Impact Wrestling Results – April 15, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results - April 15, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – April 15, 2021 – D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with some X-Division action!

TJP vs. Josh Alexander

Both men begin the match with a tight collar and elbow tie-up. Josh Alexander backs TJP up towards the corner and breaks the hold. They reset. Both men then go for a knuckle lockup. TJP’s strength outweighs Alexander as he drags him to the mat. TJP climbs on top for a cover. Alexander kicks out at one. Alexander applies a side headlock and turns it into a textbook shoulder tackle. Next, Alexander traps TJP with a body scissors lockup. TJP slips through and reverses it into an arm lock. Alexander rolls through with a cover, and TJP kicks out.

TJP stacks Alexander twice, and each time, Alexander pops out at two! Alexander stomps TJP over towards the apron. Alexander tries to drop TJP back into the ring with a vertical suplex. TJP slides over Alexander’s back. TJP looks for an octopus hold. Alexander traps him in the electric chair position and smashes TJP face-first into the mat! Alexander and TJP exchange thunderous chops. Alexander whips TJP to the corner. Alexander eats a boot. TJP bends himself into a triangle lock on Alexander! Alexander breaks it up by slamming TJP on top of the apron!


Alexander and TJP are up on the apron. Alexander hoists TJP up in the fireman’s position and drags him to no man’s land. TJP gets pushed off. TJP runs up to the ropes and slams Alexander off the top with a massive superplex! Alexander counters with an ankle lock. TJP squirms over to the bottom rope for a rope break. TJP rubs his boot across Alexander’s face – close to his eyes. TJP rolls Alexander through with an armbar! Alexander reverses it into another ankle lock! TJP rolls through with another armbar. TJP now shifts his focus to locking Alexander up with a kneebar. Alexander gets lucky and crawls over to the bottom rope.

TJP refuses to let go of Alexander’s wrist. Alexander breaks free with a midsection shot. TJP misses a Mamba Splash attempt. Alexander spins him over with an ankle lock. TJP rises to his feet and lands a palm strike. Alexander drops TJP on his knee. Alexander hits Divine Intervention to gain the pinfall victory!

Winner: Josh Alexander

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through what fans can expect on tonight’s show, which includes the return of Pick Your Poison, Jazz’s retirement ceremony, and the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann’s press conference.

-We see another ad for Taylor Wilde’s return to Impact! She is set to make her return this month.

Crazzy Steve (w/Decay) vs. Karl Anderson (Doc Gallows)

Karl Anderson charges over towards the corner where Crazzy Steve is lacing up and lands a heavy stomp and a flurry of shots. Crazzy Steve gets up on his feet and chases Anderson towards the end of the ring. Anderson jumps out just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Anderson throws Crazzy Steve face-first towards the middle turnbuckle. Then, he locks up the Decay member in a side headlock. Rosemary is trying to fire her ally up on the outside. Anderson rolls Steve through with a snapmare and puts him in another headlock. Steve gets up and through a few midsection shots to break out of the hold. Stever turns it around by twisting Anderson’s head off! Steve capitalizes with a lightning-fast flatliner! Steve looks for a cover. Anderson kicks out. Doc Gallows climbs up on the apron and tries to distract the referee. Decay run over and stop him in his tracks. Meanwhile, in the ring, Steve puts Anderson in the Upside Down. Anderson turns it around with a big spinebuster for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Karl Anderson

At Swinger’s Palace: The X-Division Champion Ace Austin and Madman Fulton make their way in. Austin asks Johnny Swinger, who is betting on him to retain his championship at Rebellion. Swinger says his odds aren’t good. John E. Bravo informs Austin that TJP’s odds are higher than Austin’s or Josh Alexander’s. Petey Williams comes in and does some Steiner math. The entire room is amazed by Williams’ mathematical statistics.

After the commercial break, Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack are in the ring, and they have something to say. Edwards begins by saying he knows as an athlete that you’ll win some and lose some in your career; however, they are not happy with how Violent By Design decided to take out Tommy Dreamer before their match at Hardcore Justice to gain the upper hand. Edwards warns VBD that if you mess with Dreamer, you mess with his friends. Edwards calls out Eric Young.

Young and his posse make their way out. Young informs Edwards and Mack that if there’s one thing they can guarantee is that he and his group are not liars. Edwards doesn’t believe it. He tells them to step into the ring and fight him and Mack.

All of a sudden, James Storm’s music hits, and he and Chris Sabin run out to even the odds. The eight-man brawl in and out of the ring. VBD retreat out of the ring. Storm proposes a match: The four of them versus VBD at Rebellion.

Backstage: Scott D’Amore doesn’t want the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Susan to come to Jazz’s retirement ceremony. Purrazzo promises they won’t.

– Tenille Dashwood welcomes everyone to her first-ever episode of “All About Me.” Gia Miller is the guest/interviewer for the show. She is confused; she thinks she’s on “Locker Room Talk,” since the layout is the same. Miller then proceeds to ask Dashwood about her big win at Hardcore Justice, where she will face Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship at Rebellion. In summary, Dashwood promises she will be the one to knock Purrazzo off of her throne. Dashwood refuses to let Miller ask another question.

Up next, the Fighting Phenom, Jazz, makes her way out to the ring with Jordynne Grace to give her retirement speech.

Jazz begins by saying when she first came to Impact, her goal was to have one more title run. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. She says during her match with Purrazzo last Saturday, she felt the same fire she once had 15 years ago. She tips her hat to Purrazzo for being one of the best champions out there. Jazz takes a moment to thank Jordynne Grace for giving her a call and letting her compete for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. She also thanks Impact for welcoming her with open arms. She is happy to be going out with a bang. But before she does, she has one more thing to say to Jordynne. Before she can get it out, Fire ‘N Flava rudely interrupts her.

Jordynne Grace & Jazz vs. Fire ‘N Flava

Fire ‘N Flava comes out and rubs it in the veteran’s face about how she unsuccessfully challenged for the Knockouts Tag Team and singles Championships. Jordynne tells them to shut up; if they have an issue, they should take it up with her. Fire ‘N Flava says there aren’t in the mood to compete tonight. A referee comes out and says, per Scott D’Amore, there will be a tag match right now.

Jazz lays the beatdown on Tasha Steelz. Steelz escapes out a suplex and makes a tag on Kiera Hogan. Jazz clocks Kiera with a heavy right before hitting the X Factor for the pinfall victory! Jazz picks one final win before taking her final bow in Impact.

Winners: Jazz & Jordynne Grace

– After their match, Jazz officially announces her retirement from pro wrestling. Everyone from the back surrounds the ring, including Gail Kim. Jazz personally thanks the fans and everyone there for their love and support.

Backstage: Scott D’Amore is furious at Fire ‘N Flava’s disrespectful attitude towards Jazz. D’Amore says Fire ‘N Flava are going to defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championships against Jazz and Jordynne Grace at Rebellion. As much as Jazz would like to be part of the match, she tells D’Amore she is a woman of her word: she is now retired. But she has someone in mind to be Jordynne’s partner.

Pick Your Poison: Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

Matt Cardona announces Myers’ opponent will be Jake Something! Jake Something corners Brian Myers. After making an escape, Jake squashes Myers with shoulder tackle/pounce. Jake looks for a cover, and Myers kicks out at two. Myers finds momentum with a nice heel kick. Jake knocks him down a peg with a running shoulder! Jake looks for his Black Hole Slam finisher, but Myers slides out of the ring. Myers trips Jake up with his Roster Cut finisher for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers

Just after his win, Brian Myers announces his pick for Matt Cardona. He warns Cardona that it’s “hard to see in the dark.” With a wild ambush comes “The Draw” Sami Callihan. He and Cardona will square off next!

Pick Your Poison: Matt Cardona vs. Sami Callihan

Coming back from the commercial break, Sami Callihan is tearing Matt Cardona’s face apart, and the match hasn’t even started yet! Callihan throws Cardona into the ring and tells the referee to ring the bell. The bell rings. Callihan takes his eyes off of Cardona for a split second, and he gets slammed with Radio Silence! Cardona corners Callihan with a flurry of shots. Their spill returns to the outside.

Cardona lays more shots on The Death Machine, but Callihan starts to rack Cardona’s eyes. Cardona fights Callihan off by shoving him into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Callihan tosses Cardona over the top rope! Callihan finds a chair and lays it out. Callihan tries to throw Cardona over on top of the chair. Cardona reverses. Callihan starts to bite him. Cardona decks him. Callihan counters with an exploding suplex, but not on top of the laid-out chair. Their match will continue right after the break!

Coming back from the break, Callihan focuses on Cardona’s sternum injury. Cardona gets a bit of a forearm smash on Callihan, but The Draw clocks him with a massive clothesline. Cardona fires back with a boot wash and a pin. Callihan gets his shoulders up at two! Cardona misses a Radio Silence attempt. Callihan misses a package piledriver attempt. Cardona drops down with a rollup. Callihan kicks out.


Cardona creates some space with a heavy forearm. Callihan fires back with a pele kick. Cardona flips Callihan off the top rope. Callihan shoves the referee in between them. While the referee’s back is turned, Callihan digs his fingernails into Cardona’s eyes. Callihan hits his package piledriver for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Sami Callihan grabs a mic and calls out Trey Miguel. Trey responds by heading to the ring. Callihan wants to tell Trey how proud he is of his performance at Hardcore Justice. He says he saw his passion. Trey doesn’t care. Callihan asks The Prince of Mid Air if it felt good to let in that rage and let it run its course. Callihan wants to continue sharpening that rage by being Trey’s mentor. He sticks his hand out. Trey refuses to accept his offer to be his protégé.

Callihan reveals that he was the one who took out Tommy Dreamer so Trey could be part of the main event. Trey is in shock. Callihan brings up his original statement again. Trey still declines. Callihan lays a low blow and a powerful clothesline. Trey crawls over to the ropes with rage in his eyes. Callihan throws a chair at Trey’s face before sending him through it with a lethal suplex. After taking that awful beating, Trey still rises to his feet.

Up next, the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann and the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will take part in a press conference!

The Press Conference:

AEW is being represented by Tony Khan, Jerry Lynn and Kenny Omega. Impact is being represented by Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore.

The first question is from Andreas Hale and it goes to Rich Swann. He is asked how is going to go about wrestling one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, especially since he’s considered the underdog in the fight. Swann says he has been battling adversity his whole life. He promises to bring his A-game to the match.

The second question comes from Mike Johnson from PWInsider. He wants to know how Impact will equip itself if Omega were to win the Impact World Championship? Tony Khan answers the question first by saying he knows for a fact Omege will be taking the Impact World Title back to AEW. Scott D’Amore says whoever wins, he knows both promotions will work a schedule out, so that champion can continue the entertaining fans on both brands.

Before Josh Mathews can get to the third question, the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis make their way into the press conference. The third question comes from Gareth A Davies, and it’s towards Don Callis. They want to know which side is Callis on, Impact or AEW? Callis makes his way to the podium. Callis reminds everyone that while Rich Swann was out of action, he was the one who kept tabs on Swann’s recovery. Now that he’s healthy again, Callis is shifting his focus on Kenny Omega. He thinks it’s time to hear from Omega.

Omega walks up to the podium. He says these sorts of press conferences are nothing new to him. In fact, they’re natural. Omega says he was put on this earth to make a difference. He thinks Swann was put on this earth because he loves wrestling, and loves being in it. Omega doesn’t believe Swann belongs in this history-making event. He says when people look back on this match, he thinks people aren’t going to care or remember Swann. Omega says this is the last time he’ll be cordial to Swann. He puts his hand out, and then proceeds to slap Swann. Swann jumps him. Security comes out to separate both men. This is how this week’s show concludes. Thanks for watching!

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