WWE RAW Results (12/27) Detroit, MI

WWE RAW Results (12/27) Detroit, MI

WWE RAW Results (12/27) Detroit, MI – We are live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI, as Riddle and Randy Orton make their way to the ring.

Randy tells Riddle he won’t read what is on the Christmas card.

Riddle says that Randy is saying welcome to the final Raw of 2021.  Riddle says if you love what they did in 2021, you will love what they do in 2022.  Riddle says he was thinking of patenting his famous Bro-Gurt.  Riddle wants Randy to close his eyes and look into the future.

Randy tells Riddle to stop.  He says he will have a Happy New Year if he beats Otis tonight.  They only way they have a Happy New Year is if they retain their titles on Saturday.

Riddle says that Randy was taking care of business with Chad Gable, he did some self-Vipering.  Riddle says his skin was starting to turn green and he was growing scales.

Randy tells Riddle he should see a doctor.  He tells Riddle they are not in the matrix.  Randy wants Riddle to see what happened last week on Raw.  

Riddle asks Randy how did he get the video to play on the screen.  Riddle tells Randy he was thinking that Otis might be un-RKOable because he doesn’t have a neck.  Riddle wonders how many burritos and what kind of burritos Otis eats.  Riddle starts to talk about the time they went out to get burgers and Randy tells him to stop.

Randy start to talk about Otis but the music for Alpha Academy plays.

Chad asks Randy how did a nitwit like him get so far ahead of the curve.  He loves to know that everyone will get the same free lesson tonight.  There is no greater threat than his protege, Otis. I taught him everything he knows.  It is true he recently achieved his Master’s degree and he did it with a 4.0 GPA.  Gable asks if they are booing education and genius now?  Chad says he is a little advanced for a town like this.  Gable says maybe the mindless morons of Detroit can comprehend the fact that Randy Orton is no match for Otis.  When Otis sends you limping into Day One, no matter the result, it will be a matter of time before they wear the tag championsips.

Riddle says he is a man of HIGHER education.   What does Alpha Academy even mean?  What is the curriculum.  I have a bunch of knowledge he would love to show Randy when he faces Chad tonight and does it right now.

Chad tells Riddle he is what he likes to call an ignoramus.  You want to challenge an elite athlete days before a championship match?  If you want to give the Academy a chance to take out both champions, he accepts the challenge.

Riddle says after they win, he has a special gift for Randy he knows Randy will love.

Riddle vs. Chad Gable

They lock up and Gable with a waist lock and take down.  Gable with another waist lock take down.  Gable with a snap mare and rollup.  Gable holds on to the front face lock and he connects with a forearm and gets a near fall.  Gable with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar.  Riddle goes for a triangle and Gable rolls through to get to the ropes to force a break.  Gable with punches and forearms.  Riddle with forearms out of the corner and he follows with kicks.  Gable with an Irish whip but Gable blocks a kick and he hits a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes.  Gable wtih a step over knee drop to the leg.  Gable hyper-extends the leg.  Gable with a spinning toe hold and then he works on the ankle.

Riddle kicks Gable and Riddle misses the Pele Kick.  Gable with a Tiger suplex for a near fall.  Gable goes for a moonsault and Riddle catches Gable in a triangle but Gable rolls through and applies an ankle lock.  Gable pulls Riddle into the center of the ring.  Riddle rolls through.  Gable goes for Chaos Theory but Riddle lands on his feet.  Riddle with a knee and hits a twisting moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Riddle

After the match, Otis with a running body block to Riddle that sends him to the floor. We go to commercial.

Randy Orton vs. Otis

Orton with European uppercuts and he goes for an RKO but Otis pushes him away.  Otis with a splash.  Otis with a diving head butt.  Otis with shoulders in the corner and then he hits a running shoulder into the corner.  Otis goes for a slam but Orton escapes and goes for an RKO but Otis pushes Randy to the floor.  Otis goes for a splash against the ring steps and Orton moves but Otis’ brakes fail and he runs into the ring steps.  Orton kicks Otis in the ropes and sets for an IEDDT and he hits it.   Orton looks around and twists to the mat for the RKO.

Orton goes for the RKO but Otis pushes him away and hits a power slam.  Otis pulls Orton into the corner for the Vader Bomb.  Orton moves and hits the RKO for the three count.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Riddle says he is proud that Orton was able to give Otis and RKO.  It is time for Randy’s present.  Riddle says there is only one present big enough for his best friend, Randy Orton.  That is a big, beautiful hug.  Riddle tells Orton to bring it in.  Riddle tells Randy no one will know.  He says he won’t tell a soul.

Orton hugs Riddle.  Orton teases giving Riddle an RKO but he tells Riddle he is joking.

— We see Kevin Owens in the back with Kevin Patrick.

We go to commercial.

— We take a look back at last week’s main event involving the four members of the WWE Championship Match for Day One.


Kevin Patrick thanks Kevin Owens for taking the time to speak with him.  Kevin mentions that he has a message from Big E.  

Big E says he will defend his title at Day One.  Everyone wants to know if anyone will use his Champion’s Disadvantage to climb the mountain like Sir Edmund Hillary to claim the title.  To do what I do best, I have to kick back.  This is about me and my story.  This is starting my life over at 23.  This is about sleeping on a studio apartment floor to learn my craft.  This is about getting to the top by doing it the right way.  It is about knowing you didn’t come this far to just get this far.  This is about coming out of Day One as Champion.

Kevin says Big E is wrong.  It is about his story and overcoming the odds every week.  Not this week.  Big E is saying it from home.  Kevin tells Kevin he has to change his name.  This is the important Kevin story.  I got into this title match and I became friends with Seth Rollins.  It was my idea to take out Bobby Lashley.  Seth was there, but it was my plan.  The next step is winning the title at Day One.

Kevin tells Kevin his name is now Burt.

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Reggie vs. Tamina Snuka and R-Truth

We go back to the ring for mixed tag team action as WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is out with Reggie. They dance around as we go back to commercial.

Tamina and Truth argue over who starts and Truth says he’s got this.  They shake hands and Truth with a side head lock.  Truth with a shoulder tackle and he does some dancing.  Reggie drops down and Truth does some dancing.  Reggie with a back elbow.  Reggie and Truth bump heads.  Tamina tags in and connects with a kick to Reggie.  Dana comes in and she kicks Tamina.  Dana with a cartwheel and drop kick.  Dana with a round off splash for a near fall.  Tamina with a back elbow.

Truth tags in and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex on Dana but she lands on her feet.  Reggie with a victory bomb for the three count.

Winners:  Dana Brooke and Reggie

After the match, Truth tries to explain what happened to his partner.  Tamina misses a clothesline and Truth gets out of the ring.  Tamina misses a clothesline on Reggie and Dana with a handspring elbow into the corner.

— We see what happened last week between Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega.


Megan Morant is with Nikki A.S.H. and Megan asks her if WWE made the right decision to ban her from ringside last week.  Nikki says they made the right decision because Rhea won.  They became a team because they wanted to.  She says she hopes that she inspired Rhea.  Carmella and Zelina try to get into their heads but it only made them stronger.  Nikki says they challenge Zelina and Carmella to a tag title match.

— We are back with a video package for the Universal Championship Match at Day One.

RK-Bronament Finals: The Street Profits vs. The Mysterios

Dominik and Ford start things off.  They lock up and Ford with a side head lock and take down.  Dominik with a head scissors and Ford escapes.  Dominik with a side head lock take down and Ford with a head scissors.  Ford with an arm drag and Dominik with an arm drag.  

We see Riddle and Orton watching in the back.

They shake hands and Ford with a wrist lock and Dawkins tags in.  Dominik escapes a wrist lock and he tags in Rey.  Rey goes for an arm drag but Dawkins blocks it.  Rey with a head scissors take down.  Rey goes for a sunset flip but he cannot get Dawkins over.  Dawkins with a shoulder tackle.  Ford tags in and hits a drop kick and then Dawkins flips Ford onto Rey for a near fall.  Ford with an arm bar.  Rey with a victory roll for a near fall.  Ford misses an enzuigiri and Dominik tags in.  They kick Ford and hit a double side Russian leg sweep for a near fall.  Rey tags in and he kicks Ford’s arm.  Rey kicks Ford and Rey with a waist lock and Ford with a standing switch.

Dominik tags in and Ford catches Rey on a springboard move.  Rey sends Ford over the top rope to the floor.  Rey drop kicks Dawkins to teh floor.  Dominik and Rey with sliding sunset flip power bombs into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dominik with punches but Ford with forearms and he misses a drop kick into the corner.  Dominik with a Diamond Dust on Ford and Rey and Dawkins tag in.  Rey with a seated senton and a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Rey with a kick to the chest.  Rey with a head scissors and he kicks Dawkins in the knee and Dawkins falls into the ropes.  Rey goes for a 619 but Dawkins with a back elbow for a near fall.  Rey with an elbow and kick.

Dawkins catches Rey on a quebrada attempt but Rey counters with a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Dominik with a neck breaker to Ford.  Rey with a rollup to Dawkins for a near fall.  Rey gets to his feet to avoid a Doctor Bomb.  Dawkins with Silencer and Ford tags in and hits a Seven Star Frog Splash for a near fall when Dominik breaks up the cover.  Dominik sends Dawkins to the floor and he hits a springboard cross body.  Ford works on Rey’s back and goes for a power bomb but Rey sends Ford into the ropes.  Dominik tags in and Rey with a 619 to Ford and a head scissors to Dawkins off the apron.  Dominik with a splash for a near fall.

Rey tells Dominik to focus.  Dominik sends Ford into the ropes and then does it again.  Rey and Dominik go for a double 619 but Dawkins stops Rey.  Ford misses an enzuigiri.  Rey is sent to the floor.  Ford with a Blockbuster to Dominik off Dawkins’ shoulders for the three count.

Winners: The Street Profits

— We have a video package for AJ Styles and Omos.

— AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


We are back and Miz is not happy with the flowers for tonight.  He asks if he has any idea what is happening tonight.  Miz says they are renewing their vows.  One of the most storied unions in WWE History.  He had to call in a lot of favors and he mentions Eric Bischoff.  Miz thanks Eric for officiating the ceremony. Eric says he has been involved with a few ceremonies.  He says this will be must see tv.

Miz wants to know where his roses are.

In the Arena:

AJ Styles is still in the ring and he says Omos says the next time he would see him in the ring would be this ring.  I am here, but where is Omos?  AJ asks if Omos is scared of him.  Maybe he won’t live up to his full potential.  I was there.  I was scared early in my career, but I was never selfish.  You have to pay your dues to get to the top and your dues will be paid to me.  The next time I see you in the ring, I am going to kick your teeth in.  Let me give you some food for thought.  I have tweny plus years of experience on you.  We have seen the giants come and go, but there has only been one Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Grayson Waller is in the front row with a sign.

AJ says Waller is another person who doesn’t want to pay their dues.  AJ tells Waller to come into the ring and he tells security to let him get into the ring, but only him.  AJ says he will introduce Grayson to the WWE Universe.

Waller says that is nice of AJ.  Since you came to my house in NXT, I decided to come to your house to show everyone what they can see on NXT.  You want me to pay my dues?  All I had to do was get under the skin of this WWE Superstar and you are begging me to get into the ring.  I like Mondays.  They will be better when Omos is done with you and I take your spot.

AJ asks Grayson if he likes it here.  This is where stars are made.  You are not a star.  You are not even close.  Since you are here, let me show you around.  

Apollo Crews’ music plays and he comes to the ring with Commander Azeez.

Crews says AJ and Omos are similar to him and Commander Azeez.  Your giant has left you while we are a united front.  Your giant is not here tonight, but mine is.

Azeez tells AJ if he wants to slay giants, why not fight me right now?

AJ accepts the challenge as we go to commercial.


Carmella i sin the back with Megan.  She asks Megan about Nikki’s challenge for the tag titles.  

Cmarella says they have taken it under consideration and they accept.  If it takes a title match to put Rhea and Nikki back into their place, so be it.  Carmella says she likes Rhea’s look and she mentions that Rhea beat Zelina last week.  Nikki will have to get tagged in and we know how that will end.  She says she feels bad for Rhea but it was Rhea’s choice to tag with her.  Carmella says Nikki is not even close to being almost a super hero.  She is almost second best.  She is almost a good tag team partner.  They will remain the tag champions.

AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews

We are back and for some reason, Apollo Crewes is facing AJ.

Crews with forearms but Styles with a drop kick and chop.  Styles with an Irish whip and forearm into the corner.  Styles with a knee drop for a near fall.  Crews with a double thrust to the throat and a suplex.  Styles with a kick but Crews with a back body drop for a near fall.  Crews with an Irish whip that sends AJ into the ring post.  Styles and Crews exchange forearms.  Crews with an Irish whip that sends AJ sternum first into the turnbuckles.  Styles sends Crews to the floor and AJ goes to the apron but Crews pulls AJ off the apron.  Crews presses AJ over his head and hot shots him onto the apron and Crews follows with a kick.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Crews with a reverse chin lock.  Styles with elbows and Crews with a forearm.  Styles with a Pele kick.  Styles with a forearm and clothesline followed by a sliding forearm.  Crews gets his boots up but AJ with an ushigoroshi for a near fall.  Crews blocks a Styles Clash and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Crews presses AJ over his head but AJ gets to his feet and connects with an elbow.  Styles with a moonsault into an inverted DDT.  Styles sets for the Phenomenal Forearm but Azeez pulls Crews to the floor.  Styles goes to the apron but Crews with a Death Valley Driver onto the apron.  Crews gets a near fall.

Crews puts Styles on the turnbuckles.  Styles pulls Xrew off the turnbuckles but Crews lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex.  Crews with an enzugiiri.  Styles with a rana for a near fall.  Styles with a Styles Clash for the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles

Styles escapes the ring before Azeez can get to him. Azeez tries to help Crews to his feet and Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm to Azeez.

— We go to comments from Seth Rollins.  He says Kevin is trying to take all of the credit.  Is he lying or is he telling the truth?  Since it is the holiday season, I am in a giving spirit so I will give you all the credit.  At Day One, I am taking the championship. 

— We go back to the ring and out comes Kevin Owens. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring.

We are back and Owens is still in the ring.

Kevin says he is in a great and festive mood tonight.  I had a great Christmas at home with my family.  I got to main event in Madison Square Garden and I won my match.  In five days, the world will rejoice when I become WWE Champion at Day One.  I am the only one of the four here tonight.  That makes me smarter than Seth Rollins, tougher than Big E, and a lot stronger than Bobby Lashley.  I can’t blame them for not showing up and coming to a dump like Detroit.  I thought it was important to make an example.  At Day One, you will get a champion you deserve.  The odds will be tough because of who is in the match.

Last week, Seth Rollins stomped Bobby Lashley’s head into the steps.  That helps me because Bobby is going after Seth.  Big E got speared by Bobby Lashley.  If Big E shows up, he will be going after Lashley and MVP.  He is of one mind, heart, and soul with Seth Rollins. I put the perfect plan together.  That will make me your WWE Champion.  

Montel Vontavious Porter says that Kevin cannot be more wrong about his Day One predictions.  He will give Kevin credit for his plan.  You have gotten them off your scent.  if you think Bobby forgot about you and the power bomb on the apron, you are mistaken.  It will tkae more than a stomp on steel steps or a power bomb on the apron to take him out.  Bobby will be at Day One to wreak havoc on Seth Rollins.  Bobby told him taht he will rip the wet noodle arms of Kevin’s extomorphic body.  It does not matter who it is, but someone will be in the Hurt Lock because we are back in the All Mighty Era.

Porter asks Kevin about his odds to win.

Kevin says as terrifying as that text message is, he is confident in his odds at Day One.

Porter calls Owens an idiot but Kevin says his mom said he is special.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ramp to join Porter.

Kevin says he isn’t the only one to make plans.

Porter says he cannot take credit for that.

Alexander says Kevin is right.  One man cannot beat three.  Benjamin says Lashley can’t take on the whole world.  Alexander says Lashley was at his best when they were the Hurt Business.  

Porter says Lashley doesn’t need anyone.  If you want to talk some business, I will give you an opportunity.

Kevin cuts them off.  If Shelton and Cedric want to reform the Hurt Business.  Cedric thinks if he beats Kevin they will reform the Hurt Business.  Come to the ring and we can do it.

We go to commercial

Kevin Owens vs. Cedric Alexander

Owens with a kick and punches to Alexander.  Owens with a back elbow and back senton.  Owens with an Irish whip and cannonball.  Owens kicks Alexander and he goes up top.  Alexander rolls to the apron.  Owens goes for a Death Valley Driver onto the apron but Alexander escapes and kicks Owens followed by a clothesline on the apron.  Alexander gets a near fall.  Alexander with a forearm and Owens blocks a Lumbar Check.  Owens with a shoulder breaker for a near fall.  Owens goes for a pop up power bomb but Alexander lands on his feet.  Alexander with a Neuralizer and a suicide dive that sends Owens into the ringside barrier.  

Alexander with a slingshot flatliner for a near fall.  Owens with a clothesline and a pop up power bomb.  Owens with a kick and stunner for the three count.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

Shelton Benjamin gets in the ring and Owens goes to the floor. Benjamin asks for a mic and Owens returns to the ring and kicks Benjamin and hits a stunner.

— We take a look back at Damian Priest and Dolph Ziggler from last week.

We go to commercial

— We take a look at the feud between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch.

Earlier Today:

Damian Priest says everyone has a dark side.  He says he does his best to keep it at bay.  He did enjoy planting Roode’s head into the floor even if it cost me the match.  I will not be disrespected.  My rage could hurt me against someone like Dolph Ziggler.  He is calculating and at any moment, he can steal the show.  If I lose control, he will take advantage.  If he does, he will go face to face with Damian.  The rage that has cost him in the past will be what keeps the title where it belongs.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damian Priest for the United States Championship

Priest enters the ring as we go to commercial.

The bell finally rings and Ziggler (who was basically in the ring waiting for the match to start for about 20 minutes) goes into the ropes.  Priest blocks a kick.  Ziggler with punches but Priest sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles.  Ziggler with punches but Priest sends Ziggler to the mat.  Priest holds on to the ropes ona Zig Zag attempt.  Priest wtih a boot to the head.  

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