uncontrollably laughing but stops and says he planned to drop a royal deuce on Moss’ forehead in this match. They have words and the bell rings.

Kofi Kingston vs. Madcap Moss

They go at it but Moss scoops Kofi and runs him into the ropes to dump him over the top rope, but Kofi counters and sends Moss flying to the floor. Kofi runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Moss and Corbin down at ringside. Kofi celebrates as we go back to commercial.

We are back and Kofi with punches.  Kofi with a cross body but Moss catches him and hits a fallaway slam.  Moss kicks and punches Kofi in the corner.  Moss with more kick.  Kofi with a forearm and punches.  Kofi with a springboard drop kick and a back elbow.  Kofi with a drop kick and jumping clothesline.  Moss with a rollup but Kofi rolls through and kicks Moss and hits a boom drop.  Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Corbin distracts Kofi.  Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise.  Moss with a punch.  Kofi with a pendulum kick.  Kofi with a cross body and Moss rolls through.  Kofi goes for SOS but Moss with a rake of the eyes and Punchline for the three count.

Winner: Madcap Moss

— Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In The Arena:

We are back and Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Roman tells Seth before he says anything for Omaha to acknowledge him.

Seth wants the SHIELD fist bump but Roman says that is below him.  Seth wants to talk about the look on Roman’s face last week.  I was the last person on Earth you wanted to see.  Our record in championship matches is one sided.  I have won them all.  

Roman says that Seth is talking about the past.  He says Seth hasn’t been watching.  He is in God mode now.  He is the provider.  He says he is the greatest of this generation, no questions asked.  That makes him the greatest to ever do this.

Seth says he did not come out here to rain on Roman’s parade.  He came here to acknowledge Roman and his success.  Seth says he has a question for Roman.  Can you look at yourself in the mirror at night and say that you have done that by yourself.  That is the big difference.  Without Roman, Seth Rollins is just fine.  I was holding your hand left and right in the SHIELD days.  When I sent you packing with that chair to the back you couldn’t do it on yourself.  You needed the Bloodline.  Who is the best?  I created you and I can destroy you.

Seth starts to laugh and dance around.

Roman says this is a waste of his time.  You look and sound like a clown because you are a clown.  You don’t have the star power I have.  If I was honest.  if I was looking for a superstar from Raw, it wouldn’t be you.  You wouldn’t have been the choice from your household.  If I wanted to battle with a megastar, I would have chosen your Wife.

The Usos suddenly try to attack from behind but Rollins ducks and retreats to the floor, and is standing on top of the announce table now. The Usos come out to attack on the floor but Rollins sends one of them into the steel ring steps. He jumps back into the ring, briefly stares Reigns down, but quickly retreats back to the floor as The Usos run in after him. Rollins quickly heads up to the stage and laughs, ranting about how he created Reigns and will now destroy him. The Bloodline looks on from the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.

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