Impact Wrestling Results (12/2)

Impact Wrestling Results (12/2)

Impact Wrestling Results (12/2) – D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with Matt Cardona heading down to the ring!

Matt Cardona Calls Out Moose:

Matt Cardona grabs a microphone and catches fans up to speed. He talks about his recent match at Turning Point against W. Morrissey. Cardona is livid that the Impact World Champion Moose interfered in their bout, costing him a possible pinfall victory. Now, he would like to put that match in the rearview mirror and focus on his end goal: Becoming the next Impact World Champion. Just when he says this, the champion makes his polarized entrance.

Moose asks Cardona how many years he’s wrestled. Moose answers his own question, stating it’s been 18 years. He runs down a laundry list of accomplishments Cardona has had in the last decade. Despite being very accomplished, Moose can’t see Cardona being the “top guy.” Moose begs the question, “Do you really want to step in this ring and have a match with me?” He reminds Cardona how he put Eddie Edwards away at Turning Point. Moose guarantees Cardona’s title chase will last as long as his former WWE Intercontinental Champion reign lasted. This fires Cardona up. He sends Moose to the mat and whales down a flurry of punches.

W. Morrissey comes out to make the save for Moose. Cardona tosses him into the corner and connects a vicious kick. When Cardona turns around, Moose almost takes his head right off his shoulders. Morrissey grabs Cardona. Moose is in the corner setting up for his defiant spear. Before he can hit it, Eddie Edwards slides into the ring to even the odds. Morrissey and Edwards flee to the ramp while Cardona and Edwards stand tall in the ring.

– Violent By Design is focused on becoming the next contenders for the Impact World Tag Team Championship. There are just two people standing in their way: Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Tonight, they hope they can defeat them and earn their rightful spot at the top.

Backstage: Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore informs Matt Cardona he’ll be teaming up with Eddie Edwards to take on Moose and W. Morrissey during tonight’s main event! After settling things with Cardona, he chats with Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. They all want to be part of history in the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill next month. D’Amore tells them all he’s going to announce who’ll participate in this event next week. But that’s next week. Tonight, he’s going to give Ellering and Evans a match.

Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Chris Sabin

* Deonna Purrazzo joins D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker on commentary during this match. *

Chris Sabin connects two perfect arm drags in the early going of the match. Matthew Rehwoldt sends Sabin over the top rope and onto the apron. Sabin blocks a body shot and climbs to the top rope. Sabin flies off with a high-angle crossbody. Going back on the apron, Rehwoldt throws him off with a gnarly forearm just before the commercial break.

Welcome back! Rehwoldt is standing over Sabin, raining down double axe handle blows. He looks for the first pinfall. Sabin kicks out. Rehwoldt looks for a textbook body slam and hooks the leg for another near-fall attempt. Rehwoldt tries for a DDT, but Sabin blocks it with a neckbreaker instead. Sabin steers this thing into fifth gear with a tornado DDT. He has Rehwoldt in the Cradle Shock position. Rehwoldt counters with a sliding pin. Sabin pops out a two. Deonna Purrazzo leaves the commentary table to confront Sabin up on the apron.

Sabin turns around and gets squashed by a shining wizard and powerbomb. Rehwoldt was so close to capturing a win. The Knockouts Champion Mickie James sprints out, and she and Purrazzo start duking it out. Meanwhile, Sabin hits Cradle Shock and picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Backstage: Alisha and Chelsea Green inform Scott D’Amore they also want to be added to the Knockouts Ultimate X event at Hard To Kill. He reiterates he’s going to make that announcement next week. He’s starting to get ticked off. Jai Vidal runs over and asks D’Amore if he can have a match tonight. D’Amore says, sure, why not? Vidal’s excitement turns to dread when he finds out he’ll be squaring off with newcomer, JONAH.

Up next, JONAH makes his in-ring debut for Impact!

JONAH vs. Jai Vidal

Jai Vidal lands right into JONAH’s arms, coming off a crossbody attempt. JONAH just cripples Vidal with a pounce, followed by a delayed vertical slam. The onslaught continues with a jumping senton and then his Tidal Wave Splash. JONAH mops the floor with Vidal in his debut victory.

Winner: JONAH

Post-Match: JONAH acknowledges that the whole world is talking about him, “The Top Dog.” He explains his temporary alliance with Moose, saying it’ll help him earn a future Impact World Title shot. He turns his attention toward the former champion, Josh Alexander. He says if anyone wants to prove themselves, including Alexander, they have to go through him.

– We take a look at Trey Miguel’s second successful X-Division title defense against Steve Maclin and Laredo Kid at Turning Point.

Backstage: Miguel tells Gia Miller his goal as champion is to either pin or submit Steve Maclin – something he still hasn’t done yet. Maclin storms in during Miguel’s interview and brutally assaults him. Miguel climbs up a pair of stairs and launches off. He takes out Maclin and the security guards there to pull these two apart.

– Impact presents “IPWF: Throwback Throwdown II” on Saturday, December 18, on Impact Plus and FITE TV.

– Zicky Dice and VSK inform their teacher, Brian Myers, they will take care of FinJuice in his honor after attacking him at Turning Point.

– W. Morrissey is starting to lose faith in Moose. He doesn’t believe Moose will give him a shot at the Impact World title. Moose promises Morrissey if they win tonight, he will.

Rachael Ellering (w/Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace) vs. Savannah Evans (w/Tasha Steelz)

Savannah Evans sends Rachael Ellering into the corner and targets the ribs with short-ranged spears. Ellering gets a shoulder tackle in before getting hit with a northern lights suplex. Evans continues with the suplex assault with a butterfly suplex for a near-fall attempt. Evans maintains control with a DDT for another near-fall. Ellering fights out of Evans’ clutches with a series of forearms followed by a low-angle cutter. Ellering tries to squash this thing with three jumping sentons on Evans, but it still isn’t enough to keep the powerhouse down. Ellering digs deep with a discus lariat. Tasha Steelz tries to create some chaos. Jordynne Grace stops her with a clothesline. Ellering hoists Evans up in the firewoman’s carry cutter to capture the win.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

Backstage: Kaleb and Madison Rayne are happy to see Tenille Dashwood return to Impact. Rayne and Kaleb catch Dashwood up on everything that’s happened during her absence. They mention The IInspiration is here. Dashwood wants to see them.

– After the break, Dashwood, Rayne and Kaleb find The IInspiration. At first, it looks like these two groups have some sort of animosity towards each other. Just kidding! Dashwood and The IInspiration embrace. Kaleb tries to involve himself in the conversation, but it seems everyone leaves Madison Rayne out.

Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) (w/Eric Young) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Rich Swann and Joe Doering kick things off. Swann buzzes around Doering, ducking and dodging Doering’s attacks. Doering makes a tag out to Deaner. Swann drags Deaner to his corner and makes a tag to Willie Mack. Mack connects an unmerciful open-handed chop. Both Mack and Swann join forces with a leg drop/splash combination. Swann, the new legal man, hooks Deaner’s leg for a two count. Doering is tired of watching his partner fall victim. He steps in the ring and even the odds with a running shoulder tackle on Mack just as we head to a quick commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Deaner holds Mack between the ropes while stretching his face. D’Lo Brown reports during the break, Doering was brutalizing Mack. Mack builds up enough energy to connect a pop-up punch on Deaner. He makes a desperate tag to Rich Swann, who ups the ante the moment he steps into the ring. Swann gives Deaner a cutter in the center of the ring. On the outside, he sends Doering crashing into the ring post. Swann is in the perfect position for the 450 Splash on Deaner. He nails it! Rich Swann picks up the pinfall victory in this tag team bout.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Post-Match: VBD refuses to go down without a fight after taking a major loss to Swann and Mack. Just when they think they have the upper hand, out comes Rhino and Heath, who makes the save for Swann and Mack.

– Johnny Swinger and Hernandez were so happy to be part of Wrestle House 2 last week. Rohit Raju and Raj Singh storm in. They’re upset no one invited them to come. Just as Swinger tells them what a blast it was, Lawrence D interrupts. Raju and Lawrence D get into it, setting up a singles match between the two of them next week.

Next Week on Impact Wrestling:

* Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Knockouts Champion Mickie James & Chris Sabin

*  Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration & The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) vs. Decay

* Street Fight: Rhino vs. Eric Young

And now, the main event!

Impact World Champion Moose & W. Morrissey vs. Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards

Matt Cardona and Moose share a brief staredown before Moose tags W. Morrissey in. Morrissey and Cardona lock horns with a collar and elbow tie-up. After their lockup, Cardona connects a jawbreaker. He tags in Eddie Edwards. Cardona takes out Morrissey with a basement dropkick, and Edwards flies over the top rope with a Pescado on Moose just before the commercial break.

Welcome back! Cardona is taking a hellacious beating in the corner. During the break, Morrissey snapped Cardona in two with a body slam. Cardona makes a desperate tag to Eddie Edwards. Morrissey throws Edwards off the top rope. Edwards goes crashing down near the ramp on the outside. Edwards is helpless, heading back into the ring. Moose tags himself in. He hammer throws Edwards into the corner. Both Moose and Morrissey make rapid-fire tags, keeping Edwards down and defenseless. Just as Edwards creates some distance between himself and Morrissey, Edwards has no one to tag as Moose drags Cardona off the apron.

Using a chin breaker, Edwards finally grabs a tag from Cardona. Edwards slides in to save the double beatdown on Cardona. Once order restores, Cardona and Moose, the legal men, exchange blow. Edwards protects Cardona from Morrissey on the outside. Moose executes a uranage and heads for his Lights Out finisher. Cardona evades Lights Out and turns it into a schoolboy. Moose pops out at the two count. Moose looks for another uranage. Cardona ducks out of the way and stacks up the champion. 1-2-3, Cardona pins Moose and earns the main event victory!

Winners: Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards

Post-Match:  W. Morrissey turns on Moose. Their alliance is officially over.

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