8/19 Impact Wrestling Results

8/19 Impact Wrestling Results

8/19 Impact Wrestling Results – Josh Mathews and Gia Miller welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! They are about to welcome the new Impact World Champion Christian Cage back to Impact, but W. Morrissey and Eddie Edwards bring their backstage brawl out and around the ring. Once they get themselves in the ring, Sami Callihan comes and makes the save for Edwards.

Callihan picks up a microphone and announces he has a scheduled match that he wants to do right now! We’ll see if he gets his wish after the opening credits roll.

Guess what? He does!

Sami Callihan & Chris Sabin vs. Moose & Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)

These four will duke it out tomorrow night at Emergence for the right to become the next challenger to either Christian Cage or Brian Myers’ Impact World Championship. But tonight, these four will have to learn how to form an alliance as teams.

Sami Callihan and Ace Austin get things started. The fans are pulling for Callihan as they chant “Death Machine” in unison. Both men lock up. Callihan gets taken down with an arm drag. The former two-time X-Division Champion taunts “The Death Machine.” Callihan just pops him in the mouth and takes his rightful bow. More exchanges follow before Callihan makes a tag to Chris Sabin. Sabin comes flying in with a boot to the face of Austin. Sabin points towards Callihan, and the fans cheer to have him back in the ring.

Callihan asks the crowd to go silent for a moment. He lands a nasty kick to the spine. Sabin says he can do it better. Callihan tags Sabin in to prove it. Sabin repeats the same lethal kick, then traps Austin in the corner and lays down a flurry of shots. Sabin slides out of the ring and knocks Moose off the apron. Their match will continue right after the commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Moose and Sabin are rehashing their rivalry. We see shades of their Slammiversary showdown when Moose damages the chest of Sabin with a huge knife edge chop. He refuses to give the fans another chop. He just rakes his eyes instead. Madman Fulton gets involved by attacking Sabin. Ace Austin enjoys controlling Sabin in the ring with a chop. Sabin turns it around by stacking Austin up. Austin pops free at two. Sabin makes a desperate take to Callihan.

Sami Callihan comes in vulgar on Austin. He rakes his eyes and then stomps away on the X-Division star. Callihan was setting Austin up for a piledriver, but Moose interfered. Sabin takes care of Moose with a flying DDT! Callihan gets a pop-up powerbomb in, but it isn’t enough for Austin to end the match. Sabin makes a blind tag in and hits Cradle Shock to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Mad he couldn’t get the win, Sami Callihan gets the last wicked laugh by hitting his Cactus Special ’97 (stump piledriver) on Chris Sabin. He leaves the ring and takes a bow before yelling into the hard cam that he’s coming for either Cage or Myers.

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through the matches and segments still to come on tonight’s program.

– We look back to the Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) match against Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata from NJPW Resurgence last Saturday. Before his match tonight, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson talk about modern-day monsters. Gallows believes he and Joe Doering define that very concept. Gallows promises his victory over Violent By Design’s giant that he’ll take home the win before their title match tomorrow night.

Backstage: Sami Callihan says Chris Sabin poked him, and tomorrow night, he’s fair game. He predicts he’ll win it all in the No. 1 Contenders Match tomorrow night. Eddie Edwards steps into the frame and informs Callihan that he doesn’t need his help – he can handle his own fights.

Shera (w/Rohit Raju) vs. Matt Cardona (w/Chelsea Green)

Both men tie up with a collar and elbow. Matt Cardona hits a dropkick through the ropes and then goes up and over-the-top rope and takes Shera off his feet. Cardona eats a big boot from Shera just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, the Indian Lion is stomping the snot out of Cardona. Then, he plants an elbow drop. Shera looks for a cover, and Cardona kicks out. Rohit Raju connects a nasty slap on Cardona while he’s hanging in between the ropes. Chelsea Green gets involved and stalks Raju around the outside.

Cardona tries to get out of first gear with some shots. Shera breaks it up. Cardona soars off the middle rope with a well-targeted missile dropkick. Shera catches Cardona with a chokeslam. Will this be enough? Cover. Cardona pops out! Cardona ducks the third shoulder tackle in the corner. Rohit Raju tries to interfere in the match again. Chelsea Green takes care of him with a nice slap. Cardona connects Radio Silence from off the second rope. The GCW World Champion capitalizes in this match.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Madison Rayne is back with some “Locker Room Talk!”

Locker Room Talk Segment:

Madison Rayne welcomes us back to her must-see show! Johnny Swinger is back as her co-host. Rayne’s guest this week is Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (With A “K”). All of them are in the same room, but Dashwood is also running “All About Me.”

Rayne starts her interview off by asking Dashwood why she wants to align with her. Dashwood says Rayne was the only Knockout who wanted to partner with her, so she wants to stay loyal. Rayne thinks that’s a great answer. Dashwood then reads her a quote about coming full circle. Swinger and Kaleb talk a little smack to each other – Swinger is winning this showdown, by the way.

Kaleb has some things he needs to iron out with EVP Scott D’Amore. He leaves. Madison Rayne announces she will make her in-ring return against Taylor Wilde tomorrow at Emergence!

– An ad for tomorrow’s Emergence is shown. This will air at 7 PM ET on Impact Plus.

Backstage: The X-Division Champion Josh Alexander and Jake Something have a staredown before their title match tomorrow.  Alexander isn’t worried about losing his title to Something. Something wants to show Alexander something. He busts in on Scott D’Amore and Kaleb’s conversation. Something wants a match tonight. D’Amore comes up with a brilliant idea: Something will take on Kaleb in a No Disqualification Match later on!

And now, the Impact World Champion makes his homecoming arrival after 13 years!

Christian Cage’s “Welcome Home” Celebration:

Christian Cage is in awe of the praises of the fans. He says it’s good to be back in the Impact Zone. He talks about the first time TNA allowed him the opportunity to come work for them. All he’s ever wanted was to earn the most prestigious titles, and now, he’s got two of them. The fans all chant, “You deserve it,” chants.

Going forward, Cage announces that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will live on, but it must be retired. He gives the title to announcer David Penzer. Now, he’s ready to shift his focus solely on the Impact World Championship. That’s when Brian Myers and Sam Beale make their way out.

Myers wants Cage to know since his arrival on Impact, he’s been killing it. He says the Impact World Title belongs to him. Cage disses him by congratulating Myers for stepping outside of Matt Cardona’s shadow. Cage does agree: Myers is a great athlete. But he tells him you have to learn how to lose in order to appreciate a win. Cage calls himself the most professional wrestling, to which Myers pretends to walk away, but he sends Sam Beale into Cage. Cage throws him off, and Myers retreats out of the ring. Cage and Myers will collide in the main event of Emergence tomorrow night!

Backstage: Melina is getting ready for her in-ring debut on Impact. She runs into Trey Miguel. She asks Miguel if he still hangs out in the Treehouse. He says he does. Then, he asks her if she can still do her famous split. She flirtingly laughs it off. Melina will make her debut next!

Before Melina’s match, and NWA ad runs to announce their upcoming shows Empower and NWA 73. These shows will air next Saturday and Sunday!

We also look back at Deonna Purrazzo’s successful victory over Faby Apache for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship at TripleMania this past Saturday!

Melina vs. Brandi Lauren

Melina rocks the former Evolve star with a few combination shots. Brandi Lauren turns it around with a swinging neckbreaker. Melina knocks Lauren off her feet with a flying crossbody from off the second rope. Melina hits a single knee to Lauren’s spine, followed by an Extreme Makeover (spinning facebuster). Melina seals the deal with a Muta Lock on Lauren. Lauren has nowhere to go. She taps, and the NWA star picks up her first win on Impact!

Winner: Melina

Post-Match: The Knockouts and new AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo comes out and ambushes her future opponent at NWA Empower. Matthew Rehwoldt slides into the ring and holds Melina down so Purrazzo can continue the beatdown. All of a sudden, Trey Miguel runs down to save Melina. Purrazzo and Rehwoldt retreat out of the ring.

Backstage: During John Skyler’s interview with Gia Miller, the camera shifts over to Juice Robinson, who is clutching his knee. His tag partner, David Finlay, cries out for help.

– We see another NWA commercial.

– We see Jordynne Grace’s historic weight lifting victory. Rachael Ellering was there capturing footage and cheering on her tag team partner. Congratulations are in order for Grace!

No Disqualification Match: Jake Something vs. Kaleb (With A “K”)

Jake Something launches Kaleb halfway across the ring with a release suplex! Something connects a major sit-out powerbomb. He leaves the ring and pulls out a table from underneath the ring. He sets it up in the corner. Kaleb is in the crosshair of getting speared through the table. Unfortunately, Kaleb doesn’t dodge out of harm’s way in time. Kaleb gets split in half, and Something picks up a victory ahead of his title challenge tomorrow night.

Winner: Jake Something

Post-Match: The X-Division Champion Josh Alexander and Jake Something have a second staredown.

– Kimber Lee tells Su Yung she has one soul (Kiera Hogan’s) in her grasps, but she is not done collecting souls yet.

– Another ad for Emergence is played.

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through an updated card for Emergence tomorrow night. We’ll post all the matches in here soon.

And now, the main event!

 Joe Doering (w/Violent By Design) vs. Impact World Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows (w/Karl Anderson)

Both men kick things off with back and forth forearm smashes. Joe Doering throws Doc Gallows over the top rope. Both men take their hoss fight to the outside. Gallows tosses Doering up against the steel stairs just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Doering throws Gallows halfway across the ring to create some space for the tag champion! Gallows blocks a clothesline from Doering with a big boot. Doering hoists Gallows up for a delayed vertical suplex. Gallows steps out of the ring to regroup. Doering follows him out there. Gallows sucker punches Doering and then drags him around the ring.

Doering sneaks in a steel chair shot on Gallows. Both men roll back into the ring. Gallows throws Doering towards the rings. Both men collide in the center of the ring and fall out of the ring! On the outside again, Gallows runs right into a strong right hand. The fans are behind Gallows as they chant, “Too Sweet, Whoop, Whoop.” Both men are now at the top of the stage. Gallows busts Doering right through the stage!

Several referees, doctors, officials and Scott D’Amore come out to check on Gallows and Doering. Gallows pushes everyone off of him, and he crawls down the ramp and towards the ring. Doering also shoves the officials off of him. Doering has a sneer on his face. He won’t be satisfied until he ends Gallows.

Both powerhouses are up and in the ring. Gallows jumps off the middle rope, and Doering catches him with a pin. Cover. 1-2-3. The former All Japan Triple Crown Champion claims the victory before Violent By Design challenges The Good Brothers and Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the World Tag Team Titles tomorrow night!

Winner: Joe Doering

That concludes this week’s episode.

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