Impact Wrestling Results – January 26, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – January 26, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – January 26, 2021 – Impact Wrestling on AXS opened up with a look back at everything that took place last week with Private Party, James Storm, Chris Sabin and The Good Brothers.

Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann came out to the ring. Swann said that his entire life, he wanted to be a professional wrestler and worked his tail off to become the World Champion. Now, that hard work has paid off and he’s the Impact Champion – but now that he’s the champion, he has people coming at him from every direction. He didn’t come out here to complain. Instead, he has some business to attend to and invited Tommy Dreamer to come out to the ring.

The former ECW World Champion came to the ring. Swann said that at No Surrender, it will be Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday. He said Dreamer has done so much for the industry and has done so much for everyone in the back, even Swann. He said Dreamer was the man back in the Land of Extreme and didn’t surrender and it would be an honor if Swann could defend the title against Dreamer at No Surrender. Dreamer didn’t have a chance to answer before Sami Callihan came out.

Callihan said it was typical, politicking Tommy Dreamer trying to get himself over while Swann is out here having embarassed the company by losing to Kenny Omega. He said that if anyone deserves a shot, it’s Callihan and if anyone has an issue with that, they can come out. Chris Bey came out and said 2/13 is his birthday as well but he’ll be 25, so if there is a gift to be given out, it should be Bey vs. Swann too.

TNA Champion Moose came out. He said everyone is too scared to come challenge for his title so he’d come out. He said that Swann gave him a title opportunity. Swann said he gave him the opportunity last week but Moose didn’t take it. It ended up in a brawl. Willie Mack hit the ring and laid out all the heels with stunners and cleared the ring. Swann, Mack and Dreamer stood tall in the ring. Callihan hacked the signal and the lights went out. When they returned, Ken Shamrock was behind them heroes and laid them out. They left them laying. Callihan and Shamrock went face to face with Moose and Bey.

A good first segment. It’s crazy to me to think of Dreamer as 50 years old when Terry Funk was 53 fighting for the ECW title at Barely Legal.

Backstage, Gia Miller caught up with Dreamer, Mack and Swann. Dreamer said they wanted them in the ring right now. Swann said they are going to Scott D’Amore’s office right now. They pounded on the door. They wanted to settle it right now. Scott said he’s happy to make the match but they are outnumbered. Dreamer said they will find someone. Scott said he thinks he has what they need in the office. They all popped and entered the office.

Matt Striker asked D’Lo Brown and asked who was in the office. Brown said he didn’t want to speculate. They ran down the lineup for tonight.

Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton.

Alexander and Fulton start out with Alexander trapped in the wrong corner early on. Austin shoulderblocked him down but was caught and slammed down while executing another. Cardona was tagged in and nailed a Flapjack before clotheslining Austin over the top to the floor. Alexander sent Fulton to the outside, then backdropped his own partner over the top onto them on the floor.

After a commercial, Fulton and Austin had overwhelmed Alexander and double-teamed him. Austin stomped away at him in the corner. He mocked Cardona before drilling Alexander again. Josh fought back but was caught with a knee to the back by Fulton as he rebounded off the ropes. This allowed Fulton and Austin to continue their reign of terror, working over Alexander. Fulton nailed an Avalanche in the corner but Ryder broke up the pinfall attempt. Austin whipped Fulton into Alexander into the corner. Alexander moves and makes the hot tag. Cardona dumps Fulton over the top and drilled Austin. Striker said Cardona came from that “Mikey Whipwreck, NYWC school.” Cardona worked Austin over but Fulton pulled his partner to the corner and tagged himself in. He mauled Cardona in the corner but Alexander hit the ring. He and Fulton battled back and forth with forearms. Cardona charged and was elevated into Fulton, who he nailed with the Rough Ryder and scored the pin.

Your winners, Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander!

A good tag match. A bit of a surprise seeing Fulton manhandled as much as he was by Cardona.

The Impact Flashback moment was Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam.

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan returned with the latest “paid ad.”

Backstage, Brian Myers encountered Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander. Myers said that Alexander could have been his tag partner a few weeks ago but took his generic substitute instead. He told Cardona welcome to Impact and said he was going to go beat a former World Champion. He walked off. Cardona called him “Bad News Brian.”

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards nailed him with a big overhead belly to belly suplex. Myers rolled to the floor where Edwards nailed him with a big dive. He tossed Myers back into the ring but was cut off and sent hard into the ring post. He worked over Edwards in the corner with forearms and used his boot to smother him. Edwards fired back with chops but Myers cut his legs off during a rebound off the ropes. Myers stomped away at his left arm and continued mauling it. Edwards had his arm taped up from the Barbed Wire Massacre, which Striker and D’Lo Brown said was a target. Myers continued to talk trash and whipped Edwards into the corner but he fired out with a big lariat.

Edwards whipped Myers into the corner but was kicked away. Myers went to the ropes but was hit with an enziguiri then pulled into a backpack stunner. Myers escaped a Tiger Driver attempt and nailed a kick to the back, then an Implant DDT for a close two count. Myers was all over him with shots to the back and measured him but Edwards snapped and tried to pop his eye out with his thumb. The referee admonished him and finally called for a DQ. Edwards bit Myers above the eye, having lost it.

Your winner by DQ is Brian Myers!

The announcers wondered if Edwards has finally been pushed too far.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan bemoaned that the Fire N’ Flayva Festival wasn’t selling tickets and that there would be lots of ugly people there. Isn’t it a little too late to parody the Fyre Festival? I feel like AEW did this a year ago? Johnny Swinger walked by with a trio of women. This inspired Kiera to have the “worst” idea ever.

Backstage, Matt Hardy told Private Party they won the top contendership of the Impact titles. He told them that they finally learned something and at No Surrender, they have to win the Impact titles but next week on Dynamite, they have to win the Battle Royal. Hardy said he’s giving them a bonus if they win the titles across the two promotions because that’s more money for him. He needs them to win and they need to be winners.

Rosemary with Crazzy Steve vs. Tenilla Dashwood with Kaleb with a K

Kaleb distracted Rosemary and the referee early, allowing Tenille to nail her several times with a camera bag, scoring a two count. Tenilla worked over her back with forearms and stomped her in the corner. Dashwood maintained control until eating an elbow as she charged into the corner. Rosemary used a hanging armbar then climbed to the top rope. She went for a missile dropkick but missed. Dashwood nailed her low crossbody splash into the turnbuckles.

Dashwood locked on a sitting full nelson to try a submission but Rosemary forced her way out and nailed a Slingblade. Rosemary nailed a leaping forearm in the corner. Rosemary nailed her with her double underhook powerbomb for the pin.

Your winner, Rosemary!

Backstage, Larry D is backstage. He wasn’t happy he was back from jail and wasn’t happy about any

thing. He said that if Rosemary hadn’t cast a spell on him, nothing ever would have happened. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve walked into the back. Rosemary asked Larry if he was back for a taste of sugar. He told her to get away. Crazzy Steve stepped to him and D KO’d him with the big right hand.

Elsewhere, Johnny Swinger was in a makeshift casino with John E. Bravo as a card dealer, watching Fallash Bahh gamble away. Tasha and Kiera walked in and said they feel bad about what happened last week and offered them free tickets to the Festival. They all ended up invited to the Festival, except Bahh.

Backstage, Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo boasted about running Taya out of Impact. Jordynne Grace and Jazz showed up and told Susan and Kimber Lee that they still have them to deal with. Susan said she will face Grace next week. Grace agreed.

The Fire N’ Flayva Festival was in the ring with a table in the ring, several of Swinger’s girls sitting in chairs with Alisa Edwards introduced Kiera and Tasha. They gave out some bad meals in sytrofoam containers. The wrapper was left on the cheese in the sandwiches and the bread smelled. They then gave out the drinks but Alisa Edwards spit it out. This was going nowhere fast. Kiera and Tasha knocked the audience for not appreciating them. Someone dressed as the Staypuft Marshmellow Man was at ringside. Tasha thouht it was Fallah Bahh but it was Neveah, who drilled her. Havok slid in the ring behind Kiera and nailed her. They escaped to the floor but had the catering tossed on them. Alisha declared them the winners of the Festival. Okkkay.

Backstage, James Storm and Chris Sabin said they weren’t done with Private Party or the Good Brothers.

Backstage, Kiera and Tasha were disgusted at what happened but were happy they are still the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Brandon Tolle demanded a refund. They told him he doesn’t get one and walked off.

Joe Doering with Eric Young and Deaner vs. Cousin Jake

Doering nailed Jake as soon as he hit the ring and used his power to beat Jake down. He slammed Jake and nailed a big elbow. Jake was shoved against the ropes, choked as Young and Deaner talked trash. Joe went for a lariat but missed. He went for a high cross bodyblock but Jake ducked. Doering crashed to the floor. Jake nailed a dive but hurt his ankle in the process.

Back in the ring, Doering cut off Jake and drilled him with a major slam for the pin.

Your winner, Joe Doering!

They all began stomping Jake and attacked his leg. Young locked in a heel hook, then wrapped a chair around the leg. Young told Doering not to stompm the leg. He ordered his men out and told Jake the world belongs to them. He tossed down a “VBD” towel down on Cousin Jake, who peered at it as he tried to recover.

Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann & Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer & a mystery partner vs. TNA Champion Moose & Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock & Chris Bey.

The mystery partner is……… the returning Trey Miguel, formerly of The Rascalz.

Dreamer and Bey battled back and forth. Swann tagged in as they went to commercial. Bey was worked over until Callihan was able to tag in.

Callihan beat on Swann, who escaped from a Cactus Piledriver attempt. He gained control on Callihan and tagged in Mack. Mack nailed a Samoan Drop and then a standing moonsault. He ascended up the ropes but Callihan took out his leg in the ropes. Shamrock tagged in and beat Mack with a series of jabs. Callihan drove his shoulder into Willie’s mid-section in the corner before tagging out to Moose.

Moose continued beating on Willie. Bey then tagged in. Willie was beaten around the ring but fired back with right hands. He tried to make the tag but Bey snapped him with a dropkick to the knee. Callihan tagged in and wrapped up the knee with a submission hold. He drove his knees down into the mat and kept preventing Willie from being able to make the tag out. Moose returned to the ring and continued the torment. Moose powerbombed his own partner, Bey, onto Willie for a two count.

Trey Miguel finally gets the hot tag and cleans house on Sami Callihan, looking great. He goes to the top but Shamrock interceded and nailed a big belly to belly suplex. Swann drilled Shamrock but was hit by Dreamer nails him with a cutter. Bey nailed the Ultimate Finesse. Willie hit a stunner. Moose speared Willie. Miguel nailed a big missile dropick. Callihan cut him off with a seatbelt suplex and went for the piledriver but Miguel shocked him with a rana and scored the pin.

Your winners, Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann & Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer & Chris Bey!

Shamrock was so mad he put the referee in the anklelock as Impact went off the air.

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